Guide to the Blue Ridge Parkway Association Records, 1950-1982, undated

Summary Information

Title: Blue Ridge Parkway Association Records, 1950-1982, undated
Collection: AC.209
Extent: 7.5 linear feet (13 archival boxes and 1 flat box)

Blue Ridge Parkway Association Records originate from an organization of small and large businesses focused on tourism along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The organization advertizes the businesses, produced brochures and a newsletter called the 'Mile Post', and marketed the Blue Ridge Parkway. It also worked to complete the Blue Ridge Parkway's link.

Creator: Blue Ridge Parkway Association

Biographical/Historical Note

The Blue Ridge Parkway Association was an independent membership-based non-profit organization made up of businessmen and Chamber of Commerce Executives interested in promoting the Blue Ridge Parkway tourist attractions in Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. It published an annual folder of accomodations and services. Included are hotels, motels, restaurants, travel organizations, business firms, merchants associations, and tourist attractions.

Historical highlights include:

1951: Blue Ridge Parkway Association was incorporated.

1952: Blue Ridge Parkway Association's successful opposition to a proposed Congressional name change for the Parkway

1955: Blue Ridge Parkway Association passed a resolution opposing making the Blue Ridge Parkway a toll road.

17 July 1965: Dedication to mark completion of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.

22 October 1968: Deed Transfer & Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Final Link of the Blue Ridge Parkway

1975: Blue Ridge Parkway Association revised its By-Laws.

Scope and Contents

The records within include historical articles, stories, correspondence, promotional items, financial records, and photographs of the Blue Ridge Parkway Association and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Although incomplete, these records reflect the early years of the Blue Ridge Parkway from conception to near completion.


Most series folders are arranged chronologically as much as possible. The entire collection is arranged alphabetically by series then folders.

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This collection is open for use in the Dougherty Reading Room. An appointment for research is recommended. The Dougherty Reading Room is located on the 4th floor of Belk Library in Special Collections.

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Provenance is not known. It was accessioned in 2000 but an accession number was not given. It was opened to the public in 2007.

Processing Information

Processed by Kathryn Staley and Freddie Blue, March 2007; Encoded by Kathryn Staley, March 2007; Revised and updated by Anita Elliott, July 2012. This collection was reprocessed as part of a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. The grant funded extensive processing of the backlog within the W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection between 2012 and 2014.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], AC.290: Blue Ridge Parkway Association Records, W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection, Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina, USA.

Container List

Series I: By-Laws and History, 1951-1981, undated

Series Description:

Series I: By-Laws & History Series contains the Blue Ridge Parkway Association's by-laws, by-law revisions, resolutions, special events, and ceremonies in conjunction with deed transfers and groundbreakings, along with the Association's history and correspondence related to the proposed Congressional change of the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Association's campaign against it. This series is arranged chronologically per folder.

Certification of Association's Incorporation, original and after name change, 1951 and 1955  Box 1.1
Constitution & By-Laws of Blue Ridge Parkway Association, 1954-1975, undated Box 1.2
Events: Blue Ridge Parkway Association Special Tours, May 24-29, 1953 Box 1.3
Events: Blue Ridge Parkway Association Special Tours, Jund 3-7, 1956 Box 1.4
Events: Blue Ridge Parkway Association Special Tours, June 24-26, 1958 Box 1.5
Events: Deed Transfer & Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Final Link of the Blue Ridge Parkway-October 22, 1968, Correspondence, September 20-November 11, 1968 Box 1.6
Events: Deed Transfer & Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Final Link of the Blue Ridge Parkway-October 22, 1968, Speakers, Speeches and Articles, October 22, 1969-January 3, 1969 Box 1.7
Events: Dedication of the Blue Ridge Parkway Connecting Link Between Wolf Laurel Gap and The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, June 25, 1959 Box 1.8
Events: E.B. Jeffress Park Dedication, June 27, 1968  Box 1.9
Events: National Park System Centennial Celebration, Blue Ridge Parkway, June 30, 1972  Box 1.10
History of the Blue Ridge Parkway, ca. 1889-1981, undated  Box 1.11
Proposed Congressional Name Change of Blue Ridge Parkway, Correspondence, February 20-March 7, 1952 Box 1.12
Resolutions, 1955-1980, undated Box 1.13

Series II: Correspondence, 1952-1981, undated

Series Description:

The Correspondence Series is chronologically ordered by date - 1952 through 1981. In some instances, an original letter is clipped to the answering correspondence.

