Guide to the Shull's Mill Papers, 1801-1953, undated

Summary Information

Title: Shull's Mill Papers, 1801-1953, undated
Collection: AC.621
Extent: 9.5 linear feet (1 box, 1 large shoebox, 3 oversize boxes, 1 oversize folder)

This Shull's Mill Papers collection contains a variety of information about the mill and its owners. There are over 30 land grants and deeds to members of the Shull family through the 1800's, promissory notes for loans, receipts for payments made on loans, personal and business, a scant amount of Shull family genealogy, and lots of unidentified black and white photos of people and places.

Creator: Shull's Mill

Biographical/Historical Note

Shull's Mill began around 1835. Its start was a gristmill owned and operated by Phillip Shull. Many of the deeds in this collection have his name on them.

The town of Shull's Mill was a small farming community and stopping place on the toll road from Valle Crucis to Blowing Rock. Boom times for Shull's Mill was around 1919 after the railroad made it more easily accessible.

Scope and Contents

This collection contains documents, photos, land deeds, ledgers and such as provide primary sources for those researching Shull's Mill. Several land deeds are intact which show the number of acres and amounta paid for land bought by the Shull family. All of the legal documents are dated in the 1800's. There are also several survey accounts, family photos, and postcards.


The deeds, bills and receipts are arranged per type and chronologically. Most of the deeds are in Oversize box 2 arranged by registration dates. If photos were identified on back, they were separated and put into envelopes with identity, but the majority are unidentified, arranged by size. Note that many of the photos had to be removed from pasteboard frames where they had been glued in.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for use in the Dougherty Reading Room. An appointment for research is recommended. The Dougherty Reading Room is located on the 4th floor of Belk Library in Special Collections.

Acquisitions Information

These materials came to Appalachian Collection at the dissolution of the Appalachian Cultural Museum. This collection was sorted out to be the Shull's Mill Papers collection. Originally part of accession AC.2011.032.

Processing Information

Processed by Anita Elliott, April 2013. This collection was processed as part of a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. The grant funded extensive processing of the backlog within the W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection between 2012 and 2014.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], AC.621: Shull's Mill Papers, W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection, Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina, USA.

