Guide to the Kelly E. Bennett Papers, 1931-1974, undated

Summary Information

Title: Kelly E. Bennett Papers, 1931-1974, undated
Collection: AC.461
Extent: 12 linear feet (18 manuscript boxes, 1 half-sized, 1 6"x8", 1 lg. flat and 1 med. flat box)

Kelly Bennett (1890-1974) was an active civic leader in the Great Smoky Mountains during the mid-Twentieth Century and served as a local and state elected official for Swain County as well as in many civic organizations such as the Cherokee Historical Association, Inc. and the Western North Carolina Associated Communities. The Kelly Bennett Papers consist of personal correspondence and interests, as well as Bennett's work with various organization dedicated to the development of the parks and roadways of western North Carolina and the Cherokee Historical Association.

Creator: Bennett, Kelly, 1890-1974

Biographical/Historical Note

Kelly Bennett (1890-1974) was an active civic leader in the Great Smoky Mountains during the mid-Twentieth Century. With his friend author Horace Kephart, Bennett was a major force behind the creation of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Bennett was born to Dr. Aurelious McDonald Bennett (1861-1941) and Mary Charlotte Hyatt Bennett (1866-1940). He, his father, and his daughter Mary Alice Bennett Greyer were registered pharmicists and his paternal grandfather administered first aid. After obtaining his bachelor's degree and his Ph.G.P. from the University of North Carolina, Bennett returned to Bryson City to work at the Bryson City Drug Store, at which his father had worked since 1903. Due to his profession, he was nicknamed "Doc Kelly." In 1913, he married Ola Tela Zachary (1890-1983), a descendant of Jackson County's earliest settlers and raised their daughters, Mary Alice, Gwendolyn Marie, and Jean Zachary Swan (1921-1997).

By the 1910s, Bennett delved into politics. Bennett served as the mayor of Bryson City during the 1920s and then again from 1947 to 1955 for a total of fourteen years. He served on the Swain County Board of Education for twenty years as well as the Swain County Democratic Chairperson for three years, state senator for five terms and state representative for two terms.

Bennett's civic work centered on the economic and environmental development of western North Carolina. He co-founded the Cherokee Historical Association, Inc. as well as served as its trustee and treasurer during the 1950s and 1960s. He was heavily involved in the North Carolina National Park, Parkway and Forests Development Commission since its 1947 formation and in the Western North Carolina Associated Communities from its establishment in 1947. He also worked with the Tennessee Valley Authority in the 1950s and 1960s and the Western North Carolina Tourist Association in the 1950s. He served in leadership capacities in many other organizations, such as the Rotary Club and Swain County Chamber of Commerce. After his death in 1974, a peak north of his home town of Bryson City was named "Kelly Bennett Peak" in his honor.

Scope and Contents

This collection spans Dr. Kelly Bennett's adult life as a civic leader, pharmacist, photographer, and an elected official. It includes many letters to and from prominent political leaders, businessmen, and local people, such as those who helped find his lost hunting dogs in 1940. Some genealogical information on the Bennett family is present, and many, many photographs he took of western North Carolina scenery and people.

The oversize materials are housed in three boxes -- Box 20 is primarily business-related brochures, maps & newsletters; Box 21 contains personal letters/mementos; Box 22 is a glass-plate picture of Dr. Kelly Bennett.


The Kelly Bennett Papers were originally arranged by subject. Upon processing, files are divided into series and subseries, alphabetized within each series with folders arranged in reverse chronological order. The oversize materials are housed in three boxes -- Box 20 is primarily business-related brochures, maps & newsletters; Box 21 contains personal letters/mementos; Box 22 is a glass-plate picture of Dr. Kelly Bennett.

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This collection is open for use in the Dougherty Reading Room. An appointment for research is recommended. The Dougherty Reading Room is located on the 4th floor of Belk Library in Special Collections.

Acquisitions Information

The W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection purchased this collection from L & T Respess Books in Winter 2002. Its accession number is AC.2002.053.

Processing Information

Processed by Anita Elliott, October 2012. This collection was processed as part of a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. The grant funded extensive processing of the backlog within the W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection between 2012 and 2014.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], AC.461. Kelly E. Bennett Papers, 1912-1974, undated, W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection, Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina, USA.

