Guide to the Alvin Dudley Tipton World War II Photographs and Papers, 1920-1945, undated

Summary Information

Title: Alvin Dudley Tipton World War II Photographs and Papers, 1920-1945, undated
Collection: AC.466
Extent: 3.0 linear feet (2 manuscripts, 1 shoebox, and 1 large oversize box)

Alvin Dudley Tipton World War II Photographs and Papers consists of photographs, governmental documents, newspaper and magazine articles documenting the World War II service of Alvin Dudley Tipton.

Creator: Tipton, Alvine Dudley

Biographical/Historical Note

Alvin Dudley Tipton (17 October 1920-23 April 2008) was born the eighth child of general store merchant Hood and Rebecca McIntosh Tipton in Ravenna of Estill County, Kentucky. His name was spelled "Alvine" on his birth certificate. Tipton was called "Dudley" or "Dud." On 25 July 1942, he married Hazel Walters in Irvine, Kentucky, which is northwest of Tipton's birthplace.

During World War II, he served as a Private First Class in the 95th Infantry Division, Battery C, 359th Field Artillery Battalion. Major General Harry L. Twaddle was his commanding officer. In December 1942, he trained at the Field Artillery Replacement Training Center in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He served overseas from August 1944 to June 1945. He participated in the Rhineland Battle Campaign (15 September 1944-21 March 1945), the final assault against the Nazi homeland, as a member of the Third Army under Lt. General George S. Patton. During this campaign, he was awarded the bronze star on three occasions. Tipton was honorably discharged as a Technician Fifth Grade from Battery C, 359th Field Artillery Battalion in Camp Atterbury, Indiana in 1945.

After the war, he returned to Ravenna and ,with his wife, raised four children, Virgil Tyrone (born 1943), Rebecca Gayle Bishop (born 1944-5), Michael Bea (born 1950), and Jesse Lynn Puckett. He worked as a car man of CSX Railroad and was also a member of Mt. Carmel Christian Church. He was buried in the Tipton family cemetery in Estill County, Kentucky.

Scope and Contents

The bulk of the Alvin Dudley Tipton Papers cover his two and a half years serving in the Armed Forces during World War II. This collection also depicts the relationship between army friends as Tipton named his second son after one. Besides the original microfilm reel of photographs and documents, there are user CD copies of these items in Box 4. NOTE: His name was spelled Alvine on Birth Certificate, but Alvin on all other documents.


The original materials were housed in two photograph albums and a hand-crafted wooden case. The photographs were removed from the original albums, sleeved and placed in archival folders. The collection is arranged into three series: Series I: Photographs; Series II: Documents; and Series III: Newspapers and Publications. The folders within are in alphabetical order. There is also an index of the scanned documents and photographs in paper and on a user CD Disk in Box 4.

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This collection is open for use in the Dougherty Reading Room. An appointment for research is recommended. The Dougherty Reading Room is located on the 4th floor of Belk Library in Special Collections.

Acquisitions Information

Libby Puckett loaned the originals for this collection in August 2008. The collection was accessioned as AC.2008.066.

Processing Information

Encoded by Kathy Staley, December 2008; Updated processing by Anita Elliott, November 2013. This collection was reprocessed as part of a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. The grant funded extensive processing of the backlog within the W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection between 2012 and 2014.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], AC.466: Alvin Dudley Tipton World War II Photographs and Papers, W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection, Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina, USA.

Container List

Series I: Photographs, 1920-1945 

Series Description

These photographs document Tipton's World War II experiences. Included is an list of Tipton's European -travels...itenery- from 6 August 1944 to 29 June 1945. Tipton wrote notes to family members on some photographs. Photographs vary in size from 2.5" x 3.5" to 20" x 10" with the majority being snap shots.

Studio and casual camp photographs of Fort Sill (Oklahoma), Fort Sam Houston (Texas), and Camp Polk (Louisiana). The Signal Section of Battery "C", 359th Field Artillery Battalion, artillery, side arms, kit are shown.

European war photographs include images of the towns in which Tipton's unit served. Images include landscapes, buildings, war damage to structures, town signs, downed ME 109 airplane, a portable altar for religious services, camp, jeeps. Most of the photographs from Germany show destroyed buildings, bridges, and roadways. Photographs of his battalion's departure in Le Havre and its transport ship are also included.

Pictured are Sergeant Michael Ballard, Cpl. Victor Barr, T/5 R.M. Bollinger, S/Sergeant Robert Crawford, T/5 Walter Frank, 1st/Sgt. B.F. Graham, Training Sergeant Johnson, T/5 John Kiser, Cpl. William Lobor, PFC. Vernon McKinney (from Evelyn, Kentucky), Pfc. Thomas Marhesane, First Sergeant Franklin Marik, Sergeant Joseph Morra, Pfc. Vincent Napoa, Cpl. Edward Pannetta, T/5 Donald Ronk, Sergeant John Spak, Sergeant Ralph Strchie (sic),

  Box Folder

Index, Scanned Documents and Photographs, Alvin D. Tipton Papers, undated 

1 1

Negatives, black and white, Selected European Photos from Tipton's World War II Experience, circa 1944-1945 

1 2

Negatives, black and white, Tipton in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, circa 1943-1944 

1 3

Photographs, black and white, Studios Alvin D. and Hazel Walters Tipton, circa 1943 

1 4

Photographs, black and white, Alvin D. Tipton and Others at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, circa 1943 

