Guide to the David Reid Hodgin Papers, 1916 - 1984, undated

Summary Information

Title: David Reid Hodgin Papers, 1916 - 1984, undated
Collection: AC.366
Extent: 14 linear feet (28 boxes)

The David Reid Hodgin Papers consists of the the faculty papers of David Hodgin, an Appalachian State Teachers College English professor from 1946 to 1965, along with copious notes and clippings associated with his areas of interest, essays, and teaching. There are also lots of audio materials, of which selected cassettes are digitized.

Creator: Hodgin, David Reid, 1899-1984

Biographical/Historical Note

David Reid Hodgin was born in Spout Springs, North Carolina and was raised in Southern Pines and Greensboro, North Carolina. He was educated at Westtown School in Pennsylvania and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and had special interest in theater and plays. He did advanced work at Johns Hopkins University, Columbia College, and the University of South Carolina. Raised in a Quaker community but never an active Quaker, he adopted atheism at an early age and maintained it throughout his life.

Hodgin married twice. His first marriage to Elva Anne Timberlake ended in permanent separation in 1941. They had two children, Andora and David. His second marriage to Allie Austin in 1947 lasted until her death in 1984. Austin worked for many years as a reference librarian at Appalachian State Teachers College.

Hodgin first came to Boone, North Carolina, in the early 1930s, and he bought a large tract of land from the Eggers family. He built a cabin on the property. He taught at various colleges until his divorce when he left Buffalo, New York. He worked briefly at a defense plant in Columbia, South Carolina in 1941 before returning to live permanently in Boone, North Carolina, where he taught full-time as an English professor at Appalachian State Teachers College. He taught many courses in literature, speech, advanced composition, and oral interpretation. He wrote several plays and produced them as part of the Appalachian Playcrafters group. He also had a number of key roles in productions of the Playcrafters during his long career at Appalachian State Teachers College.

He lived very primitively and privately on his farm on Rich Mountain, during which time, he worked on his plays, Young Dan'l Boone and Yon Tater Hill and one uncompleted novel, Home to My Mountains. The conception of "The Ballad of Tall Tom Wolfe," a tribute to his former classmate, also took place at this time.

In the early 1950s, Hodgin's rational and objective philosophy embroiled him in controversy with the Boone clerical community while he was on the ASTC faculty over his stance on religion, evolution and other philosophical issues. Hodgin retired professor emeritus of English in 1965. Despite his progressive humanist opinions, he held fairly traditional views on gender and sexuality.

Hodgin had a following of loyal students who later became successful academics: Dr. Stanley South, an archeologist on the faculty of the University of South Carolina; H.G. Jones, the curator of the North Carolina State Archives; Dr. John Idol, a Thomas Wolfe specialist on the Clemson University faculty; and Walter Boone of Valdese were students of Hodgin. A leader of literature and advanced writing, Hodgin exerted influence on hundreds of North Carolina elementary teachers and high school English teachers.

Hodgin remained active in retirement as a sought-after speaker for book clubs, reading societies and organizations interested in social problems and intellectual inquiry. He also regularly wrote letters to the editor of the Charlotte Observer, Winston-Salem Journal, and Watauga Democrat. He became a member of the Boone Unitarian Universialist Fellowship and held a membership to the American Humanist Association. Hodgin died in 1984.

Written by James Eidson (1985), edited by Kathy Staley (2007), edited by Anita Elliott (2014)

Scope and Contents

The David Reid Hodgin Papers consists of various materials documenting the teaching career and interests of this Appalachian State Teachers College English professor. From 1926-1965, Hodgin taught courses in English literature, advanced writing, and oral interpretation. He was also interested in social problems and intellectual inquiry.

The materials in this collection consist of manuscripts, published plays, diaries, journals, correspondence, student papers, student evaluations, extensive lecture notes, clipped newspaper and magazine articles, cassette tapes, reel-to-reel tapes, and phonograph records.

Much of the material reflects Hodgin's interest in religion and Humanism. Hodgin's students favorably supported his teachings as evidenced by numerous positive student evaluations. A master teacher, Hodgin generated an extensive amount of lecture notes.

Hodgin compiled a large collection of taped media on cassette tapes and 5" and 7" reel-to-reel tapes. The tapes were labeled by Hodgin, and some tapes suffered physcial damage before reaching this repository. Topics include: social justice, philosophy, intellectual history, classical music, religion, Watergate, comedy and drama, biographies of noted personalities, class lectures, women's liberation, classical literature, mountain culture, scientific inquiry, politics, popular culture, and government.

The phonograph record inventory was compiled and annotated by Dr. Stanley South, a former Hodgin student. The records vary in size from 10" to 12", and some have been damaged by wear and improper storage. Many of Hodgin's original works are recorded on disk. These include: "Yes, Pioneers," "Tale of a Robin," "The People, Yes," "The Lower Animal," "The Ballad of Tall Tom Wolfe," "Home to My Mountain," "Lore," and Hodgin's speech and oral interpretation course materials.

Written by James Eidson (1985), edited by Kathy Staley (2007), edited by Anita Elliott (2014)


This collection is divided into six series: Series I: Diaries, Journals, Correspondence; Series II: Class Notes and Materials; Series III: Student Papers and Evaluations; Series IV: Essays, Plays, Manuscripts, Drafts; Series V: Clippings, Offprints, Notes...and Notes...and Notes; and Seriece VI: Audio Materials. Many newspaper articles do not include source information. Some of Hodgin's essays and drafts are untitled, undated, and unfinished. Some are a mixture of both prose and quotes from other works. User CD copies have been recorded of selected original cassettes and reel-to-reel recordings, based on contents relative to the Appalachian area and live Hodgin recordings. User CD copies for other cassette, reel-to-reel and phonograph recordings may be made on demand.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for use in the Dougherty Reading Room. An appointment for research is recommended. The Dougherty Reading Room is located on the 4th floor of Belk Library in Special Collections.

Acquisitions Information

James Eidson, a graduate assistant of the University Archives, processed and created a finding aid for this collection in 1985. This collection was subsequently transferred to the W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection and reprocessed. An accession number was not assigned. It was opened to the public in April 2008.

Processing Information

Processed by Kathryn Staley, Freddie Blue, Rachel Critzer, 2007; Encoded by Kathryn Staley, 2007; Rachel Critzer, March 2008; Ashleigh Rayman, March 2008; This collection was reprocessed in 2014 by Anita Elliott. This collection was reprocessed as part of a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. The grant funded extensive processing of the backlog within the W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection between 2012 and 2014.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], AC.366: David Reid Hodgin Papers, W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection, Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina, USA.

Container List

Series I: Diaries, Journals, Correspondence, 1942-1984, undated 

Series Description

Series I: Diaries, Journals, Correspondence contains David Reid Hodgin's personal diaries and journal entry notes made from 1954 to 1984. (Hodgin died in 1984.) This series also contains autobiographical information and personal correspondence. Diaries include handwritten notes about daily events such as weather, purchases, and household duties as well as matters relating to Hodgin's health.

  Box Folder

Autobiographical Information, 1972 

1 1

Correspondence, Personal, 1942-1983, undated 

1 2

Correspondence re: The Lower Animal - Sales, 1948-1976, undated 

1 3

Hodgin's Diaries, April 1978 and April-October 1980 

1 4

Hodgin's Diaries, Partial and Pacemaker Episode, 1982, October year unknown 

1 5

Hodgin's Diary, 1983 

1 6

Hodgin's Diary, January-March, September-November 1984 

1 7

Journal Entries, undated 

1 8

Letters to Editors by D.R. Hodgin, Some Articles, circa 1980 

1 9

Notes and Diaries, circa 1954-1955 

1 10

Stanley A. South, Student of D.R. Hodgin, Appalachian State University, circa 1966 

1 11

Statement made re: English 451 taught by Hodgin with Student Responses, 1951-1955 

1 12

Series II: Class Notes and Materials, 1950-1958, undated 

Series Description

Series II: Class Notes and Materials includes seven boxes of mostly handwritten notes on index card-size papers about class and essay subjects as well as any other subject that interested Hodgin. His notes for English and literature courses, bibliographies and book lists for those classes, and numerous other teaching aids are in this series.


Class Notecards and Materials, undated 

  Box Folder

Bibliographies and Booklists, 1951-1958, undated 

1 13

Class Materials-About God, undated 

1 14

Class Materials-Evils of Religion, undated 

1 15

Class Materials-Truth and Faith-Religion, undated 

2 1

English 101 "Thinking" Class, undated 

2 2

English 206 "Taint So", undated 

2 3

Freshman Class: What Everybody Knows... - Notes and Clippings, undated 

2 4

Humanists Lists, undated 

2 5

Institute of General Semantics, Workshops and Papers, 1950-1954, undated 

2 6

Literature Course Notes and Tests, John Milton, undated 

2 7

Literature of the Bible, undated 

2 8

Propaganda Lecture, 1951 

2 9

Short Speech Course, undated 

2 10

Study of Fiction and Versification, undated 

2 11

Teaching Materials and Articles, undated 

2 12

Series III: Student Papers and Evaluations circa 1935-1976, undated 

Series Description

Series III: Student Papers and Evaluations includes many of Hodgin's students' essays, class quizzes, comments on the classes, and their evaluations of Hodgin's instruction methods.

