Guide to the Elizabeth Ann Parks Grinton Papers, 1931-2000, undated

Summary Information

Title: Elizabeth Ann Parks Grinton Papers, 1931-2000, undated
Collection: AC.623
Extent: 5.0 linear feet (8 boxes, 2 half-sized manuscript boxes, 1 box in cold storage)

The Elizabeth Ann Parks Grinton Papers is a collection of a very active teacher, community leader, volunteer, and mentor of young people, Ms. Grinton of Wilkes County, North Carolina.

Creator: Grinton, E.A., (Elizabeth A.)

Biographical/Historical Note

From Ms. Grinton's papers, one can see how involved in teaching her elementary students, giving real-life history lessons at her cabin (from all the students' thank-you cards), and helping her community she was.

Elizabeth Ann Lib Parks Grinton was born in Wilkes County, North Carolina on May 9, 1916 and died in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina on April 10, 2001. She attended Lincoln Heights School in Wilkes, one of the only schools for black children in the 1930's. Later in life, she worked on a committee to purchase and restore the old school buildings and grounds and developed a daycare school for developmentally-challenged youth.

In 1947 Ms. Grinton graduated from Winston-Salem Teachers College, then taught in the elementary grades at several schools, including Lincoln Heights.

Ms. Grinton served her church and community after retirement from teaching by chairing several committees and planning boards, as seen in this collection. She helped develop a daycare and a water system, served on planning committees for elder care services and community college learning resources, and chaired a pew project at her church.

Other documentation on Ms. Grinton's life contributions can be found at Wilkes Community College's Learning Resource Center.

Scope and Contents

This collection contains diplomas of high school and college, job applications, volunteer efforts, reports, handwritten notes, evaluations of students and of the teacher, receipts, and numerous papers that document a few of the elements of the life of Elizabeth Ann Parks Grinton. Black and white photos of her summer of 1952 at Quannacut Camp in New York where she served as Head Counselor convey thoughts of her many friends and memories, as she also saved color photos of the old camp taken in the 1990's.

A few papers were discarded as they held personal information on students, such as names, parents' names, and grades. Other teaching aids of the 1950 and 1960 era were preserved for future information, such as grade attendance records, parts of a student's pre-computer-age permanent school records, and mimeographed student papers.


This collection is divided into four series: Personal Papers, Teaching Career Papers, Volunteer Work and Photographs. Within each series are numerous folders arranged alphabetically, and each folder's contents is arranged chronologically when possible. The exception is the UCAN (United Children's Ability Nook) Notebook folders. These two folders in Box 7 contain papers removed from a three-ring binder and remain in the original order of the binder.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for use in the Dougherty Reading Room. An appointment for research is recommended. The Dougherty Reading Room is located on the 4th floor of Belk Library in Special Collections.

Acquisitions Information

This collection began as a donation to the Appalachian Cultural Museum by Ms. Grinton. There is an envelope to the Museum from Judy Fields of Climax, North Carolina, but unsure if this is a relative of Ms. Grinton. Accession number for Appalachian Cultural Museum-AC.2011.032

Processing Information

Processed by Anita Elliott, April 2013. This collection was processed as part of a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. The grant funded extensive processing of the backlog within the W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection between 2012 and 2014.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], AC.623: Elizabeth Ann Parks Grinton Papers, W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection, Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina, USA.

Container List

Series I: Personal Papers 1931-2000, undated

Series Description: Series I: Personal Papers: Within this series are some of Ms. Grinton's high school and college coursework papers and tests. Also found here are documents about her church work, class and family reunions work, and job, student, and family memorabilia.

