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Instructions for Chair of Search Committee

1. Gather all files and notes from each committee member. Secure sensitive committee notes in a closed envelope.

2. Place all files in a large manila envelope or storage box. More than one box may be used if needed. To obtain storage boxes and/or labels, call the University Records Center at x4040.

Envelope/box should contain all complete and incomplete applications, copies of job advertisements (including the print advertisement), reference checks, rankings/votings, and list of selection criteria.

University Archives and Records has determined that it is no longer necessary to print all emails related to searches. It is also fine to save other electronic files relating to the search on a USB drive rather than print the documents. 

3. Include two typed lists of all applicants in alphabetical order in envelope/box, one for complete applications and one for incomplete applications. Indicate whether the search resulted in a hire or a failed search.

4. Fill out Search Committee Form. Indicate office transferring the material, department records manager contact information, and other information as requested. Make sure that the chair of the search has signed the Search Committee Form. The head of the department conducting the search can sign in lieu of the search chair if needed.

5. Fill out label and attach to front of envelope or box. Labels on boxes should face same way as file labels within.

6. Send completed Search Committee Form to University Records Center for review.

7. University Records Center will:

8. Send the Office of Human Resources an email ( stating the status of search, and when records are transferred to University Records Center.

For help with procedures and forms, ask either your department records manager or call x4040.

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