Container List

Series I: Swain County and Bryson City, NC, 1931-1973, undated


Brief, Construction of Bryson-Fontana Road, to Governor Luther Hodges, ca. 1960  Box 1.1
Brief, Opposition to Bryson-Fontana Road, to Governor Luther Hodges, June 6, 1960  Box 1.2
Correspondence, Bryson City and/or Swain County, NC, 1931-1954, undated  Box 1.3
Correspondence, Bryson City and/or Swain County, NC, 1955-1973  Box 1.4
Debt Report & Petition, Swain County, North Carolina, August 24, 1932  Box 1.5
Morehead Scholarship, 1952-1963  Box 1.6
Publications and Articles, Swain County, NC, 1931-1967, undated  Box 1.7
Receipts, Mayor's Court, Swain County, NC, 1954-1955  Box 1.8
Report, General Report of the Swain County Public Welfare Program as of, April 1, 1939  Box 1.9
Swain Recreational Association, Inc., 1946, undated  Box 1.10

Series II: Development of Western North Carolina Parks and Parkways

Subseries I: North Carolina National Park, Parkway and Forests Development Commission, 1925-1973, undated

Correspondence, 1925-1939, undated  Box 2.1
Correspondence, 1946-1947  Box 2.2
Correspondence, 1948  Box 2.3
Correspondence, 1949-1950  Box 2.4
Correspondence, January-August 1951  Box 2.5
Correspondence, September-December 1951  Box 2.6
Correspondence, January-March 1952  Box 2.7
Correspondence, April-June 1952  Box 2.8
Correspondence, July-December 1952  Box 2.9
Correspondence, 1953  Box 3.1
Correspondence, 1954-1956  Box 3.2
Correspondence, 1957  Box 3.3
Correspondence, 1958  Box 3.4
Correspondence, 1959  Box 3.5
Correspondence, 1960  Box 3.6
Correspondence, 1961-1962  Box 3.7
Correspondence, 1963-1973  Box 3.8
Minutes and Reports, 1947-1948, undated  Box 4.1
Minutes and Reports, 1949  Box 4.2
Minutes and Reports, 1950-1951  Box 4.3
Minutes and Reports, 1952-1953  Box 4.4
Minutes and Reports, 1955-1956  Box 4.5
Minutes and Reports, 1957  Box 4.6
Minutes and Reports, 1958-1959  Box 4.7
Minutes and Reports, 1960-1961  Box 4.8
Minutes and Reports, 1962-1973  Box 4.9
U.S. Dept. of Interior, News Releases, 1948-1955  Box 5.1
U.S. Dept. of Interior, News Releases, 1956  Box 5.2
U.S. Dept. of Interior, News Releases, January-June 1957  Box 5.3
U.S. Dept. of Interior, News Releases, July-December 1957  Box 5.4
U.S. Dept. of Interior, News Releases, 1958  Box 5.5
U.S. Dept. of Interior, News Releases, January-April 1959  Box 5.6
U.S. Dept. of Interior, News Releases, May-August 1959  Box 5.7
U.S. Dept. of Interior, News Releases, September-December 1959  Box 5.8
U.S. Dept. of Interior, News Releases, January-March 1960 Box 6.1
U.S. Dept. of Interior, News Releases, April-June 1960  Box 6.2
U.S. Dept. of Interior, News Releases, July-August 1960  Box 6.3
U.S. Dept. of Interior, News Releases, February-April 1961  Box 6.4
U.S. Dept. of Interior, News Releases, May-June 1961  Box 6.5
U.S. Dept. of Interior, News Releases, July-September 1961  Box 6.6
U.S. Dept. of Interior, News Releases, October-November 1961  Box 6.7
U.S. Dept. of Interior, News Releases, 1962-1963  Box 6.8
U.S. Dept. of Interior, News Releases, 1964  Box 7.1
U.S. Dept. of Interior, News Releases, 1965-1967  Box 7.2


Subseries II: Associated Commissions/Committees/Reports/Correspondence, 1925-1973, undated

