Guide to the Jack Guy Papers, 1972 - 1973, undated

Summary Information

Title: Jack Guy Papers, 1972 - 1973, undated
Collection: AC.137
Extent: 4 linear feet (5 boxes)

The Jack Guy Papers contains audio, photographic, and three-dimensional materials (toys) generated by folk artist and musician Jack Guy of Avery County, North Carolina. The audio recordings contain interviews and music of various Watauga County residents, including Gaither Carlton, Mack Presnell, Tab Ward, Arnold Watson, Willard Watson. The black and white photographs feature Guy's folk toys.

Creator: Guy, Jack

Biographical/Historical Note

Jack Guy (1928-2008) was born to Thomas Guy in the Beech Creek community of Avery County, North Carolina. His company, Guy's Folk Toys Home Industries, made and marketed folk toys for sale. With over 600 employees, Guy's Folk Toys Home Industries sold 50 types of folk toys such as cornshuck dolls, gee-haws, and moonwinders. He was a member of the Beech Mountain Ramblers and recorded many northwestern North Carolina musicians. 

Scope and Contents

The Jack Guy Papers contains audio recordings, photographs, and toys generated by folk artist and musician Jack Guy of Avery County, North Carolina. In the 1960s and 1970s, Guy was part of a Beech Creek movement, which included Gaither Carlton, Mack Presnell, Tab Ward, Arnold Watson, Willard Watson, and Ora Payne Watson, to spread Appalachian culture.

The 35 reel-to-reels, 20 corresponding audiocassettes, and CDs contain interviews and music of various Watauga County residents, including Gaither Carlton, Mack Presnell, Tab Ward, Arnold Watson, Willard Watson. The twenty-five black and white photographs feature Guy's folk toys. Several examples of Guy's folk toys are also included with the collection. User and Archival copies of the recordings are available on CD.  The CDs are numbered according to the corresponding reels and include the names of the performers.  Also included are CDs numbered as Aux A-Aux L, which are duplicates of other reels.


This collection exists in four archival boxes. Boxes 1, 2 & 4 contain the audio originals and copies, with an inventory list of the songs and participants in each. Box 3 contains the photographs and toys.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for use in the Dougherty Reading Room. An appointment for research is recommended. The Dougherty Reading Room is located on the 4th floor of Belk Library in Special Collections. Use of audiovisual materials requires the creation of a user copy, if none exists.

Acquisitions Information

Jack Guy donated this material to the W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection in 1972. This collection was opened to the public on 29 August 2002.

Processing Information

Processed by Kathryn Staley, 2002; Encoded by Kathryn Staley, May 2005, revised 2008; Finding aid updated by Anita Elliott, 2013. This collection was reprocessed as part of a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. The grant funded extensive processing of the backlog within the W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection between 2012 and 2014.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], AC.137: Jack Guy Papers, W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection, Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina, USA.

Container List

Original reel-to-reel recordings, 1972-1973


Tape 1: Gaither Carlton, Tab Ward, Arnold Watson, Roger Galloway [See also Auxiliary Tape A]

Side 1: 1. I'm Sorry For You (GC) 2. Heaven Holds All to Me (GC) 3. I Have No Mother Now (GC) 4. Turkey's Knob (GC) 5. The Arkansas Traveler (GC) 6. The Merry-Go-Round (GC) 7. The Faring Way Stranger [Wayfaring Stranger] (GC) 8. The East Virginia Blues (TW) 9. The Cuckoo Bird (TW) 10. Little Sadie (TW) 11. Little Rabbit (TW) 12. Little Birdie (TW) 13. Ole Molly Hare (TW) 14. A Lost Banjo Tune (AW) 15. Cumberland Gap (AW) 16. Pig In The Pen (AW) 17. Katie Cline (AW) 18. Down The Road (AW) 19. Poor Ellen Smith (AW) 20. Cripple Creek (AW) 21. Archie Won't You Take A Little Cider (GC) 22. The Bonaparte Retreat (GC) 23. In The Beautiful Golden Somewhere (GC) 24. I've Been Waiting Lord To Go (GC) 25. Apple Jack (TW) 26. The Yeller Gal (TW) 27. The Cuckoo Babe (TW) 28. Nigger, Where'd You Come From? (TW) 29. The Biscuit Song (GC, TW) 30. Reuben's Train (GC, TW) 31. Darlin' Corie (GC,TW) 32. John Henry [fragment] (GC,TW)

Side 2: 1. I Will Never Get Home This A-Way (TW) 2. Honey Baby Blues (GC, TW, AW) 3. Honey Baby Blues [with fiddle] (GC, TW, AW) 4. Little Maggie (GC, TW, AW) 5. Goin' Down the Road (GC, TW, AW) 6. Introduction (JG) and Conversation with Roger Galloway 7. Wildwood Flower (RG) 8. Conversation with Roger Galloway 9. In The Pines (RG)

Tape 2: Tab Ward, Will Robinson, Sally Robinson [See also Auxiliary Tape F]

Side 1: 1. Shady Grove (TW) 2. House Carpenter (TW) 3. I Will Never Get Home This A-Way (TW) 4. Oh Johnnie, Poor Johnnie (TW) 5. Fox Hunt (TW) 6. Cuckoo Bird (WR, SR) 7. The Soldier And The Lady (WR, SR) 8. Come In My Own True Love [slight background distortion] (SR) 9. Awake, Awake You Drowsy Sleeper [fragment] (SR) 10. Awake, Awake You Drowsy Sleeper [full recording] (SR) 11. Jack Kennedy [fragment] (WR) 12. Jack Kennedy (WR) 13. The Times, They Change So Fast My Son [fragment] (WR) 14. In Back Of My Eyes (WR) 15. In Back Of My Eyes [fragment] (WR)

Side 2: 1. Poor Ellen Smith (TW) 2. Boy, That Tickles Me (Unknown) 3. [repeat of track 2] 4. I Wish I'd Bought Me A Half-a-Pint and Stayed In The Wagon Yard (Unknown) 5. [repeat of track 4] 6. Buster Jiggs And Sandy Boggs (Unknown) 7. George Collins [background distortion] (TW) 8. Knoxville Girl [inconsistent volume] (TW) 9. The Soldier And The Lady (TW)

