Finding Aids in the Appalachian Collection

Main Namesort descending Title
Hagaman, J. B. Dr. J.B. Hagaman Jr. Papers, 1884-1950, undated
Hagan, Harrison Harrison Hagan Papers, circa 1830s
Hale, William and Lucy Annis Crump Dr. William and Lucy Annis Crump Hale Photograph, May 1980
Hamner-Cleaver Hamner-Cleaver Manuscript, 1972, undated
Hampton Papers Watauga County, North Carolina Land Deeds, 1847-1941, undated
Hampton, Jesse Amos Jesse Amos Hampton Family Photographs, 1917-2004, undated
Haney, Carlton Carlton and Charles Haney Papers, 1947-2011, undated
Harding, Rebecca Davis Rebecca Harding Davis Papers, 1873-1905
Harlow, Lyndall S. (Mrs.) Mrs. Lyndall S. Harlow Collection of Papers, 1973, undated
Harmon, Derrick Derrick Harmon Poetry Collection, undated
Harmon, Wiley Smith Wiley Smith Harmon Papers, early 1900s-1957, undated
Harper's Ferry Harper's Ferry Postcard, 1911
Harper, G.W.F. G. W. F. Harper Family Diary Transcriptions, 1846-1921
Harper, James Clarence James Clarence Harper, Diary and Accounts (transcription), Volume 4, 1865-1867
Harper-Beall Harper-Beall Family Papers, 1826-1959, undated (Bulk 1840-1890)
Harrill, Annabel Annabel Harrill Papers, 1838-2004, undated
Harris, Beatrice Adams Beatrice Adams Harris Garnered Memories Manuscript, September 1, 1990
Harrison, Claude Claude Harrison Papers, circa 1916
Hart, Marvin Donley Dr. Marvin Donley Hart Papers and Audiocassettes,
Hartzog and Sons B. Hartzog and Sons Ledgers, 1918 - 1921, undated
Hartzog family Hartzog Family Papers, 1906-1987, undated
Hatch, Elvin Elvin Hatch Papers, 1997 - 1998
Hawkins, Ellwood Anderson Miss Ellwood Anderson Correspondence, 1925-1938, undated
Haynes, W.H. W.H. Haynes Advertisement, October 26, 1906
Hazelton, Pennsylvania Hazleton, Pennsylvania Coal Calculation Ledger, June, 1910
Helton Woolen Mills Helton Woolen Mills Ledgers and Papers, 1917-1935, undated
Helton, O.C. O.C. Helton manuscript on Uncle 'Babe' Wallen, 1993
Hemrick, Chuck Chuck Hemrick Papers, 1987 - 1993, undated
Hickory, North Carolina Station Hickory, North Carolina Station Cooperative Observers' Meteorological Records, 1915-1944
Hicks, Eva Eva Hicks Collection of Bluegrass, Ballads, and Storytelling Recordings, circa 1940s-1983
Hicks, Orville Orville Hicks Storytelling Grant Documents, 1997
Hicks, Ronnie Ronnie Hicks Audiovisual Collection of Interviews and Music, 2004-2005
Hicks, Samuel Samuel Hicks Letters, circa 1966-1967
Hicks, Stanley Stanley Hicks Letters to Edward Baker, 1979, undated
Hiddenite Center, Inc Hiddenite Center, Inc. Records, 1985-1986
Higgins, Linville Linville Higgins Letter, 1871
Highlander Center Highlander Center Records, 1920-1987, undated
Highway Construction Company Highway Construction Company Land Parcels, 1968
Hillbilly Mask Hillbilly Mask, undated
Hillsville, Carroll County, Virginia Court Room Shootout Hillsville, Virginia Court Room Shootout Papers, 1903-1984, undated
Historical Record Books, Early American History Early American History Record Books, undated
History of Damascus History of Damascus, Virginia Papers, circa 1912-2004
Hodges, Betty Mae Betty Mae Hodges Bibliography of North Carolina Loyalists during the American Revolution, undated
Hodges, Faye E. Greer Faye E. Greer Hodges Sheet Music Collection, 1901-1930
Hodges, J.S. J.S. Hodges Bank Notes, 1912 - 1921
Hodges, John R. John R. Hodges Papers, 1841 - 1905
Hodges, John W. Justice of Peace John W. Hodges Criminal and Civil Court Docket Book and Papers, 1925-1926
Hodges, John W. John W. Hodges Papers, 1827 - 1951
Hodges, R.D. R.D. Hodges Presidential Scrapbook, 1794-1969
Hodgin, David Reid David Reid Hodgin Papers, 1916 - 1984, undated
Hollins College Euzelian Society Hollins College Euzelian Society Photograph, circa 1896
Holly, Dan Dan Holly Cartoon, undated
Holsclaw Family Holsclaw Family History Records, 1756-2009
Horne, A. F. Dr. A.F. Horne Ledger, 1926 - 1931
Horton Family Horton Family Papers, 1790-1932, undated
Horton, Samuel Samuel Horton Collection, 1912 - 1979, undated
Hosmer Haus Hosmer Haus Ticket, 1987
Hotel Roanoke Hotel Roanoke Photograph, circa 1950s
Howell, Roger Roger Howell Memory Collection, 2007
Hoyt, William William D. Hoyt Color Photographs, 1951 - 1982
Huffard, James A. James A. Huffard Diary, 1895-1930
Hughes, I. Harding I. Harding Hughes, Jr., Papers, 1983 - 1999, undated
Humphrey, Richard Richard Humphrey Audiocassettes and Transcriptions, 1985-1988