  Box Folder

English 103 and 451, Student Papers, circa 1952 

10 1

Published Writings by Students-Walter S. Boone and John L. Idol, Jr., 1976 and undated 

10 2

Students' Essays, Comments, Hodgin's English Classes, circa 1953-1958 

10 3

Student's Essays, Comments and Quizzes, Hodgin's Political and Biblical Literature Classes, undated 

10 4

Students' Beliefs/Comments on Religious Topics, undated 

10 5

Students' Evaluations of English 251 Course by Hodgin, undated 

10 6

Students' Evaluations of Hodgin's Instruction, circa 1935-1948 

10 7

Students' Evaluations of Hodgin's Instruction, 1951 

10 8

Students' Evaluations of Hodgin's Instruction, undated 

10 9

Students' Evaluations and Correspondence to Hodgin, circa 1965 

10 10

Students' Papers on "Bredon Hill", 1957 

10 11

Students' Papers, "The Tale of a Robin", 1958 

10 12

Series IV: Essays, Plays, Manuscripts, and Drafts, 1933-1982, undated 

Series Description

Series IV: Essays, Plays, Manuscripts, Drafts consists of six manuscript boxes of Hodgin's essays-some of which were used as editorials, his thoughts on various subjects-probably used in lectures, articles about the essays, drafts and originals of the papers, and many, many handwritten notes.

  Box Folder

America the Beautiful, undated 

11 1

Article, Student Movement Against Oppressive Society, circa 1970s 

11 2

...As Others See Us, undated 

11 3

Ballad of Tall Tom Wolfe (Sales and Comments), 1949-1968, undated 

11 4

The Big Lie - Faith, circa 1960 

11 5

Born Atheists, undated 

11 6

Bring Back the Devil, circa 1970 

11 7

Business -- A Profession?, circa 1950s-1980s 

11 8

Chosen People, undated 

11 9

Christianity - not American - Famous Anti's, circa 1981 

11 10

The Comedy of Man, undated 

11 11

Competition, undated 

11 12

Conscience, undated 

11 13

Contra-Capitalism, circa 1980s 

11 14

The Cultural View, undated 

11 15

Did You Say "Cause"?, undated 

11 16

Dirtied Words, undated 

11 17

Earth and Man, undated 

11 18

Essay and Materials - Abortion, circa 1980 

11 19

Essay and Materials - Knowledge is Our Province, circa 1980s 

11 20

Essays on Freedom and Law and Order, undated 

11 21

Essays on Humanism, 1966-1971, undated 

11 22

Essays - Man, the Self-Destroyer, undated 

11 23

Faith and Values, Notes, Development of Essay, undated 

12 1

Farewell to Romance, undated 

12 2

Friends or Enemies (Another Domino Theory), undated 

12 3

God is a Verb, in 'The Churchman', pg. 4, November 1974 

12 4

The Golden Age, undated 

12 5

Home to My Mountains, 1973 

12 6

Is 'Free Enterprise' Viable?, in Religious Humanism, Volume VI, no. 4, Pgs. 160-161, Autumn 1972 

12 7

Let My People Go, undated 

12 8

Liberal: A Noble Word, undated 

12 9

Love, undated 

12 10

Love/Hate, undated 

12 11

The Lower Animal, 1974 

12 12

Made for Man, undated 

12 13

Magical, circa 1972-1974 

12 14

Magical - More Articles for Research, 1970s 

12 15

Magical - More Notes/Essays by Hodgin, circa 1970s 

12 16

Man and Society versus Government, circa 1973 

13 1

Man, the New Universe, and God, undated 

13 2

Miracles?, undated 

13 3

Mister Southern White-Man, undated 

13 4

Modern Man-Sick or Convalescent?, undated 

13 5

Myth Maker Man, undated 

13 6

The New Picture, undated 

13 7

News for the Right Wing, undated 

13 8

No Teleology, undated 

13 9

Not I, but the Lord, undated 

13 10

Obscene?, undated 

13 11

Operation Survival, undated 

13 12

Philosophy for Westerners, undated 

13 13

Probable Tendencies among the Radicals of the Next Hundred Years, 1933 

13 14

The Process Orientation, circa 1975 

13 15

Psychology of Pulpiteers, Development of, circa 1978 

13 16

Re-Birth, undated 

13 17

Religion - Truth Series, undated 

13 18

Revelation, 1980 

13 19

Right-Wing Evangelism, circa 1982 

13 20

Salvation - Notes for a Story, undated 

13 21

Science and Values, circa 1982 

13 22

Sermons for Sophs, Introduction, undated 

13 23

Slow Down, America, I want to get on, undated 

14 1

Spotlight, and Publicity, undated 

14 2

Suffer, the Little Children, 1948-1949 

14 3

Taint So - Notes and Articles, undated 

14 4

Tale of a Robin, undated 

14 5

"Tall Tom Wolfe Versified" in The Thomas Wolfe Newsletter, Volume 2, no. 1, Pgs. 14-15, Spring 1978 

14 6

Truths, Miscellaneous, 1960s-1982 

14 7

Unfinished, Partial Essays, Manuscripts, Notes, circa 1960s-1970s 

14 8

Unfinished, Partial Essays, Manuscripts, Notes, circa 1968 

14 9

Untitled and Incomplete Essays, undated 

14 10

What About Jesus? (2 copies), undated 

14 11

What About People?, undated 

15 1

What were the Hates that Killed?, circa 1964-1967 

15 2

What's Wrong, America?, undated 

15 3

Who Knows Best?, undated 

15 4

Who Re-writes History?, circa 1960 

15 5

Why Me?, undated 

15 6

Why, Where We Are, undated 

15 7

Why, Why?, circa 1961 

15 8

The Women's Revolution, circa 1971-1972 

15 9

Words in Action, circa 1975 

15 10

Yes, Pioneers, undated 

15 11

Young Dan'l Boone (Final, Original and Stencils), undated 

15 12

Series V: Clippings, Offprints, and Notes, 1952-1981, undated 

Series Description

Series V: Clippings, Offprints, Notes...and Notes...and Notes includes almost as many clippings of magazine articles, newspaper blurbs, editorials, and offprints as there are notes by Hodgin on the subjects within the collection.

  Box Folder

American Atheists Newsletters and Mailings, 1970s 

22 1

Anti-Military, Political and Government Clippings, 1960s-1980s 

22 2

Anti-Military, Political and Government Notes and Writings, 1960s-1980s 

22 3

Articles by John L. Idol, Jr., undated 

15 13

Articles from Appalachian State and Watauga County, North Carolina Papers, 1950s-1980s 

15 14

Articles on Thomas Wolfe by John L. Idol, Jr. in "Thomas Wolfe Newsletter", 1977-1981 

15 15

Articles and Copies of Letters to Editors by Other Authors, circa 1970s 

16 1

Articles and Notes on Advertising - Publicity - Consumerism, circa 1969-1970 

16 2

Articles and Notes on Advertising - Publicity - Consumerism, circa 1960s-1980s 

16 3

Articles and Notes, Business - A Profession?, 1960s-1970s 

16 4

Articles and Notes, Sex and Sexual Revolution, circa 1975-1980 

16 5

Articles and Notes on Various Topics, 1970s-1980s 

16 6

Articles and Writings on Women's Liberation, circa 1970s 

16 7

Clippings and Articles on Feminism, 1960s-1980s 

16 8

Clippings, Articles on Pollution-Ecology, 1970s-1980s 

17 1

Clippings, Articles on Various Personalities, 1960s-1970s 

17 2
  Box Folders

Clippings, Articles, Various Topics, 1960s-1980s 

17 3-6
  Box Folder

Clippings, Articles on Violence, 1970s-1980s 

18 1

Clippings and Writings on Male versus Female, and Sexual Revolution, circa 1970s 

18 2

Counter Culture, Clippings and Notes, 1960s-1970s 

22 4

Courts, Congress and Politicians, Clippings and Notes, 1960s-1980s 

22 5

EROS - Love and Freedom, undated 

18 3

Holtzman / Boutrager Notes, Workshop at Bard College, 1952 

18 4

Humanism Clippings and Articles, 1960s-1980s 

22 6

Humanism Writings and Notes, 1960s-1980s 

22 7

Humanism versus Hunter James, 1970s-1980s 

23 1

Man/Animal Issues, Clippings and Writings, 1960s-1970s 

23 2

Music/Music Makes a Nation, Clippings, 1960s-1980s 

23 3

Music/Music Makes a Nation, Writings and Notes, 1960s-1980s 

23 4

Notes on Believe in....Faith, with Copied Articles, undated 

18 5

Notes on the Bible, "The Finger of God", and "Pious Frauds", undated 

18 6

Notes, Essays, Journal Notes, undated 

18 7

Notes on Hodgin's Study of the Bible, 1960-1980s 

18 8

Notes - LORE, undated 

18 9

Notes, Male X and Male-Female Differences, undated 

18 10
  Box Folders

Notes on Religion/Religious Topics with Copied Articles, 1965-1973 

19 1-4
  Box Folder

Notes - Slow Down, World, circa 1970s 

19 5

Notes - Violence, Social Justice, Female Liberation, circa 1969-1970 

19 6

Notes - Where was God? - America in Change, undated 

19 7

Notes - Why? - Meaning of Life, undated 

20 1
  Box Folders

Notes and Articles - Free Enterprise, 1960-1970s 

20 2-4
  Box Folder

Notes, Articles and Writings on Free Enterprise, circa 1970s 

20 5

Notes and Articles on Humanism, undated 

20 6

Notes and Articles - Jimmy Carter's Pardon of Draft-Evaders, and Fundamentalism, circa 1977 

20 7

Notes and Articles - Nixon and Aftermath, circa 1970s 

20 8

Notes and Articles - Obscene, circa 1960s 

21 1

Notes and Writings, Assorted, 1960s-1980s 

21 2

Panel on Women, Clippings and Writings, 1960s-1980s 

23 5

Politics and Government Clippings, 1970s-1980s 

23 6

Politics and Government Clippings, 1970s-1980s 

24 1

Politics and Government Topics, Writings and Notes, circa 1970s-1980s 

24 2

Posters, "Adam and Eve" and Chimp with Skull, undated 

21 3

Religious Essays from Unitarian Church, undated 

24 3
  Box Folders

Religious Topics Clippings, 1960s-1980s 

24 4-7

Religious Topics Clippings, 1960s-1980s 

25 1-2

Religious Topics Writings and Notes, 1960s-1980s 

25 3-4
  Box Folder

Separationists, Clippings and Writings, 1970s 

25 5

Student Revolution/Unrest Clippings, 1960s-1970s 

25 6

Student Revolution/Unrest Notes and Writings, 1960s-1970s 

25 7

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Alumni Review, April 1965 

21 4

Series VI: Audio Materials

Series Description

Series VI: Audio Materials, which is mostly home-recorded by Hodgin of his lectures and radio shows, is subdivided into the formats of materials: audiocassettes-some of which were not kept because of their non-Appalachian contents; reel-to-reel tapes; recording wires; and phonograph records. The phonographs are located in the antechamber of Cold Storage, boxes 1-5.

