Appalachian Migration to Baltimore/DC


Due to the mechanization of the coal mining industry and lack of viable employment in the Appalachian Mountains, many of the inhabitants found it necessary to move away from their homes. Many moved west, to destinations such as Cincinnati, Detroit, and Cleveland. However, many moved north to Baltimore and Washington DC. Many of these migrants were from West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. They moved to Baltimore because of the availability of industrial jobs. When the migrants arrived, they found hardships in city life. This pathfinder covers the migration of Appalachians to the Baltimore/DC area and the hardships they encountered. All material covered in this pathfinder can be found in the W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection, unless otherwise noted.

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  • Migration, Internal (may subdivide geographically)
  • Rural-Urban Migration
  • Appalachians (people)

May also subdivide geographically, e.g.:

  • Rural-Urban Migration -- Appalachian Region


  • Appalachian Region, Southern -- Social life and customs
  • Migration, Internal -- Southern States -- History -- 20th century
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  • Migration
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  • F217.A65
  • HN79.A13

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Offers selected readings on Appalachian Migration and Urban Appalachians. While it is focused primarily on migration to mid-western cities, provides information and links to research pertaining to migration to the north as well. Compiled by Phillip Obermiller

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