Finding Aids in the Appalachian Collection

Main Namesort descending Title
C and O Railroad C and O Railroad Photographs, 1898 - 1929
Cacapaon (Capon) Healing Water Cacapaon (Capon) Healing Water Promotional Material, 1927
Calcium Sulphide Corporation Calcium Sulphide Corporation Ledger, 1930-1938
Caldwell Furniture Employee Panorama Black and White Photographs Caldwell Furniture Employee Panorama Black and White Photographs, 1938
Camp Catawba Camp Catawba and Vera Lachmann Papers, 1943-2014, undated
Camp Strawderman Camp Strawderman, Columbia Furnace, Virginia, Papers, 1939-1943
Camp Yonahlossee Camp Yonahlossee Collection, 1925-2002, undated
Campbell, C.M. C.M. Campbell Diary and Papers, 1861-1980
Carlton, Daniel M. Daniel M. Carlton Diary, 1864-1984
Carpenter, Boyden Boyden Carpenter Photograph, circa 1930
Carrington, C.S. C.S. Carrington (Bristol, Tennessee) Papers, circa 1890s
Carson, Marguerite Estep Marguerite Estep Carson Collection, 1977-circa 1989
Carter, Hansford W. Hansford W. Carter Estate Papers, 1864
Carter, Mary Nelson Mary Nelson Carter Scrapbook, 1898-1901, undated
Cary, William Justice of the Peace William Cary Papers, 1833 and 1838
Caslon Types in the United States Caslon Types in the United States Letter, 1968
Caudill, Rebecca Rebecca Caudill Papers, 1955 - 1962
Celo Community Celo Community Collection, 1950 - 1966, undated
Centennial Centennial of the Joining of the Eastern and Western Parts of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Track as a Continuous Railroad Papers, 1952
Center for Appalachian Studies Center for Appalachian Studies Records, 1942-2004, undated
Champe, John Sergeant John Champe Prints, undated
Charles Town, West Virginia Charles Town, West Virginia Photographs, undated
Charles Town, West Virginia Charles Town (West Virginia) in a Nutshell, 1900
Charleston, West Virginia Scrapbook Charleston, West Virginia Scrapbook, 1924-1925
Charlestown, West Virginia Charlestown, West Virginia, Male Academy and Graded School Papers, 1890-1894, undated
Chase, Richard Richard Chase Manuscript, circa 1955
Chase, Richard Richard Chase Papers, 1928-1988
Chatham Manufacturing Company Chatham Manufacturing Company Photographs, circa 1955
Chattanooga Times Chattanooga Times Accounts Journal, 1900-1903
Chattanooga, Tennessee Chattanooga, Tennessee Area Sepia Photographs (6), undated
Cherokee Centennial Celebration Cherokee Centennial Celebration Article, circa 1938
Cherokee Exhibit, ASU College of Continuing Education Collection Cherokee Exhibit, ASU College of Continuing Education Collection, undated
Cherokee Newspapers Cherokee Newspapers, 1828-1896, undated
Chessie Systems, Inc. Chessie System Inc. Railroad Calendars, Posters and Papers, 1954-1987, undated
Chilhowie Textile Chilhowie Textile Photographs, undated
Choice's Hotel Choice's Hotel Receipt, 1842
Christian, John John Christian Land Deed, September 20, 1834
Church Singing and "The Word" by Brother Andrew Church Singing and 'The Word' by Brother Andrew audiocassette, undated
Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railway Company Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railway Company Reorganization, Agreements and Mortgages Book, July 1, 1909
Civil War Journal and Account Book Civil War Journal and Account Book, circa 1861-1887
Clarksburg, West Virginia Clarksburg, West Virginia Land Interests Research Papers, 1803-1827
Cleveland County Cleveland County, North Carolina Civil Court Records of A.B.C. DePriest, 1944-1956
Clinch Valley Blanket Mills Clinch Valley Blanket Mills Records, 1936
Cline, Christian Christian Cline Land Deed, November 1, 1855
Clinics for Tuberculosis Screenings Clinics for Tuberculosis Screenings in Radford, Virginia Advertisement, circa 1920
