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Main Namesort descending Title
A.M. Fayes Grist Mill A.M. Fayes Grist Mill Accounts Ledger, 1862-1864
A.S. Nowlin & Company A.S. Nowlin & Company, Coal and Coke, Lynchburg, Virginia Papers, undated
Abrams, W. Amos W. Amos Abrams Papers, 1884 - 1984, undated
Adams, Bertram Bertram Adams Papers, undated
Adams, Frank Frank Adams Interviews with Guy and Candie Carawan, 1983-2002, undated
Adams, Moses Moses Adams Papers, circa 1824
Adkins, Hasil Hasil Adkins Papers and Music, 1955-1996
Air Pollution Scrapbook Air Pollution Scrapbook, 1990
Akers, Ina Rose Greer Ina Rose Greer Akers Papers, 1916-1960, undated
Alabama and Tennessee River Railroad Alabama and Tennessee River Railroad Celebration Invitation, 1859
Alabama Vineyard and Winery Company Alabama Vineyard and Winery Company, Vinemont, Cullman County, Alabama, Papers, 1896-1899, undated
Aldridge Family Photograph Aldridge Family Photograph, circa 1890s
Alexander Arts Council Alexander Arts Council Records, 1973-1983, undated
Allegany County, Maryland Allegany County, Maryland Court Warrants and Summons, 1731-1797
Alleghany County, Virginia Alleghany County, Virginia Land Deeds, December 31, 1872
Allen High School Allen High School Records, 1899 - 2008, undated
Allen, Willard Willard Allen Materials, undated
Allison, Sally Green Sallie Green Allison Papers, 1852-2002, undated
Alnwick Bedspreads Collection Alnwick Bedspreads Collection, 1893-1978, undated
Ambler, A. Chase, Book Collection A. Chase Ambler Book Collection, 1902-2005
Andrews, A.B. A.B. Andrews Papers and Photographs, circa 1850-1865
Antone, George George Antone Furniture Industry Research Papers, 1885-1993, undated
Appalachia Photographs Appalachia Photographs, 1905 - 1980, undated
Appalachian Crafts and Music Festival Appalachian Crafts and Music Festival Collection, 1984 - 1987, undated
Appalachian Cultural Museum Records, 1855-2012, undated Appalachian Cultural Museum Records, 1855-2012, undated
Appalachian Education and Politics Bibliography Appalachian Education and Politics Bibliography, undated
Appalachian Festival at Morris Harvey College Appalachian Festival at Morris Harvey College Collection, 1975
Appalachian High School Basketball Appalachian High School Basketball Papers, 1955-1956
Appalachian Journal Appalachian Journal Records, 1933-1988, undated (bulk, 1972-1988)
Appalachian Land Ownership Survey Appalachian Land Ownership Survey Records, 1936-1985
Appalachian Oral History Project Appalachian Oral History Project Records, 1965 - 1989
Appalachian Oral History Project Soul of the People Oral History Project Records, 2009
Appalachian Poetry Collection Appalachian Poetry Collection, undated
Appalachian Regional Brochure Collection Appalachian Regional Brochure Collection, 1900-1999, undated
Appalachian Regional Ephemera Collection Appalachian Regional Ephemera Collection, 1880-present
Appalachian Resource Center Appalachian Resource Center Records, 1979
Appalachian State University Appalachian State University Oral History Projects, Audio Materials and Papers, 1971-2002, undated
Appalachian State University Library Appalachian State University Library Scrapbook, 1970 - 1971
Appalachian Studies Association Appalachian Studies Association Conference Papers, 1979-1980
Appalachian Studies Student Alliance Appalachian Studies Student Alliance Collection, 1999 - 2001
Archetypes and Stereotypes "Archetypes and Stereotypes of Appalachia Literature/Culture: An Inquiry and Discussion," 2001
Ashe County Quiet "Ashe County Quiet" Print, 1985
Ashe County, North Carolina Midwife Collection Ashe County, NC Midwife Collection, 1932 - 1938
Askins, Donald Donald Askins Papers on Appalachian Mining Operations, 1954-2008, undated
Atkins, J. Norton Reverend J. Norton Atkins Papers, 1895-2005, undated (bulk, 1900-1920)
Augusta County, Virginia Augusta County, Virginia Court Summons, March 5-11, 1856
Main Namesort descending Title
Babb, Cyrus C. Cyrus C. Babb Civil Engineer Papers, 1916-1937
Baber, Bob Henry Bob Henry Baber Poems, 1988, undated
Bailey Mineral Springs Bailey Mineral Springs near Asheville, North Carolina, Brochure, 1932
Baker, R.W. R.W. Baker Collection on Lost River State Park, 1934-1938
Baldwin, Kenneth Kenneth Baldwin Artwork, 1945-1946, undated
Ballads, Poems, and Folklore: History of Yadkin County Ballads, Poems and Folklore: History of Yadkin County, undated
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company Papers, 1855-1979, undated
Bank of Wytheville Bank of Wytheville Promissory Note, 1891
Bare, Larry and June Larry and June Bare Old-Time Music Collection, 1993-2003, undated
Barkhuizen, Pieter Erens Dr. Pieter Barkhuizen Evangelistic Lecture, undated
Bartlett, George T. George T. Bartlett Personal Financial Record Books, 1854-1882
Battle of Chancellorsville Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia Maps, 1998
Battle of the Wilderness Battle of the Wilderness Maps, 1962
Baugh, Minnie Minnie L. Baugh, "Old Homes and Gardens" Booklet, 1939
Baumhover, Lorin Lorin A. Baumhover Papers, 1942 - 1976, undated
Beasley, Pearl Pearl Beasley Papers, 1950-1970, undated
Beaver, Charles Charles Beaver Papers, 1874-2002, undated
Beaver, Patricia Duane Patricia Duane Beaver Papers, 1900-2013, undated
Bell, L. Nelson L. Nelson Bell Collection, April, 1957 - June, 1957
Bell, W. T. R. King's Mountain High School, North Carolina, Photograph, circa 1880
Belmont Baptist Church Belmont Baptist Church (Roanoke, Virginia) Papers, 1937-1969
Belt, Della Lee Riley Della Lee Riley Belt Papers, 1975, undated
Bennett, Kelly Kelly E. Bennett Papers, 1931-1974, undated
Bentley, James B. James B. Bentley Land Deed, June 10, 1868
Berry Basic Whole Grain Flakes Cereal Ephemera Berry Basic Whole Grain Flakes Cereal Ephemera, 1999
Berry Family Berry Family Correspondence, 1911-1955
Berry Schools Berry Schools, Mount Berry, Georgia, Papers, circa 1925-1927
Biltmore House Biltmore House, Asheville, North Carolina, Postcards, circa 1890
Bingham Family Bingham Family Papers, 1835 - 1946
Birmingham (Ala.) Ledger of Plat Maps Birmingham (Ala.) Ledger of Plat Maps, circa 1910
Blackburn Farms Blackburn Farms Collection, 1856-2008, undated
Blackburn, Edmond Spencer Edmond Spencer Blackburn Papers, 1903-1912, undated
Blalock, Keith Keith Blalock Collection, 1895 - 1913
Blomstedt, Erik R. Erik R. Blomstedt Dulcimer Catalogs, Photographs and Papers, 1970s-1990s
Blowing Rock and Boone (North Carolina) Souvenir Folder Blowing Rock and Boone (North Carolina) Souvenir Folder, 1950
Blowing Rock Historical Society Blowing Rock Historical Society Records, 1985 - 2012
Blowing Rock Museum Sky People: The Art and History of Blowing Rock, North Carolina DVD, September 2011
Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains Letters Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains Letters, 1953
Blue Ridge Community Theatre Blue Ridge Community Theatre Papers, 1983-2005, undated
Blue Ridge Garden Club Blue Ridge Garden Club Records, 1903 - 1999, undated
Blue Ridge Music Hall of Fame Blue Ridge Music Hall of Fame Collection, 2008
Blue Ridge Parkway Association Blue Ridge Parkway Association Records, 1950-1982, undated
Blue Ridge Parkway/Basin Cove/Moses Cone Oral History Project Blue Ridge Parkway/Basin Cove/Moses Cone Oral History Project, 1975-1978
Blue Valley Gem Company Blue Valley Gem Company, Stock Investment Papers and Prospectus, May 1906
Bluefield Democratic Club Bluefield Democratic Club Ribbon, 1894
Bluefield, West Virginia Bluefield, West Virginia Papers, 1896-1915
Boggs, Moran Lee "Dock" Moran Lee Dock Boggs Concert Transcript, November 17, 1977
Bolick, Clarice Clarice Bolick Indian Collection, 1838 - 1971
Bolling & Owens Bolling & Owens Company Receipts, November 1896
Bond, Nelson Nelson Bond Autographed Note, circa 2005
Boone Chapel Church Boone Chapel Church Ledger and Nameplates, 1937-1938, undated
Boone Christ's Church United Boone Christ's Church United Records, 1992-2005
Boone Community Book Boone Community Book, 2005
Boone, Daniel Daniel Boone Family Genealogical Papers, undated
Boone, North Carolina Town of Boone, North Carolina, Records 1993-2013, undated
Borkowski, Frank Frank Borkowski Collection of Railway Calendars, 2003-2010
Bousman, Jacob Ferry Receipt, of General Lee's Baggage by Jacob Bousman, November 22, 1794
Bowers, Cathy Smith Cathy Smith Bowers, "St. Peter Said, 'That's Good Enough' and He Walked Through" Poem,
Boyd's Creek, Tennessee Boyd's Creek Store Day Book, March 1873-February 1874
Boyd, J. Strother J. Strother Boyd Papers, 1846-1854
Brading-Rhea Lumber Company Brading-Rhea Lumber Company Ledger, 1940-1946
