Antebellum Appalachian African-Americans


Free and enslaved persons of African descent lived within the antebellum Appalachian region. Although relatively fewer than other Southern regions, blacks affected the politics, culture and the racial make-up of Appalachia. Various aspects of life may be explored such as the abolition movement, active and passive resistance, biographies, Cherokee slave owners, coal mining, freedmen, historical landmarks, Melungeons, mulattos, mustees and the underground railroad. No definitive book has been written for the region as the whole and the researcher will find a paucity of secondary sources focusing specifically on antebellum Appalachian blacks. Specific counties and states, however, include relevant information within their histories.

Please note that all material in this Pathfinder can be located in the W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection except where otherwise noted.

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Woodson, Carter. “Freedom and Slavery in Appalachia in America” found in the Journal of Negro History (1916) Vol. 1, no. 1. [Online version. See ASU PERIODICALS for print version.] Also reprinted in the book Blacks in Appalachia. ASU APP COLL STACKS: E185.912 .B53 1985.

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  • Afro-Americans -- Appalachian Region
  • Afro-Americans -- Appalachian Region -- History
  • Afro-Americans -- Appalachian Region, Southern
  • Afro-Americans -- Appalachian Region, Southern -- Music
  • Antislavery Movements

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  • Antislavery Movements -- America
  • Antislavery movements -- Appalachian Region, Southern
  • Appalachian Region, Southern -- Race Relations
  • Appalachian Region -- Statistics
  • Appalachian Region -- Population
  • Appalachian Region -- Population Statistics
  • Fugitive Slaves -- United States
  • Slaveholders -- Appalachian Region, Southern -- History -- 19th Century
  • Slavery (may subdivide adding a “state name” after “slavery”)
  • Slavery -- Appalachian Region, Southern -- History -- 19th Century
  • Slavery -- United States -- Appalachian Region
  • Slaves -- Emancipation
  • Underground Railroad
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Guides, Encyclopedias, and Dictionaries: 

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America: History and Life

Index to Black Periodicals . 1984 to present. Formerly: Index to Periodicals By and About Backs . 1973 - 1983. ASU REFERENCE: AI3 .O4.

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UnCover A Database of over 18,000 Journals from Many Disciplines.

Writings on American History . Bound: 1902-1903; 1906-1940; 1948-1990. ASU REFERENCE: E11 .W75.

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  • “Appalachia/n African-Americans”
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  • “Appalachia/n Blacks”
  • “Appalachia/n Negro” [pre-1980]
  • “Appalachian Slave”
  • “Appalachia/n Slavery”

Appalachian Journal: A Regional Studies Review. Boone, NC: Appalachian State University. v. 1, 1972 to present. ASU APP COLL STACKS: F216.2 .A66. Indexed in vols. 7, 18, and 23.

Journal of Negro History . Washington [etc.] Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. Print version available in ASU PERIODICALS. Indexed each volume.

Phylon . Atlanta, GA: Atlanta University. ASU PERIODICALS. Bound and Microfilm. Indexed each volume.

Also, various state historical journals publish relevant articles.

Other Sources: 

U.S. Federal Census, by county and state. Free and enslaved blacks are included in the Federal Census for the years, 1787, 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, and 1840. Enslaved blacks are enumerated in a separate Slave Census for the years, 1850 and 1860. ASU APP COLL MICROFILM.

Writer’s Project Administration Slave Narratives. Virginia’s narratives are found in:

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