Guide to the Jerry Wayne Williamson Papers, 1919 - 2001

Summary Information

Title: Jerry Wayne Williamson Papers, 1919 - 2001
Collection: AC.179.
Extent: 9.5 linear feet (19 boxes)

The Jerry Wayne Williamson Papers consists of materials generated from Williamson's research on film depictions of "hillbillies" and of video recordings of various Appalachian Studies scholars.

Creator: Williamson, Jerry Wayne

Biographical/Historical Note

Jerry Wayne Williamson (1944-) was born to Bill and Irene Williamson in Dallas, Texas. He was educated at Wayland College and University of Utah. Williamson worked as an English professor at Appalachian State University from 1970 to 2000. He taught classes in Appalachian Literature and Appalachian Film as well as Appalachian Studies Colloquium. He also edited the Appalachian Journal, An Appalachian symposium: essays written in honor of Cratis D. Williams (1977), and Interviewing Appalachia: the Appalachian journal interviews, 1978-1992 (1994). He wrote The myth of the conqueror: Prince Henry Stuart, a study of 17th century personation (1978), Southern mountaineers in silent films: plot synopses of movies about moonshining, feuding, and other mountain topics, 1904-1929 (1994), and Hillbillyland: what the movies did to the mountains and what the mountains did to the movies (1995). Williamson was also active in the Appalachian Studies Association and the Democratic Party.

Scope and Contents

The Jerry Wayne Williamson Papers consists of Williamson's scholarly work about Appalachian stereotypes and popular culture. Materials from Movies Series were his research notes for his book Hillbillyland: what the movies did to the mountains and what the mountains did to the movies. Included are multiple studio photographs, newspaper articles, movie synopses of early films, movie scripts, and 167 videotaped movies and television programs. The Videotape Interviews Subseries originated from his work with the Appalachian Journal and his Appalachian Studies Colloquium course taught at Appalachian State University in which graduate students interviewed various Appalachian Studies scholars. The Scrapbook Series contains materials created by Williamson's English and Appalachian Studies students. Subjects covered include hillbillies stereotypes, country music, and yard art.


This collection is organized into two series: Series 179A. Movies (Research, Henry King and Larry C. Bradley Collection, Videotapes); Series 179B. Student Work (Videotape Interviews, Scrapbooks). Photographs and videocassettes are stored separately. Please allow additional time to allow the photograph to adjust to room temperature.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for use in the Dougherty Reading Room. An appointment for research is recommended. The Dougherty Reading Room is located on the 4th floor of Belk Library in Special Collections. No restrictions to access with exception of one document. Box 14, Folder 6 contains personal information regarding a third party and is closed until 2160. No Inter-Library Loan. Use of audiovisual materials requires the creation of a user copy, if none exists. The user copy will be maintained as part of the collection. Researchers desiring a user copy for their own use outside of the repository should consult the Application for Duplication of Closed Collection Materials information on the Special Collections website. Photographs are housed separately within a cold storage unit. Please allow additional time to allow the photographs to adjust to room temperature.

Acquisitions Information

Jerry Wayne Williamson donated this collection to the W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection in 1998, 2000, 2001. It was opened to the public on 15 April 2003.

Processing Information

Processed by Kathryn Staley, 2003; Encoded by Kathryn Staley, Rosemary Ulrey, Rachel "Brownie" Critzer, 2005

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], AC.179: Jerry Wayne Williamson Papers, W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection, Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina, USA.

