Finding Aids in the Appalachian Collection

Main Namesort descending Title
Babb, Cyrus C. Cyrus C. Babb Civil Engineer Papers, 1916-1937
Baber, Bob Henry Bob Henry Baber Poems, 1988, undated
Bailey Mineral Springs Bailey Mineral Springs near Asheville, North Carolina, Brochure, 1932
Baker, R.W. R.W. Baker Collection on Lost River State Park, 1934-1938
Baldwin, Kenneth Kenneth Baldwin Artwork, 1945-1946, undated
Ballads, Poems, and Folklore: History of Yadkin County Ballads, Poems and Folklore: History of Yadkin County, undated
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company Papers, 1855-1979, undated
Bank of Wytheville Bank of Wytheville Promissory Note, 1891
Bare, Larry and June Larry and June Bare Old-Time Music Collection, 1993-2003, undated
Barkhuizen, Pieter Erens Dr. Pieter Barkhuizen Evangelistic Lecture, undated
Bartlett, George T. George T. Bartlett Personal Financial Record Books, 1854-1882
Battle of Chancellorsville Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia Maps, 1998
Battle of the Wilderness Battle of the Wilderness Maps, 1962
Baugh, Minnie Minnie L. Baugh, "Old Homes and Gardens" Booklet, 1939
Baumhover, Lorin Lorin A. Baumhover Papers, 1942 - 1976, undated
Beasley, Pearl Pearl Beasley Papers, 1950-1970, undated
Beaver, Charles Charles Beaver Papers, 1874-2002, undated
Beaver, Patricia Duane Patricia Duane Beaver Papers, 1900-2013, undated
Bell, L. Nelson L. Nelson Bell Collection, April, 1957 - June, 1957
Bell, W. T. R. King's Mountain High School, North Carolina, Photograph, circa 1880
Belmont Baptist Church Belmont Baptist Church (Roanoke, Virginia) Papers, 1937-1969
Belt, Della Lee Riley Della Lee Riley Belt Papers, 1975, undated
Bennett, Kelly Kelly E. Bennett Papers, 1931-1974, undated
Bentley, James B. James B. Bentley Land Deed, June 10, 1868
Berry Basic Whole Grain Flakes Cereal Ephemera Berry Basic Whole Grain Flakes Cereal Ephemera, 1999
Berry Family Berry Family Correspondence, 1911-1955
Berry Schools Berry Schools, Mount Berry, Georgia, Papers, circa 1925-1927
Biltmore House Biltmore House, Asheville, North Carolina, Postcards, circa 1890
Bingham Family Bingham Family Papers, 1835 - 1946
Birmingham (Ala.) Ledger of Plat Maps Birmingham (Ala.) Ledger of Plat Maps, circa 1910
Blackburn Farms Blackburn Farms Collection, 1856-2008, undated
Blackburn, Edmond Spencer Edmond Spencer Blackburn Papers, 1903-1912, undated
Blalock, Keith Keith Blalock Collection, 1895 - 1913
Blomstedt, Erik R. Erik R. Blomstedt Dulcimer Catalogs, Photographs and Papers, 1970s-1990s
Blowing Rock and Boone (North Carolina) Souvenir Folder Blowing Rock and Boone (North Carolina) Souvenir Folder, 1950
Blowing Rock Historical Society Blowing Rock Historical Society Records, 1985 - 2012
Blowing Rock Museum Sky People: The Art and History of Blowing Rock, North Carolina DVD, September 2011
Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains Letters Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains Letters, 1953
Blue Ridge Community Theatre Blue Ridge Community Theatre Papers, 1983-2005, undated
Blue Ridge Garden Club Blue Ridge Garden Club Records, 1903 - 1999, undated
Blue Ridge Music Hall of Fame Blue Ridge Music Hall of Fame Collection, 2008
