Guide to the Juanita Brown Tobin Papers, 1915-2005, undated

Summary Information

Title: Juanita Brown Tobin Papers, 1915-2005, undated
Collection: AC.499
Extent: 28 linear feet (21 manuscript, 13 half-manuscript, 3 flats, 3 shoeboxes, 5 records, 1 3' oversize box)

This is a collection of papers, books and keepsakes of Juanita Brown Tobin, 1915-2007, of Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Included are her award-winning books of poetry and personal scrapbooks, along with hundreds of original poems and prose by Tobin and other authors.

Creator: Tobin, Juanita, 1915-2007

Biographical/Historical Note

Juanita Rose Brown Tobin (b. February 12, 1915) was born in Nashville, Tennessee. Daughter of Charles Fisk and Harriet (Hattie) Young Brown. Ancestors from Foscoe, North Carolina. Married John Tobin. Son Paul (b. 1938).

Juanita graduated University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing in 1944, and cared for her mother and two aunts in Florida. She moved to New Jersey to care for grandchildren from 1973 to 1989 after her daughter-in-law left her son to 'discover herself'. She worked several years at Dorothea Dix Hospital as a nurse.

Juanita began writing poetry in 1963. She authored a column "Extended Adventure" for the 'Blowing Rocket' in 1989 until she lost her sight in 2005, copies of most are included in her collection.

She was an active member of the High Country Writers and was known to correspond with and encourage other poets. She attended Boone Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, and resided in Davant Extended Care Facility of Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

Juanita was the author of In Grape Time (1982), Kingpins and China Dolls (1986), Zekes and a Zillion Cats (1987),The Crooked Pine (1987), Ransom Street Quartet (1995), License My Roving Hands (2001), White Family Saga (2003), and hundreds of other poems.

She won many awards for her books and poetry, many of which were published in numerous publications.

Juanita passed away in January 2007, at 91 years of age.

Scope and Contents

This collection is filled with hundreds of original poetry by Tobin as well as numerous famous, not-so-famous, and unknown poets. Juanita loved children and participated in many workshops in various schools, encouraging these young poets and artists. Several examples of those unique pictures and poems are included in her collection.

Juanita was an avid scrapbooker and collector of newspaper clippings, not only of her accomplishments, but of other poets and their works. She must have saved every greeting card, thank you card, and expression of love and admiration, because her collection contains 33 scrapbooks full of notes, cards, clippings, photos, and keepsakes.

She took notes wherever she went, as attested in the 40-plus stenographer pads full of notes, recipes, class notes, thoughts, and inspirations. The hundreds of poems, drafts and completed, are ample proof of her quick mind and poetic abilities. Her collection includes several copies of her award-winning books of poetry and her personal Webster's Dictionary 1957 edition, all annotated with personal notes.

The collection also includes family keepsakes and photos, and genealogical papers.


When possible, the collection was processed in alphabetical and chronological order. Tobin's scrapbooks and personal notes remain in her original order. Many folders are labeled and in the order she had.

Copies of several color photos were made and included back into the original order of the scrapbooks. The original color and old black & white photos are stored in Cold Storage.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research without restrictions in the Dougherty Reading Room.

Acquisitions Information

This collection was donated by Juanita Tobin in four increments between March 2003 and October 2004.

Processing Information

Processed by Anita Elliott, February 2013. This collection was processed as part of a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. The grant funded extensive processing of the backlog within the W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection between 2012 and 2014.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], AC.499: Juanita Brown Tobin Papers, W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection, Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina, USA.

Container List

Series I: Correspondence, Awards and Gilchrist County Garden Club, 1926-2003 

Series Description

Series I: Correspondence, Awards and Gilchrist County Garden Club -- Tobin wrote a newspaper column about the happenings of the Gilchrist County, NJ Garden Club and kept clippings of those columns. She wrote several award-winnings books and poems, several awards of which are included in this series.

Her correspondence was dotted with original poetry and mementos, all of which are included and arranged chronlogically when possible.

Articles by Tobin, 'Gilchrist County Garden Club', 1971-1973, undated Box 1.1
Awards, to Tobin, 1986 Box 1.2
Certificate, 'Project Scryptex', June 1984  Box 1.3
Certificate, 'Readings in American Literature Book Discussion Program', December 1987 Box 1.4
Correspondence, January 1970-May 1978  Box 1.5
Correspondence, undated Box 1.6
Correspondence and Awards, 1968  Box 1.7
Correspondence and Awards, January-June 1969 Box 1.8
Correspondence and Awards, July-December 1969  Box 1.9
Correspondence, from Maureen Cannon, ca. 1999-2000 Box 1.10
Correspondence, from Richard Truax, ASU Graduate in Seattle, 1999 Box 1.11
Correspondence, to/from Andrea-Dawn Bryant, 1989-2003, undated  Box 1.12
Correspondence, to Charles A. Miller, 2004-2007 Box 1.13
Correspondence with Mementos, 1926-1929  Box 1.14
Correspondence with Mementos, 1931-1938  Box 1.15
Correspondence with Mementos, 1940-1947 Box 1.16
Correspondence with Some Poetry, 1951-1959  Box 1.17
Information, 'Back to Basics for the Birds', 1943-1974, undated Box 2.1
Papers, Gilchrist County Garden Club, 1961-1973, undated  Box 2.2
Souvenir Booklet, on Grandfather Mountain, ca. 1998 Box 2.3
Yearbook, Gilchrist County Garden Club, 1971-1973 Box 2.4

