Snow From Not So Long Ago

002_0.jpg003_0.jpgIn honor of the snowy day outside here in Boone, we are featuring selected photographs from the Great Blizzard of '93, a weather event that caused record cold temperatures in the southeast and in the central and southern Appalachians. The photographs are from the Jefferson Post's coverage of the event in Ashe County, North Carolina. As copied from a report from the National Climatic Data Center here are some snowfall totals in several Appalachian locations: 56 inches on Mount LeConte, TN, 50 inches on Mount Mitchell, NC (14-foot drifts), 44 inches in Snowshoe, WV, 36 inches in Latrobe, PA (10-foot drifts), 30 inches in Beckley, WV, 25 inches in Pittsburgh, PA, 24 inches in Mountain City, GA, 20 inches in Chattanooga, TN, 19 inches in Asheville, NC, 17 inches near Birmingham, AL (6-foot drifts), and 16 inches in Roanoke, VA.

Images from AC.1097: Jefferson Post Records.

Published: Feb 2, 2015 12:00am