Correspondence, January-December 1952  Box 2.1
Correspondence, January-December 1953  Box 2.2
Correspondence, January-December, 1954  Box 2.3
Correspondence, January 1955  Box 2.4
Correspondence, February-March 1955  Box 2.5
Correspondence, April-June 1955  Box 2.6
Correspondence, July-December 1955  Box 2.7
Correspondence, January-June 1956  Box 2.8
Correspondence, July-December 1956  Box 2.9
Correspondence, January-June 1957  Box 2.10
Correspondence, July-December 1957  Box 2.11
Correspondence, January-June 1958  Box 2.12
Correspondence, July-December 1958  Box 2.13
Correspondence, January-March 1959  Box 3.1
Correspondence, April-June 1959  Box 3.2
Correspondence, July-December 1959  Box 3.3
Correspondence, January-June 1960  Box 3.4
Correspondence, July-December 1960  Box 3.5
Correspondence, 1961  Box 3.6
Correspondence, 1962  Box 3.7

Correspondence, January-June 1963 

Box 3.8
Correspondence, July-December 1963  Box 3.9

Correspondence, January-June 1964 

Box 4.1

Correspondence, July-December 1964 

Box 4.2
Correspondence, January-June1965  Box 4.3
Correspondence, July-December 1965  Box 4.4
Correspondence, January-June 1966 Box 4.5
Correspondence, July-December 1966  Box 4.6
Correspondence, January-June 1967 Box 4.7
Correspondence, July-December 1967 Box 4.8
Correspondence, January-June 1968 Box 5.1
Correspondence, July-December 1968 Box 5.2
Correspondence, January-June 1969 Box 5.3
Correspondence, July-December 1969 Box 5.4
Correspondence, January-June 1970 Box 5.5
Correspondence, July-December 1970 Box 5.6
Correspondence, January-March 1971 Box 5.7
Correspondence, April-June 1971 Box 6.1
Correspondence, July-December 1971  Box 6.2
Correspondence, January-December 1972  Box 6.3
Correspondence, January-December 1973 Box 6.4
Correspondence, January-December 1974 Box 6.5
Correspondence, January-December 1975 Box 6.6
Correspondence, January-December 1976 Box 6.7
Correspondence, January-December 1977  Box 6.8
Correspondence, January-December 1978 Box 6.9
Correspondence, January-December 1979  Box 6.10
Correspondence, January-December 1980  Box 6.11
Correspondence, January-December 1981  Box 6.12
Correspondence, undated  Box 6.13
Correspondence: Association Blank Forms & Letterhead, undated  Box 6.14
Correspondence: Parkway Reports & Other Association Information, 1953-1981, undated Box 6.15

Series III: Finance, 1953-1982

Series Description:

Finance Series includes organizational disbursements, invoices, treasurer's reports, bank records, etc. for the Blue Ridge Parkway Associaion. Although incomplete, it illustrates the organization's financial status.

Advertising Sales and Printing Payments, 1964-1981  Box 7.1
Bank Statements, Deposit Records and Cancelled Checks, 1955-1980 Box 7.2
Budget Worksheets, 1980-1982 Box 7.3
Disbursements and Invoices, 1953-1964  Box 7.4
Disbursements and Invoices, 1965-1968  Box 7.5
Disbursements and Invoices, 1969-1971  Box 7.6
Disbursements and Invoices, 1972-1974  Box 7.7
Disbursements and Invoices, 1975-1976 Box 7.8
Disbursements and Invoices, 1977-1978 Box 8.1
Disbursements and Invoices, 1979-1981  Box 8.2
Financial Record Books, 1956-1973 Box 8.3
Financial Reports, May 1955-January 28, 1974 Box 8.4
Financial Reports, January 28, 1974-May 1981 Box 8.5
Receipts and Disbursements Reports, January 1968-March 1969  Box 8.6
Treasurer's Reports, Annual and Monthly, May 13, 1955-Sept. 13, 1965  Box 8.7

Series IV: Minutes and Reports, 1954-1989

Series Description:

Minutes and Reports Series contains minutes from the Association's membership and executive board meetings, as well as committee meeting minutes. It includes reports from the National Park Service and the North Carolina National Park, Parkway and Forests Development Commission.

