Guide to the James Thomas Broyhill Papers, 1957-1991, undated

Summary Information

Title: James Thomas Broyhill Papers, 1957-1991, undated
Collection: AC.100
Extent: 535 linear feet (1,132 boxes)

James Thomas Broyhill (August 19, 1927- ), a Representative and a Senator from North Carolina. Born in Lenoir, North Carolina to James Edgar and Satie Hunt Broyhill. Elected November 1962 as a Representative to the Eighty-eighth and to the eleven succeeding Congresses. Second longest acting Congressman in the history of North Carolina. Resigned as a Representative July 14, 1986 upon appointment to the United States Senate to fill the vacancy caused by the death of John East. Served as State Senator from July 14, 1986 to November 10, 1986. Unsuccessful candidate for election to the Senate seat in 1986. Served as the Secretary, North Carolina Department of Economic and Community.

Creator: Broyhill, James Thomas, 1927-

Biographical/Historical Note

James Thomas Broyhill was born August 19th, 1927 in Lenoir, N.C. to James Edgar (Ed) and Satie Hunt Broyhill. Broyhill attended the Lenoir public schools and continued his education at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill where he earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration in 1950. From 1945-1962 he was employed by the Broyhill Furniture Industries in a number of capacities including sales, production and personnel. Broyhill was active in the Lenoir Chamber of Commerce, serving as President for two terms, board member for two terms, and member of several committees. In 1957 he was the recipient of the Lenoir Jaycee Young Man of the Year Award.

In 1951 James Broyhill married Louise Robbins of Durham, N.C. They have three children: Marilyn, Ed, and Philip.

On January 3, 1963 James T. Broyhill was elected to the United States House of Representative from the 9th Congressional district of North Carolina. After the 1968 redistricting, Broyhill was elected from the 10th district which included Alexander, Avery, Burke, Caldwell, Catawba, Cleveland, Gaston, and Watauga counties. During his career in the House he served as the ranking member of the Energy and Commerce Committee and of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee.

Broyhill resigned as a Representative July 14, 1986 upon appointment to the United States Senate to fill the vacancy caused by the death of John East. Broyhill served as Senator from July 14, 1986 to January 1987. He was an unsuccessful candidate for election to the Senate seat in 1986. Broyhill served as the Chairman of the North Carolina Economic Development Board, 1987-1989 and as the North Carolina Secretary of Commerce, 1989-1991.

In retirement, Senator Broyhill is still active in serving his community and state. He has served as a member of the Board of Visitors to the Bowman Gray/Baptist Hospital Medical Center (Winston-Salem, N.C.), the Board of Visitors of the Babcock MBA School of Management at Wake Forest University, and the Board of Directors of the North Carolina Food Bank (Winston-Salem, N.C.). He has also served as the Chairman of the North Carolina steering committee named "North Carolinians for Jobs and Progress" and served on the board of directors of three privately held companies. In November, 1993, the N.C. Republican party inducted James Broyhill into the North Carolina Republican Hall of Fame.

In 2000, Senator Broyhill was named Honorary Appalachian Alumnus in recognition of his lifetime achievements and of his service to Appalachian State University. Broyhill served on Appalachian's Board of Trustees for eight years (one year as Chairman) and sits on the Appalachian State University Foundation Board of Directors. He has also been involved with An Appalachian Summer and the Alliance for Teaching Science project in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Scope and Contents

The Broyhill Papers contain the political papers generated during Broyhill's twenty-six year term as a U. S. Representative between 1963 and 1986, six months as a U. S. Senator in 1986, and his term as North Carolina Secretary of the Department of Commerce. The collection contains legislative and general subject files, correspondence, press releases, speeches, political files, academy applications, and photographs. There are also campaign files. Files containing restricted information are noted in the finding aid with a duration of restriction.

The collection is presented in the order established by Broyhill's office staff. It is primarily divided chronologically by congressional term, with some anomalous subdivisions, and alphabetically within each division. Materials are divided predominantly into General and Legislative files, with additional divisions being Political and Post Office files. Legislative files include unofficial committee papers. General and legislative files contain subjects under political consideration during the specific period they were created, including social events, environmental issues like toxic waste disposal, Superfund, air and water pollution, agriculture, trade and commerce, communications, veteran's affairs, foreign affairs including the Middle East, the Soviet Union, and Vietnam, fossil fuels and alternate energy sources, govenrment agencies, organizations like the Ku Klux Klan and Peace Corps, federal assistance and correspondence with the 10th North Carolina District, and correspondence and information about the presidential administrations of Ford, Carter, Nixon, Reagan, and Kennedy.