Series II: Poetry Books and Collections, 1944-2004 

Series Description

Series II: Poetry Books and Collections -- A rather extensive series, it covers original poetry, copies of annotated books by Tobin and other poets, newsletters and other publications in which Tobin's poetry was published, and hundreds of drafts and completed Tobin poems.

Tobin conducted Word Shops for senior citizens and children, and several examples of the participants' original poetry and art are also included. Tobin wrote of her experiences at Dorothea Dix Hospital, as well as editing a newsletter for the staff of that hospital, copies of which have been preserved.

She collected a good number of Sam Ragan's newspaper columns, which have been photocopied and saved.

Address Book, by JOY: Joining Old & Young, 1987 Box 2.5
Annual Report, of The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, 1999 Box 2.6
Art Craft, Hanging Sculpture with Instructions, by E. Brown, undated Box 2.7
Art/Literary Magazine, 'Mirage' by Valley Middle School Students, 1988  Box 2.8
Articles, Mountain Times Series: Hate Series, August 8-22, 1996  Box 2.9
Articles, on Poetry, collected by Tobin, 1962-2003  Box 2.10
Articles, on Poetry, collected by Tobin, undated  Box 2.11
Articles/Poems, "Blind Articles", 2003, undated  Box 2.12
Articles, Tobin's 'Extended Adventure' Series, June 2001-September 2003, undated  Box 2.13
Articles, Tobin's 'Extended Adventure' Series, August 2003-October 2004, undated  Box 2.14
Book, 'A Book of Poems' by Tony Caputo (2 copies), November 19, 1982  Box 3.1
Book, 'Georgia Waters' and Other Poetry, 1965, undate Box 3.2
Book, 'License My Roving Hands' by J. Tobin (2 copies), 2000  Box 3.3
Book, 'Poems to Remember' by Dorothy Petitt, 1974  Box 3.4
Book, 'Ransom Street Quartet: Poems and Stories' by J. Tobin (2 copies), 1995  Box 3.5
Book, 'Word and Witness: 100 Years of North Carolina Poetry', autographed by poets and annotated by Tobin, 1999  Box 3.6
Book Draft, 'In Grape Time' by J. Tobin, 1981  Box 3.7
Booklet, 'Insight: North Carolina State Commission for the Blind', Summer 1967  Box 3.8
Books of Poetry, Individuals A-L, ca. 1975-1987, undated Box 3.9
Books of Poetry, Individuals M-Z, ca. 1975-1987, undated  Box 3.10
Book of Poetry, 'Saturday's Women', by Saturday Press, 1982 Box 4.1
Brochures, Walter Anderson, Faulkner, Oxford & Eudora Welty, undated Box 4.2
Calendar, Village of Ridgewood, 1986 Box 4.3
Calendar with Poetry, 'JOY: Joining Old & Young', New Jersey State Council on the Arts, 1985-1987 Box 4.4
Calendar with Poetry,'JOY: Joining Old & Young', New Jersey State Council on the Arts, 1988-1996  Box 4.5
Classwork and Poetry, by Sandra M. Spach, 1996-2004, undated  Box 4.6
Clippings and Ephemera, re: September 11, 2001, 1939-2002, undated  Box 4.7
Clippings/Information, William Carlos Williams, 1949-1990, undated Box 4.8
Collection labeled by Tobin, 'Famous Poets', 1974-2003, undated  Box 4.9
Collection of Summer Readings and Transcripts of Radio Talk Show, 1954-1955, undated  Box 5.1
Contributions by Tobin, to DD Review (Dorothea Dix Hospital Newsletter), July 1966-May 1969  Box 5.2
Craft, 'A Pocket of Poems' (2 copies) and Thank-you Notes to Tobin, undated Box 5.3
Directory, New Jersey Writers Directory, Passaic County Community College, 1985  Box 5.4
Dissertation, "Our American Music" handwritten by John Lasker Howard, undated  Box 5.5
Drafts, 'Kingpins and China Dolls' by Tobin, undated  Box 5.6
Ephemera, from Sandra M. Spach to J. Tobin, 2000-2004, undated  Box 5.7
Journal Writings, Michael Hodges, 2003-2004  Box 5.8
Lifetime, of W.M. Ritter, "Father" of Appalachian Hardwood Industry, ca. 1946 Box 5.9
Listing of Shows, at Minneapolis Fringe Festival, 2004  Box 5.10
Literary Collection, 'Croton Review', Croton Council on the Arts Inc., 1985 Box 5.11
Literary Contest, Caldwell Arts Council & Caldwell County Library, "Branches" Volume 10, 2001  Box 5.12
Literary Contest, Caldwell Arts Council & Caldwell County Library, "Branches" Volume 11, 2002  Box 6.1
Literary Contest, 'Crucible', Vol. 5, no. 2, Spring 1969  Box 6.2
Literary Contest, 'Writer's Digest Writing Competition'-First and Second Place Manuscripts, 1985  Box 6.3
Materials, concerning/from Alice Naylor, 1981-2003, undated  Box 6.4
Materials from Readings, "Readings Around Town" by Tobin, ca. 1990s-2001, undated  Box 6.5
Music used, Appalachian State Univ. Music Therapy Students, 1998-2004, undated Box 6.6