Container List

Movies Series. (1913-2000)
Research Subseries contains Jerry Williamson's research files on movies and television programs with an Appalachian background, alphabetical order. These materials were used towards Williamson's 1995 book Hillbillyland: What the Movies Did to the Mountains and What the Mountains Did to the Movies. Included within the files are his research notes, newspaper articles, reviews and movie advertisements, movie synopses, academic papers. Williamson studied early silent films as well as recent films and classified movie representations of mountaineers as clown, demon, harlot, etc. Williamson placed additional materials in these files after the publication of his book.
Scripts included for Coal Miner's Daughters, Deliverance, Beverly Hillbillies episode #245, Next of Kin, Night of the Hunter, Paradise Park, Thunder Road, Vista. Williamson also collected materials regarding specific musicians, actors, movie producers or Appalachian personalities such as Jody Foster, Henry King, Dolly Parton, Annie Oakley, Sergeant York, and Southern Culture on the Skids.
Studio and other professional photographs are included but stored separately. Some of these photographs are published within Hillbillyland; however, most are not. Appalachian State University does not own copyright to any photographs within this collection. Newspaper clippings and photostats were photocopied.
Henry King and Larry C. Bradley Collection Subseries contains photocopied documents from the Henry King and Larry C. Bradley Collection at the University of Wyoming, original order. Williamson obtained these papers in 1985 as part of his research on Appalachian movies. Henry King was a director of Jesse James. Included are materials about Jesse James.
Videotapes Series contains both duplicated and original movies reviewed for Williamson's 1995 book Hillbillyland : What the Movies Did to the Mountains and What the Mountains Did to the Movies, alphabetically. 167 movies or television programs included. Some videotapes are duplicates. These videos are not cataloged and do not circulate.
Most videos date from 1960s or later; however, some originals are from the 1910s to 1920s. Several are movies about Jesse James, Daniel Boone, and other frontiers men. Television programs include Dukes of Hazzard, The Beverly Hillbillies, Boston Commons, X-Files, and televised specials. Appalshop produced a couple of films; however, most programs are mass produced.
    Research Subseries.(NOTE: This is a box list of Williamson's research notes, NOT his video collection. The Videotapes Series is lower on the page. Please see above paragraphs for thorough descriptions.)
Box Folder
1 1 Aaron Slick from Punkin Circle 1952  
    The Accidental Shot 1913  
    According to the Code 1916  
    The Adopted Son 1917  
    Albright, Alex 1991-1992  
Box Folder
1 2 Alien Outlaw 1985  
    All the Lovin' Kinfolk 1970  
Box Folder
1 3 All the Right Moves 1983  
    All the Way Home 1963  
    Allegheny Uprising 1939  
    Allen, Patrick 1993  
Box Folder
1 4 Allen, Robert C. American Burlesque, 1991-1992, 1994-1995  
  5 American Hollow 1999
  6 An American Invasion 1912
    Andy Griffith Show 1993  
    Angel City 1980  
    Annie of Little Smokey 1921  
Box Folder
1 7 Annie Get Your Gun 1950  
    Annie Get Your Gun- TV undated  
    Annie Get Your Gun Stage Revival 1999  
Box Folder
1 8 Annie Oakley 1935  
    Apostle of Vengeance 1916  
    Appalachian Spring 1958  
    April 1916  
    At Close Range 1986  
    Awakening, The 1913  
Box Folder
1 9 Back in the Mountains 1910  
    Backwood Film  
    Bad for Each Other 1953  
    Bad Georgia Road 1977  
    Ballad of the Sad Café 1991  
    Barrier of Ignorance 1914  
    Barriers of the Law 1925  
Box Folder
1 10 Barthelmess, Richard  
    Bastard Out of Carolina 1996  
Box Folder
1 11 Battle in the Virginia Hills 1912  
    Battle Royal, The 1916  
    Battlefields Around Chattanooga 1913  
    Bawbs O' Blue Ridge 1916  
    Bearskin 1983  
    Belle Star 1980  
    Below the Line 1925  
Box Folder
1 12 Beverly Hillbillies Television Program  
    Beverly Hillbillies Motion Picture 1993  
Box Folder
1 13 Bibliography  
    Big Business 1988  
    Big Killing, The 1928  
    Bill Apperson's Boy 1919  
Box Folder
1 14 Billie- The Hill Billy 1915  
    Birth of A Soul 1920  
    Bishop of the Ozarks 1923  
    Black Diamonds 1913  
    Black Fury 1935  
Box Folder
1 15 Black Lightning  
    Black Wall, The 1912  
    Blackened Hills 1912  
    Blackjack Bargainer 1918  
    Blaze 1989  
    Blazing Trail, The 1921  
    Blind Miner, The 1912  
Box Folder
1 16 Blue Ridge Folks 1912  
    Blue Ridge Romance, A 1912  
    Bone Dry 1922  
    Bonnie of the Hills 1911  
    Boonton Affair, The 1917  
    Bootleggers 1974  
    Bradley, Brian 1993-1995  
    Bramble Bush, The 1919  
    Breed Apart, A 1983  
Box Folder
1 17 Breed O' The Mountains 1914  
    Breed of Courage 1927  
    Broken Chains 1916  
    Brother Bill 1913  
    Brother Love 1913  
    Brother's Keeper 1992  
    Brute Force 1917  
    Bubba, Tony  
Box Folder
2 1 Buccaneer, The 1937, 1958  
    Buckshot Feud, The 1916  
    Bud Tilden, Mail Thief 1913  
    Buddy's Christmas 1916  
    Building the Chattanooga Light and Power Dam 1913  
    Buried Alive in A Coal Mine 1913  
    Burning Rage 1984  
    Buzz Sawyer Sequence  
    Cabin in the Cotton 1932  
    Calamity Jane 1953  
Box Folder
2 2 Calamity Jane 1984  
    Call from the Hills, The 1911  
    Call of the Cumberlands 1916  
    Cape Fear 1993  
    Caprice 1913  
    Caprice of the Mountains 1916  
    Carter Case, The (Serial) 1919  
    Cartoons 1936, 1938, 1939, 1950, 1959, 1960, 1968  
    Caryl of the Mountains 1914  
    Challenge Accepted, The 1918  
Box Folder
2 3 Chapter Perfect 1995  
    Chief's Daughter, The 1911  
    Child Bride  
    Child of the Hills, A 1923  
    Child of the Wild, A 1913  
    Child's Plea, A 1912  
Box Folder
2 4 Children of the Feud 1914  
    Children of the Feud 1916  
    Chillers 1989  
    Christmas Miracle in Caulfield, U.S.A. 1977  
    Christy 1994  
Box Folder
