Academic Affairs

Office of Summer Sessions Records, 1961-2005

The Office of Summer Sessions currently coordinates and administrates ASU's summer academics. The Office of Summer Sessions Records contain historical, administrative and promotional material dating 1961-2005, with bulk dates of 1983-1994.

Office of Conferences and Institutes Records, 1958-2001

The Office of Conferences and Institutes provides quality support services to faculty, students, staff and external clients who are involved in the development and implementation of credit and non-credit educational and recreational programs. These records contain information files, correspondence, program files and other official forms, dating 1958-2001, with bulk dates of 1978-1995.

Division of Continuing Education Records, 1964-1998

The Office of Continuing Education (named The Division of Educational Outreach and Summer Programs as of 2008) was established as early as 1974 and provides access to a continuum of educational and enrichment experiences for individuals outside the confines of the residential academic year, through field-based courses, conferences, camp programs, summer sessions offerings, and professional development programs. The Office of Continuing Education Records contain mostly administrative files and program information dating 1964-1998.

Office of International Education and Development Records, 1973-2003

The Office of International Education and Development (OEID) operates within Student Affairs and includes: Appalachian Overseas Education Programs, International Outreach, International Research and Development, International Student Exchange & Study Abroad, and International Students & Scholar Services. These records contain administrative, planning and informational documents pertaining to international programs and endeavors carried out by the office, dating 1973-2003.

Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning Records, 1960-2004

The Office of Institutional Research, Assessment & Planning operates within Academic Affairs, and has existed under its current name since 2001. It has previously operated as the Office of Long Range Planning, the Office of University Planning and the Office of Institutional Research and Planning. These records contain mostly files created in the process of generating reports including statistical data files, self-studies files, and planning/project files, dating 1962-2004.

Office of Equity, Diversity, and Compliance Records, 1967-1997

The Office of Equity, Diversity and Compliance (EDC) is charged with ensuring that the dignity of students, employees and campus visitors is upheld, equal access to education and employment is guaranteed, respectful treatment is assured, and an appreciation of differences is fostered for all members of the university community. These records contain mostly administrative files and reports/surveys concerning initiatives of the office.

Office of Computer and Management Services Records, 1979-1991

The Office of Computer and Management Services began in 1979 in the Division of Academic Affairs and handled some record-keeping functions of the university as well as computer, software and networking implementation on campus. The Computer and Management Services Records contain administrative and correspondence files dating 1979-1991.

Office of Academic Affairs Records, 1962-2009

Academic Affairs oversees functions and offices relating to the academic operations of ASU and the head of the office is the Provost, who reports directly to the Chancellor. The Office of Academic Affairs Records contain a variety of administrative, planning, financial, committee/council, subject, calendar, report and correspondence files, dating 1962-2009, though most of the files date to the 1980s and 1990s.

Instructional Technology Center Records, 1978-2003

The Instructional Technology Center (ITC) was formed in 1976 under the Division of Academic Affairs, and consisted of Creative Services, Distance Learning and Video Services, Online Service, Public Services, and Support Services. The Instructional Technology Center Records contain some and administrative and correspondence files as well as nearly 30 videos in varying formats, dating 1978-2003.

The Hubbard Center for Faculty Development Records, 1961-1993

Founded in 1975, the Hubbard Center is one of the oldest continuously funded and operating faculty development offices in the country. The Hubbard Center for Faculty Development is a unit within the Office of Academic Affairs and reports to the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs. The Hubbard Center for Faculty Development Records contain project files, committee and council files, correspondence, and grant files, dating 1961-1993.