Finding Aids in the Appalachian Collection

Main Name Titlesort ascending
McIntyre, Will Will McIntyre Photographs, 1978-1981, undated
Moore, Warren Warren Moore Papers, 1988
Merton, Thomas Thomas Merton Photograph, circa 1960s
McGowan, Thomas A. Thomas A. McGowan Papers, 1977-2011, undated
McInturff, T.K. T.K. McInturff Photograph, 1869
McQueen, Stanley R. Stanley R. McQueen Short Stories, undated
Modern Kentucky Rifle Inserts R.H. McCrory Inserts for The Modern Kentucky Rifle, 1962
Michael, Philip B. Philip B. Michael Ledger and Papers, 1855-1904, undated
Meaney, Peter Peter Meaney Correspondence, 1980
Mast Store Student Project Pat Beaver and Neva Specht's Mast Store Student Project, 1911-2008, undated
Mountain State Story Radio Program Mountain State Story Radio Program Papers, undated
Mountain State Schools Mountain State Schools School Building Bonds, 1956 - 1966
Mountain Retreat Association Mountain Retreat Association Prospectus and Letter, 1898
Mountain Music by Seven Artists Mountain Music Recording, undated
Mountain Home Music Mountain Home Music, Inc. Collection, 1988-2002, undated
Morgan County, West Virginia Morgan County, West Virginia Delinquent County Tax Lists, circa 1845
Moonshining in Burke County Moonshining in Burke County: The Career of N.C. ABC officer Fred Hennessee, 1960 - 1989
Monta Vista Memory Gardens Monta Vista Memory Gardens Zinc Reverse Print Blocks, undated
Moore, Emma Miss Emma Moore's A.S.T.C. Scrapbook, 1907 - 1957
Miscellaneous Oral History Transcripts Miscellaneous Oral History Transcripts, 1973 - 1984
Miscellaneous Church Records Miscellaneous Church Records, 1791 - 1991, undated
Mineral, Gas and Oil Leasing and Exploration Mineral, Gas and Oil Leasing and Exploration (Western North Carolina) Scrapbook, 1970-1982
Merce Cunningham Dance Company Merce Cunningham Dance Company Papers, circa 1997
Mercantile Coupon Book Mercantile Coupon Book, circa 1940s
Matewan Development Center Matewan Development Center Records, 1989-1995
Mast General Store Mast General Store Ledgers and Records, 1867-1982, undated
Massanutten Academy Massanutten Academy Speech, 1923
Marion College Marion College Financial Ledgers, 1916-1941
Map Showing Proposed Lot Layout on Property of C.J. French and Mrs. J.B. Givens (Giles County, Va.) Map Showing Proposed Lot Layout on Property of C.J. French and Mrs. J.B. Givens (Giles County, Va.), undated
Mammoth Cave National Park Mammoth Cave National Park Collection, 1989-1990
Mabel Methodist Episcopal Church Mabel Methodist Episcopal Church, South Sunday School Records, 1886-1935
Miller, Loyd Franklin and Ola Mains (Miller) Loyd Franklin Miller and Ola Mains (Miller) Papers, 1925-1945, undated
Morehouse, Kathleen Kathleen Morehouse Political Autograph Collection, 1919-1974
McQueen, Junell N. Junell N. McQueen Under a Southern Sky manuscript, undated
McTeer, Will A., Judge Judge Will A. McTeer Obituary, 1971
Murphy, Joseph R. Joseph R. Murphy Audiovisual Recordings and Papers, 1967-1992, undated
Muncy, John John Muncy Genealogy by Jess Wilson, undated
Miller, Joe Joe Miller Papers, 1994-1996
Morgan, J.T. (John T.) J.T. (John T.) Morgan Papers, 1876-1945, undated
Mason, J.M. J.M. Mason Papers, 1888
McAlear, Hugh Hugh McAlear, Appointment Certificate as Allegany County, Maryland Coroner, February 20, 1844
Muder, Florence Page Florence Page Muder Papers, undated
Muncy, Estle Pershing Estle Pershing Muncy Seasons Greetings Booklet, circa 1987
Miller, Edna H. Edna H. Miller Winston-Salem Presbytery Church Work Papers, 1963-1976, undated
McKee, T.K., Dr. Dr. T.K. McKee Medical Ledger and Papers, 1897-1904
Michael, Doris Martin Gabbard Doris (Miz M) Martin Gabbard Michael, Photographs, Poem and Sketches, 1938-2003
McMillan, Debra B. Debra B. McMillan Papers, circa 1930-1997
Mielke, David David Mielke Papers, 1973-1990, undated
Monongalia County, West Virginia County Court Records for Monongalia County, West Virginia, 1802 - 1842
Moses, Charles Griffith Charles Griffith Moses Contract Jingles booklet, 1939
Marlowe, Catherine Catherine Marlowe Shawl Photographs, undated
Musser, Carl Wilson Carl Wilson Musser, Sr., The Lutheran Church in the Great Valley of Virginia until 1776, circa 1950
McMillon, Bobby Bobby McMillon Collection, 1968 - 1973, undated
McFarland, Betty Betty McFarland Papers, 1958-1975, undated
M'town Bible Baptist Church Benefit for M'town Bible Baptist Church Recordings, July 1990
McDermitt, Barbara Barbara McDermitt Papers, 1983-1993
Master, Arthur C. Arthur C. Master Papers, November 7, 1887
Miller, Annie Dobbin and Willett Annie Dobbin and Willett Miller Farm Collection, 1830-1970
Mistake of Young Men "The Mistake of Young Men," 1896 - 1958
Masterpiece "The Masterpiece," undated
Mother Memories Sheet Music "Mother Memories" Sheet Music, circa 1930
Many a Man's Been Murdered by the Rail Road "Many a Man's Been Murdered by the Rail Road" Song, 1890