Contains 184 audiocassettes of radio and television programs which Hodgin recorded as well as special events in his life. Topics include 1970s and 1980s politics, religion, Unitarianism, and literature. Television programs recorded include Donahue Show and All in the Family. Andy Griffith's "What it was was Football" and other routines are included as well as several class lectures in rhetoric and literture. A couple of interviews and speeches of Allie Hodgin give insight into Hodgin's wife. Speeches and interviews with David Hodgin are also present. Tapes 169 to 176 are missing. Original organization maintained. Tape descriptions are adapted from handwritten notes on the materials. Audio materials are fragile and only user copies may be accessed. Duplicates for most audiocassettes are available.

Reel-to-Reel Tapes Series (1951-1978, n.d.) consists of Hodgin's 200 reel-to-reel tapes of literary readings, commentaries from and about political, popular culture, and religious figures and events, and the Hodgins. David Hodgin recites many of the readings. Class lectures are also included. Hodgin likely used these recordings for class. Civil Rights issues include Martin Luther King, Ku Klux Klan, interracial relationships, Dick Gregory's Nigger. Also featured are Watergate Senate proceedings and Adolf Hitler. Recordings from the Boone-based radio station WATA include local preachers and Billy Graham are included. Original organization maintained. Tape descriptions are adapted from handwritten notes on the materials.Audio materials are fragile and only user copies may be accessed. User copies for the reel-to-reel and photograph recordings may be made on demand.

Consists of two wire recordings. One is labeled as "The Bible to John Milton" and the other is possibly labeled as Ready in two parts. Belk Library does not have a wire recorder to play these recorders as of 2008.

Phonographs - Consist of Hodgin's homemade and storebought recordings which he used in his English courses and at home. Many are recitals of literary pieces, such as Shakespeare. Also includes are class lectures, presumed recordings of radio political and religious programs. Hodgin also recorded his own writings. Original organization maintained. Tape descriptions are adapted from handwritten notes on the materials. Audio materials are fragile and only user copies may be accessed. User copies for the reel-to-reel and photograph recordings may be made on demand.

Subseries A: Audiocassettes, circa 1949-1980, undated 

At 80 years, Hodgin's reflections on life (#7), 1979 

Mixed materials   26
Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27

Ozark Tales, edited by Vance Randolph (#8), undated 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Casual Conversation at Hodgin Home (#20), undated 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Reading of "Manifesto" from 'Churchman' with "Pentagon and Next War" (#21), 1975 

Mixed materials   26
Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27

"U.S. Patriots Without God on Their Side" from 'Mother Jones' (#25), undated 

Mixed materials   26
Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27

Tales by Vance Randolph and Mark Twain, "Was the World Made for Man?" (#32), undated 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Hodgin on Carolina Camera and Other Interviews (#35), 1973 

Mixed materials   26
Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27

Reading of "Yes, Pioneers" (#37), undated 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Reading of "Ballad of Tall Tom Wolfe", long early and printed versions, (#39), circa 1949 

Mixed materials   26
Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27

Readings of Henry David Thoreau; Almanac for Moderns; Packeys-1935, No Teleology; and Soul (#42), 1973 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Recording of Discussion of Female Liberation at Catawba Fellowship (#43), 1973 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Wilkes Central on Unitarians, Richard Nixon, and Reading of 'Home to Mountains' (#44), circa 1964 

Mixed materials   26
Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27

Talk with Allie Hodgin; D.R. in Hospital; Upstairs, Downstairs Episode (#45-no user copy), circa 1975 


Bertrand Russell-"Soul and Body" and "Mysticism" (#46), undated 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Reading of "Mountain Whipporwill" by Benet (#48), 1965 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Readings, "Rev."; "Going to Town"; and Madelyn O'Hair at Charlotte (#49), 1978, undated 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Readings, "The Myth of Judeo-Christianity" in the Humanist; Sagan's "Cosmos"; "A Man is Worth One Trillion Dollars" (#50), 1980, undated 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Poetry Reading, Women's Book Club Part 3 (#52), 1965 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Readings from Bezzant, "Intellectual Objectives" (#55), undated 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Readings, "Negro Youth at the Crossways"; "Church, God" (#65), undated 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Interview with Alger Hiss, age 70; Alexander Sohlzenitzen on "Firing Line" (#66), 1976 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Sociological Interviews of Allie and Dave Hodgin (#73), 1975 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Hodgin's Class Lecture Materials, Poems-In Memoriam and Nature Comes Not From the Individual (#75), 1952-1959 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Summer School Sophomore Literature, and Unitarians in Who's Who versus Southern Baptists (#76), 1962, undated 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Panel Discussion, Unitarian Fellowship, Bob White, Cratis Williams, and Hodgin (#83), 1970 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Hodgin reads Playboy Jokes (#84), undated 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Allen Watts with Hugh Downs; Hodgin reading his "Sound of Rain"; Buckminster Fuller on Educational TV (#88), 1972, undated 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Neilson on "Reductive Materialism" and Hodgin's Comments (#93), undated 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Reading of "Psychology of Implication" (#95), undated 

Mixed materials   26
Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27

Reading of "The New Polytheism" (#96), undated 

Mixed materials   26
Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27

Reading of L. White (#98), 1975 

Mixed materials   26
Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27

Reading of L. White's "Concept of Cultural Systems" (#99), 1959 

Mixed materials   26
Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27

Reading of "Return to Polytheism" Tape 2 (#102), undated 

Mixed materials   26
Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27

Reading, "Dinner at Pine Loch" plus Carl Sagan and Sunday Supper Conversation with Hodgin, his wife Allie, and grandson Roger Eveleth (#106), 1977 

Mixed materials   26
Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27

Bertrand Russell on CBS TV; Hodgin Reading from "International Rubbish" John Kenneth Galbraith Lecture (#117), undated 

Mixed materials   26
Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27

Pearl Buck-"Man/Woman in America"; Hernton-"Sex and Racism" (#130), undated 

Mixed materials   26
Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27

Unitarian Fellowship Panel with Bob White; Gandhi, Confucius, Socrates, Will Rogers (#134), 1970 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Paul Greene on "Camera South" (#137), 1974 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Mix of Presidential Discussions (Nixon to Ford) with Several Commentators; Guitar Selections by Hodgin; Hodgin and wife on Parkway (#148), 1960-1974, undated 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Panel Discussion-"Relationship between Men/Women" with comments by Hodgin; Watergate; Tom Brokaw; Jane Pauley; Textbook Controversy (#151), undated 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Readings by Hodgin-Thomas Jefferson; The Florentines (#158), undated 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Hodgin in Various Dialects; Jean Shepherd's "America" (#167) 1972 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Funeral Service of David Reid Hodgin (#168), 1984 

Mixed materials   User Copy Box 27
Mixed materials   26

Subseries B: Reel-to-Reel Tapes 

  Box Reel

Othello; Paul Robeson; Lyndon Johnson and Young People and Campaign Talk, 1964, undated 

28 1

Benjamin Spock and Lewis Sloan Coffin on "Meet the Press"; Desmond Morris; McGeorge Bundy; Loren Eiseley; Maharishi Mahesh, 1968, undated 

28 2

Loren Eiseley; WAMY, "Retreat From Our Hills" [user copy], undated 

28 3

St. Joan; Duke/Duchess Bedford; Harry Golden, undated 

28 4

Evangelical-Catholic-Protestant Dialog; Sweden's Welfare State, undated 

28 5

Civil Rights; Walter Cronkite, undated 

28 6

Marshall McLuhan, undated 

28 7

Sidney Hook on "Ethics"; Golden Age of Greece, 1963, undated 

28 8

"Love" (English 206 lecture), 1965 

28 9

B.P.W., Business Education Department, Appalachian State Teachers College [user copy], undated 

28 10

Lynd, "American Way", Patterns of American culture; Watkins; Weller, Mountain religion [user copy], 1966, undated 

28 11

Ilka Chase; Loren Eiseley; Woody Guthrie Memorial; Hugh Downs and the Hippies; tim Leary; William Taubman [user copy], undated 

28 12

Charles A. Madison, Leaders and Liberals in 20th Century America, 1961 

28 13

Magic; Our Golden Bough by Howard Gossage, undated 

28 14

The Kennedy Wit, with Jack Paar; New York University Philospohy Summer Semester-Determinism and Respondibility, 1966 

28 15

"Bias and the Media," NBC; Charles Evers, Underground Church, 1968, undated 

28 16

Understanding Yourself; Identification, undated 

29 17

Doc Watson on Today Show; Hodgin reading "Dark Ghetto" by Kenneth B. Clark [user copy], 1967, undated 

29 18

Michigan philosopher: Empiricism; Father Coppleston; Immanuel Kant, undated 

29 19

Franz Leeber, Psychology Study of Religion; Chapman Cohen, 1977, undated 

29 20

Paradise Lost, pts 1 & 2, undated 

29 21

Open (not recorded?), undated 

29 22

Open (not recorded?), undated 

29 23

M. Lowell and Kuritz on Poetry; Sidney Hook, Epicureanism, undated 

29 24

Contents unknown, undated 

29 25

Ku Klux Klan; Black America; Boston Schools, 1965-1968 

29 26

BPW, undated 

29 27

Famous Poems that Tell Great Stories; Why Drivers get into Wrecks on Highways; Robert Frost, What is Poetry About?; Hodgin reading three selections [user copy], undated 

