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This pathfinder compiles a compilation of resources available on Cherokee Folklore, as documented from the eighteenth century to the present. The focus on this research is not only on the oral story-telling tradition among the Cherokees, but includes topics such as Cherokee dances, ceremony, music, and artistry. After the Removal of the Cherokees from their original homelands in 1838, the Cherokees became fragmented as a people, which eventually led to the formation of three distinct Cherokee groups: the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (residing on the Qualla Boundary in western North Carolina), the Cherokee Nation (based in Tahlequah, Oklahoma), and the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokees (also based in the Oklahoma region). Due to the existence of these separate Cherokee groups, I have made efforts to include Cherokee folklore sources that have emerged prior to removal, as well as post-removal.

As previously noted, the sources provided hereafter include many areas that fall under the “folklore” heading. The listed materials are compiled and designed to give the preliminary researcher an overview of the topic, and a base on which to proceed with further study. The following materials are located in the W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection at Appalachian State University.

Introductory Text: 

Arneach, Lloyd. Long Ago Stories of the Eastern Cherokee. Charleston, SC: History Press, 2008. ASU SPEC APP COLL E99.C5 A874 2008

Galloway, Mary Regina Ulmer and Chiltosky, Mary Ulmer. Aunt Mary Tell Me a Story: A Collection of Cherokee Legends and Tales. Cherokee, NC: Cherokee Communications, 1990. ASU SPEC APP COLL E99.C5 A9 1990

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· Cherokee Indians - Philosophy

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· Cherokee Astronomy

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· Cherokee Indians—Weapons

· Cherokee Indians—Basket Making

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· Cherokee Literature

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· Cherokee Language

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Folklore—Cherokee Indians

“Unto These Hills,” Cherokee, NC

Handicrafts—Cherokee Indians

Cherokee Indians—History

Cherokee Language

Cherokee Indians

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Guides, Encyclopedias, and Dictionaries: 

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Audio and Video Sources: 

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Other Sources: 


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Compiled by: 

Jared W. Gallamore