Photographs are primarily publicity photographs taken of Broyhill in Washington during public events and appearances. They include photographs of Broyhill with constituents and other politicians and a collection of color photographs on Broyhill's trip to Africa.

Other materials included in the collection include political files, post office files, Washington Reports, Dialcom Telephone Directory entries, press releases, senatorial subject files, and electronic records. Political Files relate to Broyhill's representative campaigns and election results. Post office files concern constituents and districts and are restricted. There are some uncataloged electronic records, audio and video recordings, and artifacts.


These papers are arranged into six main series: Series A, U. S. Senatorial Papers, 1971 - 1986; Series B, U. S. Representative Papers, 1957 - 1986; Series C, NC Secretarial Papers, 1990; Series D, Additions, 1971 - 1991; Series E, Newspaper Clippings, 1963 - 1986; Series F, Audiovisual Materials, 1963 - 1990; and Series G, Separated Materials. The series are organized in the order they arrived at the repository. Organization within Series A, B, and C was established by Broyhill's office staff. Materials in Series E and F were removed from the larger collection by materials type, size, and preservation purposes. They are primarily organized chronologically based on his Congressional terms, with some subdivisions being outside the larger date ranges. They are often subdivided by General Files, marked "G/", Legislative Files, marked "L/," and Political Files, marked "P/."

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for use in the Dougherty Reading Room. An appointment for research is recommended. The Dougherty Reading Room is located on the 4th floor of Belk Library in Special Collections.

Acquisitions Information

The bulk of the papers were received from the Federal Records Center and the Senatorial Office, December 1986-March 1987. Additional materials were received from Senator Broyhill, May 1987-July 1989, July 2001, 2002. All items are the gift of Senator James Thomas Broyhill. This collection was opened to the public in 1999. 2002 addendum items, newspaper articles and two 1975 magazines are stored in oversize and in autograph boxes.

Processing Information

Processed by Elizabeth Cramer and Kathryn Staley, 1999; Student assistants: Amanda Deal, Carolyn Muller, Tyler Patrick, Richard Evey, Jr., and Chris Watford. Encoded by Kathryn Staley and Rachel Critzer, July, 2004

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], AC.100: James Thomas Broyhill, W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection, Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina, USA.

Container List

Series A: Senatorial Papers, 1971-1986 (bulk, 1985-1986)

Series Description: Series A, Senatorial Papers, concern Broyhill's partial term as a senator from July to November 1986, with additional related materials dating from 1971 to 1986. It includes speeches, press releases, and Broyhill's weekly newspaper column, the "Washington Report," in which he reported on his activities and other political events in Washington. Constituent and agency correspondence and Broyhill's replies are organized by the constituent district and an assigned number, which references a standardized form letter used to respond. Voting records and legislative profiles record Broyhill's voting history, sponsored and co-sponsored bills. There is also a 1986 telecommunications directory containing entries for citizens in the North Carolina 10th District, including names and addresses. Subject files include material concerning regional and national issues, including crime, aging, the environment, foreign affairs, trade, health, judiciary, labor, social security, taxes, transportation, veterans, welfare, defense, communications, civil rights, civil service, banking, art, and the economy. There are also legislative files relating to various congressional committees Broyhill was connected to, including Armed Services, Education and Labor, Agriculture, Energy and Commerce, Foreign Affairs, Interior, Judiciary, Small Business, Ways and Means, and Finance. There is also additional information on Superfund, the Tennessee Valley Authority, Clean Water Act, the U. S. Forest Service, AIDS, and Acid Rain.

Container Lists for Series A:

Series A, Subseries 1: Voting Records

Series A, Subseries 2: Legislative Profile

Series A, Subseries 3: Extensions of Remarks

Series A, Subseries 4: Sponsored Bills

Series A, Subseries 5: Press Releases

Series A, Subseries 6: Speeches

Series A, Subseries 7: Washington Reports, 1982-1986

Series A, Subseries 8: Dialcom Master Directories, November 23, 1986

Series A, Subseries 9: Correspondence

Series A, Subseries 10: Subject Files


Series B: Representative Papers, 1957-1986

Series Description: Series B, U. S. Representative Papers, 1957 - 1986, contains papers from Broyhill's 23-year term as a U. S. Representative from 1963 to 1986, covering the 87th through the 99th U. S. Congressional terms. The bulk of the collection consists of constituent correspondence, working papers, campaign materials, speeches, general and legislative files. There are a smaller amount of voting records, casework files, academy files, post office files, and political files. The current organization of the collection was established by the centralized filing system used by Broyhill's office staff. This series is divided into eighteen subseries, most by congressional session and date. Each subseries includes legislative and general files, while some also contain casework files, academy applications, political files, post office files, and photo files. Academy files, casework files, and some district correspondence are restricted. There are also files relating to Broyhill's trips to Vietnam and China, Broyhill's appointment calendars, and personal correspondence.