29 28

Ellis Kerley, Anthropology, Its Uses, undated 

29 29

Albert Einstein's Spiritual Philosophy; Adolph Hitler; Chirstopher Muggridge; S.I. Hayakawa, 1965, undated 

29 30

Rabbi Eisendrath, Jewish/Christian, "Unto Feet"; Dante; Evolution of Eve, undated 

29 31

G.B. Chislhom, "Sin," regarding Hebraism and Hellenism, undated 

29 32

Poems of William Blake, 1961-1962 

30 33

Carl Becker, Heavenly Cities of 18th Century Philosophers; Teenagers speak about Impressions, 1966, undated 

30 34

Supreme Court, Decision on Prayer, undated 

30 35

Goldschmitt, Ways of Mankind; Hodgin reading Folk Tales [user copy], undated 

30 36

Keats, The Pigskin Prognosis, undated 

30 37

American the Beautiful - North Carolina, Charleston, Massachusetts, 1965 

30 38

BPW, undated 

30 39

Defenders; Democratic Convention, undated 

30 40

MacLeish and Van Doren conversation, 1962 

30 41

Socrates, Confucius, Franklin, Madame Curie, Ghandi; Mark Twain, Letters from the Earth, undated 

30 42

Poems of Geoffrey Chaucer, 1962 

30 43

Sidney Hook's last lecture on Ethics; English classes and education in Britain; Barry Goldwater, 1960s 

30 44

Shakespeare: Soul of an Age, Redgrave and Richardson; Shakespeare's Career, undated 

30 45

Hodgin reading, Geoffrey Chaucer [user copy], undated 

30 46

Goodman, Miseducation; Hodgin reading Buckminster Fuller [user copy], undated 

30 47

Pope, Essay on Man; Diesm, Unitarian Class Discussions, 1963, undated 

31 48

Essay on Criticism Sophomore [user copy], 1963 

31 49

TV on "A Primer on Communism" Marx to Khrushchev; Time with Dr. Baxter; Alexander King, Is there life after Birth?, 1963, undated 

31 50

Leonardo da Vinci, by Secondari; William Butler Yeats, Poems to Maud Gonne-Debate, undated 

31 51

Hodgin, On Reading Poetry with Young People; Carlyle Ruskin vs. Free Enterprise [user copy], 1965, undated 

31 52

Portions from "Whisper My Name"; Natchez, Mississippi boycott; Douglas Nile, Nazi; KKK; Elmer Gantry [user copy], 1965, undated 

31 53

Theodore Weld, Grimke Sisters; Slavery Days to 1965; Martin Luther King News, undated 

31 54

Alfred Lunt, Lynne Fontanne- "The Old Lady Shows Her Medals" with Donald Madden; Cyrano de Bergerac; Mrs. G. Smith, undated 

31 55

Harry Reasoner, The English Language; S.I. Hayakawa on Today Show; Boris Karloff reading Iron Mountain; Imperative of Choice [user copy], 1968, undated 

31 56

Robert Burns class; Harry Golden on Today Show, 1963, undated 

31 57

President Lyndon Johnson; Johnson on Vietnam; Sapce; Shriver on Face the Nation; Negroes at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, undated 

31 58

Hot Springs of Hell-reel 2; Always Lie to Strangers, undated 

31 59

Hot Springs of Hell-Reel 2; Ozark Tales [user copy], undated 

31 60

Myths and Meanings - four lectures; Dr. Meyerson, undated 

31 61

Last Class Romantic Poetry-Blake & Shelley; Republican Conventions pieces, undated 

31 62

Hodgin reading various Robert Frost poems for Allie Hodgin [user copy], undated 

31 63

Allie Hodgin, Lecture for BPW [user copy], undated 

32 64

Kim, Roger, Dick at Pine Loch, 1964-1966 

32 65

Hodgin speaking at S.B.-describing linen supply, living on Riviera, and announcing upcoming baby [user copy], undated 

32 66

Allie Hodgin on Library, and Book Talk to DKG [user copy], 1963 

32 67

Allie Hodgin; Lectures by Harry M. Caudill and Mrs. Virginia Newell [user copy], 1970 

32 68

Science versus ?; Process World; Knowing-English 206; Charles Quinn reporter, NBC news, 1962-1965 

32 69

Semantics; Ilka Chase, 21 statements, 1957 

32 70

E.O. Wilson, On Human Nature, 1978 

32 71

de Rougemont, The Devil's Share - Panel on youth-sex-morality on Today Show, 1968-1971 

32 75

de Rougement, The Devil's Share - existence of problem, 1971 

32 73

Open, not recorded, undated 

32 74

Civil Rights March comments; Ku Klux Klan Draton; Meet the Press with M.L. KIng, L. Weber, President Lyndon Johnson, 1965, undated 

32 75

Black America Revolution of 1963; Supreme Court, 1963 

32 76

Martin Luther King Funeral, 1968 

32 77

Segregation; Philosophy and Sociology Views on Class of 1966, 1966 

32 78

Dick Gregory, Nigger; Julian Bond, Rod McKuen, Claude Brown, 1967-1977 

32 79

Leuba, God or Man?-1933; Origins of God; Works of Man; Works of God, 1977, undated 

33 80

Martin Luther King, Civil Rights, 1966-1967 

33 81

Shakespeare Pageant, Redgrave, Richardson; time; Anti-communist Voice, undated 

33 82

Koen, China Lobby, undated 

33 83

Victoria Regina, with Julie Harris, Basil Rathbone and Felix Alyseur; Billy Graham at Philadelphia, undated 

33 84

Richard Nixon-Davis Frost, Part 4, 1977 

33 85

Judiciary Committee of House-Impeachment Move, 1974 

33 86

Program in honor of Carl Sandburg; Children-The Age of Symbols; Braid [user copy], undated 

33 87

Erich From, We Shall Be As Gods, 1978 

33 88

The Nature of Matter; Sunrise Semester, 1965 

33 89

Hodgin reading Humanization of Man by Ashley Montague; Lack of free speech; Is the Press Fair to the South?; Billy Graham; Secondari on his career; Henry Luce [user copy], 1964, undated 

33 90

Eugene Marais, The Soul of the Apes, 1970 

33 91

Sherer, Third Reich; Myrdal, (damaged), undated 

33 92

Hal Holbrook, Mark Twain Tonight; Carse on Bonhoffer; Jack Weller on Appalachian problems [user copy], 1968-1969, undated 

33 93

Civilization-Dr. Spock; Black Heritage, undated 

33 94

Carl Sagan: Dragon of Eden (to p. 92), 1977 

33 95

Carl Sagan: Dragon of Eden (pp. 92-end); Walsek, 1977 

34 96

Alistair Cooke, America, Arsenal of Democracy, and 3 earlier episodes (1920's-World War II period), undated 

34 97

Alistair Cooke, "America," Parts 1-4, undated 

34 98

Alistair Cooke, "America," personal tour, undated 

34 99

Leuba, God or Man? (Tape 2); Evils of Religion; More Evils, undated 

34 100

Leuba, A Psychological Study of Religion, undated 

34 101

Hernton, Sex and Racism, undated 

34 102

Religion: Protestant, # 1 "The Long Search", undated 

34 103

Bible backgrounds and four interpretations (English 202), 1961 

34 104

Berlioz, Requiem, 1975 

34 105

Carl Sagan, Dragons of Eden (reel 3), 1977 

34 106

Koen (tape 2), undated 

34 107

Bob Haldeman, Watergate; Dash; Sam Ervin; Howard Baker; Lowell Weicker [user copy], 1973 

34 108

Watergate XIII; John Erlichman; Sam Ervin; Herman Talmadge; Bob Haldeman [user copy], 1973 

34 109

Watergate XVI; William Kleindienst; Sam Ervin; Howard Baker; Herman Talmadge [user copy], 1973 

34 110

Watergate XV; Bob Haldeman; Jesse Helms, 1973 

34 111

Watergate I; Halperin; McCord, 1973 

35 112

Watergate, early John Dean testimony; Sam Ervin; Howard Baker, 1973 

35 113

Watergate IV; Jeb MacGruder; John Dean, 1973 

35 114

Watergate VIII; John Mitchell; Dash; Howard Baker; Lowell Weicker; Herman Talmadge; Inouye; Montoya; Sam Ervin [user copy], 1973 

35 115

Watergate VII; Inouye; John Dean; Judge Hoffman, 1973 

35 116

Hot Gospeler versus "comments"; Ravel, Spanish Symphony-Opus 21; Six Tools for Thinking, undated 

35 117

Judith Anderson reads Edna St. Vincent Millay; Walter Hampton in Bell Tel; Carl Sandburn, Love of Country; President Eisenhower on atomic power, et al [user copy], undated 

35 118

Hooper on Poetry; Bertrand Russell; Pearl Buck; Billy Graham; J. Huxley; Ned Hoops on Poetry [user copy], undated 

35 119

Abstractions, class discussions; Green Roller, class discussion of Ode to Melancholy [user copy], 1956-1958 

35 120

John Keats and others, Romantics, 1962 

35 121

Harry Golden, Civil Rights and the South, undated 

35 122

President Lyndon Johnson at Raleigh, North Carolina; Barry Goldwater; Martin Luther King accepts Nobel Prize; Strom Thurmond, 1964, undated 

35 123

Luzzio Case Lawyer; Ku Klux Klan; Paul Goodman on Science; Glbert Seldes; Teenage America, undated 

35 124

Madekyn O'Hair on "Firing Line", 1971 

35 125

English 102-On Growing Up, 1965 

35 126

Philosophy, New York University; Dostoyevski vs. Holdback, Notes from the Underground, undated 

