Arts and Crafts in Appalachia


The arts and crafts of the Appalachian region have been a part of the culture of the people long before the area was recognized as the Appalachian Mountains or as a distinct cultural region. While the arts were a very present and prominent aspect of the lives of the people, it received scattered and varied attention from the academics until the Folk Art Movement beginning in the 1960s. This pathfinder covers various arts and crafts of the Appalachian region before and after the Folk Art Movement.

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Appalachian Region In Art

Art – Kentucky

Art – North Carolina

Art – West Virginia

Folk art – Georgia

Folk art--North Carolina

Southern Highland Handicraft Guild

Quilts – North Carolina

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Art, American--West Virginia

Art -- Tennessee

Arts – Tennessee

Art glass--North Carolina--Cullowhee--Exhibitions

Art industry and trade--West Virginia--Periodicals

Arts--Appalachian Region, Southern

Folk Art – Kentucky -- Exhibitions

Folk art--North Carolina--Exhibitions

Folk art--North Carolina--History--20th century—Exhibitions

Folk Art -- Virginia

Folk art--West Virginia--Periodicals

Folk Artists Appalachian Region, Southern Biography

Quilts – West Virginia

More General:

Artisans--Appalachian Mountains, Southern

Artisans--Appalachian Region

Arts and crafts movement--Southern States

Folk art--Appalachian Region, Southern

Pottery – Kentucky

Primitivism in art – Kentucky -- Exhibitions

Primitivism in art--North Carolina--Guilford County—Exhibitions


Folk art -- Alabama


Tolson, Edgar, 1904-1984

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Art – Appalachia

Basket Making


Country Life

Culture – Appalachia

Fairs and Festivals

Folk Art

Folk Schools




Handicrafts – Cherokee Indians

John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC

Log Cabins


Penland School, Penland, NC


Southern Highland Folk Art Center and the Handicraft Guild




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