Agreement, Tennessee Valley Authority, State of North Carolina, Swain County, and U.S. Dept. of Interior, July 30, 1943  Box 7.3
Amended Bylaws, Great Smoky Mountains Natural History Association, 1962  Box 7.4
Business Development Corporation, 1955-1956  Box 7.5
Bylaws and Notes, North Carolina Tourist Council, Inc., 1958, undated  Box 7.6
Great Smoky Mountains Conservation Association, 1955-1956, undated  Box 7.7
Paper, Blue Ridge Parkway, Section 2H, Protests and Comments, ca. 1955  Box 7.8
Projects, National Parks/Roads Development Projects, ca. 1946-1947 Box 7.9
Publications, U.S. Dept. of Interior, Public Use, National Park Service, 1938-1958  Box 7.10
Publications, U.S. Dept. of Interior, Public Use, National Park Service, 1959-1965 Box 7.11
Publications and Articles, 1925-1949, undated  Box 7.12
Publications and Articles, 1950-1955  Box 7.13
Publications and Articles, 1956-1959  Box 8.1
Publications and Articles, 1960-1973 Box 8.2
Publications and Correspondence, North Carolina Department of Conservation and Development, 1951-1956, undated Box 8.3
Report, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, 1934-1964  Box 8.4
Report, Mission 66 for Great Smoky Mountains National Park, ca. 1955  Box 8.5
Report of a Special Committee of NC National Park, Parkway & Forests Development Commission, April 14, 1960  Box 8.6
Report to Governor W. Kerr Scott for July 1, 1947 to December 31, 1948, January 30, 1949  Box 8.7
Travel/Advertising Bulletins, by North Carolina Department of Conservation and Development, 1951-1956  Box 8.8
Travel Council of North Carolina, January 1956-1963  Box 8.9
Travel Council of North Carolina, 1964-1967  Box 8.10
Travel Reimbursements, 1947-1961, undated  Box 8.11
U.S. Highway #441 Association, 1947-1952, undated  Box 9.1
Western North Carolina Associated Communities, 1946-1950, undated  Box 9.2
Western North Carolina Associated Communities, 1951-1959  Box 9.3
Western North Carolina Associated Communities, 1960-1973  Box 9.4
Western North Carolina Highlanders Inc., 1952-1958  Box 9.5
Western North Carolina Tourist Association, 1949-1952  Box 9.6