2 5 Cinderella of the Hills 1921  
    Circuit Rider of the Hills, The 1913  
    City Feller, The 1913  
    Claru, Anthony  
Box Folder
2 6 Claypool, David  
    Clodhopper, The 1917  
    Coal Miner's Daughter 1980  
Box Folder
2 7 Coal Miner's Daughter 1980  
  8 Coals of Fire 1911
    Code of the Hills, The 1916  
    Comin' Round the Mountain 1940  
    Comin' Round the Mountain 1951  
    Common Law Wife 1963  
    Conqueror, The 1917  
    Conquest of Canaan  
    Contents of the Suitcase, The 1913  
    Contrary Mary 1916  
    Coquette 1929  
    Country Gold 1982  
    Country Music Holiday 1958  
    Courage of the Commonplace, The 1917  
    Cowardice Court 1919  
    Creed of the Clan, The 1915  
Box Folder
2 9 Crocodile Dundee 1986  
    Crutchfield, Randy  
Box Folder
2 10 Cub, The 1915  
    Cumberland Romance, A 1920  
    Cure of the Mountains, The 1915  
    Cyclone Higgins D.D. 1918  
    Cynic Effect, The 1922  
    Daisy Mae  
    Dancing Outlaw  
    Daniel Boone 1923  
    Daniel Boone 1936  
    Daniel Boone Through the Wilderness 1926  
    Daniel Boone, Trailblazer 1957  
    Daniel Boone; OR, Pioneer Days in America 1907  
    Daniel Boone's Bravery 1911  
Box Folder
2 11 Daniel Boyd  
  12 Daniel Boyd
  13 Daphnia 1914
    Dare- Devil Mountaineers, The 1913  
    Dark- Thirty 1992  
    Daughter of Devil Dan 1921  
    Daughter of the Law, A 1921  
    Daughter of the Mines, A 1910  
    Davenport, Tom  
    Davy Crockett 1910  
    Davy Crockett 1916  
    Davy Crockett 1927  
Box Folder
3 1 Davy Crockett 1927  
  2 Davy Crockett and the River Pirates 1956
    Davy Crockett at the Fall of the Alamo 1926  
    Davy Crockett, Indian Scout 1950  
Box Folder
3 3 Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier 1955  
    Davy Crockett: Rainbow in the Thunder 1988  
    Davy Crockett- In Hearts United 1909  
    Dawn of Freedom, The 1916  
Box Folder
3 4 Day for Thanks on Walton Mountain, A 1982  
    Day in the Coal Fields, A 1918  
    Dead Line, The 1920  
    Dead Yesterday, A 1916  
    Dear Little Old Time Girl 1915  
    Deer Hunter, The 1979  
    Deliverance 1972  
Box Folder
3 5 Deliverance 1972  
  6 Desired Woman, The 1918
    Devil's Eight, The 1969  
    Diana of Eagle Mountain 1915  
    Dione Brothers/ The Gravy Train, The 1974  
    Dixie Dynamite 1976  
    Dollmaker, The 1984  
    Down in "Arkansaw" 1938  
    Down Missouri Way 1946  
    Dream of Wealth, A 1909  
    Driven 1923  
    Duel, The 1912  
Box Folder
3 7 Dukes of Hazzard Reunion 1997  
    Dynamite 1929  
    Dynamite Allen 1921  
    Eagle's Mate, The 1914  
    Educating Wanda 1984  
Box Folder
3 8 Egg and I, The 1947  
    Eight Notch, The 1913  
    Elda of the Mountains 1911  
Box Folder
3 9 Electrician's Hazards, The 1913  
    End of the Feud, The 1912 (American)  
    End of the Feud, The 1912 (Essanay)  
    End of the Feud, The 1912 (Lubin)  
    End of the Feud, The 1912 (Rex)  
    End of the Line 1988  
    End of the Road, The 1915  
    Eternal Way, The 1916  
    European Mountains  
    Evil Dead 1983  
    Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn 1986  
    Eyes of the World, The 1930  
Box Folder
3 10 Face in the Crowd, A 1958  
  11 Face in the Crowd, A 1993
    Family Feud, A 1910  
    Fangs of the Wild 1928  
    Fate's Boomerang 1916  
    Ferdie's Family Feud 1912  
    Feud 1994  
    Feud and the Turkey, The 1908  
    Feud at Beaver Creek  
    Feud Girl, The 1916  
    Feud in the Kentucky Hills, A 1912  
Box Folder
3 12 Feud, The 1910 (Kalem)  
    Feud, The 1910 (New York Motion Picture C.O.)  
    Feud, The 1914 (Powers)  
    Feud, The 1914 (Universal)  
    Feud, The 1915  
    Feud, The 1920  
    Feud, The 1926  
Box Folder
3 13 Feudal Dest, A 1912  
    Feudin' Rhythm 1951  
    Fighting Blood 1919  
    Fighting Cressy 1920  
    Fighting Death 1914  
    Fighting Kentuckian, The 1949  
    Fighting Kentuckians, The 1920  
    Film Festival  
Box Folder
3 14 Film Festival  
Box Folder
4 1 Filmography  
  2 Finley, Ned
  3 Finley, Ned
    Fire at the Mine 1912  
    Fire Coward, The 1913  
    Fire Down Below 1997  
Box Folder
4 4 Fishhawk  
    Five Hundred Pound Jerk, The  
    Flower of the Hills, The 1915  
    Fool's Parade 1917  
    Footsteps 1920  
    For Her Mother's Sake 1916  
    Forbidden Flesh 1968  
    Forbidden Valley 1920  
    Forester's Sweetheart, A 1910  
    Forgotten Frontier 1913  
    Forth Acre Feud 1965  
    Four Narratives 1916  
    Foxfire 1987  
    Frank and Jesse 1994  
    Friendly Neighbors 1940  
    From Tree to Mill 1917  
    Frontier Hero, A 1910  
    Frontiersman, The 1927  
    Fugitive, The 1910  
Box Folder
4 5 Fugitive, The 1993  
    Futz 1969  
    Game Warden, The 1913  
    Garrison, Andy  
Box Folder
4 6 Gateway of the West, The 1924  
    Gauntlet, The 1920  
    Ghost Breaker, The 1922  
    Girl and the Sheriff, The 1911  
    Girl from the Mountain, The 1914  
    Girl Named Sooner  
    Girl O' the Woods, The 1913  
    Girl of the Mountains, The 1911  
    Girl of the Ozarks 1936  
    Girl from Thunder Strip 1970  
    Go Straight 1921  
    God's Little Acre 1959  
    Goddess, The 1915  
    Good Baby, A 1999  
    Good Cider 1914  
Box Folder
4 7 Good Old Boys  
    Gorgeous Hussy, The  
    Grand Ole Opry 1940  
    Greased Lightning 1919  
    Greased Lightning 1977  
    Great Leap, The 1914  
    Great Meadow, The 1930  
    Great Northfield Minnesota Raid 1972  
Box Folder
4 8 Grindstaff, Howard  
    Grip of Love, The 1917  
    Guerrilla Menace, The 1913  
    Gunfighter, The 1923  
    Handmaid's Tale 1989  
    Hansel and Gretel- An Appalachian Version 1975  
    Hard Choices 1986  
    Harlan County, U.S.A. 1977  
    Hatfields and the McCoys 1975  
Box Folder
4 9 Hawkins, Gary  
    Hay County Swingers 1977  
    Heart of a Fool 1920  
    Heart of Steel 1983  
    Heart of the Blue Ridge, The 1915  
    Heart of the Hills, The 1919  
    Heart of the Hills, The 1914 (Rex)  
    Heart of the Hills, The 1914 (Victor/Universal)  
    Heart of Youth, The 1919  
    Held for Ransom 1913  