Blue Ridge Parkway Association Blue Ridge Parkway Association Records, 1950-1982, undated
Blue Ridge Parkway/Basin Cove/Moses Cone Oral History Project Blue Ridge Parkway/Basin Cove/Moses Cone Oral History Project, 1975-1978
Blue Valley Gem Company Blue Valley Gem Company, Stock Investment Papers and Prospectus, May 1906
Bluefield Democratic Club Bluefield Democratic Club Ribbon, 1894
Bluefield, West Virginia Bluefield, West Virginia Papers, 1896-1915
Boggs, Moran Lee "Dock" Moran Lee Dock Boggs Concert Transcript, November 17, 1977
Bolick, Clarice Clarice Bolick Indian Collection, 1838 - 1971
Bolling & Owens Bolling & Owens Company Receipts, November 1896
Bond, Nelson Nelson Bond Autographed Note, circa 2005
Boone Chapel Church Boone Chapel Church Ledger and Nameplates, 1937-1938, undated
Boone Christ's Church United Boone Christ's Church United Records, 1992-2005
Boone Community Book Boone Community Book, 2005
Boone, Daniel Daniel Boone Family Genealogical Papers, undated
Boone, North Carolina Town of Boone, North Carolina, Records 1993-2013, undated
Borkowski, Frank Frank Borkowski Collection of Railway Calendars, 2003-2010
Bousman, Jacob Ferry Receipt, of General Lee's Baggage by Jacob Bousman, November 22, 1794
Bowers, Cathy Smith Cathy Smith Bowers, "St. Peter Said, 'That's Good Enough' and He Walked Through" Poem,
Boyd's Creek, Tennessee Boyd's Creek Store Day Book, March 1873-February 1874
Boyd, J. Strother J. Strother Boyd Papers, 1846-1854
Brading-Rhea Lumber Company Brading-Rhea Lumber Company Ledger, 1940-1946
Branam, Molly Molly Branam, "Ches McCartney in Thought" Print, undated
Branch, Teresa Teresa Branch Papers, 1985
Branscomb, Dr. John R. Dr. John R. Branscomb Papers, 1889-1927, undated
Breckenridge, Lomax Dr. W.N. Breckenridge Farm Account Ledger and Papers, 1942-1949, undated
Bricker, Paul F. Paul F. Bricker Papers, 1999
Brock, Tuble F and Sarah F Belcher Tuble F and Sarah F Belcher Brock Marriage Certificate, 1855
Brown, Wade Edward Wade Edward Brown "Recollections and Reflections" Collection, circa 1997
Brown, William Maynard Rev. William Maynard Brown Poetry and Music Collection, 1972-1986
Brown, William Moseley Dr. William Moseley Brown, Independent Candidate for Governor of Virginia, Poster, October 4, 1929
Broyhill, Ed Ed Broyhill Collection, 2004, undated
Broyhill, James Thomas James Thomas Broyhill Papers, 1957-1991, undated
Broyhill, Louise Robbins Louise Robbins Broyhill Papers, 1968 - 1986
Buckeye Cart Company Buckeye Cart Company Catalogue from the World's Columbian Exposition, 1893
Buffalo Mineral Water Buffalo Mineral Water, Virginia Buffalo Springs Corporation, Virginia, 1930
Bunker, Chang and Eng Eng and Chang Bunker's Autographs for Israel K. Tefft, Savannah, Georgia, January 2, 1835
Burgbacher, Jas. (James) A. James A. Burgbacher Advertisement, undated
Burgiss, Lon Grady L. Grady Burgiss Papers, 1972-1990
Burke County Schools Burke County Schools (Morganton, North Carolina) Yearbooks, 1958-1961
Burke County, North Carolina Burke County, North Carolina, Order to Seize Slaves for Debt Papers, August 12, 1861
Burks, Rufus Rufus Burks Papers, 1912-1980, undated
Burton, Thomas Thomas Burton and Ambrose Manning Research Inventory, after 1970
Bush, David David Bush Expense Journal, 1878-1899