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Traditional dancing in Appalachia includes several types: step dancing, set dancing, and couple dancing. Step dance traditions include clogging, buckdancing, flatfooting, and the Charleston. Set dances, involving two or more couples, include four couple squares, big set (ring) dances, reels, country (contra) dances, and play parties. Couple dancing, often referred to as “round dancing,” includes the two-step and waltz. The roots of Appalachian dance are varied and include the influence of English, Scots-Irish, French, African-American, and Native American dances, as well as American popular culture. Much of the older printed material on Appalachian dance reflects a strong Anglo-centric bias, and while containing valuable information, it should be viewed skeptically.

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Spalding, Susan Eike and Jane Harris Woodside, eds. Communities in Motion: Dance, Community, and Tradition in America’s Southeast and Beyond. Westport, CN: Greenwood Press, 1995. ASU APP COLL GV1624.A7 C65 1995

This book contains essays from a variety researchers on a wide range of topics related to vernacular dance traditions in Appalachia. It provides a good introduction to these topics.

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Folk dancing -- Southern States

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Square dancing--Appalachian Region

Square dancing -- Kentucky

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African American dance

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Folk dancing -- Scotland

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Damon, S. Foster. The History of Square Dancing. Barre, MA: Barre Gazette, 1957. ASU APP COLL GV1763 .D3 1957

This well-researched, scholarly work traces the history of social dance in America, from Colonial times to the twentieth century.

Seeger, Mike. Talking Feet: Buck, Flatfoot, and Tap: Solo Southern Dance of the Appalachian, Piedmont, and Blue Ridge Mountain Regions. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 1992. ASU APP COLL GV1624.A7 S44 1992

This book and the accompanying video (see Films and Videos) by the same name, provide a glimpse of the wide range of steps and styles in Appalachian step dancing as demonstrated and talked about by dancers in several Appalachian states.

Sharp, Cecil James and Maud Karpeles. The Country Dance Book, Part V. London: Novello and company, 1918. ASU APP COLL GV1763 .S5 v.5

This is English musicologist, Cecil Sharp’s description of dancing in eastern Kentucky in 1916, in which he coined the term “Running Set” to describe the Appalachian square dance. While somewhat misinformed and biased in his interpretation, this account is valuable as the earliest detailed description of Appalachian square dancing.

Smith, Frank H. The Appalachian Square Dance. Berea, KY: Berea College, 1955. ASU APP COLL GV1763 .S58

This book contains detailed descriptions of Appalachian square dance figures as taught at Berea College in the 1950s. Smith’s repeats Sharp’s earlier interpretation of the dance.

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Dance Photo

“Dancing the Virginia Reel.” Mountain Music Jamboree, Glendale Springs, Ashe County, North Carolina, November 2002. Photo: Philip A. Jamison.

Links to Square Dance Photos on the Internet

“Square dance, Skyline Farms, Alabama.”

One of several photos at this site showing square dancing on an outdoor platform.

Library of Congress, Rural Resettlement Administration. Photo: Ben Shahn, 1937.

Links to Square Dance Videos on the Internet

“Michael Ismerio Calls an Appalachian Style Scatter Square Dance at Dare to be Square, Riner VA, in April of 2011.”!

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