35 127

Richard Burton in Prince of Players; Buckminster Fuller on Today Show, undated 

36 128

Various Speakers on Ecology/Pollution on Today Show (tape 2), undated 

36 129

John Geilgud reading William Shakespeare, 1966 

36 130

Richard Burton/Winston Churchill; Ingersoll on Mistakes of Moses; English 201 lecture on men and women and sex [user copy], 1962, undated 

36 131

Wolsock, University of Mississippi; English 206 Lecture-Nature of God; Arnes on Prayer; Hodgin's 5-part Analysis of Views of God [user copy], 1962, undated 

36 132

Violence in USA; Leuba, Conclusion and Definition of Religion, 1977, undated 

36 133

Ernest Hocking, Philosopher, undated 

36 134

Russell, Dreams and Facts; Art Linkletter and Eric Fromm; Slums of New York; Harry Golden, 1964, undated 

36 135

J.A. Rogers, Sex and Race, Vol. III (through Chapter 7), 1942 

36 135-B

J.A. Rogers, Sex and Race, Vol. I, 1942 

36 136

J.A. Rogers, Sex and Race, Vol. II, 1942 

36 137

J.A. Rogers, Sex and Race, Vol. III, 1942 

36 138

Report to Omega; Venus (tape 2), 1975 

36 139

Venus or Omega (begins with The Man in the Middle), 1975 

36 140

Mark Twain's Letters from the Earth; Huey Long's NBC career, Bernard, undated 

36 141

Claire Bloom, Poetry Reading by Sydney, Byron, Houseman, Pound, and others; Robert Frost with four poets, undated 

36 142

WATA Lay Preaching; Evangelical Propaganda, Frank McKinsley [user copy], undated 

37 143

The Great Books (University of Chicago); Homer, Plato's Republic, Vergil's The Aeneid, Pope'sThe Age of Reason, Cervantes' DonQuixote, Milton's Paradise Lost, Flaubert's Madame Bovary; Hodgin reading from a Preface to Literary Analysis [user copy], 1964 

37 144

Pope, On Criticism, undated 

37 145

The Atomic Bomb (1945); Philosophy of Medicine; New Math; Inaugurational Parade, 1965, undated 

37 146

Summer Class; Ilka Chase, Things Worth Knowing [user copy], 1961-1962 

37 147

Hodgin reading on Nietzche [user copy], undated 

37 148

William Blake on Significance of Poems; Hillbilly Religion; Black Church Singers [user copy], undated 

37 149

Class, The Bible and the Student of Literature; Culture (music) with Allie Hodgin in Boone, North Carolina [user copy], 1950s 

37 150

Paul Goodman, Barefoot in Athens; Oral Roberts; Teenage Lifestyles; Kildare, God, undated 

37 151

Spencer Tracy, Inherit the Wind; An Evening's Frost; Home Burial; Mending Wall, 1961, undated 

37 152

Clarence Darrow on his career; Smedley Butler, War is a Rocket; Norman Cousins, National Interest, 1965, undated 

37 153

Joseph McCarthy, Army Hearings (June), 1953 

37 154

Orson Welles, King Lear; Cluny Brown; Appalachian Spring, undated 

37 155

English 202 - Bible Questions; Red Skelton's Christmas; Plato's Republic [user copy], 1964, undated 

37 156

Class Lectures 1-2, Resume of Oedipus and Electra [user copy], undated 

37 157

English 206 - Summer Lectures [user copy], 1958 

37 158

Advanced Composition, Semantics; Sin [user copy], 1953-1954 

38 159

Lectures - Sin, Milton vs. the Moderns, Dryden, Swift [user copy], 1962, undated 

38 160

Second Session Seminar, Semantics IV-on thinking; Bolero; Strauss, Indian Tales and the Peacock Country; Liszt, Rhapsody; David Ross Poetry [user copy], undated 

38 161

Seminar, General Semantics I-Squares; Seeing Believing [user copy], 1954 

38 162

Pope, Essay on Man; Approach to Romantic Point of View; First Amendment; Collegiate Challenge; Escape from 1910 Reading, undated 

38 163

Wolsok, Exercises in Thinking; Scale of Religion, undated 

38 164

Hodgin reading W. Robertson Smith, Religion of the Semites, 1889 and more [user copy], undated 

38 165

William Blake, Poems-Innocence and Experience, undated 

38 166

Poetry of Burns, Gray, Nix, Pope, and others, undated 

38 167

Class Lectures, Things Worth Knowing [user copy], 1961 

38 168

Fundamental Religion; Spring Lecture, 1952, undated 

38 169

Jerry Falwell, Oral Roberts, Dan Rather, Moral Majority, undated 

38 170

Unclear contents - Watergate XI or Open, undated 

38 171

Homer, Plato, Vergil; Poetry of Aristotle, undated 

38 172

Watergate XII, John Erlichman, July 24 and 25 with Lawyers, 1973 

38 173

Watergate I (unclear), 1973 

38 174

Watergate X (unclear), 1973 

39 175

Jean Shepherd, America; The Steel Mill; Maine; Train West and others; George Wald, 1971, undated 

39 176

Morning March on Washington, 200,000 for Freedom; Rabbi's Prayer, Speeches by Roy Wilkins, Martin Luther King, undated 

39 177

Richard Nixon with David Frost, Part 1, Commentaries, 1977 

39 178

Thomas Wolfe Biography [user copy], 1959-1960 

39 179

Mark Twain Tonight (unclear), undated 

39 180

Hodgin reading from B.F. Skinner's Beyond Freedom and Diginity; Socialist candidates and campaign [user copy], 1964, undated 

39 181

English 203-Ruskin, Huxley, Omar, Pater, 1965 

39 182

John Steinbeck, Grapes of Wrath; Sandy River, undated 

39 183

George Wallace, Alabama after Bombings; Integration, Riots; Robert and J.F. Kennedy; Buckminster Fuller on Today Show; CBS Chronicle-Science Today; Atoms and the Universe, 1962-1964, undated 

39 184

S.I. Hayakawa, Book on Semantics, Parts 1 & 2; Essays in Communication; Preacher, 1952 

39 185

Titles - On Spring; In Memoriam; Fra Lippo Lippi; Judas to a Tittle; Sherwood Eddy on Mohatma Ghandi; Music-Appalachia, 1954-1959, undated 

39 186

Lectures by Stamey on Recent Theology; William Floyd, Christianity Cross Examined, 1966, undated 

39 187

Abstractions, Don't's and Do's; Wolsk, Meaning of Life (Unitarians); NBC, Red China [user copy], 1963-1965, undated 

39 188

Abstract Qualities to Scale of Religion; Twelvth Night; Talk, Tragedy vs. Comedy; Music, undated 

39 189

English 203 - Arnold and Sin with F. Harris, Fulbright, Bertrand Russell, Carlyle; Chisholm on Sin, undated 

39 190

English 206 - Things Worth Knowing Lecture; New World Thinking [user copy], 1959-1960 

39 191

English 251 - Semantic; Abstractions; Religion and God; The Long Paper; Abominable Snow Man [user copy], undated 

39 192

User copies of selected reel-to-reel tapes 


Archival copies of selected reel-to-reel tapes 


Subseries C: Recording Wires, undated 

  Box Reel

Ready, 2 parts, undated 

39 193

The Bible to John Milton, undated 

39 194

Subseries D: Phonograph Records, 1921-1954, undated 

  Cold_Storage Envelope

Monteverdi with Robert Shaw Magnificat; Corelli, Christmas Concerto, December 25, 1950 

Box 1 1

Pope, Essay on Man; Lecture in Class (poor quality), January 29, 1951 

Box 1 2

Religion Toward the Future-The Bible and Literature, English 205, Wisdon of the Past is Not Enough, December 14, 1950 

Box 1 3

Faustus' Last Hour, Grave digger and Hamlet; Realism, Romanticism and the Classical Heights; Pope, Pride the View of Fools, 1950-1951 

Box 1 4

Shropshire Lad; Browning, Fra Lippo Lippi (damaged), 1950 

Box 1 5

Yes, Pioneers; Hodgin reading, 1949 

Box 1 6

Yes, Pioneers, undated 

Box 1 7

Monteverdi, Orfeo, Act V, undated 

Box 1 8

Oh What a Rogue; Speed to the players; to Horatio Recorder scene; Hamlet and his mother, Hodgin reading Shakespeare, undated 

Box 1 9

Hamlet with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern; Hamlet & Ophelia, To Be or Not To Be, 1951 

Box 1 10

The Sonnets of Shakespeare with Lectures, 1950 

Box 1 11

Byron from Childe Harold. Oh that the Desert, Roll on Ocean; Shelly, The West Wind, 1948 

Box 1 12

Poem to Endymion on Chapman's Homer, on Melancholy; Bach, Come Sweet Death, 1948 

Box 1 13

Shelly, Hymn to Intellectual Beauty; West Wind, 1951 

Box 1 14

Grey's Elegy; Burns' Jolly Beggars, To a Mouse, Bonnie Doon, 1948 

Box 1 15

Lindsay, The Congo; The Blessed Damosel read in Class, 1951 

Box 1 16

Lives from Shelly's Hymn to Intellectual Beauty; The West Wind, 1951 

Box 1 17

Pope, Essay on Man; Pope; Magician and Apollonian Faustian, 1951 

Box 1 18

Love, What is it?-Semantics Class Lectures from tape, 1952 

Box 1 19

V.A. Weaver, Love Eve and Leave Eur, undated 

Box 1 20

Frost, Pasture, Two Look at Two, Dust of Snow; The Voice of Yul Brynner from King and I, undated 