Tape 3: Mack Presnell, Jack Guy, Tab Ward, Willard Watson, E.J. Blackburn, Robert Edwards, Charles Moody, Russell Ward, Lonnie Ward, Mrs. Orie Payne [See also Auxiliary Tape K]

Side 1: 1. Introduction of and Conversation with Mack Presnell 2. Poor Ellen Smith (MP) 3. Further Introduction of Mack Presnell 4. Groundhog (MP) 5. Shout Little Lulu/Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (MP) 6.Conversation about Lie-Hew Yonce and fishing in the Watauga County area (JG, MP) 7. Shortnin' Bread (MP) 8. Leave This Country For The Sake Of One Poor Girl (MP) 9. John Hardy 10. New River Train (MP) 11. Conversation about the dulcimer (JG, MP) 12. When You And I Are Young Maggie (MP) 13. Introduction of Leonard Glenn, Edd Presnell, John Sipe- dulcimer makers of Beech Mountain. 14. The Ship That Never Returned (MP) 15. Introduction of Mack Presnell joined by Tab Ward 16. Old Joe Clark (MP, TW) 17. Johnson Boys (MP, TW) 18. Cindy (MP, TW) 19. Introduction (JG) 20. Bye-Bye My Little Bonnie, I'm Gone (MP, TW) 21. Goin' Up Cripple Creek (MP, TW) 22. Whitings Railroad Train [fragment] (MP)

Side 2: 1. Introduction of Willard Watson (JG) 2. Pretty Saro (WW) 3. Conversation with Willard Watson 4. Fox Chase (WW) 5. Ramblin' Hobo (WW) 6. Introduction of E.J. Blackburn and Tab Ward 7. Sourwood Mountain (EJB, TW) 8. Conversation with E.J. Blackburn 9. Cumberland Gap [original version] (EJB, TW) 10. Conversation with E.J. Blackburn 11. Old Turkey Buzzard 12. Conversation with E.J. Blackburn 13. Liza Jane (EJB, TW) 14. Conversation with E.J. Blackburn about Tom Dooley 15. Tom Dooley [original version] (EJB, TW) 16. Pretty Polly [Old Version] (EJB, TW) 17. Sally Ann (EJB, TW) 18. Cacklin' Hen (EJB, TW) 19. There's More Pretty Girls Than One (EJB, TW) 20. Snow Deer (EJB, TW) 21. Conversation with E.J. Blackburn 22. Introduction of Robert Edwards, Charles Moody, Russell Ward. 23. She'll Be Comin' 'Round The Mountain (RE, CM, RW) 24. Buffalo Gals (RE, CM, RW) 25. Introduction of Lonnie Ward (JG) 26. Home Sweet Home (LW, RW) 27. Introduction 28. Tom Dooley 29. Conversation about the Appalachian Folk Night at the Horn In The West Theatre by "Dan'l Boone" of the Horn in The West Theatre cast 30. Cripple Creek (TW, JG with Limberjack toy) 31. Introduction of Jack Guy and Tab Ward 32. Tom Dula [original version] 33. Introduction of Mrs. Orie Payne and Tab Ward 34. Lonesome Road Blues (OP, TW)

Tape 4: Clint Howard, Clarence Howard, Fred Price, Kenneth Price, George Pegram, Ed Norwood, The Rhythm Rangers, John Parker, Miss Lakhsme, Dr. Vasantini, The Rose Brothers, Jack Hunter Smith, Bascom Lamar Lunsford, Arthur Palmer Hudson [side 2, tracks 10-33 were recorded at a folk festival in Chapel Hill hosted by Bascom Lamar Lunsford and Dr. Arthur Palmer Hudson]

Side 1: 1. Good-bye, Good-Luck, God Bless You (CH, CH, FP, KP) 2. Introduction 3. A Little Bit Tight Tonight, But I'll Be All Right Tomorrow (CH, CH, FP, KP) 4. Introduction 5. Little Pal (CH, CG, FP, KP) 6. Little Pal [same as track 5] 7. Introduction 8. Sunny Tennessee (CH, CH, FP, KP) 9. Introduction 10. The Maggie Walker Blues (CH, CH, FP, KP) 11. Introduction 12. Grey Eagle (CH, CH, FP, KP) 13. Introduction 14. John Henry (CH, CH, FP, KP) 15. Introduction 16. The Cuckoo Bird (CH, CH, FP, KP) 17. Introduction 18. The Cuckoo Bird [Old Version] (CH, CH, FP, KP) 19. Introduction 20. The Lee Highway Blues (CH, CH, FP, KP) 21. Nine Pound Hammer (CH, CH FP, KP) 22. Introduction of Ralph Rinzler; Conversation with Willard Watson 23. Roll On Buddy Roll On (CH, CH, FP, KP) 24. Introduction of Doc Watson and Merle Watson 25. Introduction 26. Same Old Man Livin' At The Mill (CH, CH, FP, KP) 27. Old Joe Clark [fragment]

Side 2: 1. Instrumental [Distorted] (Unknown) 2. Lonesome Road Blues (Unknown) 3. When The Saints Go Marching In (Unknown) 4. John Henry [break in recording] (Unknown) 5. Poor Ellen Smith [fragment] (Unknown) 6. Liza Jane [fragment] (Unknown) 7. Liza Jane (Unknown) 8. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss/ Blue Eyed Gal (Unknown) 9. Cindy (Unknown) 10. Introduction (JHS) 11. The White Cockade [features bagpipes] (JHS) 12. Endearing Young Charms; Wearing of the Green (JHS) 13. Introduction of George Pegram (BLL) 14. Cumberland Gap (GP) 15. Hillbilly Fever (GP) 16. Chicken Reel (GP) 17. Introduction of Ed Norwood and The Rhythm Rangers (BLL) 18. Hail, Hail The Gang's All Here [Alabama Jubilee] (ENATRR) 19. At The Home In The North Country (JP) 20. Introduction of John Parker (BLL) 21. The Little Window Where Grandmother Dwells (JP) 22. Introduction of Dr. Hudson, Miss Lakhsme and Dr. Vasantini (BLL, APH) 23. Invocation of Success [Indian Folk Song] (ML) 24. Introduction 25. Indian Folk [Love] Song (ML) 26. Introduction (APH) 27. Flower Song [Indian folk song, sung by flower peddlers in the streets] (ML) 28. Introduction (APH) 29. Harvest Song [Indian thanksgiving song] (ML, DV) 30. Introduction of the Rose Brothers and George Pegram 31. Love and Wealth [breaks in recording] (RB, GP) 32. Orange Blossom Special (RB, GP) 33. Has Anybody Seen My Gal [fragment] (Unknown)

