Business Affairs

New River Light and Power Company Research Project, 1987-2006

Dr. Michael Wade's graduate students in 1987 conducted interviews of New River Light and Power Company employees. The transcripts along with research on New River Light and Power Company were utilized by his graduate students in his 2006 Seminar in Oral History class to complete the "Research Design for the History of the New River Light and Power Company" document in December 2006.

Office of Design and Construction Records, 1988-2002

The Office of Design and Construction was created in 1996 as a separate operating unit within Business Affairs, carrying out some of the operations that used to be undertaken by the Physical Plant. These records contain documents related to daily operation of the office, files pertaining to projects carried out by the office, and a variety of administrative documents, and date 1988-2002.

Blueprints and Architectural Drawings, 1928-2010

The provenance of these records is varied, but all of these records pertain to the buildings and campus of Appalachian. Design, maintenance and construction on the campus of Appalachian State University is generally carried out by the Physical Plant. The blueprints and drawings in this collection date 1928-2010.

Physical Plant Records, 1931-2003

The Physical Plant, within Business Affairs, has been in operation since at least 1971, and its purpose is to create an aesthetically pleasing, environmentally sound, and energy efficient physical environment for the campus community. The Physical Plant Records contain a wealth of material relating to projects undertaken by the Physical Plant as well as files relating to daily operations. Though the files date 1931-2003, many of the files date between 1967 and 1994.

New River Light and Power Company Records, 1967-1987

The New River Light and Power Company, a non-profit subsidiary of Appalachian State University, was formed in 1915 and continues to provide electricity to customers in the town of Boone and surrounding community. This collection contains files regarding the operation of the New River Light and Power Company and includes general correspondence, accounting information, rate increases, long-range plans, and various reports.

Office of Business Affairs Records, 1925-2003

The Office of Business Affairs is an administrative division within Appalachian State University.Their mission is to provide the most effective and efficient accounting and budgeting of the university's financial resources, while also providing exemplary services that maintain the support necessary for the infrastructure, safety and physical operation of the campus. The Office of Business Affairs Records contain mostly administrative and correspondence files, dating 1925-2003, with bulk dates of 1964-2000.

Business Affairs. New York Loft and App House Records, 1981-1993

Appalachian State University has operated the New York Loft since 1974, and operated the App House (in Washington, D.C.) from 1974-2003; both serve(d) as lodging facilities primarily for ASU students, faculty and staff. The records of Business Affairs: New York Loft and App House contain correspondence and financial files, dating 1981-1993.