Branam, Molly Molly Branam, "Ches McCartney in Thought" Print, undated
Branch, Teresa Teresa Branch Papers, 1985
Branscomb, Dr. John R. Dr. John R. Branscomb Papers, 1889-1927, undated
Breckenridge, Lomax Dr. W.N. Breckenridge Farm Account Ledger and Papers, 1942-1949, undated
Bricker, Paul F. Paul F. Bricker Papers, 1999
Brock, Tuble F and Sarah F Belcher Tuble F and Sarah F Belcher Brock Marriage Certificate, 1855
Brown, Wade Edward Wade Edward Brown "Recollections and Reflections" Collection, circa 1997
Brown, William Maynard Rev. William Maynard Brown Poetry and Music Collection, 1972-1986
Brown, William Moseley Dr. William Moseley Brown, Independent Candidate for Governor of Virginia, Poster, October 4, 1929
Broyhill, Ed Ed Broyhill Collection, 2004, undated
Broyhill, James Thomas James Thomas Broyhill Papers, 1957-1991, undated
Broyhill, Louise Robbins Louise Robbins Broyhill Papers, 1968 - 1986
Buckeye Cart Company Buckeye Cart Company Catalogue from the World's Columbian Exposition, 1893
Buffalo Mineral Water Buffalo Mineral Water, Virginia Buffalo Springs Corporation, Virginia, 1930
Bunker, Chang and Eng Eng and Chang Bunker's Autographs for Israel K. Tefft, Savannah, Georgia, January 2, 1835
Burgbacher, Jas. (James) A. James A. Burgbacher Advertisement, undated
Burgiss, Lon Grady L. Grady Burgiss Papers, 1972-1990
Burke County Schools Burke County Schools (Morganton, North Carolina) Yearbooks, 1958-1961
Burke County, North Carolina Burke County, North Carolina, Order to Seize Slaves for Debt Papers, August 12, 1861
Burks, Rufus Rufus Burks Papers, 1912-1980, undated
Burton, Thomas Thomas Burton and Ambrose Manning Research Inventory, after 1970
Bush, David David Bush Expense Journal, 1878-1899
Main Namesort descending Title
C and O Railroad C and O Railroad Photographs, 1898 - 1929
Cacapaon (Capon) Healing Water Cacapaon (Capon) Healing Water Promotional Material, 1927
Calcium Sulphide Corporation Calcium Sulphide Corporation Ledger, 1930-1938
Caldwell Furniture Employee Panorama Black and White Photographs Caldwell Furniture Employee Panorama Black and White Photographs, 1938
Camp Catawba Camp Catawba and Vera Lachmann Papers, 1943-2014, undated
Camp Strawderman Camp Strawderman, Columbia Furnace, Virginia, Papers, 1939-1943
Camp Yonahlossee Camp Yonahlossee Collection, 1925-2002, undated
Campbell, C.M. C.M. Campbell Diary and Papers, 1861-1980
Carlton, Daniel M. Daniel M. Carlton Diary, 1864-1984
Carpenter, Boyden Boyden Carpenter Photograph, circa 1930
Carrington, C.S. C.S. Carrington (Bristol, Tennessee) Papers, circa 1890s
Carson, Marguerite Estep Marguerite Estep Carson Collection, 1977-circa 1989
Carter, Hansford W. Hansford W. Carter Estate Papers, 1864
Carter, Mary Nelson Mary Nelson Carter Scrapbook, 1898-1901, undated
Cary, William Justice of the Peace William Cary Papers, 1833 and 1838
Caslon Types in the United States Caslon Types in the United States Letter, 1968
Caudill, Rebecca Rebecca Caudill Papers, 1955 - 1962
Celo Community Celo Community Collection, 1950 - 1966, undated
Centennial Centennial of the Joining of the Eastern and Western Parts of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Track as a Continuous Railroad Papers, 1952
Center for Appalachian Studies Center for Appalachian Studies Records, 1942-2004, undated
Champe, John Sergeant John Champe Prints, undated
Charles Town, West Virginia Charles Town, West Virginia Photographs, undated
Charles Town, West Virginia Charles Town (West Virginia) in a Nutshell, 1900
Charleston, West Virginia Scrapbook Charleston, West Virginia Scrapbook, 1924-1925
Charlestown, West Virginia Charlestown, West Virginia, Male Academy and Graded School Papers, 1890-1894, undated
Chase, Richard Richard Chase Manuscript, circa 1955
Chase, Richard Richard Chase Papers, 1928-1988
Chatham Manufacturing Company Chatham Manufacturing Company Photographs, circa 1955
Chattanooga Times Chattanooga Times Accounts Journal, 1900-1903
Chattanooga, Tennessee Chattanooga, Tennessee Area Sepia Photographs (6), undated
Cherokee Centennial Celebration Cherokee Centennial Celebration Article, circa 1938
Cherokee Exhibit, ASU College of Continuing Education Collection Cherokee Exhibit, ASU College of Continuing Education Collection, undated
Cherokee Newspapers Cherokee Newspapers, 1828-1896, undated
Chessie Systems, Inc. Chessie System Inc. Railroad Calendars, Posters and Papers, 1954-1987, undated
Chilhowie Textile Chilhowie Textile Photographs, undated
Choice's Hotel Choice's Hotel Receipt, 1842
Christian, John John Christian Land Deed, September 20, 1834
Church Singing and "The Word" by Brother Andrew Church Singing and 'The Word' by Brother Andrew audiocassette, undated
Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railway Company Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railway Company Reorganization, Agreements and Mortgages Book, July 1, 1909
Civil War Journal and Account Book Civil War Journal and Account Book, circa 1861-1887
Clarksburg, West Virginia Clarksburg, West Virginia Land Interests Research Papers, 1803-1827
Cleveland County Cleveland County, North Carolina Civil Court Records of A.B.C. DePriest, 1944-1956
Clinch Valley Blanket Mills Clinch Valley Blanket Mills Records, 1936
Cline, Christian Christian Cline Land Deed, November 1, 1855
Clinics for Tuberculosis Screenings Clinics for Tuberculosis Screenings in Radford, Virginia Advertisement, circa 1920
Cloudland Park Club Cloudland Park Club on Lookout Mountain, Records, Cloudland, Georgia, 1921-1925, undated
Coffey, Jack Wilson Jack Wilson Coffey Collection of Deeds and Legal Documents, 1793-1900, undated
Cole, Susan Susan Cole's Collection on Romulus Linney, 1970-2008
Coleman, Willie Willie Coleman Papers, circa 1941
Collett, James Farmer James Farmer Collett Recordings, 1937
Colley, Thomas W. Collection on Thomas W. Colley, 22 February 1916
Commonwealth of Virginia Commonwealth of Virginia Summons, 1854
Concord State Normal School Concord State Normal School, Athens, Mercer County, West Virginia Papers, 1923
Concordia College Concordia College Photograph, undated
Cone Family Cone Family Collection, 1850 - 1969, undated
Cone, H. and Sons H. Cone and Sons Collection, 1876 - 1976, undated
Cone, Moses Moses Cone Estate Collection, 1905 - 1945
Conference on Appalachian Development Conference on Appalachian Development Papers, circa 1957-1964, undated
Connelly Springs Company Connelly Springs Company, Connelly Springs, North Carolina, Prospectus and Papers, 1886-1891
Consultation on Creative Writing in the Appalachians Conference A Consultation on Creative Writing in the Appalachians Conference Papers, July 20-21, 1959
Conway, Cecelia (CeCe) Cecelia (CeCe) Conway Papers and Videos, 1992-1999, undated
Cook Family Cook Family Land Deeds, 1793-1844
Cook, Bennett Bennett Cook Papers, December 1803
Cook, L. H. L. H. Cook Farm Map, 1950
Coolidge, Margaret Margaret Coolidge Pine Mountain Settlement Diary and Letters
Cooper, Horton Horton Cooper Papers, undated
Cornett Family of Grayson County, Virginia Cornett Family Papers, 1798-1899, undated
Council on Appalachian Women Council on Appalachian Women Records, 1976-1981, undated
Councill, Brenda Brenda Councill Mural in Belk Library and Information Commons DVD, 2007
Country Ham Country Ham (Musical Group) Photograph, circa 2005
Court Street United Methodist Church Court Street United Methodist Church, Lynchburg, Virginia Papers, 1976-1986, undated
Cove Creek Garage Cove Creek, North Carolina Garage Oral History Project, Fall 1997
Cox, A. B. Dr. A.B. Cox, Footprints on the Sands of Time: A History of South-western Virginia and North-western North Carolina, August 1900
Cox, Rufus E. Rufus E. Cox Diary of Travels and Employment, 1896-1904
Coyne, Matthew Interview of Donald Seacrest and Rod T. Smith, June 2010
Crabill, Rebecca Rebecca Crabill Papers, May 15, 1857
Crabtree, Lou Lou Crabtree Papers, 1989-2015, undated
Craig, Lucy W. Lucy W. Craig Newspaper Clippings Scrapbook, 1950-1953, undated
Cranberry Hotel Cranberry Hotel, Cranberry, North Carolina, postcard, circa 1890
Cratis Williams Symposium Cratis Williams Symposium Records, 1975 - 1984
Craver, Mike Mike Craver Interview, February 2008
Crawford, Bruce Bruce Crawford Papers, 1972
Cressler Ore Banks Mercantile Cressler Ore Banks Mercantile Ledger, April 3-October 29, 1880
Cresson Springs Cresson Springs in the Allegheny Mountains, Cambria County, Pennsylvania, Brochure, 1884
Crossnore School Crossnore School Papers, 1926 - 1997, undated
Crouse, Benjamin Benjamin Crouse Papers, 1862 - 1864
Crozer Temple Colored Church Crozer Temple Colored Church (Elkhorn,West Virginia) Memorial Service Papers, May 29, 1938
CSX Transportation CSX Transportation Calendars, 1987 - 1993