Tape 5: Arlie Watson, Ora Watson, Stanley Hicks, Tab Ward, Clint Howard, Clarence Howard, Fred Price, Kenneth Price

Side 1: 1. Cripple Creek (fragment); Little Red Rocking Chair [break in recording] (ArlW, OW) 2. Lost John (ArlW, OW) 3. John Henry (ArlW, OW) 4. Pretty Polly (ArlW, OW) 5. Orange Blossom Special (ArlW, OW) 6. Sally Ann (ArlW, OW) 7. Tom Dooley (ArlW) 8. Red River Valley (ArlW) 9. Introduction of and converstion with Stanley Hicks 10. Cindy (SH) 11. Introduction 12. John Henry [Old-time version] (SH) 13. Introduction 14. Fox Chase (SH) 15. Down In the Willow Garden (SH) 16. Johnson Boys (SH) 17. Skip To My Lou, My Darling (SH) 18. East Virginia Blues [break in recording; fragment] (SH) 19. Introduction of Tab Ward 20. Pretty Polly (TW) 21. The Cuckoo Bird (TW) 22. Little Sadie (TW) 23. I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow (TW) 24. Shady Grove (TW)

Side 2: 1. Lonesome Road Blues (CH, CH, FP, KP) 2. Conversation 3. Greenback Dollar (CH, CH, FP, KP) 4. Instrumental [features fiddle] (CH, CH, FP, KP) 5. Turkey In The Straw (CH, CH, FP, KP) 6. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (CH, CH, FP, KP) [distortion] 7. Ain't Nobody's Business [distortion] (CH, CH, FP, KP)

Tape 6: Tab Ward, Bill Napier

Side 1: 1. Introduction 2. House Carpenter [break in recording] (TW) 3. Little Maggie (TW) 4. Cluck Old Hen (TW) 5. Country Blues (TW) 6. Sourwood Mountain [features fiddle] (TW) 7. Drunkard's Confession (TW) 8. Pretty Fair Miss In The Garden (TW) 9. Sittin' On Top Of The World (TW) 10. Roamin' Gambler (TW) 11. Muskrat (TW) 12. The Soldier And The Lady (TW) 13. Ellen Smith (TW) 14. Cumberland Gap (TW) 15. Old Rubin (TW)

Side 2: 1.Introduction 2. Introduction [repeat of previous introduction] 3. Cumberland Gap (Unknown) 4. Introduction 5. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again (Unknown, BN) 6. Introduction 7. The Fox Chase (Unknown) 8. Introduction 9. I Know You're Married But I Love You Still (Unknown, BN) 10. Introduction 11. You Got To Walk That Lonesone Valley (Unknown, BN) 12. Introduction 13. Johnson Boys (Unknown) 14. Introduction 15. Devil's Furnace (Unknown, BN) 16. Introduction 17. The Wildwood Flowers [sic] (Unknown) 18. Introduction 19. I Cried When You Cried Last Night (Unknown, BN) 20. Introduction 21. Cripple Creek (Unknown) 22. Introduction 23. The Pale Horse And His Rider (Unknown) 24. Introduction 25. Don't Give Your Heart To a Rambler Little Girl (Unknown)

Tape 7: Willard Watson, E.J. Blackburn, Tab Ward, Alb Combs [See also Auxiliary Tape H]

Side 1: 1. Introduction 2. Pretty Saro (WW) 3. Introduction 4. Fox Chase (WW) 5. Introduction 6. Ramblin' Hobo (WW) 7. Introduction of E. J. Blackburn and Tab Ward; Conversation with E.J. Blackburn 8. Old Sourwood Mountain (EJB, TW) 9. Introduction 10. Cumberland Gap [originial version] (EJB, TW) 11. Introduction; conversation about old-time fiddler's convention 12. Old Turkey Buzzard (EJB, TW) 13. Conversations with E.J. Blackburn 14. Liza Jane (EJB, TW) 15. Conversation about Tom Dooley 16. Tom Dooley [old version] 17. Introduction 18. Pretty Polly [old version] (EJB, TW] 19. Introduction 20. Sally Ann (EJB, TW) 21. Introduction 22. Cacklin' Hen (EJB, TW) 23. Introduction 24. There's More Pretty Girls Than One 25. Introduction 26. Snow Deer 27. Conversation with E.J. Blackburn 28. Conversation with Alb Combs 29. Shady Grove (AC) 30. Get Along Home Cindy (AC) 31. Introduction 32. Little Birdie (AC) 33. Introduction 34. Ida Red (AC) 35. Introduction 36. Rockin' Chair Blues (AC) 37. Introduction 38. John Hardy (AC) 39. Pretty Polly [fragment] (AC)

Side 2: 1. Introduction of Robert Edwards, Charles Moody, and Russell Ward 2. She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain (RE, CM, RW)3. Buffalo Gals (RE, CM, RW) 4. Introduction of Lonnie Ward, and Russell Ward 5. Home Sweet Home (LW, RW) 6. Introduction 7. Tom Dooley (LW, RW) 8.Introduction of Tab Ward and Jack Guy 9. Cripple Creek [Tab Ward on banjo, Jack Guy with Limberjack] 10.Introduction 11. Tom Dula [original mountain version] (TW, JG) 12. Introduction of Mrs. Orie Payne and Tab Ward 13. Lonesome Road Blues (OP, TW)

Tape 8: James C. Greer, Janice Greer, Lizzie Hartley, William Hartley, Barry Sims, Alb Combs, Melissa Combs, Robert Edwards, Charles Moody, Russell Ward, Lonnie Ward, Tab Ward, Orie Payne, Jack Guy

Side 1: 1. Instrumental [featuring harmonica] (JCG) 2. If You're Not Gone Too Long (JG) 3. Redwing (JCG) 4. El Rancho Grande (JCG) 5. There Goes My Everything (JG) 6. Don't Come Home A Drinkin' With Lovin' On Your Mind (JG) 7. The Time Had Come (JG) 8. Watch and Pray (LH) 9. Sailing To The Port (LH) 10. When The Clouds Have Passed Away (LH) 11. My Friends At The Old Country Church (JG, JCG, LH, WH) 12. On The Hills Over There (LH) 13. Amazing Grace (JG, JCG) 14. Talk about dulcimers and banjos 15. Introduction of Barry Sims 16. Five Hundred Miles (BS) 17. Cuckoo Bird (BS) 18. Introduction 19. Cane-Grinding On Johnson Chort (BS) 20. Introduction 21. The Legend of Cush Holston (BS) 22. The Ballad of Pretty Boy Floyd (BS)