Box 1 21

Bradford, Eve and that Snake; Bradford, Prodigal Son; 1/2 of Joshua, 1949-1950 

Box 1 22

On Reading Poetry for the Young, 1950 

Box 1 23

Say Amen!; Dance Music-Pinky, Baba Lou, Blues-Tape and 2 voices dubbed, 1952 

Box 1 24

Wordsworth, Diety, Ode Introduced lecture; Michael introduced, 1951 

Box 1 25

Bacon's Of Truth" lecture, undated 

Box 1 26

Wordsworth, Michael; MacArthur's Farewell, 1951 

Box 1 27

Propaganda, You Can't Change Human Nature Lecture; Propaganda and Blind Faith, Virgin Birth, Genesis I & II, 1952 

Box 1 28

Propaganda, Bible, no sin, no redemption; Reader's Digest, God, Wisdom Tree, World Bible, undated 

Box 1 29

Macbeth on Getting Toes Stepped On; Good Lecture by Hodgin; Good-Evil continued, Dagger, 1950 

Box 1 30

Last class-'From Pope to Goldsmith and Professors Disagree Lecture; Goldsmith and the Rise of Romanticism; Anti-industrial "Bigness", 1950 

Box 1 31

Ione Riggs, Not afraid...-Eng. 451; Semantics discussion, Truth is a growing thing, 1952 

Box 1 32

Class lecture on Spring; Tale of a Robin; Robin to Salt Discussion, 1952 

Box 1 33

Paradise Lost, 1948 

Box 1 34

Paradise Lost; Invocation with comments on "literal interpretation" of the Bible; Michael Wigglesworth, Easiest Room in Hell, 1952 

Box 1 35

Blake, Three poems analyzed, 1951 

Box 1 36

Pilgrim 17th, Bunyon, 1950 

Box 1 37

Pope on Criticism; Gloucester Moors, 1951 

Box 1 38

Essay on Man; Riddle of the World, undated 

Box 1 39

Pope, Same Spirit that the author writ; A little learning, 1951 

Box 1 40

Paradise Lost, undated 

Box 1 41

Paradise Lost, 1950 

Box 1 42

Milton Lecture, At the gates of Hell, undated 

Box 1 43

Shakespeare, Keats and Byron; Keats, On Grecian Urn, to Nightengale, 1951 

Box 1 44

Dryden and sources of religion and to 1688 politics; Swift, High Heels and Low Heels and Orientation of the Dead, Satire a la Swift, undated 

Box 1 45

Poems of Emily Dickinson, Mr. Flood's party by E.A. Robinson; Robinson Jeffers, Hurt Hawks; T.S. Eliot, Journey of the Magi; Langston Hughes, Brass Spittoons, 1950 

Box 1 46

T.S. Eliot, Prufrock, The Hollow Men, The Waste Land, 1950 

Box 1 47

Father's Business; I Scourge You; After the Wars are Over; Land of Trade, undated 

Box 1 48

Pastoral and tests, How can I talk to you God?, undated 

Box 1 49

W.H. Auden, Herod; Goodbye now, Plato and Hegel, 1951 

Box 1 50

Genesis II; Shakespearian Sonnets, 1948 

Box 1 51

J.J. Niles, Don't Close Dose Gates;To a Contemporary Bunkshooter; Gigger; Hog Butcher; Sandburg and Grace Band, 1951 

Box 1 52

T.H. David, Adam and Eve; Box with God; Dave and David Hodgin, Mandalay; T.A. Daly, Base-a-ball, Sea Fever, Moonlight, Gettysburg Address, 1950 

Box 1 53

Life with Delima, undated 

Box 1 54

One world of faith-or none to Savage; Got Back to Quoting Somebody 1,000, 2,000, 10,000 years ago; Religion toward the future (The Bible with Literature); Lecture linking 1611 and Milton-English 205 from wire, 1950 

Box 1 55

Robert C. Ruark, What Hath God Wrought; A Woman on Pinza, 1950 

Box 1 56

Satan on the Floor of Hell; Milton Cosmogany and Spiritual Heaven, 1950 

Box 1 57

MISSING: Truth and Experience, Educaiton as unlearning and no new ideas to Dryden; the evolutionist from Renaissance, 1951 

Box 1 58

Blake and the Divine Image; God in Man's Image; Blake on Social Responsibility, 1951 

Box 1 59

Satirical Verse of Woman and Allied Matters, undated 

Box 1 60

Homo Furiens - Homo Furiens concluded; other original verses; Dead Mans Bones; Apocalypse; the Disinherited; POst war II; song for..., undated 

Box 1 61

MISSING: Millay poems, The Harp Weaver; Quotes from Shakespeare, 1949 

Box 1 62

Thomas Wolfe, Death to Proud Brother, 1949 

Box 1 63

T.S. Eliot, The Hollow Men; J. Alfred Prufrock; Ed Murrow, Voices of the Week, 1951 

Box 1 64

Plato's Symposium and Walter Hampden for A.G. Bell; Secretary Braunon, 1952 

Box 1 65

Greek Myth Phaethon; Orpheus and Eurydice, 1950 

Box 1 66

Wolfe, Death the Proud Brother; Vachel Lindsay Verses, 1949 

Box 1 67

An exercise in speech from Southern (S.C.) to Jersey to an English "oration"; Va Laissez-Faireism, The Time is Now, 1949 

Box 1 68

Tale of a Robin; Robin, 1948 

Box 1 69

In memorium 1945, Post War II, I have love for man, Song for Poets, 1948 

Box 1 70

It's in the Books-Lecture; Knowledge is my Provence, 1949 

Box 1 71

The People, Yes, 1950 

Box 1 72

Knowledge my Province; Words Hurt You, including Russia and American Resources (Vogt), 1949 

Box 1 73

After War's Over and My Country tis of Thee; Homo Furiens, undated 

Box 1 74

The Reading Man; WATA; How Come Christmas; Cockney and David Gaskins Family of South Carolina, 1950 

Box 1 75

The Hebraic Influence on Us Today; The Hebraic Influence vs. Greek; Baptizing Grandmaw; Sophomore Literature, 1952 

Box 1 76

MacArthur at the Republican Convention, 1952 

Box 1 77

Huxley, NBC, At the end of summer dies the swan, 1950 

Box 1 78

Tagliavini, Lucia de Lammermore" Pons, 1951 

Box 1 79

Oklahoma City Orchestra, Mozart Concerto for Vidiu in D Major, 1952 

Box 1 80

Pagliaci, Medley and Intermezzo, undated 

Box 1 81

Saint Saëns, Samson and Delilah and Prelude to Logengrin; Schuman, A-minor Concerto, undated 

Box 1 82

Tuskegee Choir, Christmas Songs; Radio Choir, WATA, 1950 

Box 1 83

NBC, Prelude to Lohengrin; Metro Opera, Prelude to 'Das Rheingold', 1951 

Box 1 84

NBC Symphony (WBT), Brahms Piano Concerto 1st movement with Myra Hess; also 3rd movement, A Beauty; Hodgin, 1951 

Box 1 85

Metropolitan, II Travatore; Anvil Chorus, 1951 

Box 1 86

From Haydn's 101 Symphony with Stokowski, Inventions for Clavichord, Bach Ralph Kirkpatrick, 1949 

Box 1 87

Beethoven Toscanni, Eroica, 1949 

Box 1 88

Yma Sumac, Bird Girl of the Andes, undated 

Box 1 89

Verdi, The Force of Destiny; Franck, Sir D; Vivaldi, Concerto in A Major; Tchikowski, Romeo and Juliet Finale (NBC), 1952 

Box 1 90

Paganini, Violin concerto with Francescotti, 1951 

Box 1 91

Prelude to Lohengrin and finale; II Act and wEdding March, 1949 

Box 1 92

Overture to the Barber of Seville, Carmen; La Boheme, Grieg, The Last Spring, undated 

Box 1 93

Paglici overture and Bell song, undated 

Box 1 94

NBC, Part of Mozart's "Hoffner" Symphony; Donne a Mobile, Tagliavini, Sue Maria, undated 

Box 1 95

Tchiakowsky, Violin concerto with Francescatti, 1952 

Box 1 96

Don Carlos Scene II, 1950 

Box 1 97

Don Carlos Scene I, 1950 

Box 1 98

Heifeitz Bjorling, et al, undated 

Box 1 99

V. de D from La Giaconda Thebour, Parsifal "Good Friday"; Thebaum Steber, Cav. Rusticana, 1921 

Box 1 100

John McKomarck, WMIT Caruso, Pagliacci Nan Merriman in De Folla's Ritual Fire Dance Stokowski; Tagliavini, Lanza, Di Stefano, La Donna et Mobile; Jan Peerce, Lat, 1952 

Box 2 101

French songs-Lili Pons (and an interview) and The Maid's Song from Die Fledermaus; Handel, Faithful Shepherd Suite (Beecham), 1951 

Box 2 102

Tagliavini and L. Pons, Lucia de Lammermore; Metropolitan Opera; Lucia, 1951 

Box 2 103

Francescati, Bruch, Londonderry Air; Bach Vidiva, Double, undated 

Box 2 104

Mozart, Hoffuer Symphony, Schuman Piano concerto from last movement; NY Philharmonic, 1952 

Box 2 105

Pinza; G. Daniels, 1951 

Box 2 106

Toscanini, Wagner Prelude to Lohengrin; Love-Death Triestan, Forest Murmers Siegrried, NBC; Lucia de Larrermore, 1951 

Box 2 107

Prelude to Parsifal, Walter, New York Philharmonic; Wagner with Bruno Walter, Bacchana" from Tannhauser, 1952 

Box 2 108

Pinza Verdis; Tchaikowski-Polannaise Overture to Barber of Seville, Boston Pops; Dvorak, (Largo), New World Symphony, Boston Pops, 1951 

Box 2 109

Salt Lake City Choir, Schubert and Mexican; Tchaikowsky, Overture to Romeo and Juliet; Toscanini, 1949 

Box 2 110

Violin Concerto in G Minor, Mozart Isaac Stern, undated 

Box 2 111

Scheherazade; Debussy; Sterber in Figaro, 1951 

Box 2 112

Gluck, Orpheus Dance of Spirits and Christmas Carols; Mozart, Piano Sonata in D, 1951 

