Finding Aids in the Appalachian Collection

Main Namesort descending Title
La Moderne Latrine Corporation La Moderne Latrine Corporation Catalog, undated
Ladies Bazaar Ladies Bazaar Flier, undated
Lair, John John Lair Rockcastle Recollections and Other Papers, circa 1991
Lamons Wagon Company Lamons Wagon Company Collection, 1961, undated
Land Sale Paper Land Sale Paper, New England City, Georgia, April 15, 1890
Lanier, Ruby Ruby Lanier Research Collection on the Harper-Rankin Family, 1846-1987, undated
Lenoir, Thomas Thomas Lenoir Papers, 1837 - 1896, undated
Lentz, Ruth Edmisten Ruth Edmisten Lentz Oral History, 1996
Letter from Ruskin S. Freer to Robert G. Stone, Ruskin S. Freer Letter to Robert G. Stone, July 19, 1934
Letter, from Unnamed Husband to Unnamed Wife, Washington Letter from Unnamed Husband to Unnamed Wife, June 12, 1887
Levenson, Mazie Jones Mazie Jones Levenson Photographs and Papers, 1894-1938
Lewis, Helen Matthews Helen Matthews Lewis Papers, 1924-2011, undated
Lexington (Virginia) White Graded Schools Lexington (Virginia) White Graded Schools Certificate, April 27, 1888
Lightfoot, William William Lightfoot Collection of Student Papers, 1981-1990
Lile, John A. John A. Lile, Scrapbook of University of Virginia, 1916-1919
Lincoln County, North Carolina Lincoln County, North Carolina Ephemera, 1834-1872
Linn, G. T. G.T. Linn, Photograph Album of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, circa 1910
Linney, Romulus Romulus Linney Papers, 1800-2013, undated (bulk, 1950-2011)
Linville Valley, North Carolina Linville Valley, North Carolina Photographs, undated
Linville, North Carolina Linville, North Carolina Property Sales Ledgers, 1890
Little Sugar Chronicles Little Sugar Chronicles, 1983, undated
Lively, Charles and Emily Charles and Emily Lively Photograph, circa 1900
Liverpool Salt and Coal Company Liverpool Salt and Coal Company Order Confirmation Card, March 7, 1905
Living, Learning, Loving West Virginia Living, Learning, Loving West Virginia Collection, 1957
Long, Lucy Lucy Long Papers, 1980 - 1981
Longcrier, Reggie Reverend Reggie Longcrier Collection, 2007
Longdon, A.L. A.L. Longdon Lease Agreement, Watauga County, North Carolina, November 26, 1906
Lookout Mountain, Tennessee Lookout Mountain, Tennessee Papers, 1867-1896
Lord Fairfax Community College Lord Fairfax Community College, Virginia, Sociology 150-Introduction to Folk Cultural Studies, Papers, 1979
Lord's Prayer Lord's Prayer, undated
Love & Love Love & Love Building Materials Dealers Bill, August 31, 1891
Lundy, John T. Lundy Correspondence, 1953
Lunsford, Bascom Lamar Bascom Lamar Lunsford Papers, November 12, 1967