Newsletter, CHAT-Cherry Hospital Associated Times, Vol. I & II, 1969-1970  Box 6.7
Newsletter, Northwest Bergen Regional Multi-Purpose Senior Citizen Center, Midland Park, NJ, May 1979-December 1980 Box 6.8
Newsletter, Northwest Bergen Regional Multi-Purpose Senior Citizen Center, Midland Park, NJ, January 1981-December 1982  Box 6.9
Newsletter, Northwest Bergen Regional Multi-Purpose Senior Citizen Center, Midland Park, NJ, January 1983-December 1984  Box 6.10
Newsletter, Northwest Bergen Regional Multi-Purpose Senior Citizen Center, Midland Park, NJ, January 1985-December 1986  Box 7.1
Newsletter, Northwest Bergen Regional Multi-Purpose Senior Citizen Center, Midland Park, NJ, January 1987-Oct. 1989 Box 7.2
Newsletter, Northwest Bergen Regional Multi-Purpose Senior Citizen Center, Midland Park, NJ, 1996  Box 7.3
Newsletter, Ridgecrest Tenants Association, July 1985-February 1987  Box 7.4
Newsletter, 'Starting With Delight' from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Poetry Program, 1993-1996 Box 7.5
Newspaper Clippings, Various Topics and Poets, 1963-1989, undated Box 7.6
Newspaper Clippings, Various Topics and Poets, 2990-2003  Box 7.7
Notebook, 'Collage' Summer School, 1973  Box 7.8
Notes from Audiocassette Collection, 1997, undated Box 7.9
Old Letters, Gift from friend to Tobin, early 1900s-1924  Box 7.10
Original Art & Music, by Juanita Brown, May 1952  Box 7.11
Papers by Tobin, for Various College Classes, 1967, ca. 1974, undated Box 7.12
Papers by Tobin, for Various College Classes, 1967, 1973-1974, undated Box 8.1
Papers by Tobin, for Various College Classes, ca. 1973, undated Box 8.2
Papers, Relating to Attitude Therapy in Treatment of Mental Patients, 1965-1966  Box 8.3
Papers/Information, from The Hermitage, 1975-1986, undated  Box 8.4
Periodical, Footwork, Winter 1980-1985  Box 8.5
Periodical, Heartland Journal, Vol. 3 no. 1, Summer 1985  Box 8.6
Periodical, Holms' Literary Odyssey, Vol. 1 no. 3, September 1986 Box 8.7
Periodical, Journal of Counseling & Development, Sept. 1985  Box 8.8
Periodical, North Carolina Folklore, May 1967-March 1971 Box 8.9
Periodical, The Nurses Quarterly, 1944  Box 8.10
Periodical, Pangloss Papers, Vol. 7 no. 1, January 1988 Box 8.11
Periodical, 'Shooting New York' supplement to The New Yorker, 2004 Box 8.12
Periodical, Southern Poetry Review, Special Issue-North Carolina Poetry, 1970 Box 8.13
Periodical, Stone Country, Vol. 12 no. 2&3, May 1985 Box 8.14
Periodical, Tar Heel Nurse, December 1967-March 1969  Box 9.1
Periodical, The Above Ground Review, Vol. 1 no. 3, Winter 1969 Box 9.2
Play, 'Dix', adapted in part from Tobin's Ransom Street Quartet, ca. 2003-2004  Box 9.3
Poems, by Todd Achison, 1996-1998, undated  Box 9.4
Poems, by John Ciardi, "Doodlesoup", undated Box 9.5
Poems, by Cathy Fallow, 1999 Box 9.6
Poems, by Pat Groth, 2000  Box 9.7
Poems, by Tozan Hardison, 1999  Box 9.8
Poems, by Maxine Kumin, ca. 1980  Box 9.9
Poems, by Glen R. Leisegang, ca. 1999, undated  Box 9.10
Poems, by Jeni Olin, undated Box 9.11
Poems, by Linda Steele, 2000-2001, undated Box 9.12
Poems, by Tobin, Loose, Finished & Drafts, ca. 1982  Box 9.13
Poems, by Tobin, Loose, Finished & Drafts, ca. 1968-2002, undated Box 9.14
Poems, by Tobin, Loose, Finished & Drafts, undated  Box 9.15
Poems, by Tobin, Loose, Finished & Drafts, undated Box 10.1
Poems, by Tobin, Loose, Finished & Drafts, undated  Box 10.2
Poems, by Tobin, Loose, Finished & Drafts, undated Box 10.3
Poems, by Tobin, Loose, Finished & Drafts, undated  Box 10.4
Poems, by Tobin, Loose, Finished & Drafts, undated   Box 10.5
Poems by Tobin, 'Written for Tillie Lucas & Family', September 23, 1968 Box 11.1
Poems, by Lois Van Houten, 1983  Box 11.2
Poems, labeled by Tobin as, 'Trashcan Poems', 1991-1997  Box 11.3
Poems, 'Spoken Poems-Book One' by Preschool Children, Early Childhood Learning Center, Midland Park, NJ (2 copies), April 1986  Box 11.4
Poems, Various Poets, 1969-2003, undated Box 11.5
Poet, Randall Jarrell, 1965-1967, undated Box 11.6
Poet, Adrienne Rich, 1972, undated  Box 11.7
Poetry, 'Dust Behind the Door' edited by Adele Kenny, 1982  Box 11.8
Poetry, 'Moonbeams Poems' by Class of 1987 Ridgewood High School, May 1987  Box 11.9
Poetry by Tobin, 'Bottom of Barrel Poems' (1-89), ca. 2003   Box 11.10
Poetry by Tobin, 'Bottom of Barrel Poems' and Others with Drafts, 1969-ca.1990's Box 11.11
Poetry by Tobin, 'Bottom of Barrel Poems' #3, 1965-2001, undated  Box 11.12
