Appalachian Women’s Mental and Physical Health


The scope of this study is to cover those sources that reflect the cultural constructs that shape common ideas about health and gender in the Appalachias.

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Appalachian Mental Health . Susan Emley Keefe, ed. Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky. 252 pages. ASU APP COLL STACKS: RC451.4 .R87 A67 1988.

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  • Medical Care and Medicine
  • Mental Health
  • Women

Appalachian Mental Health . Susan Emley Keefe, ed. Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky. 252 pages. ASU APP COLL STACKS: RC451.4 .R87 A67 1988.

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Other books on Appalachian Health and Women’s Health are found in the “RC” call numbers. For non-traditional health systems and remedies, consult the “RDs.”

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Sociological Abstracts


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Compiler: Kim Johnson McDade, Fall 1997