Side 2: 1. Pretty Polly [fragment] (AC) 2.Cumberland Gap (AC) 3. Introduction of Alb Combs and Melissa Combs 4. Beautiful Brown Eyes [slight distortion] (AC, MC) 5. Knoxville Girl [distortion] (AC, MC) 6. Then When I Stopped Loving You [slight distortion] 7. One By One [slight distortion](AC, MC) 8. You Are My Sunshine (AC, MC) 9. Introduction of Robert Edwards, Charles Moody, and Russell Ward 10. She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain (RE, CM, RW) 11. Buffalo Gals (RE, CM, RW) 12. Introduction of Lonnie Ward and Russell Ward 13. Home Sweet Home (LW, RW) 14. Introduction 15. Tom Dooley (LW, RW) 16. Conversation about the Horn In The West Appalachian Folk Night 17. Introduction of Tab Ward and Jack Guy 18. Cripple Creek (Tab Ward on banjo Jack Guy with Limberjack) 19. Introduction 20. Tom Dooley [original version] 21. Introduction of Orie Payne and Tab Ward 22. Lonesome Road Blues (OP, TW) 23. Frankie [old-time version] (TW) 24. Cumberland Gap (TW) 25. Roamin' Gambler (TW) 26. Wish I Was A Single Girl Again (TW) 27. Wish I Was A Single Girl Again [repeat of track 26, fragment]

Tape 9: Barry Sims, Janice Greer, Arlie Watson

Side 1: 1. Ballad of Pretty Boy Floyd [fragment] (BS) 2. John Henry (BS) 3. I Lost The Wings And The Halo [Distorted] (JG) 4. I'm Making Plans 'Cause You're Making Plans To Leave [Distorted] (JG) 5. I Lost The Wings And The Halo (JG) 6. Chinese Breakdown [Distorted] (JCG) 7. Instrumental (features harmonica) [Distorted] (JCG)

Side 2: 1. Introduction of Arlie Watson [low volume] 2. Pretty Polly [Distorted] (AW) 3. Talk about Jack Guy's Trading Post 4. Introduction 5. Rovin' Gambler [Distorted] (AW) 6. Instrumental [fragment] (AW)

Tape 10: Arlie Watson, Orie Payne, Bebe Briant, Blue Ridge Ramblers, Paul Greer, George Isaacs, Alton Trivette

Side 1: 1. It Takes A Worried Man To Sing A Worried Song [fragment] (unknown) 2. We Must have Been Out Of Our Minds [inconsistent volume] (unknown) 3. Someone Will Love Me In Heaven [inconsistent volume] (unknown) 4. Where Can I Go But To The Lord? (unknown) 5. Oh, Come Angel Bands (unknown) 6. My Friends At The Old Country Church [break in recording] (unknown) 7. Introduction 8. I'd Rather Stay At Home Than Run Around With You (ArlW, OP) 9. Introduction 10. John Hardy [distortion] (ArlW, OP) 11. Introduction 12. Johnson Boys (ArlW, OP) 13. Introduction 14. Cindy [distortion] (ArlW, OP) 15. Introduction 16. Lonesome Road Blues [distortion] 17. Introduction 18. Springtime Is Here [distortion] (ArlW)19. Introduciton 20. The Preacher And The Still [distortion] (ArlW) 21. My Cup Runneth Over With Love (BB) 22. Another Day (BB) 23. Another Day [repeat of track 22] (BB) 24. Star Light, Star Bright (BB) 25. Introduction 26. The Little Girl From By The Sea (BB) 27. John Henry (PG, ArlW, OP, GI) 28. Green Back Dollar (PG, ArlW, OP, GI)

Side 2: 1. Introduction of Blue Ridge Ramblers: Paul Greer, Arlie Watson, Orie Payne, George Isaacs. 2. Turkey In The Straw [break in recording] (BRB) 3. Shady Grove (BRB) 4. Introduction 5. I'd Rather Stay At Home Than Run Around With You (BRB) 6. Introduction 7. Before I Met You (BRB) 8. Love's Gonna Live Here Again (BRB) 9. Little Maggie [inconsistent volume] (BRB)

Tape 11: The Spring Valley Ramblers, The Spring Valley Ramblers of Elk Creek ,Virginia, Beaver Dam Quartet, Lonnie Ward, Russell Ward, Clay Moody, Earl May [See also Auxiliary Tape G, and Auxiliary Tape L]

Side 1: 1. Naomi Wise (SVR) 2. Ellen Smith (SVR) 3. Sugar Hill (SVR) 4. John Hardy (SVR) 5. The Great Western (SVR) 6. Old Bill Moser's Ford (SVR) 7. Come In Charlie (SVR) 8. Browne's Dream [John Brown's Dream] (SVR) 9. Pearl Bryan (SVR) 10. On The Banks Of The Ohio (SVR) 11. A Little Black Mustache (SVR) 12. When You And I Were Young Maggie (SVR) 13. Silver Threads Among The Gold (SVR) 14. Roggy Mountain Top (SVR)

Side 2: 1. There Is A Fountain (BDQ) 2. On The Jericho Road (BDQ) 3. After The Sunrise (BDQ) 4. We'll Soon Be Done With The Troubles And The Trials (BDQ) 5. I Will Arise (BDQ) 6. Keep On The Firing Line (BDQ) 7. Life's Evening Sun (BDQ) 8. I'll Be A Friend To Jesus (BDQ) 9. Just A Talk With Jesus (BDQ) 10. I Want To Know More (BDQ) 11. Send The Light (BDQ) 12. I Feel Like Traveling On (BDQ)

Tape 12: Tab Ward, Buna Hicks, Hattie Presnell [See also Auxiliary Tape E]