Poetry by Tobin, 'The Crooked Pine' (3 copies), 1987 Box 11.13
Poetry by Tobin, 'Fragments', undated  Box 11.14
Poetry by Tobin, 'Haint Tales' (2 copies) and More, undated Box 11.15
Poetry by Tobin, 'In Grape Time' (2 copies), 1982 Box 12.1
Poetry by Tobin, 'Kingpins and China Dolls' (2 copies), 1986  Box 12.2
Poetry by Tobin, 'A Passel of Poems' (2 copies), 1977-1978 Box 12.3
Poetry by Tobin, Published in Various Mediums, 1967-1983  Box 12.4
Poetry by Tobin, 'White Family Saga' (3 copies), 2003  Box 12.5
Poetry edited by Tobin, 'Zekes and a Zillion Cats' (2 copies), July 10, 1987  Box 12.6
Poetry Collection, 'Apple Thunder and Other Poems About People, Places & Things', undated Box 12.7
Poetry Collection, 'Award Winning Poems' by NC Poetry Society, Inc., 1968-1969, 2001-2002  Box 12.8
Poetry Collection, Bergen Poets, 1980-1989 Box 12.9
Poetry Collection, 'Behind the Bricks-State Hospital', undated Box 12.10
Poetry Collection, 'Delicious Day' and Brochures, undated Box 12.11
Poetry Collection, 'Festival Poets', Wake Forest Arts & Crafts Festival, 1968-1969  Box 13.1
Poetry Collection, 'The Fineries of Manhattan: A Valentine for Frank O'Hara', by Jeni Olin, undated  Box 13.2
Poetry Collection, 'Four Contemporary Poets' by Sharon Olds, Eleanor Wilner, Maddie Gomez and Juanita Tobin, 1984 Box 13.3
Poetry Collection, "JOY: Joining Old and Young", 1985 Box 13.4
Poetry Collection, "JOY: Joining Old and Young Through Poetry", 2002  Box 13.5
Poetry Collection, Lips, 1981-1984 Box 13.6
Poetry Collection, 'Looking for Delight'-a Compilation of Ways of Doing Poetry in School', 1990 Box 13.7
Poetry Collection, 'Poetry Corner Anthology', Passaic County College Cultural Affairs Department, 1984 Box 13.8
Poetry Collection, 'Poets and Writers at the Hermitage', Word Shop Poets, undated  Box 13.9
Poetry Collection, Rhododendron, Spring 1988-Spring 1989 Box 13.10
Poetry Collection, 'Shop Talk' from Workshop for Bergen Poets, 1980  Box 13.11
Poetry Collection, 'Sins of the Morning-Anthology #1' by the Word Shop Poets (2 copies), November 11, 1981   Box 13.12
Poetry Collection, 'Sins of the Morning-Anthology II' by the Word Shop Poets (2 copies), January 15, 1983 Box 13.13
Poetry Collection, 'Sins of the Morning-Anthology III' by the Word Shop Poets (3 copies), 1984  Box 13.14
Poetry Collection, 'Stained Glass Poetry Workshop', undated  Box 14.1
Poetry Collection, 'Sub-Rosa', 1986-1987, undated  Box 14.2
Poetry Collection, 'Teaching for Delight'-a Compilation of Ways of Doing Poetry in School', 1991 Box 14.3
Poetry Collection, 'Trio in Scarlet' by Robert Chetkin, Marie Matthews, Juanita Tobin, 1968 Box 14.4
Poetry Contests, Writer's Digest-Winners Edition, 1980-1981 Box 14.5
Poetry Films and Videos, 1986-1990, undated  Box 14.6
Poetry labeled by Tobin, 'Great Poems by the Great', 1964-2001  Box 14.7
Poetry labeled by Tobin, 'Great Poems by the Great', undated  Box 14.8
Poetry labeled by Tobin, 'Mary Susan Daniels', 2003 Box 14.9
Poetry labeled by Tobin, 'Poems by Great Poets', 1962-1999, undated Box 14.10
Poetry, Tobin used in Extended Care's Reading/Poetry Hours, 1984-2000, undated Box 14.11
Poster/Banner, Happy Holidays Workshop of Poets, undated Box 14.12
Private Publication, 'IBID' by Ben Indick, #46, 1984 Box 14.13
Program Guide, Asheville Poetry Festival, 1995 Box 14.14
Programs, Notes, on Church and Student Recitals, 1936-1987, undated  Box 14.15
Publication, 'Scrap Paper Review', 1985 Box 14.16
Research & Paper, on Dorothea Lynde Dix by J. Tobin, ca. 1969  Box 15.1
Research & Story by Tobin, Old Thomas Hotel, 1925-1982, undated Box 15.2
Research & Works about, John Andre, by Tobin, 1980, undated  Box 15.3
Short Story, 'The Last Lesson' by Juanita Tobin, undated Box 15.4
Stories by Tobin, 1967, undated Box 15.5
Stories by Tobin, labeled "Miscellaneous Nursing Stories", 1956-1968, undated Box 15.6
Stories/Poems, about Cats, some by Tobin, 2002-2003, undated Box 15.7
Tribute to her Mother, 'Miss Hattie' by Juanita Tobin (2 copies), ca. 1998 Box 15.8
Works, of Linda Campany, 1999, undated   Box 15.9
Works, of High Country Writers, 1995-2002, undated Box 15.10
Works, of Sue Kitts, undated Box 15.11
Works, of Mary McClure-Carter, 1999 Box 15.12
Works, of Marlene Mountain, 2002-2003 Box 15.13
Workshop and Article, "Life Changes" and James King Hill, 1999, undated Box 15.14
Writings, of Sam Ragan, Newspaper Columnist, ca. 1970's-1990's  Box 15.15
Writings by Other Authors, collected by Tobin, undated  Box 15.16