CSX Transportation Train Orders CSX Transportation Train Orders, November 15-17, 1987
CSX-Chessie-Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad-Baltimore and Ohio Railroad CSX-Chessie-Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad-Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Collection, 1969 - 1987, undated
Custer, George Armstrong George Armstrong Custer Letters, 1869-1870
Main Namesort descending Title
Daniel Boone Hotel Daniel Boone Hotel Ledger, 1970-1976
Daniel Boone Trail Markers Daniel Boone Trail Markers by Daughters of the American Revolution Papers, 1914-1986
Davidson, Jan Jan Davidson Manuscript, 1979 - 1984, undated
Davis, Brazillar and Sallie Brazillar and Sallie Davis Family Bible, 1995, undated
Dayton, Ruth Woods Greenbrier (West Virginia) Historical Society Prints, 1994
Deaton, Faye Trail Faye Trail Deaton Collection, 2003
Debate between R.N. Hackett and Mr. Cowles Debate between R.N. Hackett and Mr. Cowles, Boone, North Carolina, September 14, 1908
Delaware Water Gap Delaware Water Gap Stereograph, undated
Delp, Fred and Dorothy Fred and Dorothy Delp Artwork, circa 1928, undated
Diehl, G. W. Dr. G.W. Diehl Correspondence, 7 September 1970
Dollar Family Dollar Family Photographs, November 9, 2011
Dorgan, C. Howard C. Howard Dorgan Papers, 1792 - 2005, undated
Dougherty, Dauphin Disco Dauphin Disco Dougherty Papers, 1889-1923, undated
Dr. Jerry Williamson Symposium Dr. Jerry Williamson Symposium Audiovisual Collection, November 2000
Dr. R.E. Fortune Papers Dr. R.E. Fortune Papers, 1903-1959, undated
Drake, Samuel G. Samuel G. Drake, "Early History of Georgia and Sir Alexander Cuming's Embassy to the Cherokees", Manuscript, 1872
Draper High School Draper High School Print, circa 1996
Dressler, Muriel Miller Muriel Miller Dressler Papers, 1965-2003, undated
Dudley Lumber Company Dudley Lumber Company Records, 1894
Dugger Family Dugger Family Genealogical Papers, undated
Dunlap, William William R. Dunlap Print, 1976
Main Namesort descending Title
Eagle Rock High School Eagle Rock High School (Eagle Rock, Virginia) Yearbook, 1941
Echols, John John Echols Family Papers, December 15, 1870
Edmonds Printing Inc. Edmonds Printing Inc. Records, 1891 - 1996, undated
Edmondson, James James Edmondson Papers, 1908
Eggers, Graydon Graydon Eggers Manuscript, undated
Elizabethton High School Elizabethton (Tennessee) High School Papers, 1977-2001, undated
Elizabethton, Tennessee Chamber of Commerce Elizabethton, Tennessee Chamber of Commerce Brochure, 1928-1929
Elk Knob Community Heritage Organization Elk Knob Community Heritage Organization Portrait Stories, 2009
Elkins, Robert Robert Elkins' Prose Poems from Blane Bottom, undated
Emergency Committee for Strikers' Relief Emergency Committee for Strikers' Relief Letter, 1928
Emory and Henry College Emory & Henry College Papers, 1863-1872
Endless Caverns, New Market, Virginia Endless Caverns (New Market, Virginia) Souvenir Folder, 1929
Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina Records, 1817-2006, undated
Eury, William Leonard William Leonard Eury Papers, 1934 - 1990, undated
Main Namesort descending Title
Faulkner, C.J. The Statesman EXTRA Announcement of Election Returns, circa 1875
Ferguson, Willie Willie Ferguson Papers, 2001 - 2002, undated
Fernwood Sulphur Spring Fernwood Sulphur Spring, Morristown, Tennessee, Promotional Brochure, circa 1920
Fickel, Ralph Ralph Fickel Papers, 1970-2010
Fink, Paul M. Paul M. Fink Papers, 1663 - 1974, undated
Finkelstein, Leo Leo Finkelstein Papers, 1903 - 1998
Fireman's Trip Sheets Fireman's Trip Sheets, 1925-1949
Flannagan, Mary Alice Mary Alice Flannagan Collection, circa 1930
Floyd County, Virginia Floyd County, Virginia Births Collection, 1853-1867
Folger, Margaret Ray Margaret Ray Folger Folk Ballads Collection, 1866-1976, undated
Ford, William B. William B. Ford Papers, undated
Foster, Isaac Isaac Foster Letter, 1832, undated
French Court Subdivision French Court Subdivision (Giles County, Va.) Plat and Advertisement, 1939
French, A.G. A.G. French Letter, 1932
French, Paris F. Paris F. French Papers, 1886-1932
Fritsch, Al Al Fritsch Poem, undated
Frye, John W. John W. Frye Accounts Ledger, 1865-1872
Fulkerson High School Fulkerson High School Records, 1909-1917
Main Namesort descending Title
Gaffney, Sanna Ross Sanna Ross Gaffney Genealogy Research Papers, 1790-2007, undated
Gaventa, John John Gaventa Papers, 1882-1996, undated
General Store Accounts Ledger, Foscoe, North Carolina Foscoe, North Carolina General Store Accounts Ledger, 1928-1934
Generalized Geologic Map of Kentucky Generalized Geologic Map of Kentucky, 1979
Geneseo Manufacturing and Croquet Company Geneseo Manufacturing and Croquet Company Advertised Price List, 1872
Gentry, Kelly Kelly Gentry's Interview of and Paper About David Holt, 2008
George Alfred Bell Store George Alfred Bell Store Ledger Digital Images, 1916-1923
George Washington's Railroad George Washington's Railroad Chesapeake and Ohio Lines Correspondence, 1935
Georgia Pyrite Mining Georgia Pyrite Mining Reports, 1919-1953
Georgia Railway and Power Company Georgia Railway and Power Company Notebook, 1912 - 1921
Georgia Railway and Power Company Georgia Railway and Power Company Photograph Album, undated
German Fraternal Order German Fraternal Order Photograph, undated
Getz, Lynne Lynne Getz Student Papers, 1997 - 2001
Getz, Lynne Lynne Getz's Broughton Hospital Student Project, 1856-2003, undated
Gilmore, James Roberts James Roberts Gilmore, aka Edmund Kirke, Papers, September-December 1863, undated
Globe (North Carolina) Photographic Map Globe (North Carolina) Photographic Map, 1973
Globe (North Carolina) Public School Globe (North Carolina) Public School Records, 1858 - 1890
Goins, Charlie Charlie Goins Papers, circa 1950
Goode, James B. James B. Goode, Scattering the Proud in the Imagination of Their Hearts, Poem
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church (Boone, North Carolina) Records, 1998
Grace Lutheran Church Grace Lutheran Church, Wythe County, Virginia Papers, 1870-1929
Gragg, W.R. W.R. (William Roy) Gragg Papers, 1844-1925
Graham Family Graham Family Papers, 1825-1998
Grassy Creek Literary Society Grassy Creek Literary Society Ledger, 1903 - 1905
Grayson, Jack Jack Grayson Farm Survey, 1922
Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee-North Carolina Great Smoky Mountains National Park Souvenir Folder, 1948
Greater Lynchburg, Virginia Story Collection Greater Lynchburg, Virginia Story Collection, 1974 - 1979, undated
Green Valley Community Park Green Valley Community Park, Inc. Records, 1985-2013, undated
Green, John John Green Papers, 1891-1899
Green, Lewis W. Lewis W. Green Books and Papers, 1934-2005, undated
Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia The Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs (West Virginia) Cotillion Ribbons, 1901-1903
Greenbrier and Cottages Greenbrier and Cottages Brochure, August 22-26, 1932
Greene, Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson Greene Collection, 1906 - 1942
Greenwood, Joseph Gordon Joseph Gordon Greenwood World War I Journal, 1918-1919
Greer Family Greer Family Collection, 1904 - 1927, undated
Greer, Isaac Garfield Isaac Garfield Greer Papers and Recordings, 1853 - 1978, undated
Grinton, Elizabeth Ann Parks Elizabeth Ann Parks Grinton Papers, 1931-2000, undated
Grogan Family Grogan Family Genealogical Papers, 1994, undated
Grove, E. E. Grove Store Accounts Ledger, 1869-1877
Guy, Jack Jack Guy Papers, 1972 - 1973, undated
Gwinn, John John Gwinn Papers, 1838-1876, 1961
Main Namesort descending Title
Hagaman, J. B. Dr. J.B. Hagaman Jr. Papers, 1884-1950, undated
Hagan, Harrison Harrison Hagan Papers, circa 1830s
Hale, William and Lucy Annis Crump Dr. William and Lucy Annis Crump Hale Photograph, May 1980
Hamner-Cleaver Hamner-Cleaver Manuscript, 1972, undated
Hampton Papers Watauga County, North Carolina Land Deeds, 1847-1941, undated
Hampton, Jesse Amos Jesse Amos Hampton Family Photographs, 1917-2004, undated
Haney, Carlton Carlton and Charles Haney Papers, 1947-2011, undated
Harding, Rebecca Davis Rebecca Harding Davis Papers, 1873-1905
Harlow, Lyndall S. (Mrs.) Mrs. Lyndall S. Harlow Collection of Papers, 1973, undated
Harmon, Derrick Derrick Harmon Poetry Collection, undated
Harmon, Wiley Smith Wiley Smith Harmon Papers, early 1900s-1957, undated
Harper's Ferry Harper's Ferry Postcard, 1911
Harper, G.W.F. G. W. F. Harper Family Diary Transcriptions, 1846-1921
Harper, James Clarence James Clarence Harper, Diary and Accounts (transcription), Volume 4, 1865-1867
Harper-Beall Harper-Beall Family Papers, 1826-1959, undated (Bulk 1840-1890)
