Cherokee Healing


Healing practices of the Cherokee are a blend of ritual and medicinal plants. Much of the information of the past has been reported by outsiders of the tribe, as a result of observation, and, at times, through interviews with Cherokee healers. The Cherokee have documented some of their sacred formulas and ceremonies in written form using the Cherokee syllabary developed by Sequoyah. Within the past twenty years, other Cherokee have begun documenting the healing rituals in English; however, some rituals are still considered secret and sacred and only shared orally with tribe healers. Although information about Cherokee healing is plentiful, the majority is buried within literature with subject matters such as Native American history, healing rituals, the use of medicinal plants both by the Cherokee and by other peoples, botany, medical anthropology, and folk medicine. Subject specific bibliographic sources are virtually nonexistent, but there are those, and journals, specific to the other topics previously listed.

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  • Cherokee Astronomy
  • Cherokee Indians – Rites and Ceremonies
  • Cherokee Indians – Ethnobotany
  • Cherokee Indians – Ethnozoology
  • Cherokee Indians – Folklore
  • Cherokee Indians – History
  • Cherokee Indians – Legends
  • Cherokee Indians – Medicine
  • Cherokee Indians – Religion
  • Cherokee Indians - Social Life and Customs
  • Cherokee Incantations
  • Cherokee Magic
  • Cherokee Mythology
  • Cherokee Philosophy
  • Indians of North America – Medicine
  • Indians of North America – North Carolina
  • Indians of North America – Southern States – Ethnobotany
  • Medicinal Plants – Appalachian Region, Southern
  • Shamanism – Oklahoma
  • Traditional Medicine – Appalachian Region, Souther

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  • Cherokee Dance
  • Cherokee Indians – Attitudes
  • Cherokee Indians – Bibliography
  • Cherokee Indians – Biography
  • Cherokee Indians – Psychology
  • Cherokee Indians – South Atlantic States – History – 18th Century
  • Cherokee Indians – Stories
  • Cherokee Mythology-Guidebooks
  • Folklore – Performance, Shamanism
  • Indians of North America – North Carolina – Religion – Guides
  • Indians of North America – Religion
  • Indians of North America – Southern States
  • Indians of North American – Southern States – Religion – Guides
  • Little Bear, John
  • Medicinal Plants – North Carolina
  • Plants – Appalachian Region, Southern – Folklore
  • Shamanism – United States
  • Shamans – Biography
  • Shamans – United States
  • Traditional Medicine – North Carolina
  • Witchcraft – Oklahoma

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  • Botany – Medical
  • Cherokee Indians – Tennessee, East – History
  • Ethnobotany – Dictionaries
  • Ethnobotany – Southern States
  • Ethnozoology
  • Flowers – Folklore
  • Flowers – Religious Aspects
  • Healing – Religious Aspects
  • Indians of North America – Folklore
  • Indians of North America – Religion
  • Indians of North America – Stories
  • Indian Philosophy – North America
  • Materia Medica, Vegetable – Appalachian Region, Southern
  • Medicinal Plants
  • Plants – Folklore – Dictionaries
  • Plants, Medicinal – Bibliography
  • Psychotropic Drugs – Folklore
  • Psychotropic Plants – Dictionaries
  • Sacred Space – North Carolina – Guidebooks
  • Sequoyah
  • Spiritual Healing – United States


  • Cherokee Indians – Costume
  • Herbals – North Carolina
  • Herbs – Therapeutic Use
  • Materia Medica, Vegetable – United States
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Medicinal Plants – Dictionaries
  • Medicine, Popular
  • Mental Healing
  • Psychiatry, Transcultural
  • Spiritual Healing
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