Finding Aids in the Appalachian Collection

Main Namesort descending Title
Gaffney, Sanna Ross Sanna Ross Gaffney Genealogy Research Papers, 1790-2007, undated
Gaventa, John John Gaventa Papers, 1882-1996, undated
General Store Accounts Ledger, Foscoe, North Carolina Foscoe, North Carolina General Store Accounts Ledger, 1928-1934
Generalized Geologic Map of Kentucky Generalized Geologic Map of Kentucky, 1979
Geneseo Manufacturing and Croquet Company Geneseo Manufacturing and Croquet Company Advertised Price List, 1872
Gentry, Kelly Kelly Gentry's Interview of and Paper About David Holt, 2008
George Alfred Bell Store George Alfred Bell Store Ledger Digital Images, 1916-1923
George Washington's Railroad George Washington's Railroad Chesapeake and Ohio Lines Correspondence, 1935
Georgia Pyrite Mining Georgia Pyrite Mining Reports, 1919-1953
Georgia Railway and Power Company Georgia Railway and Power Company Notebook, 1912 - 1921
Georgia Railway and Power Company Georgia Railway and Power Company Photograph Album, undated
German Fraternal Order German Fraternal Order Photograph, undated
Getz, Lynne Lynne Getz Student Papers, 1997 - 2001
Getz, Lynne Lynne Getz's Broughton Hospital Student Project, 1856-2003, undated
Gilmore, James Roberts James Roberts Gilmore, aka Edmund Kirke, Papers, September-December 1863, undated
Globe (North Carolina) Photographic Map Globe (North Carolina) Photographic Map, 1973
Globe (North Carolina) Public School Globe (North Carolina) Public School Records, 1858 - 1890
Goins, Charlie Charlie Goins Papers, circa 1950
Goode, James B. James B. Goode, Scattering the Proud in the Imagination of Their Hearts, Poem
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church (Boone, North Carolina) Records, 1998
Grace Lutheran Church Grace Lutheran Church, Wythe County, Virginia Papers, 1870-1929
Gragg, W.R. W.R. (William Roy) Gragg Papers, 1844-1925
Graham Family Graham Family Papers, 1825-1998
Grassy Creek Literary Society Grassy Creek Literary Society Ledger, 1903 - 1905
Grayson, Jack Jack Grayson Farm Survey, 1922
Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee-North Carolina Great Smoky Mountains National Park Souvenir Folder, 1948
Greater Lynchburg, Virginia Story Collection Greater Lynchburg, Virginia Story Collection, 1974 - 1979, undated
Green Valley Community Park Green Valley Community Park, Inc. Records, 1985-2013, undated
Green, John John Green Papers, 1891-1899
Green, Lewis W. Lewis W. Green Books and Papers, 1934-2005, undated
Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia The Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs (West Virginia) Cotillion Ribbons, 1901-1903
Greenbrier and Cottages Greenbrier and Cottages Brochure, August 22-26, 1932
Greene, Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson Greene Collection, 1906 - 1942
Greenwood, Joseph Gordon Joseph Gordon Greenwood World War I Journal, 1918-1919
Greer Family Greer Family Collection, 1904 - 1927, undated
Greer, Isaac Garfield Isaac Garfield Greer Papers and Recordings, 1853 - 1978, undated
Grinton, Elizabeth Ann Parks Elizabeth Ann Parks Grinton Papers, 1931-2000, undated
Grogan Family Grogan Family Genealogical Papers, 1994, undated
Grove, E. E. Grove Store Accounts Ledger, 1869-1877
Guy, Jack Jack Guy Papers, 1972 - 1973, undated
Gwinn, John John Gwinn Papers, 1838-1876, 1961