Box 2 113

Young Dan'l Boone, II Scene; Hodgin reading Young Dan'l Boone, undated 

Box 2 114

Atheist? Propaganda, Dewey, Einstein and World Faith vs Blind Faiths; Lecture-Evolution and the Fall of Man and the Rise of Man, undated 

Box 2 115

My Father's Business, undated 

Box 2 116

The Lower Animal, David R. Hodgin, author; Part II, The Lower Animal, 1950 

Box 2 117

Spring and Resurrection; Spring and Freedom; Assignment Lecture, 1954 

Box 2 118

The Lower Animal; The Lower Animal, Part II, 1949 

Box 2 119

Tools for Thinking, to me it seems, to Abstractions, Either-or, 1952 

Box 2 120

Tools for Thinking, Either-or (cont.); Map-territory; Extensional-international; The Other Fellow; Word is not the Thing; Referential, Inferential, and Directive, undated 

Box 2 121

The Golden Age and Promethius and Introducing Pandora lecture (reading from Schwab and comments); Talks on Mythology II, 1950 

Box 2 122

J.Weldon Johnson, God's Trombones; Listen Lord; Creation; Prodigal Son; Go Down Death; Judgment Day; In the cool of the day, 1952 

Box 2 123

Father's Business; The Creation, undated 

Box 2 124

The Prodigal Son and Ecclestiastes; Song of Solomon, undated 

Box 2 125

Selections from Modern Poetry; Coleridge, Keats, Burns and Shakespeare, undated 

Box 2 126

My Father's Business; Come Give Me Your Hand, 1948 

Box 2 127

Allie Hodgin and Margaret Gragg, Radio Talk about western trip, undated 

Box 2 128

Love and Courtship in America, Pre 1890-1910; "For Allie, Christmas 1953 from Dave", reading from the book by Paul MacFarland, 1953 

Box 2 129
  Box Envelope

Bob Hawkes Show; Mrs. Dameron from Louisa, Kentucky, undated 

17 130
  Cold_Storage Envelope

Town Hall; Four women on "Is This a Man's World?- Ilka Chase, P. Frederick, Agnes Demille, Miss Hyman and John Crosby, L. Mankiwinz, 1951 

Box 2 131

The Monk Chaucer; Hodgin, undated 

Box 2 132

Hodgin, The Congo and Wolfe; Vachel Lindsay, The Congo, Radio and Music, undated 

Box 2 133

The Rubaiyat; to Berbage of the Field, 1949 

Box 2 134

Natural vs Supernatural Semantics lecture; Good Boys and Alcohol, 1952 

Box 2 135
  Box Envelope

Paradise Lost; The Mind its own; What you are; Thinking makes it so; The Devil-ish Mind, 1950 

17 136
  Cold_Storage Envelope

Pope on Criticism; Lecture; Essay on Criticism, 1950 

Box 2 137

Pope, Essay on Criticism, 1949 

Box 2 138

Pope on Criticism lecture; Beauties, 1949 

Box 2 139

Lecture on points of view in Romanticism; English Literature Survey-205; Romanticism, Realism, Classicism, 1951 

Box 2 140

Millay, Lyrics and Sonnets; Millay, Figs and early Sonnets, 1949 

Box 2 141

Bolsheviks, Sinners, and Fools; Scientific Inquiry, 1950 

Box 2 142

Gertrude Laurence, Helen Hayes, 23rd Psalm; Ravel, Tsigonne; Oklahoma; Churchill, Rev. Roscoe Green of West Jefferson, undated 

Box 2 143

Billy Graham, Last Call to Judgement, U.S.A. re: Korean War, 1950 

Box 2 144

Murrow, Hear It Now, Truman, Taft, Eisenhour; Nehru, Spirit of Man, 1951 

Box 2 145

Murrow, Hear it Now, 1950 

Box 2 146

Paradise Lost Part I; Satan and Beelzebub-to be weak is miserable, 1950 

Box 2 147

Understanding Politics, Election Day 1950; Allie Hodgin, 1950 

Box 2 148

Mendelsson, Song without words, Op. 19, No.1 by Ellen Staton; Boykin, En Bateau; Beethoven, Sonata Op. 79; Presto, ALLA Tedasca and ante vicace, undated 

Box 2 149

Dan'l and Becky, Young Dan'l Boone II Scene, 1950 

Box 2 150

Town Meeting; Faith for our Times; Radio; Professor Edmond (Jewish/atheist), Father Ousler, Bishop Pardue, undated 

Box 2 151

1st try-out 27 July A.A.H 8" disc; 1,1,E,Oe; A Moon Brother, undated 

Box 2 152

With Dave and Allie, Tater Hill, Pop, Mammy and Bro Barney, Boomer and Pap and Ballad, 1948 

Box 2 153

Harry Lauder, Pablo Casals, Herbert Marshall, Joan Fontanne, Susan reed, George Gershwin; Walter Houston reading Lindsay's Abraham Lincoln, 1950 

Box 2 154

Bishop of Westminister; Archbishop of Canterbury; Archbishop of York; Sir George Ballou (order of Garter); Funeral of King George VI; Sonata Montiverdi Maria, 1952 

Box 2 155

Woman's Place; Town Hall Cerf and Söss, 1951 

Box 2 156

L.H.J., by G.M. White, Why I Like Women; Dulles, Foreign Policy, 1950 

Box 2 157

Vagabond House, Don Blanding, Bob Davis, WFMW-TV, Greensboro, North Carolina; Bill Ross, WATA, Reading Man, 1951 

Box 2 158

Dickens, David Copperfield Radio, 1950 

Box 2 159

Hodgin, Older American Humor - Tell and Kiss, Licker, Heaven if for the mounted only; Primitive Baptist Radio, Preaching, 1951 

Box 2 160

End of a Lecture, alternate version; Natural-Supernatural; The old Dichotomy Semantics, 1952 

Box 2 161

Spanish Course, 1954 Henry Holt and Company Sample Record, 1954 

Box 2 162

The Reading Man I: Pets, Moonlight, Casey at the Bat, Mo'Rain, Mo' Rest, Burns-October, Trees, 1950 

Box 2 163

The Reading Man II: The Tar Baby, Negro Demus, Mis Polecat, 1950 

Box 2 164

The Reading Man III: Hiawatha, The Day is Done, 1950 

Box 2 165

The Reading IV: Halloween and Little Orphan Annie, J.W. Riley, WATA, Hiawatha's Wooing, 1950 

Box 2 166

The Reading Man V: the Traveling Musicians (Folk Tale), Jack and The Robbers-as told by R.M.Ward to Richard Chase, 1950 

Box 2 167

The Reading Man VII: Poems for Children-Milne, Stevenson, de la Ware, The Raggedy Man, 1950 

Box 2 168

The Reading Man VIII: Rip Van Winkle, Irwing, 1950 

Box 2 169

The Reading Man IX: Shakespeare, Lyly, Herrick, Lovelace, Burns, Wordsworth, Hodgson's "Eve", voice of Fritz Kreisler, 1951 

Box 2 170

The Reading Man X: Man in the Moon, The Projectin' Son, 1950 

Box 2 171

The Reading Man XII: Night Before Christmas, How Come Christmas, 1950 

Box 2 172

The Reading Man XIII: Emperor's New Clothes, Tar Baby, Uncle Remus, In the Deep Well, 1950 

Box 2 173

The Reading Man XV: The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, pt. 1, Coleridge, North Against the Equator to Yet I could not die, 1951 

Box 2 174

The Reading Man: Seven Ages of Man, Shakespeare-WATA, Shylock in the Merchant of Venice, 1951 

Box 2 175

The Reading Man XVI: Ancient Mariner, pt. 2-WATA, Mons. Beaucaire, 1951 

Box 2 176

The Reading Man: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, 1951 

Box 2 177

The Reading Man: Lines from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet-first meeting and Balcony Scene-first half, 1951 

Box 2 178

The Reading Man: Whittier's Snowbound, 1951 

Box 2 179

The Reading Man: Grandfather Tales, Skoonkin Huntin, Old Woman's Bet, Soap, Soap, It's in the Book, 1951 

Box 2 180

The Reading Man: Stephen V. Benet, Mountain Whippoorwill; J.W. Johnson, Listen Lord, Creation, 1951 

Box 2 181

The Reading Man: Sermon on the Mount, Sermon and Prodigal Son with Parsifal prelude, 1951 

Box 2 182

Unda Heavens; Brer Fox-baby sitter P.B.S.; The Fox Hunt, 1950 

Box 2 183

Dickens, Christmas Carol, Carol L. Barrymore, 1950 

Box 2 184

Program Practice for first WATA, undated 

Box 2 185

Speech Course by David R. Hodgin: Vowels, Middle Vowels, Dipthong, Consonants, 1952 

Box 2 186

Speech Course: Exercises in Oral Expression; Short Speech Course; Vowels and Dipthongs, 1954 

Box 2 187

Speech Course: Standard speech; Readings-Shakespeare, the Bible, Markham, Frost, 1949 

Box 2 188

Speech Course: Oral Expression, 1950 

Box 2 189

Enunciation exercise, stressing vowels and dipthongs; Hodgin-Standard Speech, 1949 

Box 2 190

Noel Coward, Exercises, 1948 

Box 3 191

The Spoken Word, the Daggett Studio, New York City; Walter Hampden, Introductory Sentences, and An Enemy of the People, undated 

Box 3 192

Walter R. Matthews, The Spoken Word and Practical English, Daggett Studio; Windsor P. Daggett, Columbus, undated 

Box 3 193

Walter Hampden, The Spoken Word and The Prodigal Son, Daggett Studio; Frost, Mending Wall; Cecil Yapp, undated 