Series III: Workshops, Materials and Committees, 1967-1996 

Series Description

Series III: Workshops, Materials and Committees -- Materials used in her workshops and kits garnered from conferences and poetic teacher workshops she conducted/attended are housed in this series. She also kept copious notes wherever she went, some of which are included in this series.

Agenda and Materials, The Martha's Vineyard Writers' Workshop on Poetry, July 15-18, 1984 Box 16.1
Committee, Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Committee, 1973-1993, undated Box 16.2
Fellowships and Grants, 1981-1986  Box 16.3
Kit, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Poetry Festival 1988 Poetry Kit for Teachers, ca. 1987-1992  Box 16.4
Kit, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Poetry Festival 1990 Poetry Kit for Teachers, Sept. 1990  Box 16.5
Kit, Dodge Poetry Festival 1992 Poetry Kit for Teachers, 1992 Box 16.6
Kit, 'The Language of Life', with Bill Moyers, Teacher's Guide, ca. 1995 Box 16.7
Kit, Materials in Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival 1996 Kit for Teachers, August 30, 1996  Box 16.8
Kit, 'Premiere of Poets in Prison' and First Joint Gathering of Dodge Poets and Dodge Poetry Teachers, April 16, 1988 Box 16.9
Kit, Working Premiere of the Dodge Festival Programs from "The Power of the Word", May 20, 1989  Box 16.10
Materials, "Poets Behind Bars", 1982-1992, undated Box 16.11
Materials, used by Tobin in Workshops, 1967-1985 Box 16.12
Materials, used by Tobin in Workshops, undated Box 17.1
Materials, used by Tobin in Workshops, undated  Box 17.2
Minicourse, 'Introduction to 20th Century American Poets', undated Box 17.3
Notes and International Poetry, undated   Box 17.4
Notes, on The Word Shop, Pt. 1 (original order), 1980-1983, undated Box 17.5
Notes, on The Word Shop, Pt. 2 (original order), 1981-1999, undated  Box 17.6
Poetry, mostly by Children, 1982-1983, undated Box 17.7
Resource Materials, 'Moyers: The Power of the Word' Series, Bill Moyers, ca. 1989  Box 17.8

