Appalachian Stereotypes


This pathfinder contains bibliographic information on academic literature about Appalachian stereotypes as well as the popular, non-academic image of the hillbilly. Most of what is found is journal articles concerning the subject of Appalachian stereotypes, but some very interesting position papers, theses, and reviews are also located.

Introductory Text: 

Cratis Williams’ The Southern Mountaineer in Fact and Fiction, Chapter I, “Who are the Southern Mountaineers?” pages 1-132. Appalachian Collection (PS 255 .W26 v. 1)

Dwight Billing’s “Introduction,” Back Talk From Appalachia: Confronting Stereotypes. pages 3-20. Appalachian Collection ( F210 .C66 2001)

Library of Congress Subject Headings: 

Stereotypes (Social psychology) -- United States

Appalachians (People) -- Ethnic identity

Appalachians (People) -- Social conditions

Appalachian Region, Southern

Appalachians (People)

Southern States – In literature

American fiction – Southern States – History and criticism

Tennessee, East – Social conditions

Stereotypes (Social psychology) – Tennessee, East – History

Social isolation – Tennessee, East – History

Clipping Files Subject Headings – W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection: 

Stereotypes. Mountain People - Stereotypes.Andy Griffith Show. Dickey, James. Feuds. Foxfire. “Horn in the West,” Boone, NC. Motion Pictures – Appalachia. “Unto These Hills,” Cherokee, NC. Yosef.

  • Branscome’s, James. Annihilating the Hillbilly: The Appalachians Struggle With America’s Institutions. Huntington: Appalachian Press, 1976. Appalachian Collection(F210 .B7)
  • Billings, Norman, and Ledford’s Back-Talk from Appalachia: Confronting Stereotypes. Lexington: UP of Kentucky, 2001. Appalachian Collection (F210.C66 2001)
  • Goad, Jim. Redneck Manifesto: America’s Scapegoat: How We Got That Way and Why We’re Not Going to Take it Anymore. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1997. Appalachian Collection(HD 8072 .5 .G67 1997)
  • Hsiung, David. Two Worlds in the Tennessee Mountains: Exploring the Origins of Appalachian Stereotypes. Lexington: UP of Kentucky, 1997. Appalachian Collection (HN 79 .T22 E35 1997)
  • Jones, Loyal. Appalachian Values. Ashland, KY: Jesse Stuart Foundation, 1994. (F217 .A65 J66 1994 -- App. Coll.)
  • Williamson, J.W. Hillbillyland: What the Movies Did to the Mountains, and What the Mountains Did to the Movies. . Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1995. Appalachian Collection (PN 1995 .9 .M67 W54 1995)
Guides, Encyclopedias, and Dictionaries: 

Encyclopedia of Southern Culture. Eds. Charles Reagan Wilson and William Ferris. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1989. (App Coll. F209 .E53 1989)

Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups. Ed. Stephen Thernstrom. Cambridge: Belknap-Harvard UP, 1980. (Ref. E184 .A1 H35)

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Encyclopedia of Appalachia. Eds. Rudy Abramson and Jean Haskell. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 2006. Appalachian Collection F106.E53 2006.


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Appalachian Collection (F216 .2 .A66: Volumes 7, 18, 23, and 28)

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ERIC, MLA, SocAbstracts, Uncover, WorldCat

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Arts and Humanities Citation Index -- Permuterm Subject Index (ref. AI 3 .A63)

Stereotypes. Hillbilly. Appalachian. Appalachia.

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(ref. H1 .S65)

Stereotypes. Appalachian. Appalachia.

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America, History and Life, Anthropological Literature, Arts and Humanities, Ethnic News Watch, and Historical Abstracts.

Journals that often contain articles relevant to Appalachian Stereotypes are as follows:

Appalachian Journal -- (app. coll. F216 .2 .A66)

Journal of Popular Culture -- (Bound and Microfiche 1967-1995)

Southern Quarterly -- (app. coll. AS30 .S658)

Mountain Review -- (app. coll. F106 .M6)

Journal of American Folklore -- (Bound and Microfilm, latest issue received Fall 1998)

Journal of Appalachian Studies --(app. coll. F27 A65 J682)

Now and Then -- (app. coll. F217. A65 N68)

Appalachian Heritage -- (app. coll. F106 .A137 A6)

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Melanie M. Rice

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