Side 1: 1. The Soldier And The Lady (TW) 2. Johnny, Poor Johnny (TW) 3. Soldier's Joy (TW, BH) 4. Goin' Across The Mountain (TW, BH) 5. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (TW, BH) 6. Johnson Boys (TW, BH) 7. Old Joe Clark (TW, BH) 8. The Joy Of That Day (HP, BH) 9. Will You Meet Me Over Yonder? (HP, BH) 10. Amazing Grace (HP, BH) 11. The Time Has Come (HP, BH) 12. The Ladder Of Mercy (HP, BH) 13. Been A Long Time Traveling Here Below (HP, BH) 14. Wayfaring Pilgrim (HP) 15. That City On The Hill (HP, BH) 16. When They Come, We'll All Go To Meet Them (BH) 17. In the Sweet By and By (BH) 18. Conversation with Mrs. Buna Hicks 19. Goin' Across the Mountain [incomplete] (BH)

Side 2: 1. Cluck Old Hen (TW) 2. Cripple Creek (TW) 3. Little Maggie (TW) 4. John Henry (TW) 5. Tom Dooley (TW) 6. Little Maggie (TW) 7. House Carpenter (TW) 8. Cuckoo Bird (TW) 9. Muskrat (TW) 10. Pretty Polly (TW) 11. House Carpenter (TW) 12. Pretty Polly (TW) 13. Country Blues 14. Georgie Buck [tracks 13-14 are commercial recordings by Doc Watson]

Tape 13: Dave James, Tab Ward, Lonnie Ward, Russell Ward, Lewis Hicks

Side 1: 1. Introduction of Dave James and Tab Ward 2. Soldier's Joy (DJ, TW) 3. Introduction 4. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (DJ, TW) 5. Introduction 6. Poor Ellen Smith (DJ, TW) 7. Introduction 8. Tom Dooley (DJ, TW) 9. Introduction 10. Rovin' Gambler (DJ, TW) 11.Introduction 12. Tom Dooley [slight distortion] (DJ, TW) 13. Introduction 14. Rovin' Gambler (DJ, TW) 15. Introduction 16. Pull Off Your Coat And Throw It In The Corner (DJ, TW) 17. Introduction 18. Pretty Polly (DJ, TW) 19. Introduction 20. Hang Jeff Davis On A Sour-Apple Tree (DJ, TW) 21. Introduction 22. Cindy In The Springtime And Cindy In The Fall (DJ, TW) 23 Introduction 24. Johnson Boys (DJ, TW) 25. Introduction 26. Foggy Mountain Top (DJ,TW) 27. Introduction 28. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder 29. Conversation with Tab Ward and James Davis

Side 2: 1. Introduction of Russell Ward, Lonnie Ward, and Lewis Hicks 2. Lost John (LW, RW, LH) 3. Introduction 4. Johnson Boys (LW, RW, LH, TW) 5. Introduction 6. Old Ninty- Seven (LW, RW, LH, TW) 7. Introduction 8. T's For Texas (LW, RW, LH, TW) 9. Introduction 10. Corina (RW, LH) 11. Introduction 12. Lonesome Road Blues (LW, RW, LH, TW) 13. Introduction 14. Down In The Willow Garden (LW, RW, LH, TW) 15. Introduction 16. Naomi Wise (LW, RW, LH, TW) 17. Cripple Creek [fragment] (LW, RW, LH, TW) 18. Introduction 19. Cindy In The Springtime ( LW, RW, LH, TW) 20. Introduction 21. Gloryland Way (LW, RW, LH, TW) 22. Introduction 23. Smoke On The Water (LW, RW, LH, TW) 24. Introduction 25. May I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight, Mister? (LW, RW, LH, TW) 26. Introduction 27. Hand Me Down My Walking-Cane (LW, RW, LH, TW) 28. Introduction 29. She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain When She Comes [break in recording] (LW, RW, LH,TW)

Tape 14: Rosa Presnell, Carl Presnell, Tab Ward, Buna Hicks, John Henry Dare, Dave James, Russell Ward

Side 1: 1. Introduction of Rosa Presnell 2. As Long As I Live [break in recording] (RP, CP, TW) 3. Introduction 4. Little Birdie (RP, CP,TW) 5. Introduction 6. The Cannonball Blues (RP, CP,TW) 7. Introduction 8. The Singing Waterfall (RP, CP, TW) 9. Introduction 10. I Still Write Your Name InThe Sand (RP, CP,TW) 11. Introduction 12. Pretty Little Sadie (RP, CP,TW) 13. Introduction 14. Pretty Flower In The Window (BH,TW) 15. Introduction 16. Springtime In Carolina (BH,TW) 17. Introduction 18. Springtime In Carolina [Same as Track 16] (BH,TW) 19. Introduction 20. Lie-Hew Yonce Tale about the coon-dog (JHD) 21. Conversation with John Henry Dare 22. Lie-Hew Yonce tale about Lie-Hew's cow 23. Conversation with John Henry Dare about the old Tweetsie Railroad 24. Introduction 25. Soldier's Joy (DJ, TW) 26. Introduction 27. Put My Little Shoes Away (DJ, TW, RW) 28. Introduction 29. Tom Dooley (DJ, TW, RW) 30. Introduction 31. House Carpenter (TW) 32. Conversation with Tab Ward

Side 2: 1. Introduction of Buna Hicks and Tab Ward 2. Fly Around Pretty Little Miss (BH, TW) 3. Introduction 4. Goin' Across The Mountain, Oh Fare Ye Well (BH,TW) 5. Introduction 6. Johnson Boys [fragment] (BH, TW) 7. Introduction of John Presnell 8. Little Sadie (JP) 9. Conversation with Mr. John Presnell about the song he wrote [track 8] 10. Introduction of Carl Presnell 11. The Rose Of Old Virginia (CP) 12. Introduction 13. Dear Old Picture On The Wall [fragment] (CP) 14. Introduction 15. I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home (CP) 16. Introduction 17. She'll Be Comin' 'Round The Mountain When She Comes (TW, CP, BH, RP) 18. Introduction 19. The River Of Jordan (TW,CP, BH, RP) 20. Introduction 21. Poor Ellen Smith (TW, CP, BH, RP) 22. Introduction 23. Rose Connelly (TW, CP, BH, RP) 24. Introduction 25. Tom Dooley (CP, TW) 26. Introduction 27. Foggy Mountain Top [fragment] (TW, CP, RP) 28. Foggy Mountain Top (TW, CP, RP) 29. Introduction 30. True Love Blues [True Life Blues] (TW, CP, RP) 31. Introduction 32. East Virginia Blues (TW, CP, RP) 33. Introduction 34. Miner-Child's Dream (CP) 35. Introduction 36. Ocean Of Diamonds (CP, RP) 37. Introduction 38. Katie Dear (TW, CP, RP)

