Records Management

While University Archives collects, preserves, and provides access to the historically valuable, unpublished records of the institution, Records Management provides university offices and departments with advice about records retention and storage, and retrieval services of their official records. 

Records created within Appalachian State University are some of the University's most valuable assets. Records support administrative decision-making and operations, demonstrate compliance, and document Appalachian State University's institutional history. The Records Center provides economic, secure storage and retrieval services for academic, administrative, and historical records that offices and department may no longer need on a daily basis but must be retained awaiting final disposition, whether scheduled for destruction or destined for the University Archives. Like other University assets, records need to be properly managed.

Records Management works with campus offices and departments to support ongoing operations of campus offices and departments by providing consultations, conducting trainings, and utilizing records transfer services. The basic records management guidelines are here to help you effectively organize and assess records, improve access to information, comply with legal policies and obligations, and ensure that historical records are captured and maintained over time.


UNC System General Records Retention and Disposition Schedule


Transferring Records


PDF Forms


Managing University Records



* Send two copies to record management in addition to NC Law for publication clearinghouse service.