Series B contains a significant amount of material on regional Appalachia and North Carolina state issues, primarily through correspondence addressing issues important to his congressional district in western North Carolina (including Alexander, Avery, Burke, Caldwell, Catawba, Cleveland, Gaston, and Watauga counties). Specific topics of local interest include agriculture, the Appalachian Regional Commission, the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Tennessee Valley Authority, New River Dam controversy, and the textile industry, as well as localized institutions like the Watauga County Hospital, Broughton Hospital, and Morganton School for the Deaf, the Hickory Airport, local colleges and universities like Western Piedmont, Appalachian State University, Caldwell Technical Institute, and Belmont Abbey College, local attractions such as the Overmountain Victory Trail, Daniel Boone Trail, Horn in the West, Grandfather Mountain, and federal assistance for county projects in the 10th district. There are also materials relating to the state of North Carolina, state agencies, state-wide issues such as health care, education, and road infrastructure, Cape Hatteras and Cape Lookout National Seashores, prisons, recreation, water quality, constituent questionnaires, and agricultural issues like boll weevil infestations, tobacco, cotton and milk prices, and blue mold. There is also a study of epilepsy in North Carolina, the North Carolina Drought of 1977, desegregation at the University of North Carolina, and Broyhill Furniture Industry. Some national topics discussedinclude agriculture, trade, elections, medical care and hospitals, education, budget, veterans affairs, labor, social security, arms control, civil rights, railroads, air and water pollution, welfare, and fossil fuels. Other topics include the the Cold War, the war in Southeast Asia, and foreign affairs in Israel, Ireland, the Middle East, South Africa, Cuba, China, Panama, and the Soviet Union. It also includes many federal agencies related to committees and current events.

The bulk of the series is divided into legislative and general files. Legislative files consist of unofficial papers related to Broyhill's committee work, voting histories, and notes, as well as materials from several related committees. They are labeled "L/" in the container list. Committee papers are organized by committee name, then by topic, and can include notes, research, correspondence, and related materials. Committees include Agriculture, Appropriations, Banking and Currency, Education and Labor, Energy and Commerce, Interstate and Foreign Commerce, Foreign Affairs, Ways and Means, Armed Services, Judiciary, Post Office and Civil Service, Small Business, Interior and Insular Affairs, Government Operations, House Administration, Merchant Marine and Fisheries, Veteran's Affairs, and Public Works. Official committee papers are not contained in individual member's papers but are located in the office of the Clerk of the House or Senate in Washington, D.C.

General files consist of press releases, newspaper clippings, and constituent correspondence addressing issues important to the 10th District. They are marked "G/" in the container list, and contain reference and departmental files maintained by Broyhill's office staff. They include office files, employment and staff information, general topical research, correspondence, and project files. They relate primarily to state or district concerns and often involve projects receiving federal funds. In several instances, sections of the General Files relating to Federal Assistance grants were separated from the general file organization by Broyhill's office. These files generally relate exclusively to projects within the 10th District counties. Correspondence included in legislative files is primarily from constituents concerning various contemporary political issues. Letters are organized by a system of codes referencing the specific reply letters sent for all letters concerning the addressed topic. There are also copies of the standardized opening and closing paragraphs used in the form reply letters sent to constituents. Form letter codes and addressed topics are included in the folder titles. Some correspondence concerning district constituents or containing personal information are restricted. Some discussed subjects include abortion, agriculture, cable television, civil and equal rights, commerce, crime, education, fossil fuels and alternative energy sources, the environment, foreign aid, firearms control, health care, desegregation, labor, nuclear waste disposal, political and postmaster appointments [restricted], Superfund, pollution, taxation, textile industry, tobacco, trade, veterans, voting rights, transportation, product safety, selective service, trucking and railroad strikes, strip mining and mine safety, and aircraft anti-hijacking. Specific events include Vietnam Conflict, Watergate, Three Mile Island, CBS Contempt Citation, Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, Ku Klux Klan, Alaskan pipeline, OPEC, Wounded Knee reparations, Arab boycott, Panama Canal, PLO, Resolution Condemning Terrorist Killings of Israeli School Children, Resolution Prohibiting Unionization of Armed Forces, 55 mph speed limit, War Claims Act, Chrysler Assistance, Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs), Davis Bacon Act, Fast Breeder Reactors, and raising the drinking age to 21. There are also railroad issues such as deregulation, shortline railroads, Rock Island railroad, coal rates, and Amtrack improvement. Veterans affairs files include pensions and other issues with veterans. Soviet Union relations include materials on the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (S.A.L.T.) and arms control and nuclear disarmament.