Tape 15: Tab Ward, Willie Thornton, Houston Presnell, L.C. Trivette

Side 1: 1.Introduction [low volume] 2. Old Big Dog (TW, WT) 3. Conversation Willie Thornton 4. Introduction 5. Hen Cackle (TW, WT) 6. Cripple Creek (TW, WT) 7. Introduction 8. Ain't No Hell In Georgia (TW, WT) 9. Introduction 10. Sally Goodin' (TW, WT) 11. Introduction 12. Old Joe Clark (TW, WT) 13. Introduction 14. Sugarfoot Rag (TW, WT) 15. Introduction 16. Cotton-Eyed Joe (TW, WT) 17. Introduction 18. Old Soldier's March (WT) 19. Introduction 20. Old Rugged Cross (WT) 21. Introduction 22. Red Wings (WT) 23. Introduction 24. Fisher's Hornpipe (TW, WT) 25. Introduction 26. Rovin' Gambler (TW, WT) 27. Conversation and Introduction of Tab Ward and Willie Thornton 28. Ragtime Annie (TW, WT) 29. Introduction 30. The Bully Of The Town (TW, WT) 31. Introduction 32. Ellen Smith (TW, WT)

Side 2: 1. Crazy Arms (HP, LCT) 2. Once A Day (HP, LCT) 3. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again (HP, LCT) 4. Just Because (HP, LCT) 5. Jailhouse Rock (HP, LCT) 6. Mystery Train (HP, LCT) 7. That's All Right (HP, LCT) 8. Got Alot Of Livin' Left To Do (HP, LCT) 9. One Night With You (HP, LCT) 10. Don't Be Cruel (HP, LCT) 11. Hello Mary-Lou, Goodbye Heart (HP, LCT) 12. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (HP, LCT) 13. Mountain Of Love (HP, LCT) 14. I Love You Because (HP, LCT)

Tape 16: Willard Watson, E.J. Blackburn, Tab Ward, Buna Hicks, Carl Presnell, Mrs. Carl Presnell, Rosa Presnell, Mack Presnell, Alb Combs, Melissa Combs, Gaither Carlton, Arnold Watson, Beaver Dam Trio, Lonnie Ward, Clay Moody, Russell Ward [See also Auxiliary Tape I]

Side 1: 1.Introduction of Willard Watson 2. Pretty Saro [fragment] (WW) 3. Ramblin' Hobo (WW) 4. Introduction of Tab Ward and E.J. Blackburn 5. The Old Sourwood Mountain (EJB, TW) 6. Introduction 7. Old Turkey Buzzard (EJB, TW) 8. Conversation with E.J. Blackburn about Tom Dooley 9. Tom Dooley (EJB, TW) 10. Introduction 11. Liza Jane (EJB, TW) 12. Introduction 13. Sally Ann (EJB, TW) 14. Introduction of Buna Hicks 15. I Am A Poor Wayfaring Pilgrim (BH) 16. Introduction 17. Oh, When Shall I See Jesus (BH) 18. Introduction 19. Little Birdie (CP, RP, TW) 20. The Rose Of Old Virginia (CP) 21. Introduction 22. Leave This Country For The Sake of One Poor Girl [fragment] (MP) 23. Introduction 24. Rocking Chair Blues (AC) 25. Introduction 26. Knoxville Girl [fragment] (AC, MC)

Side 2: 1. Instrumental (GC) 2. They Tell Me Of A Home [The Unclouded Day, break in recording] (GC, AW) 3. Old Rattler (GC, AW) 4. Go On My Brother, Go On (GC, AW) 5. I'll Be Friend To Jesus [inconsistent volume] (LW, CM, EM) 6. There Is A Fountain [inconsistent volume] (BDT: LW, CM, RW) 7. Twilight Is Stealing [inconsistent volume] (BDT) 8. I Will Arise [inconsistent volume] (BDT) 9. On The Jericho Road [inconsistent volume] (BDT) 10. After The Sunrise [inconsistent volume] (BDT) 11. I'll Fly Away [inconsistent volume] (LW, RW) 12. A Beautiful Life [inconsistent volume] (BDT) 13. Just A Little Talk With Jesus [inconsistent volume] (BDT) 14. Send The Light [inconsistent volume] (BDT) 15. Lonely Tombs [inconsistent volume] (LW, RW) 16. Just Over In Glory Land [inconsistent volume] (LW, RW)

Tape 17: Tab Ward, Jack Guy [See also Auxiliary Tape C]

Side 1: 1. Poor Johnny (TW) 2. Beech Mountain Fox Chase (TW, JG) 3. Introduction 4. The Tweetsie Railroad (TW) 5. Conversation about The Tweetsie Railroad 6. Introduction 7. John Hardy (TW) 8. Introduction with how-to use the Mr. Limberjack folk toy 9. Old Joe Clark (TW, JG) 10. Conversation about the Mr. Limberjack folk toy 11. Introduction 12. Miss Sadie (TW) 13. Introduction 14. Wild Bill Jones (TW) 15. Introduction 16. Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad (TW) 17. Introduction 18. Cluck Old Hen (TW, JG) 19. Introduction 20. Darlin' Corie (TW) 21. Introduction 22. John Henry (TW) 23. Introduction of Jack Guy and Tab Ward; information about Appalachian folk toys

Side 2: 1. Cripple Creek (TW, JG) 2. Cluck Old Hen (TW, JG) 3. Old Joe Clark (TW, JG) 4. Johnson Boys (TW, JG) 5. Cindy (TW, JG) 6. Using the Mr. Limberjack Folk Toy (LW) 7. John Henry (TW, JG) 8. Tom Dooley [fragment] (TW, JG) 9. Pretty Polly (TW, JG) 10. Tom Dooley (TW, JG) 11. Cousin Sally Brown (TW) 12. Batchin' On The Farm (TW) 13. Cousin Sally Brown (TW, JG) 14. Tom Dooley (TW, JG) 15. Cousin Sally Brown (TW) 16. Train Fourty-Five (TW, JG) 17. Cumberland Gap (TW, JG) 18. Shortening Bread (TW, JG) 19. Shady Grove (TW, JG)

