File Naming Guidelines

It is useful to establish a best practice for file naming as part of managing both paper and electronic records.  In file naming we create names that will allow useful sorting.  We keep names as short as necessarily possible.  Most importantly, we make sure names are easy to read.  Listed below are the benefits to naming standards following a four-part video series provided by the State Library of North Carolina:


Benefits of Naming

  • Control versions
  • Create uniform
  • Easily and accessibly discover files
  • Limit close examination
  • Practical sorting
  • Provide broad hints to the contents of files and folders


State Library of North Carolina's "Four-Part Video Tutorial" on File Naming

  1. Why is File Naming Important?
  2. How to Change a File Name
  3. What Not to Do When Naming Files
  4. Best Practices for File Naming