Applications, Diplomas and Certificates, 1934-1984, undated Box 1, Folder 1
Appointment Book, E.A. Grinton, 1978 Box 1, Folder 2
College Course Work, Grinton, 1946 Box 1, Folder 3
College Course Work, Grinton, 1946-1947 Box 1, Folder 4
College Course Work, Grinton 1950-1965 Box 1, Folder 5
College Course Work, Grinton, undated Box 1, Folder 6
College Papers, 1944-1965 Box 1, Folder 7
Contractor, Pew Project, New Damascus Baptist Church, E.A. Grinton, Chair, 1983 Box 1, Folder 8
Discussion for Memorial for Rev. Ernest R. Parks, 1986, undated Box 1, Folder 9
Greeting Cards with Messages, undated Box 2, Folder 1
High School Classwork, circa 1933-1934 Box 2, Folder 2
History and Meetings, Wilkes County, North Carolina Retired School Personnel, 1973-1993 Box 2, Folder 3
Invitations from Family and Friends, 1934-1987, undated Box 2, Folder 4
Newspaper Clippings, 1978-2000, undated Box 2, Folder 5
Papers, Broadway Water Association, Inc., 1993-1998 Box 2, Folder 6
Papers, New Damascus Baptist Church, Wilkesboro, North Carolina, 1975-1995, undated Box 2, Folder 7
Papers, Quannacut Camp Head Counselor, 1952 Box 2, Folder 8
Personal Correspondence, 1931-1993, undated Box 3, Folder 1
Personal History, of Brack and Elizabeth Ann Parks Grinton, undated Box 3, Folder 2
Personal Receipts, 1959-1997 Box 3, Folder 3
Pledges, Pew Project, New Damascus Baptist Church, E.A. Grinton, Chair, 1983 Box 3, Folder 4
Presiding Elders' Report, Winston-Salem District of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, July 3-8, 1994 Box 3, Folder 5
Report Books, for B.Y.P.U., 1933-1934 Box 3, Folder 6
Reunions, Lincoln Heights School, 1987-1998 Box 3, Folder 7
Reunion Programs and Notes, Barber Family, 1976-1997 Box 3, Folder 8

Series II: Teaching Career Papers, 1938-1980, undated

Series Description: Series II: Teaching Career Papers includes samples of papers from students, lesson plans, teachers' paperwork, teachers' aids, and comments from Ms. Grinton's students over the years comprise this series. Reading the students' comments on cards and letters to Ms. Grinton testify to their love and respect for her as a teacher and mentor.

Achievement Tests, Elementary and Junior High Levels, 1957 Box 4, Folder 1
Assembly Program, March 14, 1952 Box 4, Folder 2
Critiques, Grinton, of Students' Reports, 1974 Box 4, Folder 3
Elements of a Student's Permanent School Record, undated Box 4, Folder 4
Examples of Grinton's Students' Work, 1967-1977, undated Box 4, Folder 5
Grinton's Students' Comments and Thank-You Letters, 1971-1972 Box 4, Folder 6
Lesson Plans, Grinton, 1978 Box 4, Folder 7
Music Teaching Materials, Grinton, 1938-1962, undated Box 4, Folder 8
Special Books of Poetry, Stories, Music and Art by Students of Mrs. Grinton, 1971 Box 4, Folder 9
Students from C.C. Wright Elementary, Letters to E.A. Grinton, 1980 Box 4, Folder 10
Students' Evaluations of Grinton's Advanced Reading Class, 1968-1969 Box 4, Folder 11
Students' Letters and Cards to Mrs. Grinton, 1950-1978, undated Box 4, Folder 12
Students' Letters and Cards, 1986-1987 Box 4, Folder 13
Students' Letters to Mrs. Grinton for American Education Week, November 1953 Box 4, Folder 14
Students' Thank-You Letters to E. A. Grinton, 1987 Box 4, Folder 15
Teaching Aids, 1953-1966, undated Box 5, Folder 1
Teachers' Monthly Attendance Records, Lincoln Heights School, 1960 Box 5, Folder 2
Teachers' Monthly Attendance Records, Lincoln Heights School, August 1962-May 1963 Box 5, Folder 3
Teachers' Monthly Attendance Records, Lincoln Heights Elementary Grades 1-4, 1963-1964 Box 5, Folder 4
Teachers' Monthly Attendance Records, Lincoln Heights Elementary Grades 5-8, 1963-1964 Box 5, Folder 5
Teachers' Monthly Attendance Records, Lincoln Heights High School Grades 9-12, 1963-1964 Box 5, Folder 6
Teachers' Monthly Attendance Records, Lincoln Heights Elementary School Grades 1-4, 1964-1965 Box 6, Folder 1
Teachers' Monthly Attendance Records, Lincoln Heights Elementary School Grades 5-8, 1964-1965 Box 6, Folder 2
Teachers' Monthly Attendance Records, Lincoln Heights High School Grades 9-12, 1964-1965 Box 6, Folder 3
Teacher Workshops, Wilkes County, North Carolina, 1972-1973 Box 6, Folder 4
Teachers' Yearly Attendance Per Grade, Lincoln Heights School, 1952-1953, 1953-1954, 1959-1960 Box 6, Folder 5