Series IV: Steno Pads of Notes, 1965-1992

Series Description

Series IV: Steno Pads of Notes -- This collection of 30-plus stenographer pads full of notes by Tobin exemplify how her mind was constantly garnering ideas from common day activities. In one article about her, she stated that she always carried a notepad with her, and these steno pads are certain proof of it.

Loose Pages from Note Pads, undated  Box 18.1
Note Pad, Tobin, Gerontology, ca. 1965  Box 18.2
Note Pad, Tobin, June 21, 1966 Box 18.3
Note Pad, Tobin, August 1966  Box 18.4
Note Pad, Tobin, ca. 1967 Box 18.5
Note Pad, Tobin, Aides Classes II, Fall 1967  Box 18.6
Note Pad, Tobin, Notes in Architecture, ca. 1967  Box 18.7
Note Pad, Tobin-Writers Roundtable, August 18, 1967  Box 18.8
Note Pad, Tobin-Writers Roundtable, 1969 Box 18.9
Note Pad, Tobin, 1972 Box 18.10
Note Pad, Tobin, 1972  Box 18.11
Note Pad, Tobin, Class Notes SE100.09, ca. 1974 Box 18.12
Note Pad, Tobin, RE205 & RE280, 1974 Box 18.13
Note Pad, Tobin-Writers Conference EH295-Kirkpatrick, February 25, 1974  Box 18.14
Note Pad, Tobin, 1977   Box 18.15
Note Pad, Tobin, ca. 1982 Box 18.16
Note Pad, Tobin, ca. 1982  Box 19.1
Note Pads, Tobin, ca. 1984  Box 19.2
Note Pad, Tobin, ca. 1985 Box 19.3
Note Pads, Tobin, ca. 1986  Box 19.4
Note Pads, Tobin, ca. 1987 Box 19.5
Note Pads, Tobin, ca. 1988 Box 19.6
Note Pad, Tobin, ca. 1989 Box 19.7
Note Pad, Tobin, ca. 1989-1990 Box 19.8
Note Pad, "Miss Hattie" (A Life Opened and Closed), ca. 1990 Box 20.1
Note Pad, Tobin, ca. 1990 Box 20.2
Note Pad, Tobin, ca. 1991  Box 20.3
Note Pad, Tobin, ca. 1992  Box 20.4
Note Pad, Tobin, ca. Fall 1992 Box 20.5
Note Pad, Tobin, ca. November 1992  Box 20.6
Note Pad, Tobin, Birds & Plants, undated Box 20.7
Note Pad, Tobin, Recipes, undated Box 20.8
Note Pad, Tobin, undated   Box 20.9
Note Pad, Tobin, undated  Box 20.10

Series V: Diaries and Keepsakes, 1915-2003 

Series Description

Series V: Diaries and Keepsakes -- Along with her steno pad collection, the diaries of Tobin are a testament to her active life. Apparently she didn't want to forget anything.

She kept little mementos and keepsakes given to her by friends, young and old. Many bookmarks are also part of her collection. This series contains several memories of her mother, Mrs. Charles F. "Hattie" Brown, with programs of her music recitals, her students' music recitals, and even Juanita's recitals. Several worship service programs are also included, along with genealogical records and Juanita's birth announcement from 1915.

Box 25 holds five plaques given to Tobin for her service to community, and two are for her award-winning poetry.