    Hell on Wheels 1967  
    Hell-Bent for Heaven 1926  
    Henderson, Jerry Lee  
    Her Country's Call 1917  
    Her Final Choice 1913  
    Her Inspiration 1919  
    Her Man 1918  
    Her Moonshine Lover 1914  
Box Folder
4 10 Her Primitive Man 1917  
    Her Rustic Hero 1915  
    Her Second Chance 1926  
    Higginses vs. Judson 1911  
    Higher Law, The 1914  
    Hilda of the Mountains 1913  
    Hill Billy, The 1924  
    Hill Folks 1912  
    Hillbillies 1934  
Box Folder
4 11 Hillbillies  
  12 Hillbilly Clowns Chapter One
  13 Hillbilly Clowns Chapter One
Box Folder
5 1 Hillbilly Clowns Chapter One  
  2 Hillbilly Clowns Chapter One
  3 Hillbilly Clowns Chapter One
  4 Hillbilly Gals
    Hillbilly Music  
Box Folder
5 5 Hillbilly Music  
  6 Hillbilly Music
    Hillbilly Porn  
Box Folder
5 7 Hillbilly Porn  
    Hillbillys in a Haunted House  
Box Folder
5 8 Hills of Kentucky 1927  
    Hills of Strife, The 1913  
    His Divorced Wife 1919  
    His Fighting Blood 1915  
    His Noisy Still 1920  
    Homecoming 1971  
    Hooch 1977  
    Hope of the Hills 1919  
    Hot Summer in Barefoot County  
    Hound- Dog Man 1959  
    Hound of Silver Creek 1928  
    House of Cards 1992  
    Houston: The Legend of Texas 1986  
    How Gold is Mined in Georgia (Real Life # 13) 1916  
    Human Hearts 1922  
    Hunter's Blood 1989  
    I Spit of Your Grave 1978  
Box Folder
5 9 I Walk the Line 1970  
    I'd Climb the Highest Mountain 1951  
Box Folder
5 10 I'd Climb the Highest Mountain 1951  
  11 Idyl of the Hills, An 1915
    Immortal Alamo, The 1911  
    In Another's Nest 1913  
    In Old Kentucky 1920  
    In Old Kentucky 1935  
    In Old Tennessee 1912  
    In the Battle's Smoke 1913  
    In the Days of Daniel Boone 1923  
    In the Hills of Kentucky 1914  
    In the Moonshine Country 1918  
    In the Mountains of Kentucky 1910  
    In the Mountains of Virginia 1913  
    In the Name of the Law 1916  
Box Folder
5 12 In the Nick of Time 1908  
    In the Southern Hills 1914  
    In the Tennessee Hills 1915  
    In the Valley 1915  
    Inbred Rednecks 1998  
    Incredible Journey of Dr. Meg Laurel 1979  
    Influence of the Unknown 1913  
    Inherit the Wind 1960  
    Inner Man, The 1922  
Box Folder
6 1 Innocent Informer, An 1913  
    Intruder, The 1914  
    Iron John (Robert Bly)  
    Jackson, Andrew  
    James Boys in Missouri, The 1908  
    Jane of the Soil 1915  
    Jeepers Creepers 1939  
    Jerry and the Moonshiners 1916  
    Jess of the Mountain Country 1914  
Box Folder
6 2 Jesse James 1927  
    Jesse James 1939  
Box Folder
6 3 Jesse James 1939  
  4 Jesse James 1939
  5 Jesse James 1939
  6 Jesse James 1939
    Jesse James as the Outlaw 1921  
    Jesse James at Bay 1941  
Box Folder
6 7 Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter 1966  
    Jesse James Under the Black Flag 1920  
    Jesse James' Women 1954  
    Joan of Ozark 1951  
    John Lair's Renfro Valley Barn Dance 1966  
    Journey of August King 1995  
Box Folder
6 8 Journey of August King 1995  
  9 Journey of August King 1995
  10 Journey of August King 1995
    Jucklins, The 1920  
    Judge Priest 1934  
Box Folder
6 11 Judgement of the Hills 1927  
    Judith of the Cumberlands 1916  
    Just A Song at Twilight 1914  
    Kaintuck 1912  
    Kaintucky Bill 1914  
    Kalifornia 1993  
    Kate of Kentucky 1918  
    Kentuckian, The 1995  
    Kentuckians, The 1920  
    Kentucky 1938  
Box Folder
6 12 Kentucky Courage (Little Shepard of Kingdom Come) 1928  
    Kentucky Cycle 1996  
    Kentucky Feud, A 1905  
    Kentucky Feud, A 1912  
    Kentucky Feud, The 1913  
    Kentucky Foes 1913  
    Kentucky Girl, A 1911  
    Kentucky Idyl, A 1915  
    Kentucky Kernels 1935  
    Kentucky Moonshine 1938  
    Kentucky Romance, A 1914  
    Kentucky Woman 1983  
    Key to Power, The 1918  
    Killing Zoe 1994  
Box Folder
6 13 King, Henry (Director)  
  14 King, Henry (Director)
    King of the Hill 1997  
    King of the Pack 1926  
    Kinogram (Sergeant York) 1919  
    Kissing Cousins 1964  
    Lassie 1994  
    Las Vegas Hillbillys 1966  
Box Folder
7 1 Last American Hero 1973  
    Last Command, The 1955  
Box Folder
7 2 Last Days of Frank and Jesse James 1986  
    Last of Her Clan, The 1917  
    Last of the Hargroves, The 1914  
    Last of the Mohicans 1992  
Box Folder
7 3 Last of the Mohicans 1992  
  4 Last of the Mohicans 1992
    Last of the Stills, The 1915  
    Last of Their Race 1914  
    Laugh of Scorn, The 1916  
    Law of the Mountains, The 1909  
    Legend of Hillbilly John 1973  
    Legend of Tom Dooley, The 1959  
    Library of Congress  
Box Folder
7 5 Library of Congress  
  6 Library of Congress
  7 Life of Daniel Boone 1912
    Life's Steam 1914  
    Lightning Over Braddock  
    Lion, the Lamb, and the Man, The 1914  
    Li'l Abner 1940  
Box Folder
7 8 Li'l Abner 1959  
    Little Kanituck 1913  
    Little Moonshiner, The 1912  
    Little Shepard of Kingdom Come 1912  
    Little Shepard of Kingdom Come 1960  
    Little Yanik, The 1971  
    Lolly Madonna XXX 1973  
    Lon of Lone Mountain 1915  
    Long Feud, The 1914  
    Long Riders, The 1980  
Box Folder
7 9 Lorentz, Payne  
    Love and A .45 1994  
    Love and Handcuffs 1915  
    Love in the Hills 1911 (Biography)  
    Love in the Hills 1911 (Essanay)  
    Macon County Line 1974  
    Mad Mountaineer, The 1914  
    Madcap of the Hills, A 1917  
    Madge of the Mountains 1911  
    Magdalene of the Hills, A 1917  
    Maid O' the Mountains, The 1915  
    Maid of the Mist, The 1915  
    Maid of the Mountains 1909  
Box Folder
7 10 Maid of the Mountains, A 1910  
    Maid of the Mountains, The 1913  
    Maid of the Wild, The 1915  
    Mail Order Bride 1964  
    Make Mine Music "The Martines and the Coys" 1946  
    Making over of Geoffrey Manning, The 1915  
    Man from Nowhere, The 1918  
    Man of Conquest 1939  
    Martyr Sex, The 1924  
    Martyrs of the Alamo, The 1915  
Box Folder
7 11 Masculinity  
  12 Masculinity
  13 Masculinity
  14 Masculinity
Box Folder
8 1 Masked Rider, The 1916  