Series III: Volunteer Work, 1950-1997, undated

Series Description: Series III: Volunteer Work: After retirement and even during her teaching career, Ms. Grinton gave much effort to helping her community as shown in this series. She worked with developmenting daycare for challenged children and adults, the community college's Learning Resource Center, the county's transportation system, and her own community's water and sewer systems.

Notebook Part 1, UCAN (United Children's Ability Nook), 1997 Box 7, Folder 1
Notebook Part 2, UCAN (United Children's Ability Nook), 1997 Box 7, Folder 2
Papers, United Children's Ability Nook (UCAN), 1997, undated Box 7, Folder 3
Papers, Wilkes Citizens Occupational Education Advisory Committee, 1986-1987, undated Box 8, Folder 1
Preservation Papers and Plans, for LIncoln Heights School, 1950-1997, undated Box 8, Folder 2
Volunteer Effort, Cairo Community Sterring Committee re: Sewer System, 1987-1991, undated Box 8, Folder 3
Volunteer Efforts, Other, 1979-1995, undated Box 8, Folder 4
Volunteer Effort, Respite Care of Wilkes County, North Carolina, 1989-1990 Box 8, Folder 5
Volunteer Effort, Respite Care of Wilkes County, North Carolina, 1992-1993, undated Box 8, Folder 6
Volunteer Effort, Wilkes Community College, North Carolina, 1987-1994 Box 9, Folder 1
Volunteer Effort, Wilkes County, North Carolina Aging Planning Committee, 1990-1995 Box 9, Folder 2
Volunteer Effort, Wilkes County, North Carolina Schools Long-Range Planning Proposal (2 copies), 1988 Box 9, Folder 3
Volunteer Effort, Wilkes County, North Carolina Schools Long-Range Capital Improvement Plan, 1988-1989 Box 9, Folder 4
Volunteer Effort, Wilkes County Transportation Development Plan, 1982-1986 Box 9, Folder 5
Volunteer Effort, Wilkes County, North Carolina Vocational Education Local Plan, 1986-1988 Box 9, Folder 6
Volunteer Effort, Wilkes County, North Carolina Vocational Education Local Plan, 1988 Box 9, Folder 7

Series IV: Audiovisual, 1952-1997, undated

Series Description: Series IV: Photographs: Most of the black and white photographs in this series were removed from being taped into a black-paper photo album. Most are not identified, but many came from the summer of 1952 when Ms. Grinton served as Head Counselor at Quannacut Camp in New York. One friend Bim Markham continued to send family photos through the years.

The color photos in Cold Storage are of the old camp in the 1990's someone sent to her and she identified.

Photos, black and white, Bim Markham and Family, undated Box 10, Folder 1
Photos, black and white, Counselors and Campers, Quannacut Camp, 1952 Box 10, Folder 2
Photos, Color, Lincoln Heights, Quannacut Camp & UCAN, COLD STORAGE, circa 1985-1997 Cold_Storage Box
Black History Month, Mrs. Grinton, and Tenth Reunion of Mammy Judy Barber Tribe-- Rickards Chapel, Zion Church, Wilkesboro, N. C., VHS tapes, July 7, 1985, undated Box 10, Folder 3