University History and Memorabilia

Centennial Campaign Records, 1963-1999

The Centennial Campaign at Appalachian State University was a yearlong event in 1999, to celebrate the hundred year anniversary of the founding of the institution. The Centennial Campaign Records contain planning and administrative documents, publications, ephemera, and photo scans concerning the Centennial Campaign and celebration.

Appalachian State University Artifacts Collection, 1867-2000

Appalachian State University was originally founded as Watauga Academy in 1899, and grew into a multidisciplinary university, becoming part of the UNC system in 1968. This collection of artifacts spans a wide range of material types and dates (1867-2000) and many of the accessions that compose this collection contain a single item.

Appalachian Training School Collection, 1900-1931

Appalachian Training School, a predecessor of Appalachian State University, operated from 1903 to 1925 focusing on teacher training. This collection contains property deeds for the school, a brochure promoting the school signed by B. B. Dougherty, student class constitution and minutes, library records, and a student magazine.

Appalachian State Teachers College Records, 1927-1967

Appalachian State Teachers College, established in 1929 as a four-year college, was the precursor to Appalachian State University. The Appalachian State Teachers College Records include items such as early documents, correspondence, publications, speeches, and commencement addresses.

Annie Dougherty Rufty Letters, 1979

Annie Dougherty Rufty (1903-2001) was one of four children of D. D. Dougherty and Lillie Shull Daughertry. This collection contains correspondence and a 1905 summer term card.

Brown-Scoggins Collection, 1866-2003

The Brown-Scoggins collection contains papers, photographs, documents, and artifacts spanning the history of Appalachian State and Watauga County from the 19th Century to the early 21st. Much of the collection is devoted to the Dougherty, Brown, and Bartlett families with an emphasis on concerning B. B. and D. D. Dougherty, founders of what would become Appalachian State University.