    Matewan 1987  
    Maybe Moonshine 1916  
    McElwee, John  
    McFarland and Co.  
Box Folder
8 2 McFarland and Co.  
  3 McFarland and Co.
  4 McFarland and Co.
  5 Medium Cool 1969
    Meg O' the Mountains 1914  
    Melissa of the Hills 1917  
    Melville, Rose "Sis Hopkins"  
Box Folder
8 6 Men of Steel 1926  
    Mickey 1917  
    Mid Kentucky Hills 1917  
Box Folder
8 7 Ed Midgett  
    Midnight Flyer, The 1926  
    Miner's Daughter, The 1908  
    Miracle of the Bells, The 1948  
    Mirror, The 1915  
Box Folder
8 8 Miscellaneous Clippings  
    Miscellaneous 1904-1910  
    Miscellaneous 1911-1914  
    Miscellaneous 1915-1918  
Box Folder
8 9 Miscellaneous 1915-1918  
    Miscellaneous 1919-1925  
    Miscellaneous 1926-1933  
    Miscellaneous 1934-1940  
    Miscellaneous 1917  
    Miss Jessica is Pregnant 1970  
    Missionary's Triumph, The 1913  
    Missy 1916  
    Molly Maguires, The 1970  
Box Folder
8 10 Molly Maguires; or, Labor Wars in the Coal Miners, The 1908  
    Molly of the Mountains 1915  
    Moonlight 1921?  
    Moonrunner 1974  
    Moonshine 1918  
    Moonshine 1921  
    Moonshine and Love 1910  
    Moonshine Blood 1916 (Red Margaret, Moonshiner, 1913)  
    Moonshine County Express 1976  
    Moonshine Maid and the Man 1914  
    Moonshine Menace, The 1921 (Remake of Judith of Cumberlands 1916)  
    Moonshine Molly 1914  
    Moonshine Mountain 1964  
Box Folder
8 11 Moonshine Trail, The 1920  
    Moonshine Valley 1922  
    Moonshine War, The 1970  
    Moonshiner, The 1904  
    Moonshiner, The 1911  
    Moonshiners, The 1914  
    Moonshiner's Daughter, The 1908  
    Moonshiner's Daughter, The 1910 (Nestor)  
    Moonshiner's Daughter, The 1914  
    Moonshiner's Daughter 1933  
    Moonshiner's Heart, A 1912  
    Moonshiner's Last Stand, The 1913  
    Moonshiner's Mistake, The 1913  
Box Folder
8 12 Moonshiner's Trail, The 1911  
    Moonshiner's Wife, A 1913  
    Moonshiner's Woman 1968  
    Moonshines 1915  
    Morgan's Raiders  
    Mother's Day on Walton's Mountain 1982  
    Mountain Blood 1916  
    Mountain Daisy, A 1916  
    Mountain Dew 1912  
    Mountain Dew 1917  
    Mountain Feud, A 1908 (Stage Play)  
    Mountain Fury 1929 (Stage Play)  
    Mountain Justice 1915  
    Mountain Justice 1930  
    Mountain Justice 1937  
    Mountain Law 1914 (Lubin)  
Box Folder
8 13 Mountain Law 1914 (Rex  
    Mountain Law, The 1911  
    Mountain Law 1918  
    Mountain Madness 1920  
    Mountain Maid, A 1910  
    Mountain Mary 1915  
    Mountain Mother, A 1913  
    Mountain Movie Houses  
    Mountain Music 1937  
    Mountain Nymph, A 1916  
    Mountain Rhythm 1943  
    Mountain Tragedy 1912  
    Mountain Traitor, The 1914  
    Mountain Wife, A 1910  
    Mountain Witch, The 1913  
    Mountain Woman, The 1921  
    Mountain Generally  
    Mountaineer, The: Tale of Kentucky, A 1910  
    Mountaineers, The 1908 (Lubin)  
Box Folder
8 14 Mountaineers, The 1913 (Edison)  
    Mountaineer's Honor 1909  
    Mountaineer's Revenge, The 1908  
    Movie Chats No.53 1921  
    Movie List  
    Mrs. Soffel 1985  
    Mudhoney 1966  
    Murder, He Says 1945  
    Mutzmag 1992  
    My Blood Valentine 1981  
    My Fellow American 1996  
    My Own Country 1998  
Box Folder
9 1 Mystery of Hidden House, The 1914  
    Mystery of the Mountains, A 1915  
    Nan of the Woods 1913  
    Naomi and Wynonna 1995 (Television program)  
    Napoli, Lisa  
    Temple University Press  
    Nashville 1975  
Box Folder
9 2 Nashville 1975  
    Nashville Rebel 1966  
    Native State (The Son of Democracy) 1918  
    Natural Born Killers 1994  
    Nature's Touch 1914  
    Nature's Vengeance  
    Ned McCobb's Daughter 1929  
    Nell 1994  
Box Folder
9 3 Nell 1994  
    Nest of the Cuckoo Birds, The 1965  
    Next of Kin 1989?  
Box Folder
9 4 Next of Kin 1989? (includes two scripts)  
  5 Next of Kin 1989?
    Nickelodeons Mountaineers  
    Night in Kentucky, A 1915  
    Night Message 1924  
    Night of the Hunter, The 1955 (includes photocopied script)  
Box Folder
9 6 Night of the Hunter, The 1955  
    Night of the Hunter, The 1991 (Made for Television)  
    Night Watch, The 1926  
    No Drums, No Bugles 1971  
    No Time for Sergeants 1958  
    Noisy Neighbors 1929  
Box Folder
9 7 North Carolina Movie Industry (Contemporary)  
  8 Nymph of the Foothills 1918
    Oakley, Annie  
    October Sky 1999  
    Ode to Billy Joe 1976  
Box Folder
9 9 Olsen, William  
    On Bitter Creek 1915  
    On Location Project  
Box Folder
9 10 On Location Project  
    On Location - University of Kentucky  
Box Folder
10 1 On Lonesome Mountain 1914  
    On Moonshine Mountain 1914  
    One Dollar Bid 1918  
    Orphan of War, An 1913  
    Orphan, The or A Mountain Romance 1908  
    Other Side of the Mountain 1988  
    Our Hospitality  
    Our Southern Mountaineers 1918 (Paramount Pictograph # 107)  
    Out of a Clear Sky  
    Owensby, Earl  
Box Folder
10 2 Owensby, Earl  
  3 Owensby, Earl (includes script for Chain Gang)
  4 Owensby, Earl (includes script for Dark Sunday)
  5 Owensby, Earl (includes script for Hyperspace)
  6 Owensby, Earl (includes script for Hit the Road Running)
  7 Ozark Romance, An 1918
    Pansy 1912  
    Paradise Falls 1997  
Box Folder
11 1 Paradise Falls 1997  
  2 Paradise Park 1991 (script enclosed)
  3 Paradise Park 1991
  4 Paradise Park
    Paramount Bray Pictures No. 6097 1917  
    Parton, Dolly  
    Passion in Hot Hollow  
    Patch Adams 1999  
    Pathe Review No.52 1920  
    Patsy 1917  
    Peg O' Wilds 1914  
    Peggy, the Moonshiner's Daughter 1911  
    People vs. Larry Flint 1996  
Box Folder
11 5 Photographs  
    Pig Keepers Daughter 1973  
    Pilgrimage 1933  
    Piney Ridge, At 1916  
    Pittsburgh 1947  
    Place, the Time and the Man, The 1914  
    Plots 1904-1924  
Box Folder
11 6 Plots 1904-1924  
  7 Plots 1904-1924
    Power and the Glory, The 1918  
    Power of Light, The 1914  
    Power Divine, The 1923  
    Prayer of a Horse, The 1915  
    Preacher Man 1971  
    Prepared to Die 1923  
    President's Lady, The 1953  
