Appalachian Religious Serpent Handling


Poisonous Serpents have been handled by devout Appalachian believers since the early 1920s. Handling serpents is considered, by those in the practice, to be one of the five signs mentioned in Mark 16. Those in this Pentecostal/Holiness sect feel that believers should manifest at least some of the signs. Although these fine folks have been ridiculed for their worship, and have often suffered death, serpent handling persists in Appalachia. This pathfinder and bibliography include all found published information concerning the practice, including all aspects such as deaths, legality, fictional sources, bibliographies, encyclopedia entries, etc.

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Thomas Burton’s book, Serpent Handling Believers, offers a comprehensive description of the practice, and is an excellent starting point.

Burton, Thomas. Serpent Handling Believers. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1993. App Coll BX7990.H6 B87 1993

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Thomas Burton, mentioned above, and Ralph Hood are two of the most noted scholars concerning serpent handling.
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Appalachian Journal has published several articles over the years that concern serpent handlers, and includes reviews of books related to the topic.

Appalachian Journal (v. 1-35, 1972- )

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