Student and Alumni Papers

J. Paul Winkler Scrapbooks, 1934-1973

J. Paul Winkler was a graduate of Appalachian State Teacher's College and was instrumental in organizing the Burke County chapter of alumni. The J. Paul Winkler Scrapbooks, created by Winkler himself, are predominately related to the Appalachian State Teachers College football team, but also includes information realted other ASTC athletic teams and to the college.

Ella W. Thompson and Lloyd L. Hobbs Collection, 1909-2007

Ella W. Thompson and her husband Dr. Lloyd LeRoy Hobbs were students at Appalachian State Teacher's College from 1933 to 1937. This collection of scrapbooks, memorabilia and publications documents their experiences at ASTC including correspondence with family and friends.

Mildred Teague Papers, 1941-1945

The Mildred Teague Papers contain the letters, photographs, and yearbooks of former Appalachian State Teachers College student Mildred Elizabeth Teague of Boone, North Carolina. The letters detail life during World War II as written by her brother Horace Greeley "Butch" Teague.

Anna Boyce Phillips Papers, 1900-1994

The Anna Boyce Phillips Papers contain programs, photographs, and news clippings dating from the early 1900s to the late 1990s relating to events at Appalachian State Teachers College, particularly recitals, commencement, and Winkler Hall dedication.

Louise Parks' Scrapbook, 1928-1931

Louise Parks, from Huntersville, NC, was a student at Appalachian State Teachers College from 1929-1934. This scrapbook dates from 1928-1931, in which she documents the activities she was involved with. The collection contains various candy wrappers, letters, cards, programs, postcards, and poems that Miss Parks glued to the scrapbook pages.

James Franklin Haynes Memories of Appalachian State, undated

James Franklin Haynes began his teaching career after attending a six week summer course at Appalachian State Normal School in 1912. This collection contains exerpts of letters witten by Haynes to his daugher Mary Hayes Dalton in which he writes of his memories of attending Appalachian State Normal School.

Mary Elizabeth Hackney Collection, 1930-1941

Mary Elizabeth Hackney of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, attended Appalachian State Teachers College. Her collection contains the correspondence, ephemera, diploma, photographs, and other items related to Appalachian State Teachers College from 1930 to 1941.

Gregory and Agnes Bussiere Collection, 1940-2006

Agnes Bussiere was a member of the ASTC class of 1942. Upon her death in 2006, her husband Gregory wrote to "Appalachian Today" and included three photos, presumably from Agnes' time at ASTC. That letter and the three photos comprise this collection.

Carolyne Hamlin Badgett Letters, 1957-1958

Carolyne Jane Hamlin Badgett graduated from Appalachian State Teachers College with a B. S. degree in 1961. This collection consists of photocopies of letters written to Carolyne Hamlin Badgett during her freshman year of college at ASTC.