Shull's Mill Papers

As processing continues on the Appalachian Cultural Museum Records (AC.500), new collections have emerged from within the museum's wealth of historic documents and photographs. One prime example is the recently processed Shull's Mill Papers (AC.621). This collection features information about the family of Phillip Shull who, in 1835, set up a grist mill along the Watauga River. Through documents and photographs the collection follows the history and development of the Shull's Mill community from the early 1800s up until the mid-20th Century. Many of the documents relate directly to the Shull family and cover almost a century and a half of their history. Items of note include deeds from the early 1800s, mid-1800s debt settlements and deeds concerning the ownership of slaves, and photographs of Watauga County, North Carolina landscapes and people circa 1900.

Images from AC.621: Shull's Mill Papers, letter from Shull's genealogy information, circa 1965, group photograph includes from right to left: Jessie Shull, Ben Hardin, Bessie Isaacs, Russel Gragg, Addie Isaacs, Ernest Lineback, seated: Robey Shull, Mamie Shull, and Jim Brown.

Published: Apr 22, 2013 12:00am