"Martha Washington Draft"

The Appalachian Cultural Musem featured a variety of exhibits focused on the eras, events, vocations, and artforms important in understanding the region. One such exhibit featured artifacts related to the evolution of textiles, weaving, and sewing throughout Appalachian history, tracing the production and usage of fabrics from the tools used in the homes of 18th century pioneers to the mechanized sewing machines of the early 20th century. The exhibit's collection of looms also displayed the development of weaving from the from its heyday in the years preceding the Civil War up through the 20th Century. Photographs, text, and research information behind all of the Appalachian Cultural Museum's exhibits, including materials such as weaving drafts and patterns, will be available within AC.500: Appalachian Cultural Museum Records when processing is completed within several weeks.

Image of "Martha Washington Draft," a weaving draft found within AC.500: Appalachian Cultural Museum Records.

Published: May 22, 2013 12:00am