Other files include Academy, Political, Post Office, and Photograph Indexes. Academy files are primarily applications and correspondence relating to appointments to military service academies. These files often contain resumes, applications, and other personal information, and are restricted for 75 years after their creation. They are organized by date and applicant name (accompanying photographs have been removed to Series F, Subseries 1). Political files, marked "P/" in the container list, largely relate to Broyhill's campaigns and election results. Post office files consist of constituent correspondence concerning mail service, rural routes, patron lists. Many include civil service requests, and are sometimes located within the legislative or general files. Photographs are mostly images of Broyhill with visitors to Washington, D.C., constituents, other politicians, and families. They are separated from the larger collection into Series F, Subseries 1. Separated photographs include photocopies and separation sheets referencing their current location in their original folders. Color photographs are located in cold storage and require advanced notice to view. A photo index including a select list of photographs with dates and names is located in Series B, Subseries 11. Speech files include both speech transcripts and notes made by Broyhill for appearances at official functions, organizations, and events, organized primarily by date. They include, when available, the date and organization or event. Series B, Subseries 18 contains exclusively speeches Broyhill made as a representative at various different organizations and events. They date from 1962 to 1984. Other speeches are located in Series A and Series C.

Container Lists for Series B:

Series B, Subseries 1: 87th - 89th Congress, Legislative and General Files, 1963 - 1966

Series B, Subseries 2: 87th - 89th Congress, General Files, 1963 - 1976

Series B, Subseries 3: 89th - 90th Congress, Legislative Files, 1966 - 1967

Series B, Subseries 4: 90th Congress, General Files, 1967 - 1968

Series B, Subseries 5: 90th Congress, Legislative Files, 1967 - 1968

Series B, Subseries 6: 90th - 91st Congress, 1968 - 1970

Series B, Subseries 7: 92nd Congress, 1971 - 1972

Series B, Subseries 8: 93rd Congress, Legislative Files, 1973-1974

Series B, Subseries 9: 93rd Congress, 1963 - 1968, 1973 - 1974

Series B, Subseries 10: 94th Congress Legislative Files, 1974 - 1976

Series B, Subseries 11: 94th Congress General, Photo, Political Files, 1963 - 1976

Series B, Subseries 12: 94 - 95th Congress, 1970 - 1978

Series B, Subseries 13: 95th Congress, 1977 - 1979

Series B, Subseries 14: 96th Congress, 1978 - 1980

Series B, Subseries 15: 97th Congress, 1980 - 1982

Series B, Subseries 16: 98th Congress, 1957 - 1975, 1982 - 1984

Series B, Subseries 17: 99th Congress, 1984 - 1986

Series B, Subseries 18: Speeches, 1962 - 1984


Series C: North Carolina Secretarial Papers, 1990

Series Description: Series C, NC Secretarial Papers, 1990, includes correspondence, forms, programs, and speeches from Broyhill's term as North Carolina Secretary of Commerce. It contains materials relating to Broyhill's public appearances, including correspondence and scheduling information, research, and speech notes. Speeches are organized by date and include event or sponsoring organization. Secretarial speeches are dated from 1990.

Container List for Series C:

Series C: NC Secretarial Papers, 1990


Series D: Additions, 1971-1991

Series Description: Series D, Additions, 1971 - 1991, contains later additions to the collection after the larger collection was processed. It includes publications, voting records, and correspondence. Subseries 1, Publications 1971 - 1986, includes two 1976 editions of U. S. News and World Reports, testimonials and transcriptions from the impeachment proceedings of Richard Nixon from 1971 to 1973, and copies of Member's Personal Voting Records for James Broyhill for 1973 - 1974. There is also a small collection of largely undated campaign materials, including bumper stickers, a 1986 newsletter, postcards, brochures. Subseries 3, Correspondence 1989 - 1991, is a small collection of correspondence, mostly relating to the Overmountain Victory Trail, along with a letter concerning Broyhill's appearance in the OPEN/net program on Global Air Cargo facility (see Series F, Subseries 2 for VHS copy of presentation), and a letter from the N. C. Department of Natural Resources and Community Development concerning a video recording of Dr. Dennis Swytt.

