Faculty and Staff Papers

American Military History Course Records, 2007-2011

This collection stems from a class assignment for the American Military History class (original designation was HIS 3533 - American Military History) developed by Dr. Judkin Browning of the History Department at Appalachian State University. The Amerian Military History Course Records consist of pre-battle and post-battle correspondence of the battle participants, journal entries, medicial reports, roll calls, neutral observers' accounts, photographs, and the final paper "battle histories" relating to the Battle of Durham Park.

Faculty Senate Records, 1967-2006, Undated

The Faculty Senate Records collection contains files collected by the chairs of the Senate of the actions of the Senate, Board of Governors, Board of Trustees, and Faculty Assembly of the University of North Carolina. More files will be added as archival copies are collected. At the present, the Faculty Senate Records contain mostly administrative files and meeting minutes dating 1967-2006.