Cloudland Park Club Cloudland Park Club on Lookout Mountain, Records, Cloudland, Georgia, 1921-1925, undated
Coffey, Jack Wilson Jack Wilson Coffey Collection of Deeds and Legal Documents, 1793-1900, undated
Cole, Susan Susan Cole's Collection on Romulus Linney, 1970-2008
Coleman, Willie Willie Coleman Papers, circa 1941
Collett, James Farmer James Farmer Collett Recordings, 1937
Colley, Thomas W. Collection on Thomas W. Colley, 22 February 1916
Commonwealth of Virginia Commonwealth of Virginia Summons, 1854
Concord State Normal School Concord State Normal School, Athens, Mercer County, West Virginia Papers, 1923
Concordia College Concordia College Photograph, undated
Cone Family Cone Family Collection, 1850 - 1969, undated
Cone, H. and Sons H. Cone and Sons Collection, 1876 - 1976, undated
Cone, Moses Moses Cone Estate Collection, 1905 - 1945
Conference on Appalachian Development Conference on Appalachian Development Papers, circa 1957-1964, undated
Connelly Springs Company Connelly Springs Company, Connelly Springs, North Carolina, Prospectus and Papers, 1886-1891
Consultation on Creative Writing in the Appalachians Conference A Consultation on Creative Writing in the Appalachians Conference Papers, July 20-21, 1959
Conway, Cecelia (CeCe) Cecelia (CeCe) Conway Papers and Videos, 1992-1999, undated
Cook Family Cook Family Land Deeds, 1793-1844
Cook, Bennett Bennett Cook Papers, December 1803
Cook, L. H. L. H. Cook Farm Map, 1950
Coolidge, Margaret Margaret Coolidge Pine Mountain Settlement Diary and Letters
Cooper, Horton Horton Cooper Papers, undated
Cornett Family of Grayson County, Virginia Cornett Family Papers, 1798-1899, undated
Council on Appalachian Women Council on Appalachian Women Records, 1976-1981, undated
Councill, Brenda Brenda Councill Mural in Belk Library and Information Commons DVD, 2007
Country Ham Country Ham (Musical Group) Photograph, circa 2005
Court Street United Methodist Church Court Street United Methodist Church, Lynchburg, Virginia Papers, 1976-1986, undated
Cove Creek Garage Cove Creek, North Carolina Garage Oral History Project, Fall 1997
Cox, A. B. Dr. A.B. Cox, Footprints on the Sands of Time: A History of South-western Virginia and North-western North Carolina, August 1900
Cox, Rufus E. Rufus E. Cox Diary of Travels and Employment, 1896-1904
Coyne, Matthew Interview of Donald Seacrest and Rod T. Smith, June 2010
Crabill, Rebecca Rebecca Crabill Papers, May 15, 1857
Crabtree, Lou Lou Crabtree Papers, 1989-2015, undated
Craig, Lucy W. Lucy W. Craig Newspaper Clippings Scrapbook, 1950-1953, undated
Cranberry Hotel Cranberry Hotel, Cranberry, North Carolina, postcard, circa 1890
Cratis Williams Symposium Cratis Williams Symposium Records, 1975 - 1984
Craver, Mike Mike Craver Interview, February 2008
Crawford, Bruce Bruce Crawford Papers, 1972
Cressler Ore Banks Mercantile Cressler Ore Banks Mercantile Ledger, April 3-October 29, 1880
Cresson Springs Cresson Springs in the Allegheny Mountains, Cambria County, Pennsylvania, Brochure, 1884
Crossnore School Crossnore School Papers, 1926 - 1997, undated
Crouse, Benjamin Benjamin Crouse Papers, 1862 - 1864
Crozer Temple Colored Church Crozer Temple Colored Church (Elkhorn,West Virginia) Memorial Service Papers, May 29, 1938
CSX Transportation CSX Transportation Calendars, 1987 - 1993
CSX Transportation Train Orders CSX Transportation Train Orders, November 15-17, 1987
CSX-Chessie-Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad-Baltimore and Ohio Railroad CSX-Chessie-Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad-Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Collection, 1969 - 1987, undated
Custer, George Armstrong George Armstrong Custer Letters, 1869-1870