Catholicism and Judaism in Appalachia


Both Catholicism and Judaism have had a significant presence for many years in Appalachia. Although neither religious group has large numbers of practitioners in the Appalachian region, both have maintained a small, but strong voice. Despite the long- standing presence of both these religions, few resources provide a detailed analysis and narrative of Catholicism and Judaism in Appalachia. This pathfinder attempts to provide a starting point in exploring some of the excellent resources that are currently available.

Introductory Text: 

McNeil, Lou F. 1999. Catholic Mission and Evangelization. In Christianity in Appalachia: Profiles in Regional Pluralism, ed. Bill J. Leonard. 257-277. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press. ASU APP COLL STACKS: BR535.C45 1999. McNeil’s article discusses both the history of Catholicism in Appalachia and possible reasons for the small number of Catholics in Appalachia.

Shinedling, Abraham I. 1963. West Virginia Jewry: Origins and History, 1850-1958. Vols. 1-3. United States of America: Press of Maurice Jacobs, Inc. ASU APP COLL STACKS: F250.J5 S5 v. 1, F250.J5 S5 v. 2, and F250.J5 S5 v. 3. While not providing an analytical overview in the manner of McNeil’s article on Catholicism, West Virginia Jewry does provide exhaustive details of the history of Judaism in West Virginia.

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  • Finkelstein, Leo, 1905-1998
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The Catholic Committee of Appalachia puts out a newsletter as well.

Patchquilt: The Newsletter of the Catholic Committee of Appalachia. Webster Springs, WV: Catholic Committee of Appalachia. v.7 – 17. Quarterly. ASU APP COLL STACKS: BX2347.8.P66 P3.

Audio and Video Sources: 

This Land is Home To Us: The Catholic Church in West Virginia. 1994. Produced by Office of Communications Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston. Written and narrated by Father Larry W. Dorsch. Office of Communications Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston. Videocassette. Ohio County Public Library: Video 282.754 T349.

The Righteous Remnant: Jewish Survival in Appalachia. 1997. Produced and directed by Maryanne Reed. Edited by Murphy Tinsley. 27 mins. First Team Productions. Videocassette. ASU APP COLL VIDEOS: VC 326.

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