Harrill, Annabel Annabel Harrill Papers, 1838-2004, undated
Harris, Beatrice Adams Beatrice Adams Harris Garnered Memories Manuscript, September 1, 1990
Harrison, Claude Claude Harrison Papers, circa 1916
Hart, Marvin Donley Dr. Marvin Donley Hart Papers and Audiocassettes,
Hartzog and Sons B. Hartzog and Sons Ledgers, 1918 - 1921, undated
Hartzog family Hartzog Family Papers, 1906-1987, undated
Hatch, Elvin Elvin Hatch Papers, 1997 - 1998
Hawkins, Ellwood Anderson Miss Ellwood Anderson Correspondence, 1925-1938, undated
Haynes, W.H. W.H. Haynes Advertisement, October 26, 1906
Hazelton, Pennsylvania Hazleton, Pennsylvania Coal Calculation Ledger, June, 1910
Helton Woolen Mills Helton Woolen Mills Ledgers and Papers, 1917-1935, undated
Helton, O.C. O.C. Helton manuscript on Uncle 'Babe' Wallen, 1993
Hemrick, Chuck Chuck Hemrick Papers, 1987 - 1993, undated
Hickory, North Carolina Station Hickory, North Carolina Station Cooperative Observers' Meteorological Records, 1915-1944
Hicks, Eva Eva Hicks Collection of Bluegrass, Ballads, and Storytelling Recordings, circa 1940s-1983
Hicks, Orville Orville Hicks Storytelling Grant Documents, 1997
Hicks, Ronnie Ronnie Hicks Audiovisual Collection of Interviews and Music, 2004-2005
Hicks, Samuel Samuel Hicks Letters, circa 1966-1967
Hicks, Stanley Stanley Hicks Letters to Edward Baker, 1979, undated
Hiddenite Center, Inc Hiddenite Center, Inc. Records, 1985-1986
Higgins, Linville Linville Higgins Letter, 1871
Highlander Center Highlander Center Records, 1920-1987, undated
Highway Construction Company Highway Construction Company Land Parcels, 1968
Hillbilly Mask Hillbilly Mask, undated
Hillsville, Carroll County, Virginia Court Room Shootout Hillsville, Virginia Court Room Shootout Papers, 1903-1984, undated
Historical Record Books, Early American History Early American History Record Books, undated
History of Damascus History of Damascus, Virginia Papers, circa 1912-2004
Hodges, Betty Mae Betty Mae Hodges Bibliography of North Carolina Loyalists during the American Revolution, undated
Hodges, Faye E. Greer Faye E. Greer Hodges Sheet Music Collection, 1901-1930
Hodges, J.S. J.S. Hodges Bank Notes, 1912 - 1921
Hodges, John R. John R. Hodges Papers, 1841 - 1905
Hodges, John W. John W. Hodges Papers, 1827 - 1951
Hodges, John W. Justice of Peace John W. Hodges Criminal and Civil Court Docket Book and Papers, 1925-1926
Hodges, R.D. R.D. Hodges Presidential Scrapbook, 1794-1969
Hodgin, David Reid David Reid Hodgin Papers, 1916 - 1984, undated
Hollins College Euzelian Society Hollins College Euzelian Society Photograph, circa 1896
Holly, Dan Dan Holly Cartoon, undated
Holsclaw Family Holsclaw Family History Records, 1756-2009
Horne, A. F. Dr. A.F. Horne Ledger, 1926 - 1931
Horton Family Horton Family Papers, 1790-1932, undated
Horton, Samuel Samuel Horton Collection, 1912 - 1979, undated
Hosmer Haus Hosmer Haus Ticket, 1987
Hotel Roanoke Hotel Roanoke Photograph, circa 1950s
Howell, Roger Roger Howell Memory Collection, 2007
Hoyt, William William D. Hoyt Color Photographs, 1951 - 1982
Huffard, James A. James A. Huffard Diary, 1895-1930
Hughes, I. Harding I. Harding Hughes, Jr., Papers, 1983 - 1999, undated
Humphrey, Richard Richard Humphrey Audiocassettes and Transcriptions, 1985-1988
Main Namesort descending Title
Idol, John, Jr. John Idol, Jr. Papers, circa 1930-2010, undated
Indian Lore Collection Indian Lore Collection, 1971
Isaacs, David David Isaacs, Yesterday's Harvest Digital Scrapbook, undated
Isley, Charles Charles Isley "Shape Note Singing in America" Papers, 2008
Ivey, Annie Carver Vasseur Mrs. E.C. (Annie Carver Vasseur) Ivey, Lenoir, North Carolina, Diary, 1919
Main Namesort descending Title
J.S. Stephens Store J.S. (Joe) Stephens Store Ledgers and Papers, 1925-1998, undated
J.W. Todd and George P. Pell Law Firm J.W. Todd and George P. Pell Law Firm Records, 1900-1997
Jeffcoat, Herbert Warren H.W. Jeffcoat Papers, 1900 - 1933, undated
Jeffers, Jack Jack Jeffers Photography Collection, 1969-2011, undated
Jefferson Post Jefferson Post Records, 1970s-2000s, undated
Jennings, Susan Lea Susan Lea Jennings Papers, 1841-1998, undated
Johnston, William B. William B. Johnston Land Plat, 1832
Jones Family Jones Family Gospel Singers Correspondence, 1997
Jones, F. Whitney F. Whitney Jones Papers, 1934-2011, undated (bulk, 1970-1988)
Jones, J. Walter J. Walter Jones, M.D. Records, 1903 - 1924
Jones, Mildred McDowell Mildred McDowell Jones Papers, 1872-1988, undated
Jonesborough, Tennessee Jonesborough, Tennessee Photographs, 1915 - 1973, undated
Junaluska, North Carolina Indian Chief Chief Junaluska Memorial Ceremonies Photographs, November 5, 1910
Juno, Edgar Edgar Juno Letter to Bettie Dickson, May 1, 1864
Main Namesort descending Title
Katuah Journal Katuah Journal Records, 1980-2013, undated
Kawana Maps Kawana Maps, undated
Keener, George G. Dr. [George G.] Keener Photographs, circa 1900
Kelly and Green Kelly and Green Miscellaneous Photographs, undated
Kents of Wytheville Brief Account of the Kents of Wytheville, and the County and the Houses They Built, 1939
Kephart, Horace Horace Kephart, Mr. Pinwell Breaks Jail, Manuscript, undated
Kiger, Ella White Ella White Kiger Papers, circa 1942
Kilby, Patricia Patricia Kilby Index of Cratis Williams' Thesis, "The Southern Mountaineer in Fact and Fiction," 2002
Kinder, Alice Justice Alice Justice Kinder Manuscript, circa 1994
King, Robert Robert King, M.D. Record Book, 1932 - 1933
Kirby and Eller Family Kirby and Eller Family Letters, 1826-1938
Kitzmiller, Archibald Mains Archibald Mains Kitzmiller Papers, 1847-1851
Knights of Pythias Knights of Pythias Papers, undated
Knotted Bedspread Knotted Bedspread Collection, 1970 - 1974, undated
Knoxville, Tennessee Knoxville, Tenn., and Fountain City Land Agreement, circa 1890
Krepps, Marine Marine Krepps, Jefferson County, Virginia, Summons, September 1, 1854
Ku Klux Klan Ku Klux Klan Papers, 1924-1968, undated
Main Namesort descending Title
La Moderne Latrine Corporation La Moderne Latrine Corporation Catalog, undated
Ladies Bazaar Ladies Bazaar Flier, undated
Lair, John John Lair Rockcastle Recollections and Other Papers, circa 1991
Lamons Wagon Company Lamons Wagon Company Collection, 1961, undated
Land Sale Paper Land Sale Paper, New England City, Georgia, April 15, 1890
Lanier, Ruby Ruby Lanier Research Collection on the Harper-Rankin Family, 1846-1987, undated
Lenoir, Thomas Thomas Lenoir Papers, 1837 - 1896, undated
Lentz, Ruth Edmisten Ruth Edmisten Lentz Oral History, 1996
Letter from Ruskin S. Freer to Robert G. Stone, Ruskin S. Freer Letter to Robert G. Stone, July 19, 1934
Letter, from Unnamed Husband to Unnamed Wife, Washington Letter from Unnamed Husband to Unnamed Wife, June 12, 1887
Levenson, Mazie Jones Mazie Jones Levenson Photographs and Papers, 1894-1938
Lewis, Helen Matthews Helen Matthews Lewis Papers, 1924-2011, undated
Lexington (Virginia) White Graded Schools Lexington (Virginia) White Graded Schools Certificate, April 27, 1888
Lightfoot, William William Lightfoot Collection of Student Papers, 1981-1990
Lile, John A. John A. Lile, Scrapbook of University of Virginia, 1916-1919
Lincoln County, North Carolina Lincoln County, North Carolina Ephemera, 1834-1872
Linn, G. T. G.T. Linn, Photograph Album of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, circa 1910
Linney, Romulus Romulus Linney Papers, 1800-2013, undated (bulk, 1950-2011)
Linville Valley, North Carolina Linville Valley, North Carolina Photographs, undated
Linville, North Carolina Linville, North Carolina Property Sales Ledgers, 1890
Little Sugar Chronicles Little Sugar Chronicles, 1983, undated
Lively, Charles and Emily Charles and Emily Lively Photograph, circa 1900
Liverpool Salt and Coal Company Liverpool Salt and Coal Company Order Confirmation Card, March 7, 1905
Living, Learning, Loving West Virginia Living, Learning, Loving West Virginia Collection, 1957
Long, Lucy Lucy Long Papers, 1980 - 1981
Longcrier, Reggie Reverend Reggie Longcrier Collection, 2007
Longdon, A.L. A.L. Longdon Lease Agreement, Watauga County, North Carolina, November 26, 1906
Lookout Mountain, Tennessee Lookout Mountain, Tennessee Papers, 1867-1896
Lord Fairfax Community College Lord Fairfax Community College, Virginia, Sociology 150-Introduction to Folk Cultural Studies, Papers, 1979
Lord's Prayer Lord's Prayer, undated
Love & Love Love & Love Building Materials Dealers Bill, August 31, 1891
Lundy, John T. Lundy Correspondence, 1953
Lunsford, Bascom Lamar Bascom Lamar Lunsford Papers, November 12, 1967
Main Namesort descending Title
M'town Bible Baptist Church Benefit for M'town Bible Baptist Church Recordings, July 1990
