Finding Aids in the Appalachian Collection

Main Namesort descending Title
R.F. Greene Hardware Store R.F. Greene Hardware Store Ledger, 1929-1931
R.W. Dickenson & Company R.W. Dickenson & Company Ledgers, 1892-1902
Railroad Maps and Blueprints Railroad Maps and Blueprints Collection, 1902-1996, Undated
Randolph Avenue Overhead Randolph Avenue Overhead (Elkins, WV) Blueprints, 1937
Rash, Ron Ron Rash, "Good Friday, 1995, Driving Westward," poem,
Ray, Dr. Charles A. Charles A. Ray Papers, undated
Read, Thomas Thomas Read Storytelling Collection, circa 1970
Rector, Danielle Erin Danielle Erin Rector Original Fieldwork with my Grandmother, Elva Hart McMannis, 2008
Reed Island Iron Company Reed Island Iron Company Records, 1888 - 1908, undated
Reedy, Jack and James Wise Jack Reedy and James Wise Poster, circa 1928
Reese, Thomas Thomas Reese Railroad and Printing Collection, 1883-2009 (bulk, 1930-1990)
Reeves, Eleanor Baker Eleanor Baker Reeves Collection, 1806-1859
Regent, John John Regent Letter, circa 1860s
Regimental Roster Regimental Roster: Roll of Honor of West Virginia Soldiers who fought for the Lost Cause, 1883
Reminiscences of Joseph P. Lyle "Reminiscences of Joseph P. Lyle, Soldier" oral history as told by Carrie Summers Smith, undated
Resolutions of Pin League to John Ross Resolutions of Pin League to John Ross, 9 August 1864
Return of An Angel: A Play in Two Acts Return of An Angel: A Play in Two Acts script, 2005
Reynolds, Nancy Lee Frye Nancy Lee Frye Reynolds Diary, 1935-1943
Rhea School Rhea School Collection, 1912
Rhymer, Johnny Johnny Rhymer Music and Papers, 1869-2004, undated
Rice, John A. John Andrew Rice Papers, 1711 - 2004, undated (bulk 1932-1959)
Riddle, John Photograph of John Riddle's Children Standing on Tweetsie Engine, July 4, 1909
Rivers-Coffey, Rachel Rachel Rivers-Coffey Photographs of Baby, Sugar Maple Tree, undated
Roanoke College Roanoke College Promotional Advertisement, 1867
Roanoke Life Saving and First Aid Crew, Inc. Roanoke Life Saving and First Aid Crew, Inc. Photograph, undated
Roanoke National Business College Roanoke National Business College Postcard, undated
Robinson, Cassie M. Cassie M. Robinson Papers, 2002
Robinson, John John Robinson Letters, September 1905
Rockwell, Paul A. Paul A. Rockwell Manuscript, 1956
Rollin Chemical Company Rollin Chemical Company Ledger, 1785 - 1917
Rominger, Luray Greene Luray Greene Rominger and Grace Wilkens Oral History Interviews, 2001
Rosenblatt Piano Company Rosenblatt Piano Co. Salesman Trade Card, circa 1900
Ross, Carl Carl Ross Papers, 1866-1989, undated
Ross, Charlotte Charlotte Ross Papers, undated
Ross, John John Ross Correspondence, 1857
Roswell Presbyterian Church Roswell Presbyterian Church Collection, 1979 - 1989, undated