    Pride of Jesse Hallam 1981  
    Primitive Life in Tennessee 1921  
    Primitive Man 1913  
    Primitive Woman 1918  
    Prince of Pennsylvania 1988  
    Princess of the Dark 1917  
    Professional Sweetheart 1933  
    Prophet of the Hills 1915  
Box Folder
12 1 Psychedelic Glue Sniffin' Hillbillies 1997  
    Pulp Fiction 1994  
    Pumkinhead 1988  
    Rachel and the Stranger 1948  
    Radio City Revels 1938  
    Raiders, The 1914  
    Rainbow Riley 1926  
    Raising Arizona 1987 (includes screenplay)  
Box Folder
12 2 Raising Arizona 1987  
    Raw Love 1965  
    Razored in Kentucky 1930  
    Real American Hero 1978  
    Rebellious Bride, The 1919  
    Reconciled in Blood 1914  
    Red Margaret, Moonshiner 1913  
    Red Old Hills of Georgia, The 1913  
Box Folder
12 3 Redneck  
    Regan's Daughter 1914  
    Remorseless Love 1921  
    Return of the Beverly Hillbillies 1981  
    Return to Mayberry 1986  
    Revenue Agent, The 1915  
    Revenue Man and the Girl, The 1911  
    Revenue Officer's Deputy 1914  
    Revenue Officer's Last Case 1911  
    Reynolds, David  
Box Folder
12 4 Reynolds, David  
    Ride a Wild Stud 1969  
    Riders of the Night 1918  
    Rip van Winkle 1914  
    River, The 1937  
    River, The 1987  
    River of Romance, The 1915  
    Road Hustlers, The  
Box Folder
12 5 Romance in Old Kentucky 1912  
    Romance of New Port 1916  
    Romance of the Ozarks, The 1913  
    Roof tree, The 1921  
    Roseanna McCoy 1949  
    Roses are for the Rich 1987  
    Ruby in Paradise 1993  
    Runaway, The 1926  
    Scarlet Drop, The 1918  
    Scatterbrain 1940  
    Schenkkan, Robert  
    Secret of the Mine 1913  
    Secret Service Snitz 1914  
    See America First- Asheville 1915  
    See America First- No. 52 P.A. 1916  
    See America First- No. 62 1916  
    Seeds of Vengeance 1920  
Box Folder
12 6 Selling Short  
    Sensational Logging 1910  
    Sergeant York 1941  
Box Folder
12 7 Sergeant York 1941  
    Series of Tallulah Falls, Georgia, A 1913  
    Serpents, The 1912  
    Shenandoah 1913  
    Shenandoah 1911  
    Shenandoah 1926  
    Shenandoah 1965  
    Shepherd of the Hills 1920  
    Shepherd of the Hills 1928  
    Shepherd of the Hills 1941  
    Shepherd of the Ozarks 1942  
    Sheriff Protem, The 1912  
    Shorty Trails the Moonshiners 1917  
    Shriner Hillbilly Clans  
Box Folder
12 8 Shriner Hillbilly Clans  
    Shrine of the Happiness, The 1915  
    Silence of the Lambs, The 1991  
    Silent Avenger, The 1927  
    Sins of the Fathers 1909  
    Sis Hopkins 1919  
    Sixteen 1977  
    Sleepy Hollow 1911  
    Sling Blade 1996  
    Smokey Mountain Christmas 1986  
    Smokey Mountain Melody 1949  
    Sod Sisters 1969  
    Somewhere in the Mountains 1917  
    Son of the Hills, A 1917  
    Sons of Toil, The 1918  
    Soul in Trust, A 1918  
    Soul of the South 1913  
    Souls Aflame 1928  
Box Folder
12 9 Southern Culture on the Skids  
    Southern Movies Generally  
    Southern Highlands, The 1917  
    Southern Justice 1917  
    Southern, The 1945  
    Special Agent 1910  
    Spell of the Primeval 1913  
    Spitfire 1934  
    Spitfire Grill 1996  
    Splendid Scapegrace, A 1913  
    Spring Tonic 1935  
    Spy's Sister, The 1915  
    Stand Up and Cheer 1934  
Box Folder
12 10 Stark Love 1927  
Box Folder
13 1 Stark Love 1927  
  2 Stark Love 1927
  3 Stark Love 1927
  4 Still on Sunset Mountain, The 1915
    Strangest Dream 1990  
    Stranger at Hickory Nut Gap, The 1914  
    Strength of Men, The 1913  
    Strength O' Ten 1914  
    Strike at Coaldale, The 1914  
    Strike at the Mines, The 1911  
    Stronger Love, The 1916  
    Sue of the South 1919  
    Summer Girl, The 1916  
    Sun-up 1925  
    Sunshine and Tempest 1915  
    Swing Your Lady 1938  
    Taming of Sunnybrook Nell 1914  
    Tammy and the Bachelor  
    Tap Roots  
Box Folder
13 5 Tale of the Backwoods, A 1910  
    Tale of the Wilderness, A 1912  
    Tecumseh, Panther in the Sky 1995  
    Ten Dollars or Ten Days 1932  
    Tennessee 1914  
    Tennessee Johnson 1943  
    Tennessee Love Story, A 1911  
    Tennessee Plow Boy 1956  
    Terror of the Fold, The 1915  
    That Championship Season 1982  
    That Houn' Dawg 1912  
    That Tennessee Beat 1966  
    Thelma and Louise  
    Them Thar' Hills 1934  
Box Folder
13 6 Thing called Love, The  
    Thompson, Frank  
    Thou Shalt Not Kill 1910  
    Thou Shalt Not Kill 1914  
    Threads of Fate 1917  
    Three of Us, The 1914  
    Through Fire to Fortune; or Sunken Village, The 1914  
    Through the Cumberland Mountains, Tennessee 1913  
    Throw of the Dice 1914  
    Tobacco Roody 1970  
    Tobacco Road 1914 (included script)  
Box Folder
13 7 Tobacco Road 1941  
    Thunderbolt, The 1919  
    Thunder and Lighting 1977  
    Thunder Mountain 1925  
    Thunder Road 1958  
Box Folder
13 8 Thunder Road 1958 (included script)  
  9 Toilers, The 1928
    Tol'able David 1921  
Box Folder
14 1 Tol'able David 1930  
    Torchy's Feud 1922  
    Trail of the Lonesome Pine 1914  
    Trail of the Lonesome Pine 1916  
    Trail of the Lonesome Pine 1923  
    Trail of the Lonesome Pine 1936  
    Transgressor, The 1911  
    Transition, The 1913  
Box Folder
14 2 Trap, The 1914  
    Trapper County War 1988  
    Trooper 44 1917  
    True Story of Jesse James  
    Twilight 1919  
    Two Girls of the Hills 1913  
    Uncle Sam of Freedom Ridge 1920  
    Undertrail, The 1914  
    Unexpected, The 1914  
    Unlawful Trade, The 1914  
    Unsinkable Molly Brown, The  
Box Folder
14 3 Unsinkable Molly Brown, The  
    Untamed, The 1917  
    Up Lookout Mountain on the Electric Incline 1913  
    U.S. Revenue Detective, The 1910  
    Valley of Hate 1924  
    Valley of Tomorrow (The Underside of Eden) 1920  
    Victims of Faith 1910  
    Village Homestead, The 1915  
    Virginia Feud 1913  
    Virginian Outcast 1924  
Box Folder
14 4 Vista (Script)  
  5 Voice of Bugle Ann, The 1936
    Vow, The 1915  
    Walk in the Spring Rain, A 1970  
    Waltons, The  
    Walton's Easter 1997  
