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Bluegrass music is one of the United States’ indigenous forms of music. It emerged from a collision of the traditional Scotch-Irish music of the Appalachian region and jazz, rock and roll, and popular music of the mid-twentieth century. Asheville, NC is a city that serves as the largest population center in western North Carolina. Music of many styles I played in Asheville, but traditional forms, particularly Bluegrass are especially popular forms. This pathfinder is for researchers who are interested in historical and elemental aspect of Bluegrass music in Asheville. The works and texts can be found in the WNCLN (Western North Carolina Library Network) system. (University of North Carolina at Asheville, UNCA; Western Carolina University, WCU; Appalachian State University, ASU).

Introductory Text: 

General information about Bluegrass music in Asheville, NC can be found in these sources:

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Abstracts and Indices: 

The following Abstracts and indices are useful for basic research about Bluegrass music. These databases can be accessed through the ASU Library website and are listed by mosr useful.

RILM Abstracts and Music Literature (


Academic OneFile (

American Song Database (

Dissertation Abstracts Online (


These journals chronicle the history of Bluegrass music and the current happenings in the industry. They are listed by most useful.

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Muleskinner News. Elon College, NC. ASU Special Collections has bound: v.1 no.1, Aug. 1969; v.3 no.3-10, May-Dec. 1972; v.4 no.1-8, Jan.-Aug. 1973. ASU Collections ML1 .M1948

The Devil’s Box. Madison, AL; Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers’ Association, 1967-1999. ASU Special Collections has bound: v.1-33. ASU Collections ML1 .D325.

Other Sources: 

Other Relevant Materials:

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Compiled by: 

Brandon Johnson

26 April 2012