Tape 18: Alb Combs, Melissa Combs, Dave James, Tab Ward, Jack Guy, Nathan Ward, Lonnie Ward, Russell Ward, Peggy Ward [See also Auxiliary Tape K]

Side 1: 1. Introduction 2. Then I'll Stop Loving You (AC, MC) 3. Rovin' Gambler [fragment] (DJ, TW, JG) 4. Little Log Cabin [fragment] (TW, DJ) 5. Poor Ellen Smith (TW, DJ) 6. The Soldier And The Lady [fragment] (TW) 7. House Carpenter (TW) 8. Down In The Willow Garden ( NW) 9. Introduction of Lonnie Ward, Russell Ward, and Peggy Ward 10. Walking On The Firing Line ( LW, RW, PW) 11. Introduction 12. The City On The Hill (LW, RW, PW) 13. Introduction 14. Nine Pound Hammer (TW) 15. Introduction 16. Chinese Breakdown (LW, RW) 17. Introduction 18. Home Sweet Home (LW, RW) 19. Introduction 20. Old Ninety-Seven (LW, RW) 21. Introduction 22. Buffalo Gals (LW, RW) 23. Pearly Gates (RW, LW)


Tape 19: Tab Ward, Ran Shook [See also Auxiliary Tape B, Auxiliary Tape D, and Auxiliary Tape J]

Side 1: 1. Old Groundhog [accompanied] (TW) 2. Cluck Old Hen [accompanied] (TW) 3. Cripple creek [accompanied] (TW) 4. Little Maggie [accompanied] (TW) 5. John Henry [accompanied] (TW) 6. Tom Dooley (TW) 7. Little Maggie [accompnaied] (TW) 8. Seeing Nellie Home (RS) 9. Seeing Nellie Home (RS) 10. John Henry (RS) 11. House Carpenter (TW) 12. Introduction 13. Cuckoo Bird (TW) 14. Introduction 15. Muskrat (TW) 16. Introduction 17. Pretty Polly (TW) 18. Introduction 19. House Carpenter (TW)

Side 2: 1. Little Maggie (TW) 2. Frankie (TW) 3. Cumberland Gap (TW) 4. Roamin' Gambler (TW) 5. I Wish I Was Single Again (TW) 6. I Wish I Was Single Again [repeat of track 5] (TW) 7.This Old Man Come Home As Drunk As He Could Be (TW) 8. Lie-Hew Yonce With The Texas Rangers (TW)

Tape 20: L.C. Trivette, Tab Ward, Sharon Dollars, Jack Guy, Cathy Ellicher, Lucy Ellicher

Side 1: 1. Introduction 2. Pearly Blue (LCT) 3. Can The Circle Be Unbroken? [sic. Will The Circle Be Unbroken] (LCT) 4. Down In The Willow Garden (LCT) 5. Introduction 6. Down Sits The Owl (LCT) 7. John Henry (LCT) 8. One Day In May (LCT) 9. Poor Ellen Smith (LCT) 10. Hen Cackle (LCT) 11. Oh Groundhog (TW) 12. Old Rattler (TW) 13. That Good Ole Mountain Dew (TW) 14. Introduction 15. I Knew A Young Cowboy [fragment] (SD) 16. John Henry (SD) 17. The Milking Maid (SD) 18. I Gave My Love [fragment] (SD) 19. I Gave My Love (SD) 20. Sweet Little Sheila [fragment] (SD) 21. Down In The Valley (SD) 22. Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and A Happy New Year [fragment] (SD) 23. The Brown Mountain Lights (SD) 24. You Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog [fragment] (SD) 25. Wishin' And Hopin' And Prayin' (SD) 26.Introduction 27. Demonstration of The Limberjack folk toy 28. Explanation of Limberjack folk toy (JG) 29. Conversation 30. Introduction 31. Tom Dooley [fragment] (JG)

Side 2: 1. Bile 'Em Cabbage Down (Unknown) 2. In The Sweet By And By (Unknown) 3.Electric Guitar Solo [Boogie Woogie] (Unknown) 4. Prelude to Following Song 5. Twist And Shout 6. Twist And Shout [fragment] 7.Introduction 8. Michael Row Your Boat Ashore (CE, LE) 9. Down In The Valley (CE, LE) 10. Poor Folks (CE, LE) 11. My Last Date With You (CE, LE) 12. Let's Go All The Way [fragment] (CE, LE) 13. Let's Go All The Way (CE, LE) 14. Introduction 15. Your Cheatin' Heart (CE, LE) 16. I Saw The Light (CE, LE) 17. Freight Train, Freight Train/ Big Black Train (CE, LE) 18. We'll Sing In The Sunshine (LE) 19. I'll Lose My Mind Before I'm Over You (LE) 20. Go Tell It On The Mountain [break in recording] (CE) 21. Johnny Ringo (CE) 22. Somehwere Over The Rainbow (LE) 23. Where Can My Baby Be? (LE) 24. Big John (LE) 25. Knoxville Girl (CE) 26. Tom Dooley (CE) 27. I Come To The Garden Alone (LE) 28. Chapel Of Love (LE) 29. 'Tis That Old Time Religion (LE)

Tape 21: The Oranim Group, Tab Ward, Pee-Wee Anderson, Lamar Stringfield, Bascom Lamar Lunsford, Green Valley Boys, R. B. House, Red Parham, Stanley Hicks [Side 1 is a recording of the Carolina Folk Festival at Chapel Hill]

Side 1: 1. Introduction (BLL) 2. Polly Wolly Doodle All Day [alternative title: See The Train Come Round The Bend] (RBH) 3. Introduction (BLL) 4. The Race Between The Model T Ford And The Passenger Train [distortion] (RP) 5. Israeli Folk Song (BLL, OG) 6. Introduction (OG) 7. Three Israeli Folk Songs: [1] About the bringing of the first fruit, [2] tells of wine and love and [3] tells of Israeli youth celebrating in the fields and the hills in mid-summer evening (OG) 8. Introduction 9. Three Israeli Love Songs: [1] says come with me into the fields to the vineyards, [2] tells of the love of a lady for her lover, and [3] is a song of love sung by a lady and her lover [words for these songs are taken from "Song Of Solomon"] (OG) 10. Introduction (OG) 11. Three Israeli Folk Songs: [1] Is a song of love between a boy and a girl, [2] tells of independence, strength, and joy, [3] is a shepherd song related to the shearing festival (OG) 12. Introduction of Lamar Stringfield (BLL, LS) 13. Tuning of Banjo [not song title] (BLL, LS) 14. Introduction (LS) 15. Cripple Creek (LS, BLL) 16. Introduction 17. Out Behind The Barn 18. Love Please Come Home [fragment of song] 19. Introduction 20. Panhandle Country 21. The Hills of Tennessee [Alternate title: Tennessee, I Hear You Calling Me] 22. Introduction 23. Reuben 24. Introduction 25. Hey, Hey Bartender 26. Introduction 27. Old Rocky Top 28. Introduction 29. Groundhog 30. Introduction 31. Battle Hymn Of The Republic 32. When You and I Were Young Maggie [tracks 16-32 are unknown performers]