Mabel Methodist Episcopal Church Mabel Methodist Episcopal Church, South Sunday School Records, 1886-1935
Mammoth Cave National Park Mammoth Cave National Park Collection, 1989-1990
Many a Man's Been Murdered by the Rail Road "Many a Man's Been Murdered by the Rail Road" Song, 1890
Map Showing Proposed Lot Layout on Property of C.J. French and Mrs. J.B. Givens (Giles County, Va.) Map Showing Proposed Lot Layout on Property of C.J. French and Mrs. J.B. Givens (Giles County, Va.), undated
Marion College Marion College Financial Ledgers, 1916-1941
Marlowe, Catherine Catherine Marlowe Shawl Photographs, undated
Mason, J.M. J.M. Mason Papers, 1888
Massanutten Academy Massanutten Academy Speech, 1923
Mast General Store Mast General Store Ledgers and Records, 1867-1982, undated
Mast Store Student Project Pat Beaver and Neva Specht's Mast Store Student Project, 1911-2008, undated
Master, Arthur C. Arthur C. Master Papers, November 7, 1887
Masterpiece "The Masterpiece," undated
Matewan Development Center Matewan Development Center Records, 1989-1995
McAlear, Hugh Hugh McAlear, Appointment Certificate as Allegany County, Maryland Coroner, February 20, 1844
McDermitt, Barbara Barbara McDermitt Papers, 1983-1993
McFarland, Betty Betty McFarland Papers, 1958-1975, undated
McGowan, Thomas A. Thomas A. McGowan Papers, 1977-2011, undated
McInturff, T.K. T.K. McInturff Photograph, 1869
McIntyre, Will Will McIntyre Photographs, 1978-1981, undated
McKee, T.K., Dr. Dr. T.K. McKee Medical Ledger and Papers, 1897-1904
McMillan, Debra B. Debra B. McMillan Papers, circa 1930-1997
McMillon, Bobby Bobby McMillon Collection, 1968 - 1973, undated
McQueen, Junell N. Junell N. McQueen Under a Southern Sky manuscript, undated
McQueen, Stanley R. Stanley R. McQueen Short Stories, undated
McTeer, Will A., Judge Judge Will A. McTeer Obituary, 1971
Meaney, Peter Peter Meaney Correspondence, 1980
Mercantile Coupon Book Mercantile Coupon Book, circa 1940s
Merce Cunningham Dance Company Merce Cunningham Dance Company Papers, circa 1997
Merton, Thomas Thomas Merton Photograph, circa 1960s
Michael, Doris Martin Gabbard Doris (Miz M) Martin Gabbard Michael, Photographs, Poem and Sketches, 1938-2003
Michael, Philip B. Philip B. Michael Ledger and Papers, 1855-1904, undated
Mielke, David David Mielke Papers, 1973-1990, undated
Miller, Annie Dobbin and Willett Annie Dobbin and Willett Miller Farm Collection, 1830-1970
Miller, Edna H. Edna H. Miller Winston-Salem Presbytery Church Work Papers, 1963-1976, undated
Miller, Joe Joe Miller Papers, 1994-1996
Miller, Loyd Franklin and Ola Mains (Miller) Loyd Franklin Miller and Ola Mains (Miller) Papers, 1925-1945, undated
Mineral, Gas and Oil Leasing and Exploration Mineral, Gas and Oil Leasing and Exploration (Western North Carolina) Scrapbook, 1970-1982
Miscellaneous Church Records Miscellaneous Church Records, 1791 - 1991, undated
Miscellaneous Oral History Transcripts Miscellaneous Oral History Transcripts, 1973 - 1984
Mistake of Young Men "The Mistake of Young Men," 1896 - 1958
Modern Kentucky Rifle Inserts R.H. McCrory Inserts for The Modern Kentucky Rifle, 1962
Monongalia County, West Virginia County Court Records for Monongalia County, West Virginia, 1802 - 1842
Monta Vista Memory Gardens Monta Vista Memory Gardens Zinc Reverse Print Blocks, undated
Moonshining in Burke County Moonshining in Burke County: The Career of N.C. ABC officer Fred Hennessee, 1960 - 1989
Moore, Emma Miss Emma Moore's A.S.T.C. Scrapbook, 1907 - 1957
Moore, Warren Warren Moore Papers, 1988
Morehouse, Kathleen Kathleen Morehouse Political Autograph Collection, 1919-1974
Morgan County, West Virginia Morgan County, West Virginia Delinquent County Tax Lists, circa 1845
Morgan, J.T. (John T.) J.T. (John T.) Morgan Papers, 1876-1945, undated
Moses, Charles Griffith Charles Griffith Moses Contract Jingles booklet, 1939
Mother Memories Sheet Music "Mother Memories" Sheet Music, circa 1930
Mountain Home Music Mountain Home Music, Inc. Collection, 1988-2002, undated
Mountain Music by Seven Artists Mountain Music Recording, undated
Mountain Retreat Association Mountain Retreat Association Prospectus and Letter, 1898
Mountain State Schools Mountain State Schools School Building Bonds, 1956 - 1966
Mountain State Story Radio Program Mountain State Story Radio Program Papers, undated
Muder, Florence Page Florence Page Muder Papers, undated
Muncy, Estle Pershing Estle Pershing Muncy Seasons Greetings Booklet, circa 1987
Muncy, John John Muncy Genealogy by Jess Wilson, undated
Murphy, Joseph R. Joseph R. Murphy Audiovisual Recordings and Papers, 1967-1992, undated
Musser, Carl Wilson Carl Wilson Musser, Sr., The Lutheran Church in the Great Valley of Virginia until 1776, circa 1950
Main Namesort descending Title
Nantahala National Forest Nantahala National Forest Day Books, 1933 - 1936
National Committee for the New River National Committee for the New River Records, circa 1912-2004, undated
National Railway Historical Society National Railway Historical Society Papers, September 5, 1977
National Register of Historic Places National Register of Historic Places/Boone Post Office Dedication Ceremony Program, 1996
National Woolen Mills National Woolen Mills Broadsides, 1912, undated
Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Stereograph, 1902
Natural Bridge, Virginia Natural Bridge, Virginia Sepia Photograph, circa 1880
Navigation Company of Coal River Rules and Regulations of the Navigation Company of Coal River, 1874 - 1971
Neighborhood Art Neighborhood Art Photographs, undated
Neilson, Jack Jack Neilson Oral History, July 10, 2010
New River Map New River Map (North Edge), undated
Newland Housing for the Elderly Newland Housing for the Elderly Blueprints, April 25, 1984
Newman, Walter L. Walter L. Newman Papers, 1959, undated
Newtown Producing Co. Collection of Papers Exporting Companies' Information and Ginseng Cultivation Papers, 1908-1916
Nicholas County, West Virginia Nicholas County, West Virginia, Map of Tract of Land between Elk and Gauley Rivers, 1849
Norfolk & Western Male Chorus Norfolk & Western Male Chorus Papers, 1937-1939
Norfolk and Western Railway Company Norfolk and Western Railroad Photographs and Postcards, 1908-circa 1965
Norfolk and Western Railway Company Norfolk and Western Railroad at Whitetop Photographs, undated
Norfolk and Western Railway Company Norfolk & Western Railway Reports and Papers, 1894-1994, undated
Norfolk and Western Railway Company Norfolk and Western Railway Company Employee Passes, 1907-1971
Norfolk and Western Railway Company Norfolk and Western Railway Company Coal Shipment Cards, undated
Norfolk and Western Railway Company Virginia Summer Resorts via the Shenandoah Valley Route map, 1942
Norris Dam Norris Dam Photographs, 1934
North Carolina Folklore Society North Carolina Folklore Society Audiocassettes, 1988
North Carolina Gubernatorial Election of 1844 "Plain Thoughts for the West", Editorial, circa 1844
North Carolina Moonshine Papers North Carolina Moonshine Papers, 1886-1887, undated
North Fork of the New River North Fork of the New River Student Papers and Other Materials, 1994-2005, undated
North Georgia North Georgia Survey Book, 1900
Northwest North Carolina Development Association Northwest North Carolina Development Association Papers, 1985, undated
Main Namesort descending Title
O'Neal, Martha Martha O'Neal Collection of Watauga County, North Carolina Deeds, Tax Receipts, and other materials, 1887-1941
O.R.Carver and Company O.R. (Oscar Reed) Carver and Company Records, 1904
Oakland Heights Sanatorium Oakland Heights Sanatorium Statement, 1891
Observation Tower and Grave of Professor Mitchell Photograph Observation Tower and Grave of Professor Mitchell Photograph, undated
Oconluftee Visitor Center Oconaluftee Visitor Center Notecard, undated
Ohio War Prince & Rationing Board World War II V-Fuel Oil Ration Coupon, August 27, 1943
Old North State Land Company Old North State Land Company, Marion, North Carolina, Brochures, circa 1890
Oldest Mountains Stamp Oldest Mountains Stamp, 2002
Oliff, Carol Carol Oliff Photographs and Slides, 1977
Olmsted, E.B. E.B. Olmsted's Ginseng-Buying Expedition to North Carolina Papers, 1870-1901, undated
Olson, Eric Eric Olson Collection of Musical Instrument Catalogs, 1970-1991, undated
Olson, Eric Eric J. Olson Papers, 1893-2006, undated
Osborne, Frances Wilson Frances Wilson Osborne Diaries and Papers, 1908-2010, undated
Overseers of the Poor Overseers of the Poor of Berkeley County, West Virginia Papers, 1850-1851
Main Namesort descending Title
Palmer, John Campbell Jr. John Campbell Palmer, Jr. Poetry Books, 1904-1940
