Guide to the Lynne Getz's Broughton Hospital Student Project, 1856-2003, undated

Summary Information

Title: Lynne Getz's Broughton Hospital Student Project, 1856-2003, undated
Collection: AC.866
Extent: 5.0 linear feet (7 manuscript boxes, 3 CD boxes)

This collection consists of materials collected by Lynne Getz and her students relating to the hospital, its supporters, selected personnel and patients, and other papers and oral histories. Lynne Getz and her history students collected these materials as part of an oral history project on Broughton Hospital, a psychiatric hospital located in Morganton, North Carolina.

Creator: Getz, Lynne M., 1956-

Biographical/Historical Note

Located in Morganton, North Carolina, Broughton Hospital originally opened on March 29, 1883 as the Western Carolina Insane Asylum. Today, Broughton Hospital is one of four regional psychiatric hospitals with statutory responsibility for operating as a part of the Division of State Operated Healthcare Facilities (DSOHF) within the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services to provide help and support to North Carolinians and their families suffering from mental illness. The hospital serves the western thirty-seven (37) counties of North Carolina, approximately 35% of the total population, as part of the state's system of care and treatment for persons with mental illness.

Scope and Contents

These papers were collected as part of Dr. Lynne Getz's history class's oral history project on the hospital, its history, and its employees. This collection contains historical papers, photographs, and audio materials on Broughton Hospital in Morganton, North Carolina, along with papers written about it and patients. Other papers are about mental illness, alcoholism, and their effects on the community and people. There are papers and meeting minutes from North Carolina governors who worked to establish the hospital, and many files from Governor J. Melville Broughton, for whom the hospital was named in 1959. The oral history tapes were recorded by Dr. Lynne Getz's history class as the hospital's history as seen through the eyes of employees and former employees. Many of the documents are photocopies of materials housed at the State Archives of North Carolina and the Wilson Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


This collection is divided into seven series: Series I: History of Broughton Hospital Files; Series II: Governors' Papers, Meeting Minutes and Correspondence; Series III: Governor J. Melville Broughton Papers; Series IV: Papers of Groups and Specific Individuals; Series V: Papers written on Mental Illness and Alcoholism; Series VI: Other Papers; and Series VII: Oral HIstory Tapes.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for use in the Dougherty Reading Room. An appointment for research is recommended. The Dougherty Reading Room is located on the 4th floor of Belk Library in Special Collections.

Acquisitions Information

Originally created as part of a student project, this collection was donated by Dr. Lynne Getz in 2011 and accessioned as AC.2011.059.

Processing Information

Processed by Virginia Johnson and Anita Elliott, May 2014. This collection was processed as part of a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. The grant funded extensive processing of the backlog within the W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection between 2012 and 2014.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], AC.866: Lynne Getz's Broughton Hospital Student Project, W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection, Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina, USA.

Container List

Series I: History of Broughton Hospital Files, 1856-2003, undated 

Series Description

This series contains a variety of files on the history of Broughton Hospital, photocopies of documents regarding several patients, and interview transcripts and oral history tapes of former employees of the hospital, along with personnel photographs.

  Box Folder

Archival List, Ledgers in Broughton Hospital Archives, 1883-1936 

1 1

Broughton Hospital Annual Reports, 1882-1908 

1 2

Broughton Hospital Newspapers, December 1980-January 1990 

1 3

Broughton Hospital papers, 1856-April 7, 2002, Undated 

1 4

Broughton Library, Mary Bush's Bibliography, undated 

1 5

Case Files, 1883-1889 

1 6

Contacts/Potential Oral History Interviewees, undated 

1 7

A History of Recreation at Broughton Hospital, 1976 

1 8

Jack Biggerstaff Resume and work he did with Broughton Hospital, March 19, 1999 

1 9

Lunacy Dockets, October 22-23, 2003, Undated 

1 10

Mary Bush Files, 1985, undated 

1 11

Mary Bush interview transcription, October 8, 1998 

1 12

Newspaper Articles and papers, May 12,1883-August 2001, Undated 

1 13

Newspaper Clippings and Research notes, December 17, 1882-June 6,1906 

2 1

Personnel Negatives and papers, February 6,1976-February 16,1998, undated  

2 2

Personnel photos and papers, 1967-1983 

2 3

Personnel photos and papers, June 1984-1994 

2 4

Personnel photos and papers, Undated 

2 5

Physical Therapy papers, January 12-1970-March 31,1972 

2 6

Transcript of Interview with Russell and Grace Goodnight, February 23, 1998 

2 7

Transcript of Interview with Margaret Ware and oral history paper, November 19-December 12,1997 

2 8

Series II: Governors' Papers, Meeting Minutes and Correspondence, 1874-1973 

Series Description

This series has papers and hospital-related correspondence about the hospital of several North Carolina governors, dating from 1874-1973, including Governors Brogden, Russell, Gardner, Glenn, and Hodges.

  Box Folder

Board of Directors Meeting Mintues, 1882-1945 

3 1

Correspondence, December 18, 1880-February 5,1998 

3 2

Correspondence on Deaf and Dumb School, April-June 1897 

3 3

Correspondence and papers, January 12,1971-August 30, 1973, undated 

3 4

Executive Committee Minutes, 1883-1907 

3 5

Governor Brogden and Governor Russell papers, 1874-April 3,1897 

3 6

Governor O. Max Gardner and Governor Ehringhaus, J.C.B. papers, February 28, 1929-January 18, 1936, Undated 

3 7

Governor Robert Glenn papers, November 23,1905-December 16,1907 

3 8

Governor Luther Hodges Papers, March 26-December 4, 1959 

3 9

Governors Papers, 1884-1959 

3 10

Minutes of Professional Services Committee Meeting, May 5-August 19,1970 

3 11

Series III: Governor J. Melville Broughton Papers, 1936-1944, undated 

Series Description

This series contains photocopies of some of J. Melville Broughton's papers housed at the State Archives of North Carolina. Broughton was the 60th North Carolina governor, serving from 1941-1945. In 1959, the State Hospital for psychiatric patients in Morganton, North Carolina was renamed the Broughton Hospital in honor of Governor Broughton.