Subseries III: Cherokee Historical Association, Inc., 1931-1974, undated

Advertising Campaign, 1958-1960  Box 9.7
Agreement, Jack Fredrick Kilpatrick re: Musical Score for 'Unto These Hills' Drama, September 5, 1951  Box 9.8
Articles, General, 1934-1973, undated  Box 9.9
Articles on Cherokee Culture and History, 1932-1973, undated  Box 9.10
Attendance and Income Comparison, All Attractions, 1954-1973  Box 9.11
Attendance and Income Comparison, Museum and Oconaluftee Indian Village, 1954-1964  Box 9.12
Box Office Report, Museum of the Cherokee Indian, April-July 1954  Box 10.1
Brochures, Various Recreatinal Areas, 1950-1963, undated  Box 10.2
Budget, Audit Reports, 1950-1957  Box 10.3
Budget, Audit Reports, 1957-1960  Box 10.4
Budget, Audit Reports, 1961-1964  Box 10.5
Budget, Audit Reports, 1965-1974  Box 10.6
Budget, Reports and Comparisons, 1950-1959, undated  Box 10.7
Budget, Reports and Comparisons, 1961-1968  Box 10.8
Budget, Reports, Expenses, and Proposals, 1950-1952  Box 10.9
Budget, Reports, Expenses, and Proposals, 1953-1958 Box 10.10
Budget, Reports, Expenses, and Proposals, 1959-1960  Box 11.1
Budget, Reports, Expenses, and Proposals, 1961-1962 Box 11.2
Budget, Reports, Expenses, and Proposals, 1963-1964  Box 11.3
Budget, Reports, Expenses, and Proposals, 1964-1973  Box 11.4
Bylaws and Certificate of Incorporation, Cherokee Historical Association, Inc., March 19, 1948  Box 11.5
Cherokee Indian Fair, 1951-1952  Box 11.6
Chronological Historical Sketch of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, NC-TN, December 1947  Box 11.7
Comparative Traffic Count-'Unto These Hills', 1955 and 1956  Box 11.8
Congressional Hearing Publication, 84th Congress, House Resolution 30, September 17, 1955  Box 11.9
Contract & Correspondence, Kermit Hunter and Cherokee Historical Association re: 'Unto These Hills' Drama Rights, September 18, 1951-1958  Box 11.10
Correspondence, 1934-1950, undated  Box 11.11
Correspondence, 1951  Box 11.12
Correspondence, 1952-1954  Box 12.1
Correspondence, 1955  Box 12.2
Correspondence, 1956-1958 Box 12.3
Correspondence, January-July 1959  Box 12.4
Correspondence, August-December 1959  Box 12.5
Correspondence, 1960  Box 12.6
Correspondence, 1961-1962  Box 12.7
Correspondence, January-June 1963  Box 12.8
Correspondence, July-December 1963  Box 12.9
Correspondence, January-June 1964 Box 12.10
Correspondence, July-December 1964 Box 12.11
Correspondence, 1965 Box 13.1
Correspondence, 1972-1973  Box 13.2
Correspondence, Cherokee Indian School Affairs, 1931-1932 Box 13.3
Correspondence of Special Committee of the Cherokee Historical Association, 1950-1951, undated  Box 13.4
Excerpts from WNCAC Minutes Book, re: Cherokee Pageant, 1946-1951  Box 13.5
Meeting Minutes, 1950-1963  Box 13.6
Meeting Minutes, 1964-1973 Box 13.7
News Releases, 'Unto These Hills', 1950-1964 Box 13.8
Newspaper Insert, 'Eastern America's Mountain Playground', by Charlotte Observer, June 14, 1950 Box 13.9
Oconaluftee Indian Village Resume, October 1954  Box 13.10
Photo, Board of Trustees, Cherokee Historical Association, Inc. Annual Meeting, June 26, 1959  Box 13.11
Cast of Characters, 'Unto These Hills', 1950-1963 Box 14.1
Historical Booklet, 'Unto These HIlls', (2 different ones) 1951  Box 14.2
Historical Booklet, 'Unto These Hills', 1952  Box 14.3
Historical Booklet, 'Unto These Hills', 1953  Box 14.4
Historical Booklet, 'Unto These Hills', (2 copies) 1954  Box 14.5
Historical Booklet, 'Unto These Hills', 1955  Box 14.6
Information Bulletins, 'Unto These Hills', 1951-1954, undated  Box 14.7
Receipts-Daily Totals, Ticket Sales & Commissions, 1951 Box 15.1
Receipts-Daily Totals, Ticket Sales, 1952 Box 15.2
Receipts-Daily Totals, Ticket Sales, 1953  Box 15.3
Receipts-Daily Totals, Ticket Sales, 1954-1955  Box 15.4
Receipts-Daily Totals, Ticket Sales, 1958-1964  Box 15.5


Subseries IV: Development Correspondence and Articles, Business & Political, 1946-1973, undated

Articles, Correspondence and Publications, Western NC and Parks Development, 1951-1973, undated Box 15.6
Boyden, Lucille K., Essays on Fontana Village and Rev. Wade Cothren Smith, undated  Box 15.7
Celebration, Great Smoky Mountains National Park 30th Anniversary, 1964  Box 15.8
Celebration, "Ox-Cart Day" at Fontana Village Resort, June 20, 1965  Box 15.9
Clingman's Dome Tower, 1959  Box 16.1
Correspondence with Browning, R. Getty, Chief Locating Engineer, 1949-1955 Box 16.2
Correspondence with Ervin, Sam, Jr., Senator, 1956-1967  Box 16.3
Correspondence with Garibaldi, Linn D., President-Western Carolina Telephone Co. Inc., 1950  Box 16.4
Correspondence with Hall, David M., May-August 1959  Box 16.5
Correspondence and Articles, with/about Hodges, Luther, Governor, 1955-1959  Box 16.6
Correspondence with Jordan, B. Everett, 1959-1960  Box 16.7
Correspondence with Morton, Hugh, 1955-1958  Box 16.8
Correspondence with Parker, Charles, Dept. of Conservation and Development, 1950-1951  Box 16.9
Correspondence with Redden, Monroe M., 1949-1951  Box 16.10
Correspondence with Sanford, Terry, Governor, 1959-1962  Box 16.11
Correspondence with Scott, W. Kerr, Governor, 1949-1957, undated  Box 16.12
Correspondence with Shuford, George A., 1948-1957 Box 16.13
Correspondence with Stephens, George M., Stephens Press, 1951-1952, undated Box 16.14
Correspondence with Taylor, Roy A., 1961-1967 Box 16.15
Correspondence with Umstead, William B., 1951-1952, undated Box 16.16
Correspondence with Uzzell, Thomas A., Jr., U.S. Attorney, 1950-1951 Box 16.17
Correspondence with Whitaker, E.B., regarding Bryson City-Fontana Road Construction, 1956-1957 Box 16.18
Fontana Lake/Dam/Resort, 1946-1955, undated  Box 16.19
Fontana Lake/Dam/Resort, 1959-1965 Box 16.20
Governor's Conference, Gatlinburg, TN, Sept. 20-Oct. 3, 1951 Box 17.1
Memento, American Pioneer Dinner by Secretary of the Interior & American Automobile Association, February 9, 1954 Box 17.2
Newsletters, 'National Congress of Americn Indians', 1956-1959 Box 17.3
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Correspondence, 1950-1961 Box 17.4
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Publications, 1951-1963 Box 17.5