Pamphlets Addressing Mennonite Principles and Beliefs Pamphlets Addressing Mennonite Principles and Beliefs, 1955-1957, undated
Parke, Kathryn Kathryn Parke Collection, 1952-1987, undated
Parker, Delmas Delmas Parker Papers, 1962-1975
Patterson, Matthew Committee Report on the Memorial of Matthew Patterson, by United States House of Representatives, 1800
Pearl S. Buck Birthplace Foundation Pearl S. Buck Birthplace Foundation, Inc., Hillsboro, West Virginia, Papers, 2001, undated
Pearl S. Buck Foundation Pearl S. Buck Foundation, Inc., Perkasie, Pennsylvania, Sponsorship Packet, 1991
Pearson, James Larkin James Larkin Pearson Correspondence to Dr. Lincoln Lorenz, February 1974
Peery, George C. George C. Peery Governor of Virginia Candidacy Brochure, August 1, 1933
Penland School of Handicrafts Penland School of Handicrafts manuscript, 1949
Pennsylvania Railroad Voluntary Relief Department Pennsylvania Railroad Voluntary Relief Department Membership Certificate and Regulations, 1911
Peoples National Bank, Lexington, Virgi The Peoples National Bank (Lexington, Virginia) Advertisement, circa 1929
Pepper, Susan Susan Pepper's Appalachian Studies Student Papers and Oral Histories, 2006
Perry, Thorton T., Jr. Thorton T. Perry, Jr. Papers, 1879-1980, undated
Photograph from The First Valle Crucis Photograph from "The First Valle Crucis," 2001
Picken, Archibald Trade Card Archibald Picken Trade Card, circa 1890
Pike County, Kentucky Pike County, Kentucky Interviews about Housing Situation after 1977 Flood, 1960-1979, undated
Pine Mountain Settlement School Pine Mountain Settlement School Papers, 1980-2005, undated
Pittsburgh and West Virginia Railway Company Pittsburgh and West Virginia Railway Company Maps and Papers, 1850-1942, undated
Plaisance, Vana J. Vana J. Plaisance letter regarding her grandfather, Patrick Martin Williams, Jr., July 31, 2009
Plow, The The Plow (Periodical) Collection, 1961-1979
Plumley, William William C. Plumley Papers, 1954-1990, undated
Political Opinions of Vote on Three Constitutional Amendments Political Opinions of Vote on Three Constitutional Amendments Papers, November 1940
Politics Pays "Politics Pays" Collection, 1928 - 2003
Polson, Peggy Peggy Polson Sketches of Early Watauga, 1972
Poole, Munsey Munsey Poole Collection, 1964
Pope, Jerry and Rebecca Williams Jerry Pope and Rebecca Williams Papers, 2001
Postcard, to J.H. Isbell, Lenoir (Kings Creek), North Carolina J.H. Isbell Postcard, August 10, 1906
Postcard, to James Isbel(l), Kings Creek, Caldwell County, North Carolina James Isbel(l) Postcard, November 8, 1907
Poteete, Sarah Sarah Poteete Thesis Research and Interviews, 2001-2002
Powell, William S. William S. Powell Notes and Correspondence, 1959-2000, undated
Prater Brothers Prater Brothers Just Plain Bluegrass Music and Papers, circa 1982
Preston, John John Preston Papers, July 23, 1845
Price, Diane Diane Price Papers, 1999
Primitive Baptist and Baptist Church Primitive Baptist and Baptist Churches Photographs, undated
Primitive Baptist Church at Cross Roads Primitive Baptist Church at Cross Roads Papers, February 11, 1899
Proffit, Robert C. (Robert Calvin), 1927-1989 Robert Calvin Proffit Papers, 1913 - 1989, undated
Proposed Midwifery Study Proposed Midwifery Study Collection, 1980
Proposed Schemes for the Retiral of Gillies Creek Trestle, Henrico County, Richmond, Virginia Proposed Schemes for the Retiral of Gillies Creek Trestle, Henrico County, Richmond, Virginia, February 11, 1933
Protest of Non-Payment Protest of Non-Payment, Action requested by Alexander Tompkin, Bank of Virginia, Lynchburg, Virginia, March 24, 1847
Public School Records for Avery and Watauga Counties Public School Records for Avery and Watauga Counties, North Carolina, 1889-1932
Public Works and Prosperity with Roosevelt Public Works and Prosperity with Roosevelt Collection,
Pulaski Foundry and Machine Co. Pulaski Foundry and Machine Co. Inc. Paperweight, undated
Putzel, Mary Jane Mary Jane Putzel Papers, circa 1966-2005, undated
Main Namesort descending Title
Quillen, Rita Sims Rita Sims Quillen Papers, circa 1989
Main Namesort descending Title
R.F. Greene Hardware Store R.F. Greene Hardware Store Ledger, 1929-1931
R.W. Dickenson & Company R.W. Dickenson & Company Ledgers, 1892-1902
Railroad Maps and Blueprints Railroad Maps and Blueprints Collection, 1902-1996, Undated
Randolph Avenue Overhead Randolph Avenue Overhead (Elkins, WV) Blueprints, 1937
Rash, Ron Ron Rash, "Good Friday, 1995, Driving Westward," poem,
Ray, Dr. Charles A. Charles A. Ray Papers, undated
Read, Thomas Thomas Read Storytelling Collection, circa 1970
Rector, Danielle Erin Danielle Erin Rector Original Fieldwork with my Grandmother, Elva Hart McMannis, 2008
Reed Island Iron Company Reed Island Iron Company Records, 1888 - 1908, undated
Reedy, Jack and James Wise Jack Reedy and James Wise Poster, circa 1928
Reese, Thomas Thomas Reese Railroad and Printing Collection, 1883-2009 (bulk, 1930-1990)
Reeves, Eleanor Baker Eleanor Baker Reeves Collection, 1806-1859
Regent, John John Regent Letter, circa 1860s
Regimental Roster Regimental Roster: Roll of Honor of West Virginia Soldiers who fought for the Lost Cause, 1883
Reminiscences of Joseph P. Lyle "Reminiscences of Joseph P. Lyle, Soldier" oral history as told by Carrie Summers Smith, undated
Resolutions of Pin League to John Ross Resolutions of Pin League to John Ross, 9 August 1864
Return of An Angel: A Play in Two Acts Return of An Angel: A Play in Two Acts script, 2005
Reynolds, Nancy Lee Frye Nancy Lee Frye Reynolds Diary, 1935-1943
Rhea School Rhea School Collection, 1912
Rhymer, Johnny Johnny Rhymer Music and Papers, 1869-2004, undated
Rice, John A. John Andrew Rice Papers, 1711 - 2004, undated (bulk 1932-1959)
Riddle, John Photograph of John Riddle's Children Standing on Tweetsie Engine, July 4, 1909
Rivers-Coffey, Rachel Rachel Rivers-Coffey Photographs of Baby, Sugar Maple Tree, undated
Roanoke College Roanoke College Promotional Advertisement, 1867
Roanoke Life Saving and First Aid Crew, Inc. Roanoke Life Saving and First Aid Crew, Inc. Photograph, undated
Roanoke National Business College Roanoke National Business College Postcard, undated
Robinson, Cassie M. Cassie M. Robinson Papers, 2002
Robinson, John John Robinson Letters, September 1905
Rockwell, Paul A. Paul A. Rockwell Manuscript, 1956
Rollin Chemical Company Rollin Chemical Company Ledger, 1785 - 1917
Rominger, Luray Greene Luray Greene Rominger and Grace Wilkens Oral History Interviews, 2001
Rosenblatt Piano Company Rosenblatt Piano Co. Salesman Trade Card, circa 1900
Ross, Carl Carl Ross Papers, 1866-1989, undated
Ross, Charlotte Charlotte Ross Papers, undated
Ross, John John Ross Correspondence, 1857
Roswell Presbyterian Church Roswell Presbyterian Church Collection, 1979 - 1989, undated
Main Namesort descending Title
S. Spencer Moore Company S. Spencer Moore Co. (Mary Stafford) Receipt, undated
S.G.S. S.G.S. Poetry and Papers, 1933-1949, undated
Sabbath School Institute Sabbath School Institute Papers, 1880
Sansbury, Isaac Isaac Sansbury Diary, 1864
Sasser, Jim Senator Jim Sasser Papers relating to the Melungeon Tribes of Tennessee, 1891-1979, undated
Sawyer, Charles J. Ltd. Charles J. Sawyer Ltd Receipt, March 27, 1922
Scholze, Robert Robert Scholze Tannery Papers, February 10, 1939
Scott, William Stewart William Stewart Scott Papers, 1947-2003, undated
Scottsboro Boys Scottsboro Boys Collection, 1931-1941, undated
Second Union of the Melungeons Second Union: A Melungeon Gathering Papers, 1997-1999, undated
Seniority of Roanoke Shop Employees Seniority of Roanoke Shop Employees Covered by the Mechanical Department Association Agreement, 1943 - 1956
Settle, Mary Lee Mary Ann Settle Learning to Fly: A Writer's Memoir drafts, 2005
Sevierville Academy Sevierville Academy, Sevierville, Tennessee, Broadside, 1852
Shannondale Springs, West Virginia H.C. Getzendanner's Shannondale Springs Photograph Album, 1909
Shapiro, Henry Henry D. Shapiro Papers, 1903 - 2000, undated
Shaw, Lewis Lewis Shaw Materials, 1984, undated
Shelbourne, J.W. Farm Map J.W. Shelbourne Farm Map, 1926
Shenandoah County, Virginia Shenandoah County, Virginia Gasoline and Service Station Account Ledger, 1952-1954
Shepherd, John T. John T. Shepherd Papers, 1887 - 1950, undated
Shoemaker, Isaac Isaac Shoemaker Financial Papers, 1857-1892
Shook, Zeb Zeb Shook Papers, 1914-1994, undated
Shore family Shore Family Papers, 1924-1927, undated
Short, Louise Louise Short, Virginia, Diary, 1933
Shuford Hardware Company Shuford Hardware Company Document, 1893
Shull's Mill Shull's Mill Papers, 1801-1953, undated
Shull, Sarah Louisa Sarah Louisa Shull Photograph, 2007, undated
Shulls Mills Shulls Mills Photographs, undated.
