Finding Aids in the Appalachian Collection

Main Namesort descending Title
A.M. Fayes Grist Mill A.M. Fayes Grist Mill Accounts Ledger, 1862-1864
A.S. Nowlin & Company A.S. Nowlin & Company, Coal and Coke, Lynchburg, Virginia Papers, undated
Abrams, W. Amos W. Amos Abrams Papers, 1884 - 1984, undated
Adams, Bertram Bertram Adams Papers, undated
Adams, Frank Frank Adams Interviews with Guy and Candie Carawan, 1983-2002, undated
Adams, Moses Moses Adams Papers, circa 1824
Adkins, Hasil Hasil Adkins Papers and Music, 1955-1996
Air Pollution Scrapbook Air Pollution Scrapbook, 1990
Akers, Ina Rose Greer Ina Rose Greer Akers Papers, 1916-1960, undated
Alabama and Tennessee River Railroad Alabama and Tennessee River Railroad Celebration Invitation, 1859
Alabama Vineyard and Winery Company Alabama Vineyard and Winery Company, Vinemont, Cullman County, Alabama, Papers, 1896-1899, undated
Aldridge Family Photograph Aldridge Family Photograph, circa 1890s
Alexander Arts Council Alexander Arts Council Records, 1973-1983, undated
Allegany County, Maryland Allegany County, Maryland Court Warrants and Summons, 1731-1797
Alleghany County, Virginia Alleghany County, Virginia Land Deeds, December 31, 1872
Allen High School Allen High School Records, 1899 - 2008, undated
Allen, Willard Willard Allen Materials, undated
Allison, Sally Green Sallie Green Allison Papers, 1852-2002, undated
Alnwick Bedspreads Collection Alnwick Bedspreads Collection, 1893-1978, undated
Ambler, A. Chase, Book Collection A. Chase Ambler Book Collection, 1902-2005
Andrews, A.B. A.B. Andrews Papers and Photographs, circa 1850-1865
Antone, George George Antone Furniture Industry Research Papers, 1885-1993, undated
Appalachia Photographs Appalachia Photographs, 1905 - 1980, undated
Appalachian Crafts and Music Festival Appalachian Crafts and Music Festival Collection, 1984 - 1987, undated
Appalachian Cultural Museum Records, 1855-2012, undated Appalachian Cultural Museum Records, 1855-2012, undated
Appalachian Education and Politics Bibliography Appalachian Education and Politics Bibliography, undated
Appalachian Festival at Morris Harvey College Appalachian Festival at Morris Harvey College Collection, 1975
Appalachian High School Basketball Appalachian High School Basketball Papers, 1955-1956
Appalachian Journal Appalachian Journal Records, 1933-1988, undated (bulk, 1972-1988)
Appalachian Land Ownership Survey Appalachian Land Ownership Survey Records, 1936-1985
Appalachian Oral History Project Soul of the People Oral History Project Records, 2009
Appalachian Oral History Project Appalachian Oral History Project Records, 1965 - 1989
Appalachian Poetry Collection Appalachian Poetry Collection, undated
Appalachian Regional Brochure Collection Appalachian Regional Brochure Collection, 1900-1999, undated
Appalachian Regional Ephemera Collection Appalachian Regional Ephemera Collection, 1880-present
Appalachian Resource Center Appalachian Resource Center Records, 1979
Appalachian State University Appalachian State University Oral History Projects, Audio Materials and Papers, 1971-2002, undated
Appalachian State University Library Appalachian State University Library Scrapbook, 1970 - 1971
Appalachian Studies Association Appalachian Studies Association Conference Papers, 1979-1980
Appalachian Studies Student Alliance Appalachian Studies Student Alliance Collection, 1999 - 2001
Archetypes and Stereotypes "Archetypes and Stereotypes of Appalachia Literature/Culture: An Inquiry and Discussion," 2001
Ashe County Quiet "Ashe County Quiet" Print, 1985
Ashe County, North Carolina Midwife Collection Ashe County, NC Midwife Collection, 1932 - 1938
Askins, Donald Donald Askins Papers on Appalachian Mining Operations, 1954-2008, undated
Atkins, J. Norton Reverend J. Norton Atkins Papers, 1895-2005, undated (bulk, 1900-1920)
Augusta County, Virginia Augusta County, Virginia Court Summons, March 5-11, 1856