Meeting Minutes, 1954-1957  Box 9.1
Meeting Minutes, 1958-1960  Box 9.2
Meeting Minutes, 1961-1965  Box 9.3
Meeting Minutes, 1966-1968  Box 9.4
Meeting Minutes, 1969-1970  Box 9.5
Meeting Minutes, 1971-1973  Box 9.6
Meeting Minutes, 1974-1976  Box 9.7
Meeting Minutes, 1977-1979  Box 9.8
Meeting Minutes, 1980-1989  Box 10.1

Meeting Minutes, undated 

Box 10.2
National Park Service, "Concession Accommodations Facilities and Services in Blue Ridge Parkway Virginia: Invitation for Offers and Prospectus, November 26, 1956  Box 10.3
National Park Service, "Concession Plan for North Carolina Sections of Blue Ridge Parkway", February 15, 1957  Box 10.4
National Park Service, "Mission 66 for Blue Ridge Parkway", 1957  Box 10.5
National Park Service, Statement for Management: Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia-North Carolina, 1979  Box 10.6
North Carolina National Park, Parkway and Forest Development Commission, Special Meeting Minutes, February 18, 1954  Box 10.7

Series V: Officers and Membership, 1955-1981, undated

Series Description:

Officers and Membership Series contains membership lists and payment of dues records, as well as the Association's Officers and Directors lists for several years.

Membership, 1955-1959 

Box 10.8

Membership, 1960-1968 

Box 10.9
Membership, 1969-1973 Box 10.10
Membership, 1974-1981, undated  Box 10.11
Membership Information, undated Box 10.12
Membership Records A-C, 1958-1980  Box 11.1
Membership Records D-H, 1958-1980  Box 11.2
Membership Records I-Q, 1958-1980  Box 11.3
Membership Records R-Z, 1958-1980  Box 11.4
Membership Records: Inactive Members Info and Correspondence, 1970-1980  Box 11.5
Officers and Directors, 1950-1981, undated  Box 11.6

Series VI: Photographs and Memorabilia, undated

Series Description:

Photographs and Memorabilia Series includes eighteen 8"x10", four 4"x5", two 3.5"x4.5", and one 5"x7" black & white photographs. Some are identified on the backs. It also consists of Association memorabilia such as bumper stickers and member's plaque.

Aerial Photograph of Rest Area under Construction, 4"x5" black & white, 'Colonial Studio' stamped on back, undated  Box 14.1
Article Collage Photographs 8"x10" black & white (four), undated Box 14.2-5
Blue Ridge Parkway Association Member Plaque, Blue, White & Gold, undated  Box 14.6
Blue Ridge Parkway Association Officers Photograph (identified on photo back), 8"x10" black & white, August 25, 1955  Box 14.7
Blue Ridge Parkway Association Former Presidents B.F. Moomaw & Randolph A Perry Photograph, 8"x10" black & white, August 25, 1955  Box 14.8
Bumper Stickers, "Blue Ridge Parkway" in blue and orange (two), undated  Box 14.9
Devil's Courthouse View, Blue Ridge Parkway Milepost 422.4, by Bill Gulley, 8"x10" black & white, undated  Box 14.10
Eagle Sculpture Photograph, "Robert C. Harnsberger, 1976", 8"x10" black & white, January 18, 1977  Box 14.11
First Seageant Photographs, 3.5"x4.5" black & white (two), unidentified, undated  Box 14.12
Folder, "Blue Ridge Parkway National Park Service Superintendent", brown, undated Box 14.13
Folder, "North Carolina: State of the Great Smoky Mountains Blue Ridge Parkway", blue & white, undated  Box 14.14

