British Studies

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The British Studies collections contain published books that date from the 1500s through the 20th century.

Named collections include:

Domesday Collection: English history in the Anglo-Norman period (1066-1200), with some of the collection extending farther into the Middle Ages. 129 titles.

Hulme Collection: 17th-century British political history; many volumes date from the time which they cover. Collection formerly belonged to Dr. Harold Hulme, late of New York University and a historian of the period. 35 titles.

Keefe Collection: Records, including many reprints of Pipe Rolls, from the Middle English period (1066-1485). Collection formerly belonged to Dr. Tom Keefe, late of Appalachian State University and an historian of the Anglo-Norman period. 38 titles.

Rhinehart Collection: British history and culture, concentrated on the 16th and 17th centuries, from which time many books in the collection date. Over 550 titles.

General Rare Book Collection: Many publications related to British Studies exist in Special Collections as part of the general rare book collection. Of note are the second edition (1587) of Holinshed's Chronicles and Joshua Sylvester's English translation of Du Bartas, His Divine Weeks and Workes (1621). The general rare book collection can be searched in the Library catalog using the "ASU Rare Books" location limit.


How to Use the Collections

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