Shulls Mills Feed and Grain Company Shulls Mills Feed and Grain Company Records, 1916-1970
Sibole, P.B. P.B. (Presley Barton) Sibole Papers, 1854
Signal Mountain Hotel Signal Mountain Hotel, Tennessee, Promotional Pamphlet, circa 1922
Skaggs Family Skaggs Family Store Records and P.H. Skaggs Papers, 1831-1898, undated
Slone, Pedro T. Pedro T. Slone Papers, 1943-1969
Sloop Memorial Hospital Sloop Memorial Hospital Housing Grant, 1973 - 1984
Smith, Tony Tony Smith Short Stories, 2006-2007
Smoky Mountain Forest Reserve Association Smoky Mountain Forest Reserve Association Letter to John Mason Clarke, June 23, 1924
Smyth County, Virginia Smyth County, Virginia Lifetime Collection, 1833-1991, undated.
Smyth, Tobias Tobias Smyth and Charles Scott Timber Agreement, 1862
Snyder, H.L. H.L. Snyder Presentation, January 2000
Sommers, Camden Camden Sommers Letter,
Southern Anthropological Society Southern Anthropological Society Session Recordings, April 15-16, 1982
Southern Appalachian Historical Association Southern Appalachian Historical Association Records, 1943 - 2004, undated
Southern Insurance and Savings Society Southern Insurance and Savings Society of Petersburg, Virginia Papers, November 2, 1863
Southern Ohio Hiking Trip Southern Ohio Hiking Trip Photograph Album
Southern Oral History Program Southern Oral History Program Collection, 1977-1980, undated
Southern Railway and Danville & Western Railway Good Roads Train Postcard, 1911,
Southern Railway System Southern Railway System Trip Passes, 1943-1970
Sow's Ear Press Records Sow's Ear Press Records, 1977-2004, undated
Spalding Official Basketball Score Book Spalding Official Basketball Score Book, 1924-1925
Speculation Land Company Speculation Land Company Records, 1768 - 1992, undated
Spence, Ruth Ruth Spence Souvenir Hat, undated
Spencer, William Gilbert Dr. William Gilbert Spencer Photograph Collection, circa 1956-1990, undated
Springs of West Virginia The Springs of West Virginia Speech, April 1960
St. Lawrence, Anita Stanberry, Ancestral Charts and Papers of Stanbery/Stanberry-Younce Families Stanbery/Stanberry-Younce Families Ancestral Charts and Papers, 2001-2002
St. Pauls Farm and Industrial School St. Paul's Farm and Industrial School Collection, 1906 - 1907
Staley, Adam Adam Staley's Southern Claims Commission Collection, 1873 - 1897
Staley, Frank Staley Estate Papers, 1834 - 1960
Stamps-Baxter Music and Printing Company Music Books and Hymnals Suppliers Papers, circa 1972
Stanhope S. Johnson and R.O. Brannan Architects Stanhope S. Johnson and R.O. Brannan, Architects Collection, circa 1900-1925,
Stanton Iron Works Staunton Iron Works and Burke's Iron Works Records, March 1871-June 1873
Stephens and Sexton Stephens and Sexton Document, 1901
Stevens, Edward Edward Stevens Papers, undated
Stevens, Randy Randy Stevens Collection of Railway Publications, Papers and Calendars, 1988-2008
Stevenson, Alabama Cockfighting Illustration Stevenson, Alabama Cockfighting Illustration, circa 1937
Stoneman, Ernest Ernest "Pop" Stoneman Collection, undated
Stoneman, William, Family William Stoneman Family Letters, 1861
Stonewall Jackson Institute Stonewall Jackson Institute Alpha Beta Phi Society Papers, November 26, 1906
Storer College Storer College Programs, February 1920 - May 1920
Stout, Patrick Pat Stout photographs of Robert Bradshaw,
Stout, Samuel Samuel Stout Gate Pass for Russell Old Court & Abingdon Turnpike, October 5, 1867
Strider, Eliza Carrico Eliza Carrico Strider Photograph, 1866
Stuart, Jesse Jesse Stuart Collection, 1932-1986, undated
Sturgill, Virgil Virgil Sturgill Papers and Audiovisual Materials, 1919 - 1985, undated
Sugar Grove Church Sugar Grove Church Treasurer's Reports, 1950-1951
Sullivan County, Tennessee Sullivan County, Tennessee, Automobile Privilege License, 1918
Summer on Winsome Mountain "Summer on Winsome Mountain" Photograph, 1986
Summers County, WV, Music Project Summers County, WV, Music Project, 1981
Summers, L.P. L.P. Summers Letter, 1932
Sutherland, E.G. E.G. Sutherland Papers, June 1897-April 1900
Sweet, James S. James S. Sweet Papers, 1930-2003
Main Namesort descending Title
Tannehill, Bob G. Bob G. Tannehill Collection, circa 1987
Tanner, Henry Ossawa Henry Ossawa Tanner Sketched or Drew Poem, undated
Tate, Florence Lee Florence Lee Tate Let's Git Along Ter Glory Scrapbook, circa 1950
Taul, Micah Micah Taul Memoirs, 1848 - 1978
Taylor and Mast General Store Taylor and Mast General Store (Valle Crucis, North Carolina) Books of Receipts, 1906 - 1954, undated
Taylor and Moore Taylor and Moore Ledger, 1853 - 1917
Tellico River and Bald River Falls Tellico River and Bald River Falls, Monroe County, Tennessee, Photographs, circa 1925
Tennessee Central Railway Company Tennessee Central Railway Company Yardmaster's Log, February-March 1957
Tennessee State Route 11 Tennessee State Route 11 Photographs, 1954
Tennessee Valley Authority Tennessee Valley Authority Photographs, 1923 - 1938
Terah (Terrah) E. Harris Terah (Terrah) E. Harris Papers, 1935-1945
The Mimosa The Mimosa, Tryon, North Carolina, Papers, 1909-1977
The Wood Shed Handcrafts The Wood Shed, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Records, 1951
They Shall Not Pass They Shall Not Pass: Conical Roller Cattle Guard Collection, undated
Thomas, Monroe Monroe Thomas Collection, pre-1957-1984
Thompson, James C. Madam Thompson Perfect Hair Straightener Advertisement, circa 1920
Tipton, Alvin Dudley Alvin Dudley Tipton World War II Photographs and Papers, 1920-1945, undated
Titus, Percy Hobart P.H.Titus Photograph Album
Tobin, Juanita Brown Juanita Brown Tobin Papers, 1915-2005, undated
Toccoa Public Schools Toccoa (Georgia) Public Schools Papers, 1962-1968
Todd, K.B. K.B. Todd Family Estate Auction Advertisement, undated
Tomorrow's People Report Tomorrow's People Report, October 24, 1970 - October 25, 1970
Tompkins, Roger Roger Tompkins, Book Draft, The White Nigger, circa 1989
Train Photographs Train Photographs, undated
Trinity Episcopal Church Trinity Episcopal Church, Martinsburg, WV Bulletin Collection, 1960-1961
Trivette and Holshouser Trivette and Holshouser Lawyer's Desk Books, 1929 - 1932
Tucker, Tui St. George Tui St. George Tucker Papers, 1940-2011, undated
Tugaloo River Corridor Tugaloo River (Georgia) Corridor Papers, 1960-2002
Turner, William R. and John W. William R. and John W. Turner Concert and Dance Videos
Turpin, Anita J. (Dr.) A Nightmare Comes to the Cumberlands paper, undated
Tweetsie Railroad Tweetsie Railroad Program Collection, 2005, undated
Tweetsie Railroad Tweetsie Railroad Collection, 1916-2001, undated
Tyrie, Loraine Loraine Tyrie Papers, 1912 - 1920, undated
Main Namesort descending Title
U.S. Air Mail U.S. Air Mail First Day Cover Stamp, 1952
U.S. Highway 321 U.S. Highway 321 Widening Controversy, Februrary 1978 Summary Information
Unnamed Fuel Company Virginia Fuel Company Ledger, 1954
Unnamed Virginia Brickyard Virginia Brickyard Accounts Ledger, 1912-1933, undated
Unnamed Watauga County, North Carolina, Attorney's Practice Watauga County, North Carolina Attorney Account Ledger Book, 1933
Main Namesort descending Title
Valle Crucis Company Valle Crucis Company Records, 1907 - 1952
Valle Crucis Mission School Valle Crucis Mission School Collection, 1905-1983
Van Damme, Andre Andre Van Damme Collection, 1953-1954, undated
Van Noppen Ina and John Van Noppen Papers, 1865-1989, undated
Vance, William Nichols William Vance Nichols Art Studio, Postcard with Grand Retreat and Biography, undated