Grandfather Mountain Groundbreaking Ceremonies Photograph of Six Men, including Governor Dan K. Moore & Senator Sam Ervin, 8"x10" black & white, October 22, 1968 

Box 14.15
Grandfather Mountain Groundbreaking Ceremonies Photographs at Beacon Heights, 4"x5" black & white, (two), October 22, 1968 Box 14.16
Grandfather Mountain Groundbreaking Ceremonies Photograph of Six Men, Included Governor Dan K. Moore & Senator Sam Ervin (others identified on back), 4"x5" black & white, October 22, 1968 Box 14.17
Group Photograph of Three Women & Seven Men with Box of Virginia Apples in Foreground, 5"x7" black & white, unidentified, undated Box 14.18
Mabry Mill Photograph, 8"x10" black & white, undated Box 14.19
Map of "Blue Ridge Parkways connects the Shenandoah National Park...with Great Smoky Mountains National Park...", 8"x10" black & white, undated Box 14.20
'Milepost' Vol. 11, Issue 1, Spring-Summer (news print), 1980  Box 14.21
Mt. Mitchell View from the Parkway Photograph, 8"x10" black & white, stamped on back-'North Carolina News Bureau', undated  Box 14.22
Oconaluftee Indian Village, Cherokee, NC, "Warrior chips arrow and spear heads..." on back, 8"x10" black & white (two), undated  Box 14.23-24
Photo Contest Poster, red lettering, ca. 1981  Box 14.25
Sculptor Douglas Ferguson with Bear Figure Photograph, 8"x10" black & white, undated  Box 14.26
Unidentified View of Mountain Valleys and 4 People, 8"x10" black & white, undated  Box 14.27
Unidentified View of Lake with Sailboat and Mountain Background, 8"x10" black & white, undated  Box 14.28
'Visit Virginia' Poster and Two Men Photograph, 8"x10" black & white, 'by Hugh Morton' stamped on back, undated Box 14.29

Series VII: Publications and Media, 1952-1980, undated

Series Description:

Publications & Media Series includes copies of Blue Ridge Parkway brochures and maps, editorials published about the Parkway, Blue Ridge Parkway stories written by Michael Frome and Jean Simmon and the Association's newletter, 'Mileposts', as well as newsletters and travel brochures from other areas. Also included is correspondence about the making of a film about the Parkway in 1968.

Articles About the Blue Ridge Parkway, 1952-1980, undated  Box 11.7
Blue Ridge Parkway Accommodations and Services Brochures, 1957-1980  Box 11.8
Blue Ridge Parkway Campground Directory (photocopy), undated  Box 12.1
Blue Ridge Parkway Film Information, 1968  Box 12.2
Blue Ridge Parkway Information for "Accommodations and Services" Brochures, 1966-1980, undated  Box 12.3
Blue Ridge Parkway Maps, 1954-1978, undated  Box 12.4
Blue Ridge Parkway Publications and Information, 1953-1971, undated  Box 12.5
Editorials, 1955-April 1981, undated  Box 12.6
Frome, Michael, Blue Ridge Parkway Stories, 1952-1970, undated  Box 12.7
Linn Cove Viaduct, undated  Box 12.8
Maps, Misc., 1963-1979, undated  Box 12.9
McLeod, John F., "Pillow Talk: 73,608 of Them Along Blue Ridge Parkway", ca. 1972  Box 12.10
Media Advertising Information, 1963-1971  Box 12.11

'Mileposts' and Other Newsletters, 1961-1981, undated 

Box 13.1
Morton, Hugh, Biography, undated  Box 13.2
News Releases, 1953-1980, undated  Box 13.3
North Carolina Travel Information Bulletins, 1953-1970, undated  Box 13.4
Old Mailing Lists and Labels of the Association, 1967-1968, undated  Box 13.5
Simmons, Jean, "Blue Ridge Parkway Story", ca. 1972  Box 13.6
Travel Brochures from Other Areas, 1955-1982, undated  Box 13.7
Travel Information from Other Areas, ca. 1953-1981, undated  Box 13.8