Container Lists for Series D:

Series D, Subseries 1: Publications, 1971 - 1986

Series D, Subseries 2: Voting Records, 1973 - 1974

Series D, Subseries 3: Correspondence, 1989 - 1991


Series E: Newspaper Clippings, 1963-1986

Series Description: Series E, Newspaper Clippings, 1963 - 1986, contains thirty-five microfilm reels of newspaper articles clipped from various local newspapers concerning Broyhill's terms as a Representative and a Senator. Possibly originally press files, this series includes Broyhill's official press releases and related articles from national and local papers, the Associated Press, and others. Articles come from primarily newspapers from Broyhill's district in North Carolina. Clippings are searchable online by title, subject, newspaper, and date, and will provide the microfilm reel and frame for the article itself. Articles are available only on microfilm. Additional newspaper clippings are found throughout the collection.

Container Lists for Series E:

Series E: Newspaper Clippings, 1963-1986


Series F: Audiovisual Materials

Series Description: Series F, Audiovisual Materials, consists of photographs, video and film, computer media, and artifacts. Subseries 1, Photographs, consists of approximately 1500 black and white and 100 color photographs. Many photographs have descriptions and identifications handwritten or typed on the back. A selection of digitized photographs are available online at Selected Photographs from the James Thomas Broyhill Papers. Photographs include White House photographs, publicity and campaign photographs, public events, other members of Congress, the Blue Ridge Parkway, National Park Servce, head shots of Broyhill, and group photographs of visitors, politicans, friends, and co-workers. Negatives primarily 120 mm film, black and white, and are for printed photographs, arranged by date. Most images include Broyhill, but other people are largely unidentified. However, some of the people are identified on the print versions of the images. Color photographs and negatives are housed separately within a cold storage unit and require advanced notice to view.

Series F, Subseries 2, Video and Film, consists of Beta, VHS, U-MATIC, and 16mm film materials. Video tapes include prerecorded commercial videos and home recordings of films such as Gone with the Wind, Annie, Mary Poppins, Chariots of Fire, and Jaws. It also includes video clips from promotional recordings, debates and interviews, and several unlabeled tapes. There is one 16mm color film of an unidentified and undated speech by Broyhill (Special Collections currently has no hardware for viewing Beta, U-MATIC, or 16mm formats. Contact Special Collections for viewing options). Subseries 3, Audio Recordings, consists of two audio recordings on two different formats, audio cassettes and reel-to-reels. There is a copy of a radio broadcast titled "Operation Patriotism with Alexander Montgomery," and a collection of songs by The Forresters, identified as Pat Brown, George Groove, Jerry McDowell, and Graydon Eggers, recorded from a WFDD broadcast in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Both recordings are on audio cassette and reel-to-reel. Subseries 4, Computer Media, includes an IBM reel of computer tape and three 3 1/2 inch floppy drives of files relating to the Broyhill Brochure created for the Appalachian Collection (Special Collections currently has no hardware for viewing on computer tape).

Series F, Subseries 5, Artifacts, includes three-dimensional objects that have been removed from the collection because of the material type. They include Broyhill's campaign stick pins, two Republican party pins, a silver engraved box, a piece of lead, slug coins, two electrical devices, identified as "2 and 3 Watt register bodies," a metal negative plate of U. S. Senator Thruston B. Morton, and a campaign button with an image of Broyhill and his wife.

Container Lists for Series F:

Series F, Subseries 1: Photographs, 1963 - 1986, undated

Series F, Subseries 2: Video, undated

Series F, Subseries 3: Audio Recordings, 1968, undated

Series F, Subseries 4: Computer Media, undated

Series F, Subseries 5: Artifacts


Series G: Separated Materials

Series Description: Series G, Separated Materials, includes materials separated from the larger collection because of size constraints or security purposes. Subseries 1, Autographed Materials, include letters, telegrams, and photographs signed by national figures. They are separated as a security measure, and photocopies are placed in their originating folders. Originals are restricted unless permission is obtained by the Appalachian Collection Librarian. Subseries 2, Oversize, consists of documents larger than 8" x 14", and are housed separately in the oversize mapcases. Oversize documents are noted throughout the collection by separation sheets which indicate their current location.

Container Lists for Series G:

Series G, Subseries 1: Autographed Materials

Series G, Subseries 2: Oversize