Birth Announcement for Juanita Rose Brown, February 1915 Box 21.1
Card, 'The Smith School Origami Workshop', undated   Box 21.2
Deed and Daughters of American Revolution Papers, 1961-1977 Box 21.3
Family News Letters from Blowing Rock, by Tobin, 1984-1990 Box 21.4
Genealogy Papers, J. Tobin's Family, 1919-1993, undated Box 21.5
Income Papers, Charles & Harriet Brown, 1954-1961 Box 21.6
Manuscript, 'Sand Devils' by W.E. Young, undated Box 21.7
Patient transfer Records, for Harriet Brown, July 2, 1979 Box 21.8
Articles & Notes, Hattie Brown & Family, 1987-1990, undated  Box 21.9
Memorial Book, for Tobin's Mother, Harriet Lee Young Brown, 1990   Box 21.10
Memorial Notes, for Tobin's Family Members, 1967-1990, undated  Box 21.11
Mementos, Hattie Brown, 1927-1990, undated  Box 22
Small Keepsakes/Bookmarks of Juanita B. Tobin, undated Box 23
Books Used by Tobin, 1955-1957 Box 24
Plaque, 'The Friends of the Watauga County Public Library' for 20 Years of Service, 1974-1994 Box 25.1
Plaque, from "Division on Aging, Bergen County, New Jersey", November 29, 1989  Box 25.2
Plaque, 3rd Place in Poetry Division of the 1980 Writer's Diges Writing Competition, 1980  Box 25.3
Plaque, Ridgewood Fourth of July Committee, Inc., to Juanita Tobin, Grand Marshall of Parade, July 4, 1990 Box 25.4
Plaque, High Country Writers 2000 Book of the Year, "License My Roving Hands" by Juanita Tobin, 2000 Box 25.5
Tobin's Personal Diaries, 1967-2003 Box 26
Framed Poem, "The Sixth Sense" by Tobin, undated Box 27.1
Greeting Cards, Envelope 1, undated  Box 27.2
Greeting Cards, Envelope 2, undated  Box 27.3
Greeting Cards, Envelope 3, undated Box 27.4
Handmade Memento, Wood Block with Cloth & Paint "Juanita", November 2003  Box 27.5
Mementos and Bookmarks, undated Box 27.6

Series VI: Tobin's Scrapbooks, 1965-2005 

Series Description

Series VI: Tobin's Scrapbooks -- Tobin left us 40-plus scrapbooks chocked full of newspaper clippings about and/or by her and her activities, and about topics or people that interested her. Also within those binders were numerous cards, well-wishes, and thank-yous along with photos, poetry, and commendations.

Several scrapbooks were dismantled and foldered in originial order, with copies made of clippings and color photos, but 5 boxes holding 20 binder scrapbooks were left in original state of receipt.

Newsletter, 'Hospital News' from Dorothea Dix Hospital, Vol 9-10, ca. 1965-1966 Box 28.1
Notes, Assorted Meeting, Patient, etc., 1965-1968, undated  Box 28.2
Poetry, Prose & Art, from Patients' Workshops with Tobin, 1965-1969, undated Box 28.3
Workshop, Executive Leadership Course, Cashiers, NC, July 21-26, 1968 Box 28.4
Workshop Papers, Scott Building and Patients' Writing, 1966-1968, undated Box 28.5
Scrapbook, Cards, Letters & Photos, Part 1, 2004-2005 Box 29.1
Scrapbook, Cards, Letters & Photos, Part 2, 2004-2005  Box 29.2
Scrapbook, Cards, Letters & Photos, Part 3, 2004-2005  Box 29.3
Scrapbook, Cards, Letters & Photos, CDs (original, user copy and archival) by Ray McNiece, undated Box 29.4
Scrapbook, Cats, Part 1, undated Box 30.1
Scrapbook, Cats, Part 2, undated  Box 30.2
Scrapbook, Cats, Part 3, undated Box 30.3
Scrapbook, Fans and Life's Purpose, 1994-2005 Box 31.1
Scrapbook, JOY, Part 1, 1986   Box 31.2
Scrapbook, JOY, Part 2, 1986  Box 31.3
Scrapbook, Love, Part 1, 2003  Box 32.1
Scrapbook, Love, Part 2, 2003  Box 32.2
Scrapbook, Love, Part 3, 2003 Box 32.3
Scrapbook, New Jersey State Council on the Arts, Part 1, 1982-1985  Box 33.1
Scrapbook, New Jersey State Council on the Arts, Part 2, 1982-1985 Box 33.2
Scrapbook, Photos & Letters, Part 1, 2003 Box 34.1
Scrapbook, Photos & Letters, Part 2, 2003  Box 34.2
Scrapbook, Photos & Letters, Part 3, 2003 Box 34.3
Scrapbook, Photos & Letters, Part 4, 2003 Box 34.4
Scrapbook, Photos & Letters, Part 5, 2003 Box 34.5
Scrapbook, mostly Thank You Notes, Entire, 1981-1982 Box 35.1
Scrapbook, Part 1, 1981-1983 Box 35.2
Scrapbook, Part 2, 1981-1983  Box 35.3
Scrapbook, Part 1, 1983-1985  Box 36.1
Scrapbook, Part 2, 1983-1985 Box 36.2
Scrapbook, Part 3, 1983-1985 Box 36.3
Scrapbook, Green File, Part 1, 1926-1986, undated Box 37.1
Scrapbook, Green File, Part 2, 1926-1986, undated Box 37.2
Scrapbook Part 1, 1985-1988  Box 38.1
Scrapbook Part 2, 1985-1988 Box 38.2
Scrapbook Part 1, 1986-1988 Box 39.1
Scrapbook Part 2, 1986-1988 Box 39.1
5 Boxes-Original Scrapbooks, undated Box 40-44

Series VII: Media, 1986-2000 

Series Description

Series VII: Media contains thirteen audiocassettes and two VHS tapes, several of which hold Tobin's readings of poetry.

