Clerical and Missionary Writings on Appalachia


Religion plays a crucial role in the life of many people in the Appalachian Region. By impacting worldview, conveying notions of moral integrity and developing community relationships, religion is important to the understanding of the area and its people. From descriptions of early revivals of the 1700s, to missionary viewpoints of the mid-1800s, to present day sermons in both independent and mainline churches, church representatives have written prolifically on the area and its people. While there is much research on religion in Appalachia, there is no definitive Bibliography outlining texts written specifically by clerical and/or missionary workers. This pathfinder limits its scope to these authors, making available both primary and secondary sources relevant to missionary and clerical viewpoints on religion in Appalachia.

Introductory Text: 

Leonard, Bill J. “Introduction.” Christianity in Appalachia: Profiles in Regional Pluralism. Ed. Bill J. Leonard. Knoxville, TN: The University of Tennessee Press, 1999. 328 pages. See pp. xv-xxxiii. ASU APP COLL STACKS: BR535.C45 1999.

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Highly Relevant:

“denomination”--“state”--church history (works for most mainline denominations)

“state”--church history

  • Appalachian Region, Southern--Church History
  • Appalachian Region, Southern--religion
  • Appalachian Region, Southern--Religious life and customs--Exhibitions
  • Appalachian Region, Southern--Religious life and customs--Pictorial works
  • Appalachian Region--religion
  • Appalachian Regions--Religion--Religious life and customs
  • Missionaries of “faith, sect, or sponsoring institution”
  • Missionaries--“State”
  • Missionaries--“State”--Biography
  • Missionaries--“State”--Correspondence
  • Missionaries--“State”--Diaries
  • Missionaries--“State”--History
  • Missionaries--“State”--History--17th century
  • Missionaries--“State”--History--18th century
  • Missionaries--“State”--History--19th century
  • Missionaries--“State”--History--20th century
  • Missionaries--Appalachian Region, Southern--Biography
  • Missionaries--Correspondence
  • Missionaries--Correspondence, reminiscences, etc.
  • Missionaries--Diaries
  • Missionaries--Handbooks, manuals, etc.
  • Missionaries--Lay
  • Missions--Appalachian Region, Southern

Also Relevant:

  • Appalachian Region Religious Life and Customs
  • Appalachian Region--Church history
  • Appalachian Region--Church history--18th century
  • Appalachian Region--Church history--19th century
  • Appalachian Region--Church history--20th century
  • Baptists--Missions
  • Church work with the poor--Appalachian region
  • Circuit Riders
  • Circuit Riders--“State”
  • Circuit Riders--Biography
  • Circuit Riders--Diaries
  • Circuit Riding
  • Missionaries--“state”
  • Missionaries--Appalachian Region biography
  • Missionaries--Appalachian Region, southern
  • Missionaries--North Carolina--Watauga County
  • Missions--“state”
  • Missions--“state”--History
  • Missions--Mississippi River Valley
  • Presbyterian Church in the U.S.--missions

More General:

  • Appalachia
  • Appalachian Mountains Region
  • Appalachian Mountains, Southern
  • Appalachian Mountains, Southern-Population
  • Appalachian Region--Biography
  • Appalachians (People)
  • Christian Sects--Appalachian Region
  • Christianity--Appalachian Region
  • Church History
  • Clericalism
  • Clericalism--History
  • Home Missions
  • Missions and Missionaries
  • Missions and Missionaries--Biography
  • Missions and Missionaries--History
  • Missions and Missionaries--History--United States
  • Missions and Missionaries--Periodicals
  • Missions and Missionaries--Personal narratives
  • Missions--America
  • Missions--America--History
  • Missions--America--History--18th century
  • Missions--America--History--19th century
  • Missions--America--History--20th century
  • Missions-American [old catalog]
  • Missions--American--Handbooks, manuals, etc
  • Missions--American--History
  • Missions--American--History--18th century
  • Missions--American--History--19th century
  • Missions--American--History--20th century
  • Missions--American--History--Congresses
  • Missions--American--History--Sources
  • Missions--Southern States


  • Appalachian Mountains--History--Local
  • Appalachian Region Religion Periodicals
  • Camp Meetings
  • Evangelists Biography
  • Evangelists--Appalachian Region--Biography
  • Evangelists--Religious life
  • Missionaries--Appalachian Region Southern Biography
  • Missions--Anthropological aspects
  • Tent Revivals
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  • Religion
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  • BR 535
  • 563.M68
  • BV2793
  • BX6495
  • BX8000-8999, especially BX8197-8999
  • F217.A65
  • F210
  • BV2766-3785
  • BL624-BL629.5
  • BR145-6
  • BR540

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Guides, Encyclopedias, and Dictionaries: 

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ATLAReligion. Includes information since 1949. Updated bi-annually. Provides citations to journal articles, essays in multi-author works, and book reviews from three ATLA print indexes: Religion Index One (RIO), Religion Index Two (RIT), and Index to Book Reviews in Religion (IBRR). Highly Relevant subject headings include Appalachia and Appalachian. Also relevant are Missionary and “state”; Missions and “state”; and Church and social problems. More general headings are Missions and “denomination”; and Missionary and “denomination.”

InfoTrac OneFile. Includes information since 1980. Updated daily. Provides citations with abstracts to more than 6,000 general interest magazines, academic journals and more. Includes more than 2,500 full text articles. Highly relevant subject headings include Appalachian Region--religious aspects; Appalachian Region--religion; and Mountain Whites (southern states)--religious aspects. Also relevant are Commission on Religion in Appalachia; Church work with the poor; and Clergy. More general subject headings include--Religion and “state name”; Church and “state name”; and “state name”--religion.

American: History and Life. Includes information since 1964. Updated monthly. Provides citations with abstracts to over 1,800 journals and citations to book/media reviews and dissertations. Covers all English-language historical journals, as well as state and local history journals, and more. Highly relevant subject headings include Appalachia, Appalachia (southern), Missions and missionaries, and Folk Religion. Also relevant are Baptists “subdivide denominationally”, Presbyterian Church- Cumberland, Presbyterian Mission Home and Appalachian Bible College. More general headings are Religion, Churches, Revivals, and Protestantism.

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American Missionary Magazine. New York: American Missionary Association. (Merged with Missionary Herald to form Missionary Herald at Home and Abroad. v.1, 1934-1951.) v.1-, 1846-1934. Monthly Jan. 1857- June 1897; Quarterly, Sept. 1897-1901; Monthly (except July and Aug.), 1902-1908; Monthly, 1909-1915; and Monthly (except Aug.), 1916-1934. Issues for 1878-1901 may be found at .

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