Vance, Zebulon Baird Zebulon B. Vance Autographed Papers, September 29, 1868, undated
Vardy Valley Oral History Project Vardy Valley Oral History Project Records, 2000
Vaughan, John John B. Vaughan Collection, 2005, undated
Vess, Charles Charles Vess Autographed Illustration Posters, 1988-2001, undated
Virginia Blue Ridge Railroad Virginia Blue Ridge Railroad Photograph, circa 1920
Virginia Cascade Stereograph Virginia Cascade Stereograph, undated
Virginia Legislature Virginia Legislative Articles (3), circa 1887
Virginia State Guard 9th Battalion Virginia State Guard 9th Battalion Supply Records, 1942-1944
Virginia Table Works, Inc. Virginia Table Works, Inc. Ledger, 1906-1929
Virginian Railway Engines Virginian Railway Engines Photographs, circa 1954
Vollmer, Lula Lula Vollmer Papers, 1924-1932, undated
Von Bora College Von Bora College Papers, 1892
Main Namesort descending Title
W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection Genealogy Collection, circa 1800s-2007, undated
W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection Records, 1969-1986, undated
Ward, Marshall Marshall Ward Audiocassettes, 1972 - 1982, undated
Warren, Harold Harold Warren Manuscript, 1973
Warren, Ruth Caudill Ruth Caudill Warren Papers, undated
Washington County, Tennessee Washington County, Tennessee Magistrate and Justice of the Peace Court Records, 1936-1945, undated
Washington Sheriff Washington Sheriff Summons, 1779
Watauga Academy Photograph Watauga Academy Photograph, circa 1903
Watauga County (North Carolina) United Methodist Church Watauga County (North Carolina) United Methodist Church Correspondence, 1993 - 2000
Watauga County Bank Watauga County Bank Papers, 1932
Watauga County Economic Development Commission Watauga County Economic Development Commission Records, 1999-2001
Watauga County Genealogy Study Watauga County Genealogy Study from the William Allan Papers, 1821 - 1953, undated [bulk 1938-1944]
Watauga County Government Ledgers Watauga County Government Ledgers, 1920 - 1959, undated
Watauga County Historical Site Survey Watauga County Historical Site Survey Records, 1906-1990 (bulk, 1987-1989)
Watauga County Historical Society "Watauga County Times...Past" Records, circa 1900-1990, undated
Watauga County Spring Festival Watauga County Spring Festival Collection, 1975
Watauga County, North Carolina Watauga County, North Carolina Centennial Celebration, 1949
Watauga Development Corporation Watauga Development Corporation of Elizabethton, Tennessee Ledgers, 1931-1935
Watauga, Joshua Joshua Watauga Papers, 1987-1999
Watlington, Will Will Watlington Entertainment Papers and Recordings, undated
Watson, Verdola Keller Verdola Keller Watson Manuscript, undated
Waugh, Wes Wes Waugh "Appalachian Relic" prints, 2000
Waymon, Carrol Dr. Carrol Waymon Interview, 2006
We Have Some Writers "We Have Some Writers" Poem, 1995
Weaver, Bonnie Johnson Bonnie Johnson Weaver Poetry and Papers, circa 1980s-2002,
Weaving Patterns Weaving Patterns, undated
West Virginia Beekeeping Information Guide West Virginia Beekeeping Information Guide, 1995
West Virginia Centennial West Virginia Centennial First-Day of Issue Envelope, June 20, 1963
West Virginia Hills "The West Virginia Hills" Song, 1996
West, John Foster John Foster West Papers, 1929-2008, undated
Westcott and Trenchard Lumber Co. Westcott and Trenchard Lumber Co. Document, 1911
Western North Carolina Railroad Pamphlets and Map Western North Carolina Railroad Pamphlets and Map, 1856 - 1871
Western North Carolina Road Trip Photograph Album Western North Carolina Road Trip Photograph Album
Western Union Western Union Telegram Blanks, undated
Weston, Paul Paul Weston Photographs and Negatives, circa 1950-1970
Wheeling, West Virginia Nicoll Art Store Photograph Album, Wheeling, West Virginia, 1901-1903
Whicker, Zachariah Jess Wilson's The Remarkable Story About Zachariah Whicker, 1977
Whiskey and Liquor Companies Whiskey and Liquor Companies of Bristol, Virginia and Louisville, Kentucky Papers, circa 1900-1915
White Top Gap Precinct White Top Gap Precinct, Grayson County, Virginia, Voter Registration Papers, 1901-1936
White, John and McCoy, Annanias John White and Annanias McCoy Court Summons, 1792
White, Mary H. Mary H. White, "The Southern Appalachians and the Ulster Immigration", Brochure, circa 1920
White, Robert A. Robert A. White Bluegrass Recordings, 1967-1982
Whitener, Rogers V. Rogers V. Whitener Papers, 1973 - 1991
Whittaker, Bill D. Howard Nolan, Clara Woods, and Alberta Coleman: The Last Three Blacks in Corbin 1919-1993 paper, December 9, 2002
Wieczorek, Inez Inez Wieczorek Scrapbook, 1925 - 1935, undated
Wigginton, B. Eliot B. Eliot Wigginton Manuscript, undated
Wilcox, Herman Herman Wilcox Collection, 1928-1994
Wiley, E.E. Rev. E.E. Wiley Gospel According to Southern Methodism Sermon, November 24, 1892
Wilkes Central Marching Band Wilkes Central Marching Band Collection, circa 1985
Wilkin, William William P. Wilkin Diary, 1863, 1992
William R. and John W. Turner William R. and John W. Turner Concert and Dance Videos, 1992-1999, undated
Williams, Cratis Cratis Williams and Acquaintances' Correspondence, 1949-2003
Williams, Cratis Cratis Williams Memorial Service Recordings, 1985
Williams, Cratis D. Cratis D. Williams Papers, 1783 - 1986
Williams, Dean Allison Dean Allison Williams Papers, 1889-2007, undated
Williams, John Alexander John Alexander Williams Papers, 1717-2009, undated
Williams, Joseph A. Joseph A. Williams Collection, 1921 - 1933, undated
Williams, Sampson Sampson Williams' Letter to Colonel David Henley, about Land Speculation in Tennessee, January 27, 1800
Williamson, Jerry Wayne Jerry Wayne Williamson Papers, 1919 - 2001
Wilson, Goodridge (Rev. Dr.) Reverend Doctor Goodridge Wilson Papers, 1834-1989, undated
Wilson, Judy Ann Judy Ann Wilson Schoolday Memories Book, circa 1954
Wilson, Lee Lee Wilson Papers, 1921 - 1964, undated
Wilson, Nora Mast John Mast Home Photograph, circa 1914
Winans Family Winans Family Collection of Fiddle Tunes Performed by Jehile Kirkhuff, 1963 - 1964
Winebarger, Jacob Jacob Winebarger Ledger, 1850 - 1951
Winston-Salem Fealty Building and Loan Winston-Salem Fealty Building and Loan Association Ledger, 1913 - 1934
Wipler, H. Rev. H. Wipler, Account Ledger, 1862-1863
Wise, Suzanne Suzanne Wise Papers, circa 1966-1983
Wiseman, Lulu Belle and Scotty Lulu Belle and Scotty Wiseman Collection, 1877 - 1971, undated
Wolf's Head Receipt Wolf's Head Receipt, 1801
Woman's Honor, A "A Woman's Honor" Playbill, January 13, 1906
Wood, Leonora W. Leonora W. Wood Papers, circa 1936
Woodlawn (Virginia) High School Woodlawn (Virginia) High School Papers, 1928
World's Fair (Knoxville, TN) World's Fair (Knoxville, TN) Materials, 1981 - 1982, undated
Worth, David David Worth Family Papers, 1838 - 1991, undated
Wyrick Spring Company Wyrick Spring Company Stock Certificate, circa 1910
Wythe County Shot Tower Wythe County Shot Tower Print, undated
Wythe County, Virginia Wythe County, Virginia Papers, 1879-1904, undated
Main Namesort descending Title
Yarrow, Michael Michael and Ruth Yarrow Coal Mining Interviews, 1978-1989, undated
Yoder, Julian Clifton Julian C. Yoder Papers, 1930 - 1986, undated
York, James R. James R. York Family Folksong Collection, 1930 - 1972
Yost, Jacob Sworn Notice of Jacob Yost's Speech at Massie's Mill, October 30, 1884
Youth Conservation Corps Youth Conservation Corps Collection, 1977, undated
Yuba, Richard Richard Yuba Inspector's Record Book, 1865-1868