Box 3 194

Geilgud, Hamlet, scenes 1-5; Plonoius, Laertes; Ghost Scene, 1951 

Box 3 195

Hamlet with his mother; Ophelia's madness; Laertes-King; Graveyard scene; Final scene, duel plus Walter Hampden, undated 

Box 2 197

Dartmouth Project: Breen, Lowrey, Fliedeman, Thompson, Irwin, Wynn Geilgud and P. Brown; Romeo and Juliet, Englishman (Wilde) Forbes-Robertson, Irwin, Wynn, undated 

Box 3 198

Murrow, Hear It Now; Dean of Westminster Abbey; A Preacher and Hear it now, 1950 

Box 3 199

Voices on the Air, Bond, Parker; Boone (NC) New Year's Services, undated 

Box 3 200

MacArthur; Republican National Convention, Hoover, 1952 

Box 3 201

Voices on the Air; Beethoven Prometheus Overture Tchiakowski Magnificent, 1950 

Box 3 202

Voices on the Air, and Winchell, 1950 

Box 3 203

Voices on the Air, 1950 

Box 3 204

Roy Smith at Preaching Mission; God and my Father; To go back, undated 

Box 3 205

Middletown Preachers, 1950 

Box 3 206

Old Fashioned Gospel Variety, and George W. Cooper, San Antonio, Texas; Billy Graham, 1950 

Box 3 207

Modernism, vs. Fundamentalism (Southern Presbyterian), 1951 

Box 3 208

Noel Coward in Animal Carnival; Hillbilly Preacher; Billy Graham in Washington, DC, 1952 

Box 3 209

Preaching Mission, 1952 

Box 3 210

Mountain Preaching, 1950 

Box 3 211

4th Symphony, Gustav Mahler, 1952 

Box 3 212

David Hodgin, The Ballad of Tall Tom Wolfe, I-V, undated 

Box 3 213

David Hodgin, The Ballad of Tall Tom Wolfe, 1948-1949 

Box 3 214

The Ballad of Tall Tom Wolfe, Parts 3 and 4, undated 

Box 3 215

People in Quandaries-Introduction-The Worried Reader; Semantics; Idealism and Frustration, 1951 

Box 3 216

People in Quandaries-Verbal Cocoons; Words are Symbols; You Can't Step Into the Same River Twice, 1951 

Box 3 217

People in Quandaries-The Copernican Revolution; Darwinian Revolution-generalizations, undated 

Box 3 218

People in Quandaries-Generalizations and the Philosophy of Change; Hayakawa, the Word in not the Thing, 1951 

Box 3 219

David R. Hodgin, Lore: the Project and Tale of a Robin; Spirits Everywhere, 1950 

Box 3 220

David R. Hodgin, Lore: The Brotherhood; Totemism, undated 

Box 3 221

David R. Hodgin, Lore: When Men made Gods; To Agriculture and the man God, undated 

Box 3 222

David R. Hodgin, Lore: The Hero Arrives; Hero then Human Sacrifice and the gods evolve, undated 

Box 3 223

David R. Hodgin, Lore: Heroes and Villains to The Hero Always Wins, undated 

Box 3 224

David R. Hodgin, Lore: The All-Father Lecture, 1949 

Box 3 225

David R. Hodgin, Lore: The All-Father Lecture, concluded, 1949 

Box 3 226

David R. Hodgin, Lore: Myth-Maker Man, undated 

Box 3 227

Hodgin Reading: Mature Mind-We are Born Inarticulate, and Speech reveals Character on class (wire format); Born to Isolated Particulars but One World, 1951 

Box 3 228

Hodgin Reading: Mature Mind-The Eternal Triangle of Sex to Sublimation of Sex (wire format), 1951 

Box 3 229

Hodgin Reading: Mature Mind-goodness Badness, undated 

Box 3 230

Hodgin Reading: Mature Mind-Goodness-Badness; Knowledge-Ignorance, 1951 

Box 3 231

Hodgin Reading: Mature Mind-Chewing and Digesting, 1950 

Box 3 232

Hodgin Reading: Mature Mind-Mental Age to Arrested Development, undated 

Box 3 233

Hodgin Reading: The Mature Mind-Emotional Background and Freud, pp. 20-22, undated 

Box 3 234

Hodgin Reading: Mature Mind-Living, pp. 22-23, 26, 1952 

Box 3 235

Hodgin Reading: Mature Mind-p. 26, undated 

Box 3 236

Hodgin Reading: Mature Mind-Old Adam become New Adam; to Know Thyself, pp. 30-35, undated 

Box 3 237

The Mountain: Escape to the Mountain - Why I came, 1950 

Box 3 238

The Mountain: On the Mountain Easter Sunday, undated 

Box 3 239

The Mountain: Out the Mountain to Zack Miller's and Squirrel Ridge, 1950 

Box 3 240

LORE: Talks on Mythology, mid-portion for wire, 1950 

Box 3 241

LORE: Mortal Matters, undated 

Box 3 242

LORE: Mortal Matters, 1950 

Box 3 243

LORE: Mortal Matters, conclusion, 1950 

Box 3 244

The Symposium, 1948 

Box 3 245

The Rubaiyat, 1949 

Box 3 246

The Rubaiyat (condensed), 1948 

Box 3 247

Yes, Pioneers, 1949 

Box 3 248

The People (first and last parts), undated 

Box 3 249

The Lower Animal, undated 

Box 3 250

Tater Hill; Pop and Sal; Pop and Uncle Bud, 1948 

Box 3 251

Roark Bradford, King David; The Green Roller, 1949 

Box 3 252

The People Yes, undated 

Box 3 253

The Green Pastures, 1949 

Box 3 254

Sermon on the Mount; Genesis II, III, 1949 

Box 3 255

EMPTY: Yes, Pioneers, 1949 

Box 3 256

EMPTY: Yes, Pioneers, 1949 

Box 3 257

EMPTY: Millay's Renaissance; Readings from Keats; Poem to eudymion, Ode on a Grecian Urn; Ode to a Nightingale, 1949 

Box 3 258

Ballad of Tall Tom Wolfe (longer version), 1949 

Box 3 259

Frost's New Hampshire; Whitman, The Body, 1949 

Box 3 260

EMPTY: Competition I, Hodgin, 1949 

Box 3 261

Competition II, 1949 

Box 3 262

Essay on Competition, 1949 

Box 3 263

EMPTY: LORE-Myth Maker Man, undated 

17 264

Poetry Readings: Frost, Millay, Patterns; Again Spring; Young Dan'l Boone, first scene, 1949 

Box 3 265

EMPTY: Radio transcription, King George VI at organ; Radio Voices, Ronald Coleman and Cedric Hardwick, 1949 

Box 3 266

Dionysos, a reading; Strauss' Death and Transfiguration; The Hero, undated 

Box 3 267

Vagabond House, Bob Davis; Bill Ross, Bob Davis and others, 1951 

Box 3 268

Les Sylphides, undated 

Box 3 269

Album of 4 square dance records, undated 

Box 3 270

Linguaphone Language course records (2), undated 

Box 3 271

The Spoken Word Records, Daggett Studio (in boxes 3 & 4), undated 

Box 3 272

Shakespearean Recital #4, undated 

Box 4 273

Darthmouth Recording Project I, undated 

Box 4 274

Darthmouth Recording Project II, undated 

Box 4 275

Shakespeare Othello I, undated 

Box 4 276

Shakespeare Othello II, undated 

Box 4 277

Shakespeare Othello III, undated 

Box 4 278

Orpheus Ballet – Stowkowski, undated 

Box 4 279

Song of the Flea, undated 

Box 4 280

Meditation – Heifetz, undated 

Box 4 281

Hitler's Inferno, undated 

Box 4 282

Paganini: Ormandy, undated 

Box 4 283

Listen and Learn Spanish, (Three records), undated 

Box 4 284A-C

Monteverdi: Orfeo (Three records), undated 

Box 4 285A-C

Linguaphone: Spoken English and Broken English, (Two records), undated 

Box 4 286A-B

Edna St. Vincent Millay (Nine records of readings of her poetry) (5 are missing), undated 

Box 4 287

45 Classical Music albums (see note for contents of 288-291) undated 

Scope and Contents

Album 288 A-I Symphony No. 5 in c Minor parts 1 & 2 Symphony No. 5 in c Minor parts 3 & 4 Symphony No. 5 in c Minor parts 5 & 6 Symphony No. 5 in c Minor parts 7 & 8

Lucia di Lammermoor - Mad scene parts 1 & 2

Puccini La Bohime: Acts 1 & 3

Waltz in c-sharp minor songs without words

Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2

Louise Homer-Enrico Caruso

Album 289 A-M Orpheusin Hades Overture

Les PreLudes parts 3 & 4

Les PreLudes parts 1 & 2

Carmen Fantasie parts 1 & 2

Prelude and Nocturnein E Flat

Ave Maria and Air for G String



Marche Slave

Andante Cantabile and Liebesleid

Tannhauser - The Evening Star and Die Meister singer - Prize song

Voices of Spring

The Messiah - Behold the Lamb of God and Glory to God

Album 290 A- One Lives but Once parts 1 & 2

Peer Gynt Suite No. 1 OP 46

Tannhauser part 3 and prelude to Act 3

I hear you calling me

Adeste Fideles

Bolero part 3 and Gymnope die No. 1

Bachiana B Rasileiras No. 5

Balalaika Serenade

Julius Caesar-Brutus and Portia; Twelfth Night-The Duke and Viola

The Picnic

Album 291 A-L L’Africana - O Paradiso; Carmen il fior Che Aven

Midsummer Night’s Dream


Scherzo - Tarantelle

Tannhauser Overture parts 1 & 2

John McCormack

Die Meistersinger - Overture parts 1 & 2

Minuet; Nocturne

Impromptu in a flat; Etude in e major

Tannhauser; Marriage of Figaro

Lie bestraum

Box 4 & 5 288-291