Series III: Business & Personal Correspondence & Interests, 1912-1974, undated

Articles and Publications, Personal 1931-1972, undated  Box 17.6
Biography/Genealogy, Kelly Bennett and Family, 1953-1974, undated Box 17.7
Correspondence, Bryson City Drug Company, 1912-1973, undated  Box 17.8
Correspondence, Personal, 1931-1937, undated Box 17.9
Correspondence, Personal, 1941-1973  Box 17.10
Correspondence, Political Career, 1931  Box 18.1
Correspondence, North Carolina Narcotics Division, 1935 Box 18.2
Correspondence, Woods, Jimmy "Kid", August-Sept. 1952 Box 18.3
Correspondence and Articles, Ingerle, Rudolph F., Artist of the Smokies, 1927-1939, undated  Box 18.4
Correspondence with Greyer Mortgage, 1941-1943 Box 18.5
Deed, from North Carolina Mortgage Company to Mary Alice Greyer, April 29, 1949  Box 18.6
Democratic National Party and Committee, 1949-1968, undated Box 18.7
License Receipts, NC Wildlife Resources Commission 1950-1951, undated  Box 18.8
Lost Hunting Dogs' Incident, Dec. 1940-Feb 1941 Box 18.9
North Carolina Hospitals Board of Control, 1948-1965 Box 18.10
Poem by Oscar J. Coffin about Kelly Bennett, undated  Box 18.11
Presbytery Council, 1958-1963  Box 18.12
Rotary Club Information, 1934-1963, undated Box 18.13
Senate Bill 1061: Minimum Railway Rates, 1963, undated Box 18.14
Speeches, to Various Organizations by Dr. Bennett, undated  Box 18.15
Speeches, to Various Organizations by Dr. Bennett, 1945-1959 Box 18.16
Tax Stamps, Bryson City Drug Company, 1930-1949  Box 18.17
Viewpoint Articles on North Carolina Taxes and Education, 1961  Box 18.18

Series IV: Photographs/Negatives, 1930-1964, undated

Kelly Bennett & Unidentified Man with Plaque, undated  Box 19.1
Five Glass-plate Prints of Kelly Bennett, undated  Box 19.2
Ten Negatives, undated Box 19.3
Fourteen Negatives, undated Box 19.4
Twelve Negatives, Mostly Views, December 1961, undated Box 19.5
Seventeen Large Negatives, undated Box 19.6
Photos and Letter from Willie Rigsbee, 1950, undated Box 19.7
Photos, Jimmy "Kid" Woods, 30-mile Swim in Fontana Lake, NC (7 b&w), August 31, 1952  Box 19.8
Two negatives stuck together and we could not part them, undated  Box 19.9
Letter & Photo, to Dr. Bennett from Paul Mathis, March 28-31, 1958  Box 19.10
Photo, Dr. Bennett and two men from the NC State Highway Commission, ca. 1930  Box 19.11
Photo, Mile High Highway, by Kelly E. Bennett, undated  Box 19.12
Photos, 8"x10" Black & White, most unidentified, undated Box 19.13
Photos, Black & White, Scenic Views, undated Box 19.14
Photos, Black & White, including People, unidentified, undated Box 19.15

