Local History


This guide includes both primary and secondary source resources relating to local history in Watauga County and surrounding counties (Ashe, Avery, Caldwell, and Wilkes). Manuscripts must be used in the Dougherty Reading Room. To schedule an appointment or for more information, email spcoll@appstate.edu.

Manuscript Collections

Tomorrow's People Report is a 28 page report generated by the 1970 Conference on Appalachian Studies, sponsored by the Education and Youth Commissions of the Council of the Southern Mountains.

0.01 linear feet (1 folder)

The Training Teachers of Teachers Program was established at ASU in 1969, and was designed to improve teaching at all levels by providing continuing instruction for graduate level professors. The Training Teachers of Teachers (TTT) Records contain correspondence, planning documents, reports, instructional materials, budget and accounting files, grant materials, and meeting minutes concerning the planning and implementation of the TTT program at ASU and date 1952-1984.

14.5 linear feet (29 boxes)

Trivette and Holshouser Lawyer's Desk Books from Boone, North Carolina consists of two lawyer'desk books from Watauga County, North Carolina law firms, dated 1929 and 1932. The desk books were used to identify receipts received and actions taken.

0.03 linear feet (3 folders)

The Valle Crucis Company Records contains ledgers, day books and other records generated by a Valle Crucis store, primarily covering the years 1909-1915, 1917-1918 and 1925-1934. Also includes tax receipts and other papers, some as late as 1945. This collection provides insight into the purchasing conventions of western Watauga County, North Carolina's residents during the early twentieth century. The ledgers contain customers' names, purchases and method of payment.

5.5 linear feet (12 boxes)

Valle Crucis Mission School Collection consists of photocopied documents related to the Valle Crucis Mission School, Valle Crucis School for Girls and its church activities. It contains materials written or published between 1904 and 1983. This collection provides ample examples of missionary's attitude towards mountain residents and fund-raising tactics.

0.01 linear feet (1 folder)

The Abrams Papers contains the papers and research of Appalachian State University English Professor and folksong scholar William Amos Abrams. It includes audio recordings including folksongs and presidential speeches
from the 1940s, written folksongs and ballads, correspondence, speeches, and education notes. The audio recordings were recorded primarily in Watauga County. Digitized copies of ballads and folksongs are available online at Documenting Appalachia's "So Mote It Ever Be."

31.0 linear feet (42 boxes, 1 half-sized manuscript box, 3 CD boxes, 6 small shoeboxes, 1 large shoebox, 2 flat boxes, 3 oversize folders, 7 album boxes in cold storage)

This collection consists of memos, meeting minutes, collection donations/donors, and related papers to the Appalachian Collection. These papers were transferred to Special Collections at the time of Darlene Scott's retirement. Scott was the Administrative Secretary to the University Librarian.

0.25 linear feet (1 half-sized manuscript box)