Media-Audiocassettes (13) & VHS (2), 1986-2000, undated  Box 45
User and Archival CD Copies of all Media in Box 45, 1986-2000, undated Box 45B

Series VIII: OVERSIZE, 1964-1998  

Series Description

Series VIII: Oversize materials contains several oversized book posters, certificates to both Tobin and her mother, Hattie Brown, souvenirs, and two sheets of stamps from a friend, of Robert Frost and Auguste Renoir.

Art, Drawings, Paintings & Colorings by Harriet Brown, 1975-1979, undated 

Box 46.1
Book Poster, 15-1/2x20, "Choosing Books for Children" by Betsy Hearne, undated Box 46.2
Book Poster, 14-1/2 x 17, "Dig to Disaster" by Robert Quackenbush, 1982 Box 46.3
Brochure, Crossnore, NC Campus and Vicinity, undated Box 46.4
Calendar Poster, 17x22, signed by Lorna Balian, 1981 Box 46.5
Certificate, Mrs. Charles F. Brown, from International Library of Music Service, August 17, 1964 Box 46.6
Certificates, Originals, for Juanita Brown, Elementary School, Junior High School, and High School, 1929-1933 Box 46.7
Certificate, 'National Society for Daughters of the American Revolution', 1990   Box 46.8
Certificate, State of New Jersey Executive Department, Poetry Month, September 1990 Box 46.9
Certificate, State of New Jersey Executive Department, Poetry Month, September 1992 Box 46.10
Copy, Lincoln's Gettysburg Address of 1863, undated Box 46.11
Cover Design and Page Layouts, 'In Grape Time', 1982 Box 46.12
Drawing, Crayon & Marker, by Alton McKee, undated Box 46.13
Newspapers, 'The Free Press for Senior Citizens & Retirees', Bergen County, NJ, Winter 1985-Fall 1986  Box 46.14
Newspaper Clipping, 'Prime Times', Spring 1982   Box 46.15
Poster, 11x17, The Catawba College Dept. of English & the Hobbie Center for Values & Ethics, presents Juanity Brown Tobin Poet (2 copies), Nov. 10   Box 46.16
Poster, 18x22, Models of Success, by Nabisco Brands, undated Box 46.17
Posters, 12-1/2x10, The Old North State with Poem and 10x14 US Navy Recruiting Poster, undated Box 46.18
Poster, 9-1/2x25, Out-Takes, signed by Laura Hope-Gill & Michelle Nolan, July 21, 1993  Box 46.19
Poster, 10x22, Handmade Poster "Potted Poets", undated Box 46.20
Souvenir, Placemat from New River Restaurant with Mountain Talk on front and note from Tobin on back, undated Box 46.21
Stamps, Robert Frost Sheet, 1974  Box 46.22
Stamps, Auguste Renoir Sheet, 1971 Box 46.23
4 Large Posters, 1976-1998 Box 46.24

Series IX: Photos & Postcards, 1915-2005 

Scope and Contents

Series IX: Photos & Postcards -- Tobin had included color photos in most of her scrapbooks, as well as a couple of photo albums, and the original color photos are foldered here according to their original locations. The postcard collection collected over her lifetime is in the order in which she kept it -- mainly by geographic location. The color photographs are housed in cold storage and require advance notice for viewing.

Photos, Color, from Tobin's Poem about the Old Thomas Hotel, ca. 1973

Box 48.1
Photos, Color, from Scrapbook, 1983-1984 Box 48.2
Photos, Color, from Scrapbook-Cats, undated Box 48.3
Photos, Color, from Cards, Letters & Photos Scrapbook, 2004-2005  Box 48.4
Photos, Color, from Scrapbook, 1981-1983  Box 48.5
Photos, Color, from Photos & Letters Scrapbook, 2003  Box 48.6
Photos, Color, from Love Scrapbook, 2003 Box 48.7
Photos, Color, from New Jersey State Council on the Arts Scrapbook, 1982-1985    Box 48.8
Photos, Color, from Scrapbook, 1985-1988 Box 48.9
Photos, Color, from Scrapbook, 1986-1988  Box 48.10
Photos, Color & b&w, features Juanita Tobin, some in Campobello, SC, May-June 2002  Box 48.11
Photos, Color, from small Photo Book, 2002-2003, undated  Box 48.12
Photos, Color, from JOY Scrapbook, 1986 Box 48.13
Photos, b&w, Old Family Photos of Juanita's Family, 1915-1950s  Box 48.14

Subject Headings

  • Blowing Rock (N.C.)
  • Women poets