Series V: Oversize Materials, 1917-1971, undated

Charts, "The New York Times" Advertising Linage Charts, ca. 1949  Box 20.1
Copies of Original Notes with Brochures for 'Unto These Hills' and 'Southern Highlands Association', and Brochure-'Cherokee, Bryson City and Fontana Dam', 1958 and 1959  Box 20.2
Fontana Village News (3), September 6, 1952 and 1963  Box 20.3
Ledger Sheets, for NCNPP & FDC, FY 1951-1952 (7), September 1951 and April 1952 Box 20.4
Map, Blue Ridge Parkway Progress Chart, US Dept. of Interior, October 1, 1951 Box 20.5
Map, Canton, NC, by Stephens Press, ca. 1951  Box 20.6
Map, Fontana Lake Boating and Fishing Map, portions by Stephens Press & Tennessee Valley Authority, 1947-1952 Box 20.7
Map, Fontana Reservoir, ca. 1961 Box 20.8
Map, Georgia/Alabama Esso Road Map, 1965 Box 20.9
Map, Swain County, NC with Red Markings re: Mountainside Theatre Road, 1949 Box 20.10
Maps, NC State Highway & Public Works Commission Highway Maps of North Carolina, 1946-47 and 1951 Map-case WR-F3, Drawer 6
Naturalist Programs, by Great Smoky Mountains National Park, May-July 1960 Box 20.11
Newsletter, Knoxville Boat Racing Club, Knoxville, TN, August 15, 1951  Box 20.12
Newsletter, Trustees for Conservation, San Francisco, CA, June 5, 1956 Box 20.13
Newspaper, Southern Railway Systems, April 1963  Box 20.14
Newspaper, Special 100th Year Celebration of Swain County, NC Paper, 1971 Box 20.15
Newspaper Insert, Fontana Village Advertisements/Articles, Asheville Citizen-Times, July 27, 1952 Box 20.16
Newspaper Insert, Now is the time to Make Dinosaur a National Park, Washington Post, April 26, 1956  Box 20.17
Pamphlets, Fontana Village/Fontana Dam (3), ca. 1950 Box 20.18
Pamphlet, Mountain Magic Travel Writers Tour, Third Annual, ca. 1960  Box 20.19
Playbill, "Folk-Plays of the Carolina Playmakers", Season, 1931-1932 Box 20.20
Personal: Assorted Notes, Postcards, and Other Memorabilia of Dr. Bennett, 1951-1961, undated Box 21.1
Personal: Blueprint Plot Maps, Lot No. 22 of Franklin and Shopes Addition, Bryson City, Swain County, NC (2 copies), March 1927  Box 21.2
Personal: Brochures,Thirteen, 1951-1963, undated  Box 21.3
Personal: Campaign Ad, Kelly Bennett for NC Representative, 1950 Box 21.4
Personal: Certificate to Miss Jean Z. Bennett, from North Carolina Pharmaceutical Association for Attendance of the 1945 Annual Cosmetic School, October 21-24, 1945  Box 21.5
Personal: Certificate, State of North Carolina Executive Department to Kelly E. Bennett, appointed to Chairman of the Swain County Council of Defense by Governor Bickett, June 22, 1917  Box 21.6
Personal: Letter, Handwritten 2-page letter from Vinson Welch to Kelly Bennett, February 19, 1956  Box 21.7
Personal: Letter, Handwritten 2-page letter from Mr. Long? in Atlanta, GA, August 28, 1952 Box 21.8
Personal: Letter, Handwritten from cousin in Henderson, NC, August 13, 1938  Box 21.9
Personal: Letter, Handwritten 2-page letter from Janie Hyatt Browde to Kelly (Bennett), July 6, 1938  Box 21.10
Personal: Letter, Handwritten letter from possible sibling? and copy of unsigned receipt of James R. Hyatt as Executor of Estate of Elizabeth W. Hyatt, ca. 1928 Box 21.11
Personal: Letter from Buel B. Hyatt to Josie, February 2, 1927  Box 21.12
Personal: Periodical & Letter, 'Together', July 1963 Box 21.13
Personal: Program, Western Carolina College presents Lola Montes, January 24, 1956  Box 21.14
Personal: Road Maps, Eastern United States and Southeastern United States, by Standard Oil Company, undated  Box 21.15
Personal: Glass-plate Picture of Kelly Bennett, undated  Box 22