Side 2: 1. Introduction 2. Orange Blossom Special 3. Introduction 4. There's Better Times Comin' 5. Introduction 6. Charlotte Breakdown 7. Old Joe Clark 8. Salt Creek 9. Devil's Dream 10. Introduction 11. Dixie Breakdown 12. Lost John 13. Introduction 14. Uncle Pen 15. Red Rocking Chair 16. Orange Blossom Special 17. Introduction 18. Two Dollar Bill 19. Introduction 20. Foggy Mountain Breakdown 21. Introduction (SH) 22. John Henry [Old Version] (SH) 23. East Virginia Blues (SH) 24. Introduction (TW) 25. Pretty Polly [fragments] (TW) 26. Cuckoo Bird (TW) Man Of Constant Sorrow (TW) 27. Old Rocky Top 28. Introduction (GVB, PA) 29. Punish Me Tomorrow For Loving Her Tonight (GVB, PA) 30. Roll On Muddy River, Roll On [Tracks 1-20 and 30 are unknown performers]

Tape 22: Tab Ward, Buna Hicks, Hattie Presnell [See also Auxiliary Tape H]

Side 1: 1. Sourwood Mountain (TW, BH) 2. Introduction (TW) 3. Sally Ann (TW, BH) 4. Introduction (TW) 5. Old Joe Clark (TW, BH) 6. Goin' Across the Mountain (TW, BH) 7. Introduction (TW) 8. Amazing Grace (TW, BH) 9. Introduction (TW) 10. Johnson Boys (TW, BH) 11. Introduction (TW) 12. Ellen Smith (TW, BH) 13. Soldier's Joy (TW, BH) 14. There Is Coming A Day (HP, BH) 15. There Is Coming A Day [Same as Track 14] (HP, BH) 16. Sailor on the Deep Blue Sea 17. Little Birdie (HP, BH) 18. East Virginia Blues (BH)

Side 2: 1. Instrumental [fragment] (TW) 2. Introduction 3. I'm A Poor Wayfaring Pilgrim (BH) 4. Introduction 5. I Came to That Country (TW) 6. Introduction 7. Oh, When Shall I See Jesus? (BH) 8. Introduction 9. Amazing Grace (BH) 10. Introduction 11. Poor Johnny (TW) 12. Introduction 13. Jesus, Thou Art The Sinner's Friend (BH) 14. Introduction 15. Can The Circle Be Unbroken? (BH) 16. Brethren We Have Met To Worship [fragment] (BH)

Tape 23: Paul Greer, Arnold Watson, Ora Watson, Arlie Watson, Nettie Presnell, Carolyn Hicks, Jack Guy, Stanley Hicks, Tedrey Harmon, Ray Hicks, Willard Watson

Side 1: [Tracks 1-5 not on recording] 1. Introduction 2. Down The Road (PG, AW) 3. Introduction 4. John Henry (PG, AW) 5. Conversation with Paul Greer and Arnold Watson 6. Introduction 7. Lonesome Road Blues (PG, AW) 8.Talk about the purpose of this recording (JG) 9. Introduction 10. Ruby (PG, AW) 11. Introduction 12. Cabin In Carolina (PG, AW) 13. Old Joe Clark (PG, AW) 14. Introduction 15. Turkey In the Straw (PG, AW) 16. Introduction 17. Old Joe Clark (ArlW, OW) 18. Introduction 19. Little Red Rocking Chair (ArlW, OW) 20. Conversation with Arlie Watson about Tom Dooley 21. Tom Dooley (ArlW, OW) 22. Conversation with Arlie Watson 23. The Boys Overseas (ArlW, OW) 24. Introduction 25. Down The Road ( ArlW, OW) 26. Introduction 27. Wildwood Flower [features dulcimer] (NP, CH) 28. Conversation with Edd Presnell 29. Introduction 30. Cripple Creek (NP, CH) 31. Conversation with Edd Presnell 32. Introduction 33. Turkey In The Straw (NP, CH) 34. Conversation with Nettie Presnell and Carolyn Hicks 35. Talk about the Home Industries of Beech Creek, North Carolina

Side 2: 1. Instrumental [fragment] (SH, TH) 2. Introduction 3. Cripple Creek (SH, TH) 4. Introduction 5. Poor Ellen Smith (SH, TH) 6. Conversation with Stanley Hicks 7. Introduction 8. Down In The Willow Garden (SH, TH) 9. Introduction 10. Cripple Creek (SH) 11. Conversation with Ray Hicks 12. Jack Tale: "The Heifer Hide" (RH) 13. Conversation 14. Introduction 15. Cripple Creek (AW, WW, ArlW, OW, PG, SH) 16. Introduction 17. Down In Union Country (AW, WW, ArlW, OW, PG, SH) 18. Introduction 19. Lonesome Road Blues (AW, WW, ArlW, OW,PG, SH) 20. Introduction 21. Pretty Polly (AW, WW, ArlW, OR, PG, SH) 22. Introduction 23. Old Joe Clark (AW, WW, ArlW, OR, PG, SH) 24. Introduction 25. Lost John (AW, WW, ArlW, OW, PG, SH) 26. Introduction 27. I'd Rather Stay At Home Than Run Around With You [fragment] (AW, WW, ArlW, OW, PG, SH) 28. Introduction [not on recording] 29. Big Bear [fragment, not on recording] (AW, WW, ArlW, OW, PG, SH)

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Photographs, undated


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Toys, undated


Boone Drug tokens, undated

Dancing man, undated

Dulcimer player, undated

Rubber chicken, undated

Wooden dowels, undated

Wooden puzzle, undated

Wooden truck, undated

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