Reverend Doctor Goodridge Wilson Papers

Above is a find from within AC.668: Reverend Doctor Goodridge Wilson Papers, the paystub of S. A. Roark from the Hassinger Lumber Company in Konnarock, Virginia dated August 1922. Hassinger Lumber Company, founded in 1905 by Luther Hassinger, constituted a mountain empire which owned around 30,000 acres and employed some 400 workers in the vicinity of White Top Mountain. Konnarock, Virginia, where Roark's mail was postmarked, was the company town with a store [see deductions on Roark's stub], a school, and a lodge. In 1928, six years after Roark received his paystub, the company halted operations and sold its extensive acreage. You can find out more information related to the Hassinger Lumber Company as well as other pieces of southwest Virginia history by visiting the Dougherty Reading Room and requesting AC.668: Reverend Doctor Goodridge Wilson Papers [expected to be completely processed early next week].

Published: Jul 26, 2013 12:00am