University History and Memorabilia

Dougherty Clothing Collection, 1900s-1930s

This collection includes a variety of clothing from the early 1900s through the 1930s, primarily adult women’s clothing.

University Archives Oral History Collection, 1956-2000, Undated

This collection contains oral history interviews conducted between 1956 and 2000. This oral history collections includes primarily former administrators, faculty, staff, retirees and students of Appalachian State University. Found in this collection are interviews of significant people like B.B. Dougherty, Satie Broyhill, Cratis Williams, Herbert Wey, Francis Borkowski, W.H. Plemmons, and Dr. Richard Howe. Many interviews conducted by the University Archivist, Ruth Currie.

Appalachian State University Memory Project, 2006-2017, Undated

The Appalachian State University Memory Project Records consists of oral histories documenting Appalachian State University and its surrounding community. This collection contains memories and biographical sketches of alumna, administrators, community members, faculty and staff connected to Appalachian State University.  The collection's oral histories were conducted between 2006 and 2017.  This collection continues to be an ongoing project.

University Archives Ephemera Collection, 1924-present

The University Archives Ephemera Collection contains ephemeral material, mostly posters and flyers, produced by and/or related to activities sponsored the University itself, clubs, organizations, groups, or partners of Appalachian State University, dating 1924-2012.  

University Photograph Collection, 1920-2007

The University Photograph Collection contains several accessions and photograph collections that come from a variety of sources, but are generally of or relate to ASU's campus, students and activities. The photos date 1920-2007, though several are undated.

University Deeds, 1900-2000

Appalachian State University received its current name on July 1, 1967, transforming over the years from a small teachers' college to a multi-disciplinary university. The University Deeds collection contains the original deeds to properties belonging to the university as well as supporting documentation, copies and abstracts of the deeds, notes and correspondence, title analysis, maps and drawings of property, certifications, and contracts.

University Charter Documents, 1903-1999

Appalachian State University was founded in 1899 as the Watauga Academy, and underwent several name changes over the years as the school transitioned from a small teachers' college to a multi-disciplinary university. This collection includes photocopies of the original charter documents, as well as various other documents concerning the history, charter, and organization of ASU and its predecessors.

Lectures, Concerts, and Events Audio-Visual Collection, 1949-2002

Lectures, Concerts, and Events Audio-Visual Collection contains audiovisual recordings in varying formats, and on a wide variety of subjects, dating 1949-2002. Events and subjects of the recordings include: football, the library, lectures and seminars, musical performances, and other special events, mostly on ASU's campus.

Dougherty Family Bible, 1901

This collection contains the family Bible of Lillie Shull and Blanford Barnard (B.B.) Dougherty. B.B. Dougherty founded Watauga Academy in 1899 along with his brother D.D., and developed the institution in to Appalachian State Teachers College, and what would become Appalachian State University.

Development of Public Education in Watauga County, N.C. Manuscript, circa 1976

This collection contains the draft manuscript for the booklet "Development of Public Education in Watauga County, N.C." edited by Tom Corbitt of the ASU News Bureau and published in 1976.