Container List

Bills and Signed Bonds, 1827-1898, undated Box 1, Folder 1
Correspondence, re: Land Sale, W.S. Whiting to J.C. Shull, August 15, 1917 Box 1, Folder 5
Deeds and Surveys for Shulls, 1816-1909, undated Box 1, Folder 6
Engineer's Field Book, N.D. Shull, Squad V, October 1928-May 1929 Box 1, Folder 7
Envelopes, Assorted and Empty, 1883-1885, undated Box 1, Folder 8
Envelopes, Texas Studio, Elizabethton, Tennessee, circa 1910 Box 1, Folder 9
Inventory of W.D. Kyle and Company, Importers and Jobbers of Hardware and Cutlery, March 1, 1884 Box 1, Folder 10
Items Removed from Receipt Wallet, Brown and Tattered, 1816-1921
The following items were removed from the receipt wallet and placed in envelope: -Tax recepits paid, Watauga Township, Watauga County, North Carolina, 1877-1920 (few years missing) -Notice of debts to settle William R. Shull's Estate, ca. January 1878 -Loan Promissory Note from Joseph C. Shull borrowed from Walter W. Lenon, August 7, 1868 -Receipt of tuition to Dr. J.W. Smith, May 10, 1901 -Three cancelled checks to First National Bank of Elizabethton, Tennessee, December 23, 1920-February 20, 1921 -One bank deposit slip to Valle Crucis Bank, December 10, 1918 -Various receipts for debts paid, 1816-1903
Box 1, Folder 11
Legal Documents and Debts, 1874-1931, undated Box 1, Folder 12
Ownership of Servant, S.P. Shull and Henry Taylor, May 1, 1866 Box 1, Folder 13
Papers concerning Settlement of Estate of Phillip Shull, 1854-1878, undated Box 1, Folder 14
Program, Reunion of Shull, Mast, Baird, Horton and Taylor Families, August 20, 1932 Box 1, Folder 16
Receipt Wallet, Brown and Tattered, undated Box 1, Folder 17
Recipes for Candles, Soap, Honey and Cane Water, circa 1880 Box 1, Folder 18
Shulls' Genealogy Information, circa 1965 Box 1, Folder 19
Addendum: Lois T. Hayes, An Account of the Shulls Mills (Watauga County, North Carolina) Settlement Until 1940, Paper for History 493, July 2, 1973 Box 1, Folder 20
Deed from Benjamin White to Simon Shull, March 23, 1801 Oversize Box 2, Folder 1
Deed from Benjamin White to Joseph Mast, December 27, 1801 Oversize Box 2, Folder 2
Deed from John Gurtener to Thomas Moody, January 9, 1808 Oversize Box 2, Folder 3
Land Grand from State of Tennessee to Charles Asher, May 28, 1819 Oversize Box 2, Folder 4
Deed from Lance Estes to Len Estes, February 8, 1830 Oversize Box 2, Folder 5
Deed from Daniel Ward to Phillip Shull (Shell), August 10, 1830 Oversize Box 2, Folder 6
Land Grant from the State of North Carolina to Joseph Pearson, January 4, 1834 Oversize Box 2, Folder 7
Deed from Joseph Pearson to Joseph Shull, October 3, 1834 Oversize Box 2, Folder 8
Land Grant from the State of North Carolina to Nathaniel C. Shull, December 29, 1846 Oversize Box 2, Folder 9
Land Grant from the State of North Carolina to Nathaniel Shull, December 31, 1846 Oversize Box 2, Folder 10
Deed from Nathaniel C. Shull to Philip Shull, September 1, 1849 Oversize Box 2, Folder 11
Deed from Philip Shull to Nathaniel C. and Thomas C. Shull, November 25, 1850 Oversize Box 2, Folder 12
Deed from N.C. Shull to Philip Shull, November 9, 1861 Oversize Box 2, Folder 13
Deed from Nathaniel C. and Thomas C. Shull to Philip Shull, December 3, 1861 Oversize Box 2, Folder 14
Deed from W.F. and J.C. Shull as Administrators of the Estate of Philip Shull to Phebe Shull, May 7, 1867 Oversize Box 2, Folder 15
Deed from Phebe Shull to J.C. Shull, May 8, 1867 Oversize Box 2, Folder 16
Bill of Complaint, of James and Mary Edmisten, et al against Jesse and Matel Gragg, et al, Fall Term 1868 Oversize Box 2, Folder 17
Deed from Joseph C. and Elizabeth I. Shull to Simon P. Shull, April 11, 1874 Oversize Box 2, Folder 18
Deed from Simon P. and Martha Shull to Joseph C. Shull, April 11, 1874 Oversize Box 2, Folder 19
Deed from Thomas J. and Sarah C. Cannon, Columbus C. and Mirah M. Clauntz, Phillip N. Cannon, Thomas P. and Margaret E. Gray, and Isaac A. Cannon to Joseph C. Shull, September 6, 1878 Oversize Box 2, Folder 20
Deed from William and Mary Shull, William and Mary Johnson, and Emma Shull to Elizabeth Green, December 9, 1882 Oversize Box 2, Folder 21
Deed from Georg and Seny Vansicle to Elizabeth Green, December 9, 1882 Oversize Box 2, Folder 22
Deed from Harrison and Mattie Smith to Elizabeth Green, December 9, 1882 Oversize Box 2, Folder 23
Deed from Elisha and Elizabeth Green to Joseph C. Shull, February 8, 1883 Oversize Box 2, Folder 24
Deed from James M. and Mary Emily Edmundson to Joseph C. and Simon P. Shull, November 25, 1885 Oversize Box 2, Folder 25
Deed from Jesse and Matilda Gragg to Joseph C. Shull, November 25, 1888 Oversize Box 2, Folder 26
Correspondence and Plat of Acreage for Timber sale, from Calvin J. Cowles to Mr. Trimble, January 19, 1900 Oversize Box 3, Folder 1
Deeds (2), to Joseph Shull, 1834-1885 Oversize Box 3, Folder 2
Land Grants from State of North Carolina (4), 1854-1870 Oversize Box 3, Folder 3
Ledger/Diary, Shull Family, 1881-1899 Oversize Box 3, Folder 4
Ledger Sheets, Unknown Business, 1881-1882 Oversize Box 3, Folder 5
Oversize Documents in Settlement of Estate of Phillip Shull, 1848-1868 Oversize Box 3, Folder 6
Petition, to Watauga County, North Carolina Board of Education, from Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Whiting, undated Oversize Box 3, Folder 7
Power of Attorney Document, for J.A. Cannon to W.F. Cannon, March 15, 1879 Oversize Box 3, Folder 8
Settlement Paper of J.E. Lineback & J.C. Shull, undated Oversize Box 3, Folder 9
Black and White Photos, Box of Identified and Unidentified, undated Oversize Box 4
Black and White Photos, Groups and Individuals, Unidentified, undated Box 1, Folder 3
Black and White Group Photo, Identified on back, undated Box 1, Folder 2
Black and White Photos, Military Training Camps, undated Box 1, Folder 4
Photo on Tin, Unidentified Couple, undated Box 1, Folder 15
Tin Types, Unidentified, Eleven, undated Oversize Box 4
Photo Album, Shull Family, undated Oversize Box 5
Black and White Photo, Charlotte Lodge of Perfection-A&ASR, November 16, 1953 Oversize Folder 1
Watauga Democrat, March 23, 1899 Oversize Folder 2
Ledger Call this book No. 5 1924 to 1925, 1924-1925 Box 6, Item 1
Ledger No. 3 1912 to 1917, 1912-1917 Box 6, Item 2
Ledger beginning March 8, 1872, 1872-1874 Box 6, Item 3
Ledger Call this Book No. 5 1924 to 1925 materials, undated Box 7, Folder 1
Ledger No. 3 1912 to 1917 materials, 1918, undated Box 7, Folder 2
Ledger beginning March 8, 1972 materials, February 26, 1873, undated Box 7, Folder 3