  Box Folder

Governor J. Melville Broughton Papers, 1936-April 15,1942 

4 1

Governor J. Melville Broughton papers, May 5,1942-April 28,1943 

4 2

Governor J. Melville Broughton Papers, September 1943-August 23,1944 

4 3

Governor J. Melville Broughton Papers, Undated 

4 4

Series IV: Papers of Groups and Specific Individuals, 1870-2003, undated 

Series Description

This series contains specific doctors' files of committees and other hospitals.

  Box Folder

Capers Smith papers, 1970-1973 

5 1

Board of Public Charities annual reports, 1870-1900 

5 2

Cherry Hospital papers, May 1976-May 1995 

5 3

Council of State papers, August 29-December 5, 1935 

5 4

Department of Mental Health Commissioners office papers, February 6, 1948-October 21, 1960 

5 5

Dorthea Dix Papers, December 1947-May 1987, Undated 

5 6

Dr. Michael McCall Papers, August 6,1941-April 2, 1985,undated 

5 7

Dr. P.L. Murphy papers, December 9, 1885-1941 

5 8

Dr. P.L. Murphy papers, October 2, 1863-December 7, 1941,Undated 

6 1

General Assembly Records, 1881-1875 

6 2

State Board of Health, December 11, 1998 

6 3

State Hospital in Raleigh, NC State Hospitals, and Ashville Mental Hospitals, December 8, 1998-October 27, 2003 

6 4

Series V: Papers written on Mental Illness and Alcoholism, 1882-1999, undated 

Series Description

In this series will be found booklets and papers written about specific cases of mental illness, along with treatment recommendations, a paper on community mental health history, and an assortment of other papers pertaining to the mentally ill and the disease.

  Box Folder

Alcohol Treatment papers, October 1969, undated 

6 5

An Appeal by Board of Public Charities, 1900 

6 6

Booklet, By-Laws an Regulations of the State Hospital at Morganton,N.C., 1903 

6 7

Booklet and papers, Northampton State Hospital, undated 

6 8

The Exchange, July 1, 1981-January/February 1999 

6 9

Grob, Gerald N., The State and the Mentally Ill, 1966 

6 10

Dr. James Hall, Psychiatry---In Retrospect and in Prospect, and Human Behavior, 1938-April 1945 

6 11

History and Politics of Community mental health, 1981 

6 12

The Johnston Will Case: A Clash of Titans, Max R. Williams, April 1990 

6 13

The Journal of Negroes and Mental Disease, and American Journal of Insanity, May 16,1894,Undated 

6 14

McCulloch, Founding the North Carolina asylum for the insane, July 1936 

6 15

Mental Defectives and Insane, 1920 

6 16

Joseph P. Morrissey, Howard H. Goldman, Lorraine V. Klerman and Associates, The Enduring Asylum, 1980 

6 17

Dr. P.L. Murphy Booklets, December 1882-June 1906 

6 18

North Carolina Laws on Hospitals for the Mentally Ill, undated 

6 19

Phases of Treatment Booklet, undated 

6 20

A Study of Mental Health in North Carolina, 1937 

7 1

Ten Great Public Health Achievements-United States, 1990-1999 

7 2

Western Carolina Center booklet and Paper, undated 

7 3

Series VI: Other Papers, 1874-2003, undated 

Series Description

Included in this series are several library searches on related topics of mental illness, state archives and papers on mental health, and a variety of other papers. Many of the papers are photocopies of documents in the State Archives of North Carolina.

  Box Folder

Assorted Papers, undated 

7 4

Flossie Settle, 1898 

7 5

Library Searches, February 20, 1998-September 28, 2003, Undated 

7 6

National Register Nomination, circa 1988 

7 7

Pale, Poor, and Pretubercular: Creating the First Tuberculosis Preventorium, 1909 

7 8

Public Statement by Board of Directors, 1892 

7 9

Specifications of the workmanship and materials to be used in the erection and construction of the hospital for the Insane at Morganton, Burke County, North Carolina, 1875 

7 10

State Archives, 1874-November 17, 1955, Undated 

7 11

State Hospital discharge forms including P.W. Murphy form letter on inebriates, undated 

7 12

Series VII: Oral History Tapes, 1997-1998, undated 

Series Description

This series contains cassettes of interviews of former employees of the Broughton Hospital. A few transcripts of these tapes are included Series I. Most of the interviews were conducted by students in Lynne Getz's classes.

  Box Folder

Microcassette, Mary Bush, January 19, 1997 

8 1

Microcassette, Mary Bush, June 2, 1997 

8 2

Microcassette, Mary Bush, August 7, 1997 

8 3

Cassette, Ms. Margaret Ware, Tape #1 November 19, 1997 

8 4

Cassette, Ms. Margaret Ware Tape #2, November 19, 1997 

8 5

Microcassette, Mary Bush, November 1997 

8 6

Microcassette, Mary Bush, January 19, 1998 

8 7

Microcassette, Russell and Grace Goodnight, February 23, 1998 

8 8

Microcassette, Mary Bush, October 8, 1998 

8 9

Microcassette, Ruby Hooper, undated 

8 10

Microcassette, Nell Browning, undated 

8 11

Diskette, Bush, undated 

8 12