1 5

Photographs, black and white, and Timeline of Service, Alvin D. Tipton and Others, Fort Sam Houston, Texas and Camp Polk, Louisiana, 1943 

1 6

Photographs, black and white, Alvin D., Hazel, and son, Virgil T. Tipton with On-leave photo, Fall 1943 

1 7

Photographs, black and white, Scenery and Tipton in Trevieres and Vionville, France, 1944 

1 8

Photographs, black and white, Sign of Entrance to Germany at Rammelfangen, November 1944 

1 9

Photographs, black and white, Scenes at Saar Basin, Germany, December 1944-January 1945 

1 10

Photographs, black and white, PFC Vernon McKinney and Alvin Tipton with Downed ME 109 Airplane, near Unterfelsberg, Germany, December 1944 

1 11

Photographs, black and white, Scenes of Belgium Breakthrough, 1944-1945 

1 12

Photographs, black and white, Scenes of Rhine River in Germany and Destruction of Bridges, circa 1945 

1 13

Photographs, black and white, Scenes from City of Hamm, Germany and Railroad Yards, 1945 

1 14

Photographs, black and white, of Alvin Tipton, Vernon McKinney, and Michael Ballard in Munster, Germany, 1945 

1 15

Photographs, black and white, Alvin D. Tipton in Wolbeck, Germany, 1945 

1 16

Photographs, black and white, Tipton and Scenes in Wolbeck, Germany, 1945 

1 17

Photographs, black and white, Camp Old Glory, Gournay, France and the S.S. Mariposa, Le Havre, France, 1945 

1 18

Portrait, Alvin D. and Hazel Walters Tipton, on cardboard with Heirloom Portrait tag, Chicago Portrait Studio, 1945 

Box 3

Photograph, Battery "A", 32nd Battalion, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, February 1943

Box 3
  Box CD

Master CD, Photographs and Scans, Number 1-437, of Alvin Dudley, 1920-1945 

1 19

User CD Copies (15), Photographs and Documents with Index, and Original Microfilm, circa 1942-1945 


Series II: Documents, 1920-1945 

Series Description

These documents provide an overview of Tipton's life during his World War II service. These materials include period holiday cards, scenic and comedic postcards, and letters to his family, certificates of training, maps, his garrison cap, a patch, two 3" x 5" pin-up girls, a pre-furlough letter from his commanding officer about the concerns of veneral disease and going AWOL, a signed letter from Lieutenant General George S. Patton Jr., pay record, French francs, German marks, 5" x 8" photograph of war-era airplanes, a copy of A Spiritual Almanac for Service Men and a calendar which contains addresses.

  Box Folder

Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate and Selective Service Classification Cards, Alvin Dudley Tipton, 1920-1942 

1 20

Christmas Menu and Family Cards, 1942 

1 21

German and French Currency dated 1923 and 1944, circa 1944-1945 

1 22

Garrison Cap and 95th Division Shoulder Patch of Tipton, circa 1945 

1 23

Servicemen's Map of the United States and Insignia of the Armed Forces (oversize), 1942 

Box 3
  Box Folder

Military Records, Change of Address, Furlough Paper, Advancement and Commendations, 1943-1945 

1 24

Military Records, Tipton's Honorabel Discharge Papers, September 1945 

1 25

Military Records, Induction List and Actibe Duty Letter, November 1942 

1 26

George S. Patton, Jr., General, Death of, Articles, 1945 

1 27

Personal Greeting Cards and Papers to Tipton's Family Members, circa 1943-1945 

2 1

Photographs, black and white, Series of World War II Airplanes, circa 1945 

2 2

Postcards, showing Desert Training Center, California and Typical Pin-up Ladies, circa 1944 

2 3

Semaphore Code Sheet, no. 8, circa 1943 

2 4

Soldier's Individual Pay Record Book and Immunization Record from Back of Book, 1944-1945 

2 5

Strip Map, Munster, Germany to Gournay, France, Departure Route and Bivouac Locations, 1945 

Note: Strip Map of the Departure Route and Bivouac Locations for the movement of the 95th Division from Munster, Germany to Gournay, France prior to embarkation on a ship at Le Havre, France for the return voyage home

2 6

Training Certificates, Eight Different Categories, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, December 2, 1942-February 8, 1943 

2 7

Series III: Newspapers and Publications, 1936-1945 

Series Description

This series includes a daily publication of Tipton's unit, the 95th Division Journal, some other news-worthy newspapers and journals, a history and yearbook of his division, and a few other personal publications.

  Box Folder

Calendar/Address Book, 1936-1937   The first few pages have been cut out. Writing on front: Carborundum, Eingetr, Warenzeichen

2 8

Daily Publication, 95th Division Journal, The, Volume 5, no. 32, December 14, 1944 

Box 3

Daily Publication, 95th Division Journal, The, Volume 6, no. 1, May 21, 1945   Very poor and delicate condition.

Box 3
  Box Folder

History and Photographs, "Prelude: The Ninety-Fifth Infantry Division Prepares for Combat", (two copies), circa 1945 

2 9

Newspaper, "The Blazon", Fort Sam, Houston, Texas, Volume 1, no. 25, June 11, 1943 

Box 3

Newspaper, Irvine Times, Irvine, Kentucky, Volume 23, no. 44, October 30, 1942 

Box 3

Print, River with Bridge and Buildings, #111-Johnson Gordon Company, undated 

Box 3
  Box Folder

Spiritual Almanac, for Service Men, 1943 

2 10

Yearbook, History and Personnel of the 95th Division Artillery, 1946 

2 11