    Way of the Mountains, The 1912  
    We Live by the Code of the Hills  
Box Folder
14 6 We Live by the Code of the Hills (includes partial script and restricted material)  
  7 Weakling, The 1914
    Weapons of Love 1916  
    Weaver Brothers and Elviry  
    Webb, Paul  
    Wedding on Walton's Mountain, A 1982  
    When Bearcat Went Dry 1919  
    When Men Would Kill 1914  
    When the Line Goes Through 1983  
    Wedding on Walton's Mountain, A 1982  
    When Bearcat Went Dry 1919  
    When Men Would Kill 1914  
    When the Line Goes Through 1983  
    Where Broadway meets the Mountain 1912  
    Where Happiness Dwells 1915  
    Where the Lilies Bloom 1974  
    Where the Mountains Meet 1913  
    Where the Red Ferns Grow 1974  
    Whim of Destiny 1913  
    White Lightnin' Road 1965  
    White Trash  
    Who's Cheating? 1924  
    Why Kentucky Went Dry 1914  
    Wilcox vs. Baker 1996  
Box Folder
14 8 Wild Blood 1915  
    Wild in the Country 1916  
    Wild Girl, The 1925  
    Wild Money 1937  
    Wild Primrose 1918  
    Wild River 1960  
    Will of Fate, The 1913  
    William Willeford, "The Fool and His Scepter"  
Box Folder
14 9 William Willeford, "The Fool and His Scepter"  
    Winstorm 1991  
    Winter People 1988  
Box Folder
14 10 Witch Girl, The 1914  
    Wives of the Prophet 1926  
    Wolf Law 1922  
    Woman of Redemption, A 1918  
    Woman's Power, A 1916  
    Womanless Weddings  
    Wood, Joshua  
    Wooers of Mountain Kate, The 1912  
Box Folder
14 11 World, The 1915  
    W.W. and the Dixie Dance Kings 1975  
    Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree 1996  
    Young, Jacob  
    Young Davy Crockett 1996  
    Youth Will Be Served  
Box Folder
15 1 Miscellaneous  
  2 Miscellaneous
  3 Miscellaneous
  4 Miscellaneous
  5 Miscellaneous
  6 Miscellaneous
    Henry King and Larry C. Bradley Collection Subseries.
Box Folder
15 7 Photocopies of Archival Documents  
  8 Photocopies of Archival Documents
    Videotapes Subseries.
    Videotapes (Original videotapes, not copied, are underlined.)  
        Alamo Classics: The Immortal Alamo (1911)/Martyrs of the Alamo (1915)/With Davy Crockett at the Fall of the Alamo" (1926)
        Alleghany Uprising (1939)
        Amazing Delores
        American Hollow (1998)
        Annie Got Your Gun (1957)
        Appalachian Junkumentry
        Bad Georgia Road (1977)
        Ballad of Frankie Silver (undated)
        The Beans of Egypt Maine (Forbidden Choices)
        Beauty Contests
        Berea Assemblage
        Beverly Hillbillies Nine episodes on three videotapes
        Beyond Measure
        The Bitter Berry
        Black Fury (1935)
        Blame in on Garth (1999)
        Boogie in Black and White (1947)
        Boston Common Episodes
        The Bradrock Chronicles: 1-7 (1972-1980)
        The Bradrock Chronicles 2: 1-5 (1979-1985)
        Bright Leaf (1950)
        Calamity Jane
        CBS Sunday Morning News (15 November 1992)
        Coal Miners and Moonshiners
        Coal Miner's Daughter (1980)
        Country Justice (CBS-TV Broadcast 14 January 1997)
        The Covered Wagon (1923)
        Daniel Boone (undated)
        Daniel Boone Trail Blazer (1957)
        The Day the Earth Stood Still/My Man Godfrey/I Walk the Line
        Deliverance (1971)
        Doc and Merle
        The Dollmaker (1983)
        Dolly Parton's Christmas **
        Dr. No
        The Dukes of Hazzard: "The Big Heist" (1979)
        The Dukes of Hazzard: "High Octave" (1979)
        Feud (1992)
        The Fighting Kentuckian (1949)
        Fleabag (undated)
        Frank and Jesse
        Glitch in the System
        God's Little Acre (undated)
        The Gorgeous Hussy (1936)
        Grand Ole Opry
        Greased Lightning (1977)
        The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid (1972)
        Great Smokey Roadblock
        Hammer on the Slammer
        Hard Choices (1984)
        The Hatfields and the McCoys (1974)
        Heretics (undated)
        Hillbilly Kitsch - Raw Footage
        Hillbillys in a Haunted House (1986)
        Hollywood Appalachia Clips
        Hot Summer in Barefoot County (1984)
        Houston: Legend of Texas (CBS Dramatic Special)/Dolly Parton's Christmas
        I Walk the Line **
        I'd Climb the Highest Mountain (1951)
        The Immortal Alamo (1911) **
        Jesco Goes to Hollywood - Dancing Outlaw II
        Jesse James at Bay (1941)
        Joey Learns to Fly (1992)
        Journey of August King
        Justice in the Coalfields (1995)
        The Kentuckian (1955)
        Kissin' Cousins (1964)
        Las Vegas Hillbillys (1966) (2 copies)
        The Legend of Hillbilly John (1973)
        Legends of the Fall **
        Lightning Over Bradrock (1988)
        Li'l Abner (1959)
        Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come
        The Long Riders (1980)
        The Magnetism of Woe (1996) (Rough Cut)
        Make Mine Music
        Martyrs of the Alamo (1915)
        Medium Cool (1970)
        Mountain Justice (1937)
        Mr. D Period
        Mudhoney (undated)
        My Man Godfrey **
        Nashville (1975) part I and II
        The Night of the Hunter (1955)
        Night Ride (undated)
        No Drums, No Bugles
        No Time for Sergeants (1958)
        Norma Rae/Legends of the Fall/Beverly Hillbillies
        October Sky (1999)
        Our Hospitality (1923)
        Paradise Park (1992)
        Pittsburgh (1942)
        Point Man
        Power House for God
        Pumpkin Head II/Journey of August King/1995
        Rough South of Harry Crews
        Rutherford County Line
        Sergeant York (1941) Part I and II
        Sex (1920)
        Shenandoah (1965)
        Sixteen (1972)
        Smokey and the Bandit (1977)
        Spencer's Mountain (1963)
        Stark Love (with sound)
        Stranger with a Camera (1995) (Two copies: compilation and original)
        Strangest Dreams
        Ted and Sarah
        Thunder and Lightning (1977)
        Thunder Road (1958)
        Tol'abel David (1921)
        When the Line Goes Through
