Finding Aids in the Appalachian Collection

Main Namesort descending Title
S. Spencer Moore Company S. Spencer Moore Co. (Mary Stafford) Receipt, undated
S.G.S. S.G.S. Poetry and Papers, 1933-1949, undated
Sabbath School Institute Sabbath School Institute Papers, 1880
Sansbury, Isaac Isaac Sansbury Diary, 1864
Sasser, Jim Senator Jim Sasser Papers relating to the Melungeon Tribes of Tennessee, 1891-1979, undated
Sawyer, Charles J. Ltd. Charles J. Sawyer Ltd Receipt, March 27, 1922
Scholze, Robert Robert Scholze Tannery Papers, February 10, 1939
Scott, William Stewart William Stewart Scott Papers, 1947-2003, undated
Scottsboro Boys Scottsboro Boys Collection, 1931-1941, undated
Second Union of the Melungeons Second Union: A Melungeon Gathering Papers, 1997-1999, undated
Seniority of Roanoke Shop Employees Seniority of Roanoke Shop Employees Covered by the Mechanical Department Association Agreement, 1943 - 1956
Settle, Mary Lee Mary Ann Settle Learning to Fly: A Writer's Memoir drafts, 2005
Sevierville Academy Sevierville Academy, Sevierville, Tennessee, Broadside, 1852
Shannondale Springs, West Virginia H.C. Getzendanner's Shannondale Springs Photograph Album, 1909
Shapiro, Henry Henry D. Shapiro Papers, 1903 - 2000, undated
Shaw, Lewis Lewis Shaw Materials, 1984, undated
Shelbourne, J.W. Farm Map J.W. Shelbourne Farm Map, 1926
Shenandoah County, Virginia Shenandoah County, Virginia Gasoline and Service Station Account Ledger, 1952-1954
Shepherd, John T. John T. Shepherd Papers, 1887 - 1950, undated
Shoemaker, Isaac Isaac Shoemaker Financial Papers, 1857-1892
Shook, Zeb Zeb Shook Papers, 1914-1994, undated
Shore family Shore Family Papers, 1924-1927, undated
Short, Louise Louise Short, Virginia, Diary, 1933
Shuford Hardware Company Shuford Hardware Company Document, 1893
Shull's Mill Shull's Mill Papers, 1801-1953, undated
Shull, Sarah Louisa Sarah Louisa Shull Photograph, 2007, undated
Shulls Mills Shulls Mills Photographs, undated.
Shulls Mills Feed and Grain Company Shulls Mills Feed and Grain Company Records, 1916-1970
Sibole, P.B. P.B. (Presley Barton) Sibole Papers, 1854
Signal Mountain Hotel Signal Mountain Hotel, Tennessee, Promotional Pamphlet, circa 1922
Skaggs Family Skaggs Family Store Records and P.H. Skaggs Papers, 1831-1898, undated
Slone, Pedro T. Pedro T. Slone Papers, 1943-1969
Sloop Memorial Hospital Sloop Memorial Hospital Housing Grant, 1973 - 1984
Smith, Tony Tony Smith Short Stories, 2006-2007
Smoky Mountain Forest Reserve Association Smoky Mountain Forest Reserve Association Letter to John Mason Clarke, June 23, 1924
Smyth County, Virginia Smyth County, Virginia Lifetime Collection, 1833-1991, undated.
Smyth, Tobias Tobias Smyth and Charles Scott Timber Agreement, 1862
Snyder, H.L. H.L. Snyder Presentation, January 2000
Sommers, Camden Camden Sommers Letter,
Southern Anthropological Society Southern Anthropological Society Session Recordings, April 15-16, 1982
Southern Appalachian Historical Association Southern Appalachian Historical Association Records, 1943 - 2004, undated
Southern Insurance and Savings Society Southern Insurance and Savings Society of Petersburg, Virginia Papers, November 2, 1863
Southern Ohio Hiking Trip Southern Ohio Hiking Trip Photograph Album
Southern Oral History Program Southern Oral History Program Collection, 1977-1980, undated
Southern Railway and Danville & Western Railway Good Roads Train Postcard, 1911,
Southern Railway System Southern Railway System Trip Passes, 1943-1970
Sow's Ear Press Records Sow's Ear Press Records, 1977-2004, undated
Spalding Official Basketball Score Book Spalding Official Basketball Score Book, 1924-1925
Speculation Land Company Speculation Land Company Records, 1768 - 1992, undated
Spence, Ruth Ruth Spence Souvenir Hat, undated
Spencer, William Gilbert Dr. William Gilbert Spencer Photograph Collection, circa 1956-1990, undated
Springs of West Virginia The Springs of West Virginia Speech, April 1960
St. Lawrence, Anita Stanberry, Ancestral Charts and Papers of Stanbery/Stanberry-Younce Families Stanbery/Stanberry-Younce Families Ancestral Charts and Papers, 2001-2002
St. Pauls Farm and Industrial School St. Paul's Farm and Industrial School Collection, 1906 - 1907
Staley, Adam Adam Staley's Southern Claims Commission Collection, 1873 - 1897
Staley, Frank Staley Estate Papers, 1834 - 1960
Stamps-Baxter Music and Printing Company Music Books and Hymnals Suppliers Papers, circa 1972
Stanhope S. Johnson and R.O. Brannan Architects Stanhope S. Johnson and R.O. Brannan, Architects Collection, circa 1900-1925,
Stanton Iron Works Staunton Iron Works and Burke's Iron Works Records, March 1871-June 1873
Stephens and Sexton Stephens and Sexton Document, 1901
Stevens, Edward Edward Stevens Papers, undated
Stevens, Randy Randy Stevens Collection of Railway Publications, Papers and Calendars, 1988-2008
Stevenson, Alabama Cockfighting Illustration Stevenson, Alabama Cockfighting Illustration, circa 1937
Stoneman, Ernest Ernest "Pop" Stoneman Collection, undated
Stoneman, William, Family William Stoneman Family Letters, 1861
Stonewall Jackson Institute Stonewall Jackson Institute Alpha Beta Phi Society Papers, November 26, 1906
Storer College Storer College Programs, February 1920 - May 1920
Stout, Patrick Pat Stout photographs of Robert Bradshaw,
Stout, Samuel Samuel Stout Gate Pass for Russell Old Court & Abingdon Turnpike, October 5, 1867
Strider, Eliza Carrico Eliza Carrico Strider Photograph, 1866
Stuart, Jesse Jesse Stuart Collection, 1932-1986, undated
Sturgill, Virgil Virgil Sturgill Papers and Audiovisual Materials, 1919 - 1985, undated
Sugar Grove Church Sugar Grove Church Treasurer's Reports, 1950-1951
Sullivan County, Tennessee Sullivan County, Tennessee, Automobile Privilege License, 1918
Summer on Winsome Mountain "Summer on Winsome Mountain" Photograph, 1986
Summers County, WV, Music Project Summers County, WV, Music Project, 1981
Summers, L.P. L.P. Summers Letter, 1932
Sutherland, E.G. E.G. Sutherland Papers, June 1897-April 1900
Sweet, James S. James S. Sweet Papers, 1930-2003