Old Seldom and Doubly Dear

Dr. Fred Delp was a dentist and illustrator from Rural Retreat, Virginia. Delp and his wife, Dorothy, used the medium of charcoal to preserve and create scenes of country and small town life, childhood, and fables. His works were featured in A Bit O' Sunshine, a book of poetry by hardware salesman and fellow Rural Retreatian James McChensey Prickett. The collection contains originals of Delp's charcoal sketches used in Prickett's book as well as several other original pieces.

Images from A Bit O' Sunshine by James McChesney Prickett (1928). AC.897: Fred Delp Artwork contains matted originals of Delp's charcoal sketches. "Rural Retreatians" is a correct term in common use and known by this author, who is a native Rural Retreatian.


Published: Nov 6, 2014 12:00am