        Where the Red Fern Grows (1991)
        Wilgus Stories (1999)
        With Davy Crockett at the Fall of the Alamo (1926)
        X-Files: "Snake Handling" (2000) and "Yarb" Episodes
    2007 Addendum.  
1       Tape 1. No Time for Sergeants; It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World; A Christmas Story.
        Tape 2. Bill Cosby; Cheers.
        Tape 3. Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid; Dr. Strangelove (How I Learned to Love the Bomb; Wild River.
        Tape 4. Coming Round the Mountain; Spinout; Lolly-Madonna.
        Tape 5. A Walk in the Spring Rain; Where the Lillie Bloom; W.W. and the Dixie Danceking.
        Tape 6. Tammy and the Bacherlor.
        Tape 7. Walking Tall.
        Tape 8. The Day the Earth Stood Still; My Man Godfrey; I Walk the Line.
        Tape 9. The Third Man; North by Northwest; The Pride of Jesse Hallam.
        Tape 10. The Caine Mutiny; Guys and Dolls; Hooch.
        Tape 11. Our Daily Bread.
        Tape 12. Black Orpheus; A Real American Hero; Salem's Lot.
        Tape 13. Inspector General; The Court Jester; Bonnie and Clyde; Norma Rae.
2       Tape 1. The Best of Amos and Andy, Vol. I; Thunder Road; An American Werewolf in London.
        Tape 2. The River; All of Me; The Graduate.
        Tape 3. The Music Man; Jesse James.
        Tape 4. First Blood; The Shepard (Shephard) of the Hills; With Six You Get Eggroll.
        Tape 5. The Omen; Trail of the Lonesome Pine; Android.
        Tape 6. Creep Show; White Lightning; Under Mick Wood.
        Tape 7. This is the Army; The Dion Bros.; City Heat.
        Tape 8. The Doll Maker; Melvin and Howard.
        Tape 9. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly; Gator; How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
        Tape 10. Macon County Line; Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome; Racing with the Moon.
        Tape 11. Pale Rider; Mountain Men; Easy Rider.
        Tape 12. Last Day of Frank and Jesse James; High Road China; Odd Couple.
        Tape 13. Union Station; Greased Lightning; The Molly Mageures.
        Tape 14. Inherit the Wind; Fighting Mad; Virus.
3       Tape 1. Kiss of the Spider Woman; Return to Mayberry; The Seduction of Joe Tynan.
        Tape 2. Roseanna MC Copy (1949).
        Tape 3. Country Music Holiday; The Clan of the Cave Bear; Secret Admirer.
        Tape 4. 2001: A Space Odyssey; Raging Bull; The Quest.
        Tape 5. Angel City; Space Camp; The Quest.
        Tape 6. Lady Lane; Thin Man; At Close Range.
        Tape 7. I Love Lucy; Moonlighting; Play it again, Sue(?); The Color of Money.
        Tape 8. The Alamo 13 Days to Glory; Aliens.
        Tape 9. Assemblage of material to date for "Stranger With a Camera" Appalshop, Inc VHS Dub of 16mm film. (Elizabeth Barrett 17 mins.).
        Tape 10. A. James Manchin: The Final Accounting (A Documentary by John Nakashima).
        Tape 11. Interview with Mason Eldridge, Adams Branch, Letcher Co., Kentucky 5/96 DUB Stranger With a Camera, Appalshop.
        Tape 12 The Cotton Club; A Room with a View; The Last American Hero.
        Tape 13. A Face in the Crowd.
        Tape 14. Tin Men; A Room with a View; The Witches of the Eastwick.
4       Tape 1. The Princess Bride; Preacher Man; Fatal Attraction.
        Tape 2. Davy Crockett: Rainbow in the Thunder; At the Circus; Laurel and Hardy Comedy Classics.
        Tape 3. Donner Pass; Matewan. Overboard.
        Tape 4. Jacknife; A World Apart; The Winter People.
        Tape 5. Evil Dead; Chocolat; Murmur of the Heart.
        Tape 6. Next of Kin; Evil Dead 2; Pumpkin Head.
        Tape 7. Family Business; Enemies a Love Story; Blaze.
        Tape 8. Night of the Hunter (1991); Air America; The Wizard of Loneliness.
        Tape 9. Christy; The Paper; The Crow.
        Tape 10. The Butcher's Wife; Body Parts; 2000 Maniacs.
        Tape 11. Unsinkable Molly Brown; The Egg and I.
        Tape 12 Prince of Tides; Rush; Legend of the Beverly Hillbillies.
        Tape 13. Cape Fear; Kalifornia; Romper Stomper.
        Tape 14. I Spit on Your Grave; Brother's Keeper; Ruby in Paradise.
        Tape 15. The Judds.
Jerry Wayne Williamson Papers. Student Work Series. (1999-2001)
Videotape Interviews Subseries contains videotapes of interviews of Appalachian Studies scholars, chronological order. These interviews were conducted by students from Williamson's 1999 and 2001 Appalachian Studies 5020: Colloquium in Appalachian Studies class. Videotapes are of various sizes. Interviewees include Dwight Billings (2001), Marie Cirillo (2001), Loyal Jones (1999), Helen Lewis (1999), Sanford (1999), David Whisnant (1999). Cassettes are VHS, high density and DVCassettes. Kim Johnson's audio cassette from Scrapbook Subseries is stored in subseries.
Scrapbook Subseries contains scrapbooks from eight students. Students were enrolled in Williamson's English 3530/4800 Stereotypes class in Spring 1998 and Williamson's English 5530 Appalachian Popular Culture class in Spring 1999. The following students created Hillbilly scrapbooks: Sean Dowell, John C. Farrell, Josh Hedrick, Warren Huntsman, Amber Walker, and G.E. Warren. Kim Johnson and Billy Schumann, and possibly someone named Torie, created Yard Art Projects. The Country Music Project was completed by Kim Johnson, Melanie Rice and Billy Schumann. Kim Johnson includes audio cassette, which is stored with the Videotape Interviews Subseries box. Some scrapbooks contain students' grades. Scrapbooks' original condition are retained, including glued items and photographs.
    Subseries Videotape Interviews.
    Subseries Scrapbooks.
    Sean Dowell - Hillbilly Collecting Project  
    Amber Walker - Hillbilliana  
    Warren Huntsman - Hillbilly Scrapbook  
    John C. Farrell - Hillbilliana Collection  
    G.E. Warren - Hillbilliana  
    Josh Hedrick - Untitled Hillbilly Scrapbook  
    Billy Schumann - Yard Art Etc. Project  
    Kim Johnson - Yard Art Project  
    Billy Schumann - Country Music Project  
    Melanie Rice - Country Music Project  
    Kim Johnson - Country Music Project (audio cassette stored elsewhere)