Manuscript Collections

The Patricia Duane Beaver Papers contain a wealth of information about the conferences she attended, research on Appalachia, some family and personal mementos of travels as well as books, journals and oral histories relating to Appalachian Studies.

60.0 linear feet (67 manuscript boxes, 11 CD boxes, 20 shoe box, 4 oversize flat boxes, 3 small manuscript boxes, 1 half-manuscript in Cold Storage, one oversize folder)

The Paul M. Fink Papers contains a collection of materials related to East Tennessee, primarily Jonesborough and Washington County. Some papers were generated by residents of the State of Franklin. Other documents include court documents, slave emancipation and other slave records, school documents, autographs, and histories of Washington County, Tennessee.

2.76 linear feet (1 half-sized manuscript box, 1 cold storage envelope, 1 oversize folder)

This Shull's Mill Papers collection contains a variety of information about the mill and its owners. There are over 30 land grants and deeds to members of the Shull family through the 1800's, promissory notes for loans, receipts for payments made on loans, personal and business, a scant amount of Shull family genealogy, and lots of unidentified black and white photos of people and places.

9.5 linear feet (1 box, 1 large shoebox, 3 oversize boxes, 1 oversize folder)

This collection includes bills, order lists, and receipts for a store run by the Skaggs Family in Greenbrier County, West Virginia in the 1800s, circa 1874. Also contains the personal effects papers of P.H. Skaggs.

1.5 linear feet (1 manuscript box)

A Privilege License issued to T.C. Warren from the State of Tennessee-Sullivan County for 'auto for hire' from August 1 until November 1, 1918, dated August 12, 1918.

0.01 linear feet (1 folder)

This collection consist of a small 5x7 notice confirming that the two men listed here (W.L. Hill and Thos. Massie) heard a statement made during a speech by Jacob Yost at Massie's Mill, Virginia. Made official by Justice of the Peace of Nelson County, Virginia R.W. Massie, dated October 30, 1884.

0.01 linear feet (1 folder)

The Tobias Smyth and Charles Scott Timber Agreement is a single-sheet handwritten contract for Scott to cut timber on land owned by Smyth, dated November 22, 1862. The location of the land is not stated.

0.01 linear feet (1 folder)